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ac unit

Our AC & heating unit is 20 plus years old. We have had service requests for the unit 5 or 6 times. They keep putting a band aid on it but it's like pulling teeth. Currently we have been waiting on most recent service request decisions and keep getting put it off. He accused my husband of putting a fan in the unit upside down but my husband hasn't touched it only the contractors sent out by the warranty company. Each request we get a different service repair company.

Refuses to replace 30 year old ac and wants to charge me $1000s each year for repair to the same system

I have been with AHS for over 10 years, of late the services has become awful. In 2019 during the hottest...


I submitted a service request about my not working refrigerator back in January 17, I requested a rush service since I have a newborn, the technician came over & said he ordered the parts to get it fixed, I was told it shouldn't take more than January to get it fixed working, well they don't have the parts and they don't even have answers as of when they estimated to get it fixed. it is now March 6th, Teo months after and I still don't have my refrigerator working, neither the parts & they always refuse to transfer me over to a supervisor. I have called several times and have asked to speak to a supervisor but they always refused to transfer me over.
W hat is the point of having a warranty company if they all are procrastinating to get my refrigerator fixed, and I honestly don't understand why it's been almost two months and nothing, how can a family survive without a refrigerator, a warranty service shouldn't take this long as I mentioned this is completely unacceptable.

hot water heater

Today, 12/5/19, I contacted AHS because a hot water heater broke at one of my properties (255 w. Chelton Road in Brookhaven and when the technician showed up he said that the hot water heater would not be covered because something in the chimney made the hot water heater burn out and it is considered "secondary damage". A few months ago, I had a similar experience with my air conditioner. I've only had two requests for service since paying every month for this service and none of the seem to be covered. I requested to speak with someone else and was denied the opportunity to do so. When the sales person called me to convince me to purchase this warranty, he couldn't say enough about how appliances are covered "no questions asked". I would like to speak to someone regarding the services and how coverage is determined. All I really want is the hot water heater repaired. Seems to me that they take your money each month and then find a way to have the item "uncoverable" by the warranty. I'm extremely dissatisfied and would appreciate a response from someone.

Thank you for your anticipated response to this request.

Denise Matthews - [protected]

water heater replacement

On October 31, 2019, my water heater broke. I contacted AHS via online service request. The Air Pro Master was scheduled for November 1, between 10:00am to 2:00pm. On November 1st, Air Pro Master showed up just to check on the water heater and took some information about the old water heart tank; he then told me that the water heater is still under warranty and he will pass the information to Air Pro Master and to get the authorization from AHS. On November 2nd at 1:02am, I received a call from AHS stating that they have approved the replacement of the water heater and that Air Pro Master has been notified. I called Air Pro Master but I was told that they have not received the authorization from AHS. Air Pro Master called late in the afternoon on November 2nd, stated that they received the authorization from AHS and the earliest time they can come was November 4th, between 11:00 am to 2:00pm.

My complaint is why it took four (4) days before my water heater was replaced when normally it only takes a day or two. Also, I was told by Air Pro Master that my water heater is still under warranty. If it is still under warranty why did I have to pay $75 service fee and another $185 for permit, exchange, labor and disposal?

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at cell phone [protected] or email me at al.[protected]

Respectfully yours,

Al Labrador

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garbage disposal

Good day,
My name is Maxine Johnson. I am an elderly woman whose health is not in the best condition. My contact number is [protected]. My claim number is 6858665. My address is 148 Crown Lane / Madera, CA 93637. Sorry I do not have my actual insurance policy number on hand. The number attached to the policy number is [protected]. But please call me on [protected] to address this matter. On or perhaps before 10-28-2019 I called AMERICAN HOME SHILED to advise them my garbage disposal was not working. I was told someone would contact me in a week to schedule an appointment. It is now 11-22-2019 and I have yet to be contacted. Nor has anyone visited my home regarding this matter. I called AHS on 11-16-2019 for status update. I spoke to a supervisor named Derrick. I explained the matter to him. He advised someone from LOWE'S was to contact me. I advised him no one has. Derrick tried to contact LOWE'S while I was on the phone, so he said. He advised he would follow up w/me on 11-18-2019 as he was not able o speak w/anyone at LOWE'S. I called AHS on 11-19-2019 to follow up w/Derrick as he did not call me back as he said he would. Derrick was not available so I spoke w/someone named Dalton. Dalton told me LOWE'S was requesting more fees in the amount of $88. Dalton advised the fees were paid and that someone from LOWE'S would contact me by 11-21-2019 to schedule an appointment for a new garbage disposal. I called AHS again as no one called me on 11-21. I spoke to another supervisor named Virginia. I explained the matter to her. She said she would contact Lowes to find out status and would call me back. She never called back. I called AHS again today, 11-22-2019. I spoke w/yet another supervisor name Rico or Richard. He advised they're just waiting for Lowe's to contact me to schedule the appointment. I advised him that is what his office has been telling all week and no one ever follows up w/me or LOWE'S. I asked Richard to give me the number to LOWE'S. I called LOWE'S at [protected]. I spoke to Jason. Jason advised he will call LOWE'S store to find out the status and will call me back. We will see if he does. It's been nearly a month since I requested service on my garbage disposal. Thanksgiving is coming up and I do not have a garbage disposal. So far I've spent approximately 4 hours or more away from my job duties trying to get AHS to do their job. I am paying them a monthly service and I pay a service fee for each call but yet they are not honoring their portion of the contract. They are in breach of their contract. I am requesting compensation. Thank you. I can be reached at
[protected]. My daughter Tonya Johnson is quite familiar with this matter. She has been the one making the calls as I do not have the strength to do so. Please contact her at [protected]. Thank you.

wall ovens

We have had AHS for years. My top oven started locking when I was baking, not allowing me to open the door, hence burned food. AHS said unit needed to be replaced. Offered me one option (most options were one oven, not the double ovens I have). Option I was offered did not fit cabinet. I was told to search and I had to do the legwork. Ok. Sears doesn't carry Whirlpool. Found a unit on Whirlpool site and called AHS with information. I was told that they don't deal with Whirlpool. Huh? Why was I instructed to research those sites? I was told they can get the unit I found elsewhere but my out of pocket would be $326. The unit on the Whirlpool site was only $115 more than the cash in lieu so why would I have $326 out of pocket? I was told I had to take the cash in lieu. Representatives were rude and condescending trying to make me feel like I interrupted their coffee break. Tried calling to be put on hold for 30 plus minutes. Everything took place via messengers. Asked for corporate information so I could file a complaint only to be informed that they don't provide that information to their customers. Stay very far away Rom Ahs. Sham company with horrible customer service.

general electric gas dryer replacement needed now

I just renewed my American Home Warranty in July 2019 420.00 dollars as a Sheild plus client. My first...


Attention: Corporate Escalations - Fraud on your hired HVAC contractor and Video to Prove it - - - Dispatch # [protected]

My name is Janet Loper, Owner and Broker of NextGen Real Estate and I am your biggest fan and have selling your home warranties for almost 15 years to my real estate clients.  I personally have had your warranty since 2006.  However, I am writing you to make you aware of a frustrating situation and "Fraud" with an issue on my personal HVAC  where I placed a service call and the guy you sent out (which I videod) never diagnosed my unit and called for a new HVAC condenser and even stated I needed a new unit when he walked in my door upon "Hello" and before even seeing my unit.  Obviously my guard quickly went up and I felt he was all about making money for himself.  I told him my unit is only 7 years old and I was not buying a new unit and he needed to go personally run a diagnostic test to determine something before telling me at "Hello" that I needed a new unit.  I have a very important video to email you to prove that your hired contractor never opened my unit, or ran any testing to even make this call for a new unit to Authorizations.   He only knew that my HVAC maintenance company found a small leak in their 6 months cleaning of my unit and I called AHS who originally dispatched a company that came and looked at the unit and days went by where they never responded to me or AHS on the diagnosis.  Therefore AHS dispatched this second company (being the guy I videod) who just called for a new unit without inspecting my unit.   The video shows he only took pictures of my unit that is surrounded by lattice work making it difficult to see the unit and it has to be removed to even open the unit.   He drove off never coming back in to talk with me about his findings which my video shows he had no proof of issues - - or even saying good bye  "professionally" on his exit.   My video shows him just leaving and then he calls me when he was about 20 minutes down the road to say he called to Authorizations and got me a brand new condenser unit.  I was floored and felt he was taking advantage of AHS.   I disputed with him on the phone as to how he arrived at this diagnosis (being he did not know he was videod) and he quoted  "I got you a new condenser and thought you would be happy with that."  He then said look if you are not happy with my findings then I will just call back to Authorizations and tell them to cancel it and they can get somebody else to come out here.  I said "fine."  Therefore, I  quickly called to report this on my 7 year old unit.   Actions like this are unethical and in my opinion rips off AHS costing your corporation more money and causing customer rates to go up.  I was not comfortable with his action or trust to even touch anything on my property.  With AHS's concern, I was given Authorization to go outside AHS to an HVAC company and was given a dispatch number #[protected] and was explained the reimbursement procedure.  I called the HVAC company I use who found the problem in their 6 month cleaning and they sent a quote to AHS.  I was then contacted back by AHS rep "Seth" that they were going with the "bad guy"  I videod who never inspected the unit and give him the job because his quote was less - - even though they allowed me outside authorization.  They also saw where he had called in to cancel his request to replace my unit.  They said because the "bad guy" quote was lower and they had knowledge of that and regardless of two bad experiences with their techs back to back and then allowing me the "customer" to be satisfied granting outside approval, they declined to allow the authorized company to now be even entertained - - claiming the real reason why and issue was than an  AHS employee "Tonya V" should not have given the outside authorization on "round 3."  I should not be penalized for an action or bad decision of the AHS employee who I felt did the right thing after two bad experiences to quickly get my HVAC up and going.   This is so unfair for AHS to allow a guy to replace my unit who is not deserving of what your contract agreement expects of him and to comply with all inspections, verify if there are any upgrade code requirements with unit change out, etc, that can come back to cost me money out of pocket!!    I am shocked that AHS would allow and force me to go with a untrusted company that I reported as "FRAUD"  and now to decline the authorization I was given on "round 3" to get someone to show up, truly inspect, and call Authorizations on the honest situation - - all because now it is being blamed on the employee Tonya V who authorized the outside company to be used.  

If you contact me then I will email you the video of this guy and I encourage you to see other work he has been doing under AHS.  I am very ethical and moral and I don't live my life taking advantage of anyone or allowing someone to make money off your company and me playing into their actions and taking part in benefiting from their actions.     I expect to hear from someone who cares and also cares to take corrective measures to educate your employees on decisions they granted a customer being me of almost 15 years and selling your warranties for almost 15 years only to claim an employee should have never given outside authorization.   I expect AHS to honor what a customer was granted and take it up "in house" with the employees to train and or educate them further.  If you listen to the recorded calls on this matter you will hear the issues reported - - especially you employee "Seth"  saying "well if someone told me what was wrong with the unit from a previous vendor when I got there then I wouldn't inspect the unit either.  I would just call in and report what they said to Authorizations to get the approval like the guy you videod."   WOW!!   I was blown away to hear that.  I own my real estate company and an employee would not be working for me if they said that because it is wrong, unethical, etc.  I encourage you to hear the call of this conversation and what was said on Wednesday, November 6th at 1:41 pm with your rep named "Seth" at [protected]  - - ext  [protected].    

I am requesting a call back asap at [protected].  Thank you.  FYI -- I tried uploading this video to this site and not sure if it came through. Call me or email me to send it to you a different way to see this HVAC guy inspecting my unit. 

Janet Loper, Owner/Broker
NextGen Real Estate
Lexington SC803-513-3444 (cell) 
Visit NextGen Real Estate at


American Home Shield sent a plumber to fix toilet/sink problems; provider was grumpy and did a minimum patch to the problems (3 or the 4 broke shortly after). We then called to replace our water heater. The heater unit was "free" but the quote was still $900+. We got a second independent quote from a 5-star plumber & whole bill was for $1200, including the heater. AHS bill would have been $1103 not including the heater, plus the original $125 for service call ($1228). Neither AHS nor the plumber would tell us what the extra expenses were for until we paid ("it was confidential, " they said). I also looked up the AHS plumber for ratings and reviews and most rated them less than "1", unreliable, and poor quality service.

I've found out that AHS uses the cheapest, lowest rated service providers - there is no accountability, since we, the customers, do not have a say in who they use. I asked for a list of their providers and they wouldn't give it to me. I asked again why I couldn't find out why they wouldn't disclose what the extra expense was for, and they kept saying it was confidential. Who's confidence are they protecting? Certainly not us - the customer.

DO NOT GO with American Home Shield. They do nothing but take your money, patch problems in hopes you have to call in another provider with another service fee. They are a joke and if I could rate them less than "1" I would. I give them a ZERO.

laundry washer machine

I have American Home Shield contract # [protected]
On a September 13, 2019 I called to report my laundry washing machine was not working, they have came three times, replaced a door latch switch and control board and still not fixed, It had been about 7 long weeks with no resolution proposed. I need your assistance in resolving this issues the repair man keeps saying, I'm not going to sure this is going to be the part needed. As he does not know how to trouble shoot or diagnose the problem and is only guessing on what it might be.
American Home Shield warranty will not send a more competent company or replace my washer. Please assist me resolve this issue.

Thank you

Juan Gafare

over a year! thermostat wired wrong! either heat or air. can't switch. ahs no response.

Over a year ago had new central unit put in. They only wired it for air. Nov. Came we needed heat. June came and needed air. They said its 1 wire. Only a tech could switch to heat and ahs would hv tech cm to switch so we could have either but not both. Never came! Why wire a new system for either heat or air&we can't switch it on our own? We paid alot for a new system! Freezing temps 2nite&a 96yr old woman and 1 yr old lives here. I need this taken care of in less than 48hrs and not just switched again.
Spoke to "irma" at ahs today&she doesnt understand that the system was never wired correctly. Just kept saying it needs to be switched to heat now. And even said maybe our electric is bad. What? It was wired foe one or the other! Period!
Enough already! Yes we need heat today and this weekend because it's going to be freezing. This is a brand new system that can't get air and or heat without a tech. It's supposed to do both like normal units. I'm going to reach out to ahs insurers and take this further. It's been over a year of the same thing this is far from the 1st time we've received no or bad service from ahs. We pay on time and have been customers forever and it's just really scary because we count on them during times of need. My mom is 96 and a baby is here. It's just unprofessional and dangerous to my household. I repeat its been over a year waiting to resolve this! I also repeat... It's going to be freezing temps tonight and days ahead. Highs of 30 degrees. That's cold. Come on ahs.

  • Updated by VirgM · Nov 01, 2019

    I wrote @AHS_WARRANTY on Twitter. Here is their response in my direct msgs. :Thank you for providing your property address for account verification. We can certainly understand your concern for your family. We have spoke with Chesapeake, and they are unable to service your request before Monday. As such we have upgraded your work order to expedited service and are currently working to locate a vendor who can service within expedited guidelines. As soon as the vendor is located and assigned you will be notified.

    My response: Monday? This is crap. Send the guys who didn't do it right in the 1st place. Will you have heat tonight or this weekend? It's very cold here and we will not.
    No response from them back.

customer service

Today I called to request service because of a clogged toilet and tub. I was given all the information to file the claim but it took me over 18 minutes and 49 seconds. I had to ask the person, Moren, to please speak up. I had to asked her to repeat information because she did not seem to understand my words or spelling. I asked her if she would please note that we (my son and I) are disabled. She said to call the assigned company and tell them. She said I would get a call for an appointment. I called the plumbing company that was assigned and left a message.

After an hour I called American Home Shield back. The first person hung up once I explained my reason for calling (2 minutes and 26 seconds). I called back. I explained to Abby my concerns and our need to have contact and service today. She said she would check. I was on hold for 14 minutes and 22 seconds. Ela came on the line and asked why I was calling. I asked what happened to Abby. She could not give me an acceptable response. I then had to repeat all the information again to get assistance. She said the plumbing company would get back to me and do the work today. During the call I had trouble understanding what she was saying. My daughter was in the room with me and she also could not understand the woman. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She advised that the supervisor would say the same thing she had. I said I still wanted to speak with a supervisor.

After waiting for a supervisor I was disconnected. I spent 47 minutes 1 second on the phone and nothing was accomplished. The customer service at American Home Shield is non existent. You would think for such a large company they would want to do a better job.

It is over two hours and I still don't know if and when I will get service.

leaking pipes

To whom this may concern,

I have been in my home since 2016 and I inherit American Home and Shield from the buyer so I kept the insurance however I have had to use it a few times, but over the summer of 2018 one day I was at work and the rain was fall very heavy and my basement got flooded. My home is equipped with a sunk pump but at this time for some odd reason it didn't work anyhow my family and I clean up the basement right after that I got on the phone with AHS. The representative that took my call was very apologetic anyhow a plumber was assigned (Gregory Rossi) and a phone number of (215) 67+66-3650. Mr. Rossi was not friendly he then enter into my basement stood over my pump and said to me it broken, it's not sitting in the proper pit properly and that AHS will not fix or replace my pump. He then took some pictures and said that he will submit the pictures and his written statement and they will call me, well they did and told me that my pit or my pump was not covered and I told them that I was not too pleased with Mr. Gregory and I did not pay him or AHS.

Moving on to December 27, 2018 I was home for the holidays and I was selling urine so I call my husband just to make sure I wasn't crazy so my husband conformed the smell. I then call AHS for this new problem again and the reprehensive was very apologetic as always but it went downhill very fast because if you remember during the summer, I did NOT PAY for the service that I was not satisfied with. The representative told me that I had to make that payment plus the $75.00 it would cost for this visit totaling &150.00 and I was infuriated over that. I refresh the person that I was on the phone with about me terrible encounter with Mr. Rossi, I needed service in my home so you can bet that smoke was coming out my ears and nose I make the payment and receive conformation, I was once again assigned Mr. Rossi I do believed in giving people second chances. Mr. Rossi give me a call soon after he receive the assignment which was just a few minutes after my call ended and said to me "miss Bing I'm in the neighborhood do you mind if I stop by now so we can get the ball rolling before the new" and I said sure. I told my husband and we waited for Mr. Rossi arrive the same unfriendly (my honest opinion it that he was RACES) person. He enter my residents look at me disintegrating sewer pipes and he did not follow AHS protocol which I believe is to take pictures and write up an report about the job and submit it to you AHS and he did not do that.

You can check my call log into American Home Shield from January 2019 to maybe June 2019 and review the conversation some of them were very heated. I'm not going to apologize because NO ONE FROM AHS DIDN'T CALL ME NOT EVEN TO SAY HELLO but they had the nerve to send me a COMPLETE Survey form for a work order that was never produced by MR. Rossi and the work that was never done. December 27, 2019 will be here soon once again and my pipes are still the same way (disintegrating) and most of all my family and I are breading in some form of asbestos because my house was built way back when also every month AHS takes my MONEY from my account.

I was never send a denial letter from AHS but by not full filling or keeping up their end of our contract that, I was discriminated against just because I'M A BLACK WOMAN and that is why Mr. Rossi did not file my claim.

Sign: Vennice Bing
MRS. Vennice Bing
4023 Rosemont Ave Drexel Hill
PA, 19026.
AHS AGREEMENT #: [protected]

leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes
leaking pipes

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]

heat pump system

In May of 2019 I started having air conditioning problems. AHS sent out someone. The reaction was out of Freon. Freon was put in at most of my expense only for it to happen again shortly. A different service company was sent out by AHS with same issue. Then I was told AHS was going to get a second opinion when I suggested maybe I needed a new ac. To backtrack AhC had replaced the system in 2015. So I called one of the companies that had already been out to be told that a 3 ton was too small for a 4300 sq ft home. I thought I had a five ton unit. So I decided to replace the unit myself because by now it was already June. I called AHS and during my conversation was told that I did have a 5 ton unit back in 2015 but somehow it had accidentally been replaced with a 3 ton unit. I was told by Jamie that if I sent in the bill($17, 678.00) (dispatch #[protected]) they would agree to pay me a cash out settlement for $1804.33. As you will agree that was an insult because the whole heat pump system had to be converted to 5 ton. I sent all the info in June and again in August each time being told that it was approved and I should be getting a check for the $1804.33. It is now October, numerous calls stating the same agreement but no money has been sent. I have used AHS many years and cannot believe that they acknowledged the mistake and have avoided doing anything to correct, it. I am 76 years old and feel I have been taken advantage of. Each time I have had to call and be on the phone close to an hour each time. I demand action at this point. When you call there is no customer complaint department. Please someone help me

ahs warranty

On 9/19/19 we had a call for our Saltwater Pool pump. When the tech came out he stated that the Electrolysis Cell / Board was bad and needed to be replaced. That night AHS called and told us if we buy the upgraded saltwater equipment coverage it would be covered. So we added it.
On 9/24/2019 we submitted another claim for this (the Salt Water Cell). When the tech came out he said that this is due to lack of maintenance. We had just bought the house Labor Day weekend. When we did the inspection it was never reported that the salt water cell was bad. The first company (South Tampa Pools & Spa) that came out said it's not working due to poor or lack of maintenance. Since we moved in we have hired Pool Guardians to come out and take care of our pool. The pool not working is due to previous owners. We also have our weekly reporting sent by our maintenance company to provide the proof of our maintenance.
We asked for a 2nd opinion on the pool since the company was not helping. The 2nd company came out and said the salt is too low to perform any tests and left. So again AHS refused to cover anything. The reason the salt is low is because the Salt Water Cell will not produce and keep the salt water levels up.
According to our contract it states:
1. Coverage under your Agreement is for your owned or rented residential property as it has been represented to AHS. Coverage under your Agreement does not include commercial property or premises converted into a business or to which the general public is invited for business purposes.
2. except as otherwise specified by your Agreement, Covered Items under your Agreement must be:
a. Installed under the roof, within the confines of the structural walls, and on or above the main foundation of the home (excluding porches, patios,
and other adjacent or detached structures unless specifically covered by your Agreement), within an attached or detached fully enclosed garage capable of parking one or more motor vehicles, or within a guest unit as separately defined by AHS (if guest unit coverage has been elected).
Note: a detached garage or other building may qualify as a guest unit; and
b. Manufactured for non-commercial residential application.
3. The following also may be Covered Items (if included in your Agreement) if they are installed and manufactured for outside use or located in a structure which fully protects them from the elements: air conditioning, heating, electrical panel, water heater, cleanout, pressure regulator, exterior well pump, septic tank, sewage ejector pumps, or pool and/or spa equipment.
4. Coverage under your Agreement is for a Covered Item malfunction occurring during your Agreement Term caused by:
a. Normal wear and tear of the Covered Item;
b. Rust or corrosion of the Covered Item;
c. Improper good faith installation, repair, or modification of the Covered Item (such good faith efforts shall not be subject to the exclusion provided for in Section D.6.a. Below);
d. System installation where component units of the Covered Item were not properly matched to each other for proper operation; or
e. Insufficient maintenance of the Covered Item.
5. A Covered Item malfunction that predates your Agreement Term is not covered under your Agreement unless the malfunction(1) was revealed during
a home or other inspection that predated your Agreement Term and subsequent proof of repair is provided to AHS' reasonable satisfaction; or (2) is undetectable by ordinary visual inspection of the Covered Item. For example, a visual inspection that reveals damage or a missing component or part (e.g. a missing dishwasher door) indicating inoperability would not be covered under your Agreement.
6.When addressing a Covered Item malfunction, unless an alternative procedure or other provision under your Agreement applies, AHS will make
arrangements in accordance with your Agreement to:
a. Repair or replace the Covered item,
b. Dismantle and remove associated defective equipment, as reasonably performable by the dispatched Service Contractor, and
c. Recapture, reclaim, and/or dispose of refrigerant, as applicable.

Even discussing this with them and waiting for 30+ mins for my account to be reviewed and 40+ to speak to a supervisor being hung up on; they just say over and over they will not cover maintenance and its not it is a bad part that is covered under warranty that needs to be replaced. I need assistance with getting this resolved its now almost a month later and just having head aches.

home warranty protection

I submitted a home warranty claim for a leaking toilet on May 13, 2019 to AHS. Even NB after numerous complaints, the tools has not been fixed as of October 7, 2019. I paid this company a monthly fee of $40 for at year plus a $100 service fee. In addition, I have incurred high water bills and lost rental income because of their constant delays and excuses in procuring a special order toilet handle from Kohler. The company is too cheap to replace the toilet. Worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life!

non compliance with contract

I have the same problem as many others have. The differences are that mine cost me over $3000.00. AHS has given zero toward any repairs. When they were contacted my wife had to argue with them as I was in bad shape as my Asma was high and I could hardly breathe. They finely got some out there, it was two dates later. We were told that the unit was built in the 1990s. They could fix it, but the cost would be over 500.00 to me, also that the freon could not and would not be used after December 2019 per government orders. This meant that the money spent would be gone with no benefit. I then decided and talked to AHS and ask them to just give the money that the parts they would have to get would cost. Their reply was we will get the parts and you pay the excess. That did not make sense to me, I then explained again that this was a bad idea. My answer back was that are rules state if the contractor says it can be fixed, we do it. This makes no sense as this unit is over 13 years old and after 12/31/2019 the unit could not be fixed if freon had to be used. They just keep telling me that they could not do anything else no progress. It was over 90 degrees my Asma was to a point that my wife was threating to call the ambulance. We finally had to call and get easements on a new unit. All I ask was that AHS just give me the money it was going to pay the contractor to work on the old unit. They said no. I am out $75.00 for the service call and over $3000.00 for the cost of a new unit.

  • Updated by John Lay · Oct 02, 2019

    I have the same problem as many others have. The differences are that mine cost me over $3000.00. AHS has given zero toward any repairs. When they were contacted my wife had to argue with them as I was in bad shape as my Asma was high and I could hardly breathe. They finely got some out there, it was two dates later. We were told that the unit was built in the 1990s. They could fix it, but the cost would be over 500.00 to me, also that the freon could not and would not be used after December 2019 per government orders. This meant that the money spent would be gone with no benefit. I then decided and talked to AHS and ask them to just give the money that the parts they would have to get would cost. Their reply was we will get the parts and you pay the excess. That did not make sense to me, I then explained again that this was a bad idea. My answer back was that are rules state if the contractor says it can be fixed, we do it. This makes no sense as this unit is over 13 years old and after 12/31/2019 the unit could not be fixed if freon had to be used. They just keep telling me that they could not do anything else no progress. It was over 90 degrees my Asma was to a point that my wife was threating to call the ambulance. We finally had to call and get easements on a new unit. All I ask was that AHS just give me the money it was going to pay the contractor to work on the old unit. They said no. I am out $75.00 for the service call and over $3000.00 for the cost of a new unit.


I started with AHS on 9/3/17, up until May 2019 everything was fine, I had to deal with horrible contractors and a lot of out of pocket but I dealt with it. In May 2019 your company billed me( auto pay) from my checking account 3 times 54.99. After weeks I finally got credit back for 2 of those payments. Then again in June you took 2 payments
At this time I stopped auto pay since it seemed to be a problem and I was never given credit for the second payment withdrawn from my checking account.I just figured it would go for July payment. I kept getting calls from telemarketers that said they were from billing but could never actually pull up my payment history and they kept telling me I owed over 160.00. I tried to ask where they could possibly think I owed anything but never got an answer or they would say they were sending it to accounting and I would receive another call a day later. I made my last payment on 8/1/19 and called to let your company know it would be my last that I would be changing companies since it was feeling like harrasment at this point with call after call of a bill that I have no idea what I was being charged for.Now I received a letter from a collection agency for 163.16. I have all my bank statements and payment history from your company and I don't owe you anything. You just lost a good customer over very bad customer service and wrongfully billing me for who knows what.I will be contacting better buisness bureau, and the credit agencies. You need to take a look at my account and fix this error. Thank You, Rosemary Quinonez
2103 E. Pueblo Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204

sears kenmore elite refrigerator

I notified AHS on August 16, 2019 that my refrigerator was not working. AHS sent a company called Sunrise to Sunset to check it on August 27. the first repairman said orally that he could not repair it because it needed a compressor and someone else from his company needed to handle that. (No paper was given to me) About a week or so later when I finally heard from them, I was told that the compressor had to be ordered. It took two weeks for the compressor to come. No one ever called me to say anything, neither AHS nor Sunrise to Sunset. I called every few days. No one could give me any information. Another visit was made and I was told the compressor was installed, but it would not work because the compressor needed to be updated. About a week later, the owner of Sunrise and Sunset came and updated the compressor and promised me that it was working properly, but it was not. I tried to contact him the following day, but he would not answer his phone and AHS said my work order would be recalled. As of today, September 30, 2019, I have not heard anything from anybody. So I called a number that I hope is Headquarters . I hope I can get some HELP>

Thank you,

Hattie Washington
11529 S Campbell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60655