Applebee's Restaurantsapple bees sever danielle

R Nov 24, 2017

While visiting an apple bees in West Palm Beach Fl 1975 N Military Trail. I began to order my food and I noticed the sever Danielle (dirty blond/ redish hair) body language was very disturbing. She seemed bothered and aggravated. She never made eye contact with my party, she seemed aggravated by the questions we were asking about prices for drinks. After answering the questions with attitude, she ask us for ID, my sister and I gave her ID with the side cut off and they were invalid. I explained to her "when I purchased my valid DL the DMV allowed me to keep the invalid ID for proof of age". My sister gave her a valid ID and I ask for a manger. I ask for manager because I always come to Apple bees and used the ID. The manager Neil came and he was polite and nice, explained to me company police and that the DL was expired, I ask him to see the policy and he said he couldn't show it to me, so I took out my phone And went on the DMV website to show him my DLs were not expired. He then allowed us to drink and he was nice about everything, but the principal about this situation is the sever was rude and her body language showed that she was not happy to serve us. I would also like to know if this is policy about my DL being valid.

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