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poor service, even worse food

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to tell you of my worst Applebee's experience. At 4:53p Sunday July 16th, I called into the store to get car side to go. I don't have time to come in and eat. The phone rang for over 3 minutes before someone answered. Mind you 3 minutes does not sound long, but count it out yourself, it's a long time. I place my order with a Mike I believe (but I could be wrong). Its easy, chicken fajita roll up – no lettuce, no Pico and extra cheese with a sweet tea to go. Ready in 10 minutes, great.

I get to Applebee's at 5:07, I waited in my vehicle for 4 minutes. I lady came out and had no idea what my order was, so I had to repeat my order to her. She came back within a minute or so and had food but no total, I gave her a $20 to speed up the process. While she is ringing me up I open the container and the fries are cold. You know what? I am so hungry and in a hurry I don't care. She comes out with my change, I tip her for her trouble. I leave because I am in a hurry, and starving. I haven't even left the parking lot when I realize the roll up is less than ¼ full. I pull off over half of the shell I eat two pieces the size of a baby sandwich. The chicken is cold and cheese not melted, it's a good thing the receipt stated I did not pay for extra cheese, because there was none. As I eat I realize there are pieces of chicken that are not cooked all the way, I am eating raw/soggy chicken. I get a block from home and there is something hard in the last 3 bites, I just toss it out the window at this point. OMG if I don't have food poisoning from this meal I am going be so lucky! I have trashed all but maybe six fries and ¼ of my normal meal from Applebee's. I did not turn back, I did not go in, I did not call later to complain, I was in a hurry and hungry.

Where I am at now is that I will not be going back to Applebee's in Staunton. I will no longer have you on speed dial. I will be sharing this poor experience with my friends and family. I really don't care for any acknowledgement or apology, what has been done is done. If I weren't in such a hurry that day I would have taken this up right then and there, that's my fault. I do hope you can get your staff in the Staunton Store to realize how much business they lose when the service is at this level.


Kim Buss

P.S. I first tried to send this to the manager/owner on the bottom of my receipt but apparently its a bogus email as it was returned.

discount for golden apple senior not given by server

We recently traveled thoughout Washington Oregon Idaho and Nevada using pre-purchased Applebees gift card...

scotch seemed watered down

5/31/2017 about 9:30pm I like to shop once a week in the late evening. The last couple of months I began...

Lebanon Food

employee belittle and yelled at during serving hours

While dining at the Apple Bees on Richmond hey, in Alexandria, VA the employee Reynaldo yelled at the young 16 year old employee name Sean saying "go sit down and get out of grown people faces...leave leave leave!" The young man hurried and left the area. This was very inappropriate and embarrassing. I will never visit this location again! I plan to speak with the Manager Misty as soon as she comes out to our table.

food - sickness

Greetings Applebees,

First, let me preface by saying that my wife and I have been faithful Applebees customers for over 28 years! We enjoy the food and atmosphere very much! That said, on Saturday May 20, we visited the Applebees in Guntersville, Alabama. We then both became sick with upset stomachs and diarrhea on Sunday. We both actually ate the same entrees - the three cheese chicken cavatappi, and the spinach dip appetizer.

On Monday May 22, I visited the Applebees, and met with an assistant manager, a female lady - forgot to get her name. I respectfully expressed to her what my wife and I experienced, but she was rude, and somewhat defensive - "well, we serve that all the time, and have not heard of anyone getting sick."

I did not want to get confrontational with her, so I merely handed her my business card, and she stated she would let her manager know about what happened. I never did hear back, or received a response.

Again, not whining or upset, just wanting to let you all aware of the circumstances. It would seem to be somewhat beneficial with respect to maintaining strong business continuity with the public if managers were more open-minded and empathetic. I understand that there are going to also be customers that do, in fact, whine and complain to "get something" out of it, but that's not at all my basis for doing so. My intentions were to simply bring the experience to Applebees attention in an effort to help provide feedback of our experience - pardon the fun/pun!

Respectfully, I would encourage someone to have a brief mentoring/counseling time with the assistant manager (short, somewhat heavy-set, blonde/gray hair), and encourage her to be more receptive to a customer complaint, and to develop and use the necessary discretion to remedy the circumstances.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my experience.

Best Wishes,

Jeff [protected]

Dr. Jeffrey M. Van Slyke, Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Management
Jacksonville State University – McClellan Campus
100 Gamecock Drive, Room 2134
Anniston, Alabama 36205
Office Phone: [protected]

E-mail: [protected]@jsu.edu

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My family and i were eating at Applebees on Saturday May 21, 2017. We were at West Jordan Utah location. We had a wonderful server and we really enjoyed the food. We just didn't enjoy the fact we watch a server being yelled at and being chased out of the kitchen being yelled at by a female manager. The male server seemed very upset other servers were trying to get the male server out of the situation the female manager put him in. One server was talking to him outside. And the female manager still continues to yell at him and other serves surrounding her. I felt very bad for servers. I have never seen a manager treat serves how she did. Maybe it's something that needs to be looked into.


My family and I ate at Applebee's in Wichita, Ks.
320 S. Ridge Rd.

Serial# [protected]

Our family of 4 arrived a little after 2pm. It took them 15-20 minutes to get us any water/drinks. The restaurant was not busy, there were plenty of empty of tables and we had no wait. When we ordered beverages it took the bartender a very long time at least 15/20 minutes. I ordered a mucho margarita, my husband ordered a beer. When our appetizers arrived we had to ask for plates, and table ware. When our food arrived and I ordered another margarita. I waited 10 minutes, our location was right near the bar. I kept looking to see if the bartender was making the drink. He was cleaning and washing glasses, mind you he had 3 people sitting at the bar. He looked up at me and said, yes I will make your drink. I thought that was kind of rude. My 17 year old daughter watched the bar tender make the drink. He dropped the lime in the drink and dug it out with his fingers. So, when he brought the drink to the table. I asked him if put his fingers in the drink he said, NO. The manger came over, I told him what happened. They removed the drink from my bill. I was really disappointed in the service. We typically eat at that place have never had that before--- ever.

gift card

On 4/28/2016 I purchased a $40.00 gift card for a friend and her finace' online. The confirmation #[protected] and charged it to my Visa card. My friends did not try to use it until 2/2017 and found out that someone else had used it in May, 2016. My computer was hacked in May, 2016 and they must have stolen that information at that time.

My complaint to you is that you don't ask for ID to make sure the person using the gift card is the intended recipient. Now a total stranger who hacked my computer stole $40 from me and my friends, in part, because your servers don't check IDs. My friends names were on that gift card and you could have prevented that if IDs would have been checked at the time of use.

Please change your policy so someone else doesn't suffer the same loss my friends and I have through unauthorized use of my gift card.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

worst burger I ever not eaten...

Went to applebees for the first time ever and it was the worst food I have ever eaten... Wanted my burger...

pick up order

merchant # 061345 On sturdy feb 4th 2017 we ordered two hamburgers to go to be picked up.They were bit late and drink was almost forgot had to ask for it. We got home to find the order was wrong ask to have no pickles and there were nothing on it but burger, the other was a mess and dry no condiments at all on that one also. are order was 23.07 way to much for this order and not get what we ordered. We will not order from here again. You would think who it would have been checked.


the managers and staff

After I went through training, one of my managers, realized how insufficient the training was. My training consisted of following around people who just used me as a second pair of hands. I was trained so badly that the following 2 weeks, as I was officially placed on the floor by the managers who knew how insufficient my training was, I had to ask for certain training. As I got to know people, I would never have guessed how discriminate the managers were. Apparently they fired a guy for the sole reason that he was gay and because of his personal life decisions. They are currently being sued. I just quit because of an afternoon shift that was extremely busy and since the managers are managers of all girls and I was the 3rd guy who worked there, and the girls get so panicked that they say things in front of customers and point blame and cry because it is busy. I saw the way the shift was going so I kept to myself, still doing my job, but not wanting to get caught up in the girls gossip and blame game. Then The General Manager Henri, brought me out back and yelled at me asking me if I wanted to work there. I didn't understand. He told me that our 1 hostess, who I asked, if it was possible, to skip my section for 1 rotation so I could bring all the crazy things that was happening to my manager. Without getting my side of what happened, the managers jumped to the aid of the hostess, who said I asked not to be seated, which wasn't what I said. Once I explained the matter was dropped but put my whole section 20 minutes behind. which may as well be an hour at a restaurant. Still I stayed 2 hours after my shift officially ended to do all the side work the other employees did not do, leaving the night shift unprepared. Only to be blamed for all of the girls problems, even though when I asked for specifics, it was only 1 girl. The same girl I wanted to have my manager mediate a conversation between us, because I wanted to clear the air. I am a professional, I owned my own business for 10 years, since High School, and I have excessive background as a server. It was clear this was not a professional place and the general manager is the biggest problem, along with the others. They play favorites and they leave their employees without the proper tools to do their jobs. Maybe why the girls get so upset. The problem the managers had at the end of my shift was the one thing I said to my fellow employee, who was barraging me all day, I only said very calmly in front of the whole of the kitchen staff that because she was in the section on the other end of the restaurant that we need not talk, because I wanted to wait until after the customers were set and our shift over. Apparently because I would not engage back or talk back to the girl who had nothing nice to say to me, I was the one who got a harsh talking to again by the same manager. Only for the manager to realize he only had one side of the story and the only thing I did was keep to my section, so I wouldn't get sucked into the girls craziness. They hired me, spent money training me, only to allow me to leave because of one girl who, everyone gossiped about, because of how vicious her mouth was. The Apple bee's in Walpole, ma, is the most unprofessional and unorganized management I have ever seen. The only problems my specific customers had was with things they would see and hear other employees do. Such as yelling across the room at each other, swearing non stop, and dirty dishes everywhere. Why and who would put 1 hostess on a double on a Saturday. How can you not have a dishwasher on???? EVER. I had customers who would ask for a manager only to say how wonderful I was as a waiter, but how disturbing the environment around them was. I saw employees eating off of plates that were going out to tables, , ect.. I would go on.. But I could write a novel about the complete lack of management at this restaurant. Whoever is the true owner of this applebees in walpole, ma on rt.1, should have a secret eater go in on a Friday night or a holiday, day or night. All you have to do is make sure no one knows your connected to the restaurant and observe. The second you walk through the door, everything I have said you can see for yourself. I'v never been relieved to quit a job, but restaurants are a dime a dozen and I already have another job at a place that is well managed, therefore actually has consistent business. I went back to school to become a teacher. Even when I worked at apple bees, I never recommended the place, because the food is good, but it would have been embarrassing for someone I know to see the way they handled rushes. There is no doubt in my mind that there is nothing good in the future for this specific apple bees. I am going to start a blog of my experience, so noone has to go through what i did.


I placed a curbside order this evening. I ordered the 2 for 25. The chips that came with the spinach dip were nothing but a bunch of crumbs. The "4 cheeez " mac was a joke.. I don't think there was any cheese on it. It tasted like plain noodles with some bacon and chicken thrown on top. Horrible food. This is the second time in a row this has happened. A few weeks ago I ordered and it wasn't very good, But I thought maybe a new cook or something, This time was even worse, I will not go back to that location again.

poor food, rude, unclean appearance of waiter

Redding Ca. on Hilltop Dr. Evening of Nov. 21
Waiter was shabby in appearance, jeans obviously dirty. Acted put out that we weren't ready to order. Ordered classic burger, with onion rings for extra charge, as per menu option, asked for meat pink. Received a grey patty on a dry bun and 4 onion rings, he slid this in front of me and just walked off. When I was able to get his attention, and asked politely about the lettuce, pickle and onion specified on the menu, he acted all put out, I was afraid to mention the overdone meat. The restaurant was not busy, I believe his name tag read, Jacob, but not sure, just look for the scruffy, dirty looking guy with the attitude. Spoiled our evening, won't be back.

rudeness of staff

My wife and I recent visited Applebee's in Paducah, KY while passing through on vacation. The staff there wa...

website menu order pick it up.

I got online and ordered my and roommates oriental salads for 2 for 20 deals.
I ordered sides plus your suppose to get a apitizer. I can't spell . Tonight they didn't even have the order at all. I was highly disappointed, this site has you go to the exact page and select the one that's yours before you order the food. So im asking for their prices where the hell was our food.. if that wasn't bad enough my roommate called me to call it in again, we're in northern California it hotter than hell. I call my phone is dying I told the Anthony no my phone is dying, he say ya hold on !

My phone starts beeping I hand up tell my roommate just order 2 salads with the sauce don't order anything else. He's disabled and so am I then they not only screw up once from not having the order but, they have the worst customer service tonight. I will never go again.. if the food isn't fresh I'm calling to complain and boy I'm know as the one to those who don't know me and those who do.. yes I say I earned that name!!

employee treatment

Today, 7/29/16, I walked in for my usual Friday night shift to learn that I was taken off the schedule. When...

poisoned by the bartender

Good Morning, Before I composed any email. Before I posted on any blog. Before I contacted the BBB or the...

inappropriate behavior

6/4/26 at roughly 10pm, i went to the Applebee's in Crestview, Florida with a party of 5 as we do 2...


On December 26, 2015, my husband and I arrived at the restaurant and were informed there were no booth...

unsatisfied customer service and bartender mix drinks and poor management

Went to Applebeesn9088 Mansfield rd Shreveport, La 71118 me and a friend for girls night out it was along day for the two of us the closes place was this location bad choice waited about 30 minutes for a glass of water and we got two margaritas we asked for the strawberry flavor after it cale out it didn't have the flavor of strawberry at all told server but its like she didn't care all she said she saw her put that flavor in but we kept telling her it wasn't right but she didn't do anything to fix the problem our ticket came out and it had those two drinks on it I as to see a manager a little later she came out and said it looks like strawberry was in it and tryed to explain but they still made us pay for the drinks I mean this Applebees is horrible I work at Lowes across the street and we use to come there all the time but stop because our lunch is an hour and it takes that long to get our food this Applebees has lost alot of business from us to go there for a girls night out I told my friend we shouldn't go there but she wanted to Im surprise this locatiom isn't close it's getting worser than ever please all me about this problem.

  • Wine Is Good Jul 29, 2016

    I can't read a single word of that. Please use punctuation and correct capitalization.

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