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American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] Customer Service


American Home Shield Corporation

860 Ridge Lake Blvd
United States - TN38120

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 682 1043(Customer Service) 11 31
+1 800 735 4663(For Real Estate Professionals) 2 8
General Inquiries
P.O. Box 849, Carroll, IA 51401-9901

Payment Address (Invoice)
P.O. Box 851, Memphis, TN 38101-0851

Payment Address
P.O. Box 2803, Memphis, TN 38101-2803

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] Complaints & Reviews

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / ahs home warranty

Justinm410 on Feb 14, 2019

After 3 weeks of waiting for a hot water heater replacement in sub-freezing weather, I had to buy and install everything myself. Now, they won't pay a dime and are ignoring the bbb complaint with no just cause. Simply saying, "we are not obligated to pay anything". These weasels stiffed me...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / poor service / scam!

Joe Sarlo on Feb 14, 2019

This is probably the worst service company I've ever had the displeasure to work with! I submitted a claim to replace my leaking water heater. They stated that A&S Mechanical (their contractor) will contact me within 24 hours to schedule service. They never called. I called them the next...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / billing scam

wELTON855 on Feb 7, 2019

American home shield has a automatic renewal and they increased my policy by 25 percent!!! Who attempts to take advantage of a person except a scam? After being on hold for more than 4 hours, an agent asked what he could do to retain my business. We agreed on the original policy amount...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / washer

Deborah Dennison on Feb 4, 2019

I can't get thru to talk to a service professional In their authorization department. My washer was deemed "unrepairable" By technician. No one is willing to complete this service request. It's been 2 weeks . We've purchased new, waiting for a settlement to pay towards replacement item...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / ripoff and payment request

Ray Buck on Jan 15, 2019

Please contact Debbie Blackerby in the San Antonio office for emails and invoice I submitted. I had two different vendors from AHS misdiagnose and issue with my HVAC. After much consternation, I hired a local, reputable firm who found that the issue was a refrigerant leak and replaced the...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / service

Sleelee52 on Jan 9, 2019

As a professional, I am very disgusted with your company's customer service. I am the vp of client services for the company I work for and ashamed at your company's service. The strategy of being on hold for over one hour every time I call, is it so people will just hang up? As I type...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / american home shield

Tamaria White on Jan 8, 2019

I reported a leak last Tuesday, 1/2/19 to AHS and was assigned to More Than Plumbing who came out Wednesday, 1/3/19 and discovered they needed to go through walls to assess/repair the leak. We had furniture in the way that we moved. I tried to call AHS for 2 days to left on hold for hour...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / failure to provide a plumber and unethical behavior

Michael Morris on Jan 4, 2019

We experienced a leaky toilette in the home we recently purchased. The water was coming from under the toilette and damaging the floor. After waiting on hold for over 50 minutes, we were finally connected with a customer service Rep who assigned us a work number and told us that the vender...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / appliance cash in lieu offer never received...

Kikirogerz on Jan 1, 2019

AHS states they mailed the funds and received a copy of the cancelled check that was issued as payable to me but then washed and cashed by someone else. My mailbox is a lock and key so this happened at some point en route from AHS using USPS. AHS promised to send me a fraud affidavit and...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / faucet in my kitchen will not let water flow through at full force.

Patricia Juvenal on Dec 17, 2018

I have just requested a 3rd visit from Service Contractors Plumbing. They changed out my faucet on the 1st visit & since then I have no water pressure in the sink. They came out a second time & said it was fixed but now it is barely running in my kitchen faucet again. I can't help but feel...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / fridge and washer broke.

Mike8438thave on Dec 8, 2018

Tried use this warranty for first time. Gave a a co called manny appliance. Guy was completely unprofessional. Didn't here from him for over 3weeks. Called back warranty co gave me another co to come out made appointment with them. Then all of sudden many appliance co. Has this guy Jame...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / furnace

Cleveland1804 on Dec 4, 2018

In December of 2016, I called American Home Shield to change my furnance. Supreme Plumbing and Heating, who did a terrible job, was contracted to do the work. They did not finish until April 2017. The furnace did not pass inspection and American Home Shield refused to complete the job. I...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / unethical and unavailable; bait and switch

Karen Cut on Dec 3, 2018

Poor customer service, no continuity, improper installation of water heater causing carbon monoxide to leak for months; being charged for service on dishwasher that was paid by check; threatening to send me to collection agency; wouldn't let me cancel service without paying fee Tonight, I...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / services/refund

marie sottile on Nov 28, 2018

I normally not do not post at all but am so angry I need this to spread so please share! We have always had a home warranty - for the last 15 years it has been with American Home Shield (before 2003 it was a different company). So here goes our frustrating dealings with them recently... The day...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / shieldessential

Anonymous Homeowner on Nov 21, 2018

Their contract is worded with weasel words and broad generalizations so that they can avoid getting out of paying. Today is the second time I have called a contractor out to be told what I called for is not covered. Both times have been for plumbing issues. In my contract the following i...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / terrible customer service and contract compliance

DW01 on Nov 20, 2018

It takes 45 minutes to an hour to get through to a service agent with a strong accent and poor understanding of English. My Garage Door Spring was broken and they refused service saying it was part of the door track!! I had previously tried to change my monthly payment to an annual payment on...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / refusal to repair rusted and corroded pipes

Marvin Holcomb on Nov 17, 2018

Contract #163777552. Marvin and Deborah Holcomb. Initial service date 10/1/2018. Second call 10/15/2018 Came to home and cut hole in ceiling to evaluate pipes deemed rusted and corroded. Refuse to cover because water does not flow through rusted and corroded pipes. Our plan covers rusted and...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / contractor relations

Steven & Kristy Pepper on Nov 16, 2018

Sent to Ryan Hagge Tue, Nov 13, 3:39 PM Please forward to the appropriate AHS department. Effective immediately, we will no longer work for American Home Shield due to constant conflicts with our newly assigned contract rep, Ryan Hagge. We have enjoyed working for AHS for the last 8...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / garage door repair coverage

[email protected] on Nov 8, 2018

11/08/2018 Policy#234427242 My garage door stop opening 2 days ago. Placed service request online. 11/08/2018 tech came said he need to contact AHS for authorization. AHS authorization department representative refuse to cover broken spring at my garage stating spring is part of the...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / warranty

Amber Benefield on Nov 6, 2018

Over 2 months ago I chose to take the option cash in lieu of repair. I was to receive $917. I have never received this. Every time I call I get CSR that barely speak English and don't understand. I get hung up a lot. I get asked if I've submitted proof of repair. Cash in lieu of repair wa...