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L Nov 13, 2018
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This has to be the most discriminatory company I have ever seen, just because my name is Luis Sanchez and a Latino Man it does not mean that you company can treat Latinos like second class citizens. GoDaddy is charging for services I have not used for many years yet this company has backed Go Daddy since day one, why because I bet you they are a Big Customer for American Express. GoDaddy is charging for services that have not been used for 4 years and continue to charge me yet American Express lets it happen. GoDADDY IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF The conversations with your company have not only been demeaning, and one sided but for Hispanics we definitely don't have the same privileges as the rest of your non minority members do and it can be seen by the demeanor and the sarcastic way they speak to you, This has been my experience and this is the message that I will let everyone know on the different social and regular websites know about American express. YES Membership has its privileges but NOT IF YOUR HISPANIC


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    Philly2019 Nov 13, 2018
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    This has nothing to do with racism. Stop whining and trying to make yourself a victim.

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