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Complaints & Reviews

travelers cheques refund claim

*update to my 11/16/08 complaint report *****consumer warning***** Amex travel related services, co. inc...

wrongfully sent to collections

My husband has been a member with American Express since 1993. In the last two years we have spent $3, 000 a month on the card and before for that more like $800.00 to $1, 000.00. Of course we would pay it off each month. In May 2008 my husband was laid off. We were still making the payments. When August came and he'd still had no luck getting a job so we'd called up American express and spoke with them about how we'd reached hard times right now. They set us up in their CARE Program and the agreement was to pay $410.00 each month for a year till it was paid off and our account would be reinstated. That was August 14th. We than paid the bill each month after - Sept. 11th, Oct. 10th and Nov. 10th.

Come November 15th we'd received a letter from AMEX stating that we hadn't paid our bill and if we didn't it would be sent to collections. We called American Express and the rep stated that it was a system error but that we would have to make another $410 payment. The rep also stated that the payment would drop when he re-enrolled us in it again it would be about $200. We would still have paid the $410 though. We told the rep we did not have the money to make another $410 payment since we'd just made one. Rep stated that it was OK to make the payment come December. November 18th comes and we get a call from a collections agency stating that our acct had been sent to them.

My husband called AMEX and they cold transfered him right over to collections. On 12/03/08 he called again and they stated that they were unable to assist him because his acct was in collections that they would transfer him to collections. My husband refused to be transfered and the rep was unwilling to help so my husband hung up the phone. So I immediately called AMEX. I spoke with rep id# 85970 in Manila and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. Rep stated that I would have to tell her whats going on, so I told her the story. The Rep then proceeded to tell me that her supervisor refused to speak with me. I also heard her floor supervisor speaking to her in Filipino which I know is NOT OK. She than tried to warm transfer me to Account Services but she got back on the line stating that Account Services refused to speak to us as well. Finally after over an hour of being on the phone she transfered me to a Supervisor (I'm assuming). Supervisor became very agitated when I asked for her name and rep id; trying to ignore the question. Her rep id# NOVB815 which I have reason to think that is not even her id#. Oh and she is also in Manila. She placed me on hold for 15 minutes right after she'd received my call than came back on acted like she couldn't hear me than stated "oh, just a sec, just a sec" and placed me back on hold. Then came back on and quickly mumbled something. I asked her to slow down and she stopped and asked to speak to my husband. I put him on the line and she told him that they saw where we had been making our payments and that some one will give us a call back later that day (Dec 3rd, 2008). I told my husband to ask for a case# or a commitment date and she said there was no such thing. No one ever called us back!

We've wrongfully been sent to collections!! We spoke with a gentleman from the 3rd party Collections Agency and he'd stated we're not the only ones this has happened to. He said that it was showing our account was flagged to be able to get another credit card with them after we paid this one off. Does that even make sense? That they would want to give us another card if we weren't paying our bill and "had" to be sent to collections??? THERE IS NO WAY I'M GETTING ANOTHER CARD WITH THEM!! They will either fix this and allow us to keep THIS account OR nothing at all. Our credit is immaculate and there is no way I'm OK with wrongfully being sent to a COLLECTIONS AGENCY!!!

I'm at a complete loss... I don't know what to do. Maybe I will take it up with the media. They talk about things that aren't even news and this to me is more news than many stories I've seen lately.

  • J1
    J106 Jan 25, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. They screwed up, admitted they screwed up and said "sorry, you're in collections we can't do anything". I had never made a late payment. Matter of fact, I was paying more than the minimum. I have contacted the BBB and now the State Attorney general. I told the debt collectors that I will not pay as long as I am in collections, but I will pay AMEX if they fix this. I made the charges I will pay them. Luckily my ex-husband destroyed my credit so this is really doing anythiny MORE to it, but the principle of it is jsut ridiculous. At least I have a divorce decree stating I wasn't responsible for his things, but this AMEX was in my name! Not happy, but they're going to be a lot unhappier when I'm done. They should learn the cardinal rule of customer service. Apologize early, because the longer your mistakes go on and people get harassed and pissed off, the more your mistakes cost you. Good luck on your end!!!

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would not replace empty gift card box

My husband and I received 2 American Express gift cards for our wedding from his boss at work. Both were $100 in value and purchased at a local Wawa.

The very evening we received them, my husband opened one of the gift cards up to find that the box had been slit on the side and the gift card was missing. He immediately called American Express to inform them of the missing card in order to have it replaced. They said they would note the complaint and we would receive a phone call within 5 business days. After a week passes, we still never received a call.

My husband calls a second time and discovers that they have NO RECORD of the first call. He gives them the information again, and once more they tell him that American Express will call him within 5 business days.

We got married and went away on our honeymoon for almost 2 weeks without hearing a thing from American Express. My husband calls a third time, and the employee on the other end tells him that he needs to send in the receipt for the gift card purchase. This was GIFT! We didn't buy the card, it was given to us. My husband is not tactless enough to ask his boss for the receipt for our wedding gift because the card had been stolen in the store. If American Express was competent enough to have recorded the first complaint, hours after the card had been purchased, perhaps we could have had it replaced. Instead, we spent a month trying to resolve the issue and got nowhere.

I feel terrible that my husband's boss gave us a gift that went to waste because American Express lacks proper customer service.

We did not receive a replacement card and $100 was probably spent by the thief who stole it in the first place. We will never purchase American Express gift cards for this very reason and I canceled the credit card I had with them.

  • Dan W. Bridges Nov 14, 2011

    American Express Gift Card Promotion Is a scam. They tell you that they are going to send you a $10.00 Gift card after you refill the card 2 times @75 dollars.
    Then they dont send the card. Customer service is in Some country where They dont have the first clue about the english lanquage.

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Gift cards scam

Don't reward your customers with AMEX gift cards. They will curse you for it.

I had 2 amex gift cards which expired and AMEX isnot willing to re-activate my AMEX GC. Each time I got a new 800 number to call. Basically I am out of $50.

I am a happy customer with their Credit Cards but their Gift Cards suck.

awful experience

I am wondering if anyone else has had the following issue. Every month, when paying my first of the month bills, I schedule my payments for my green card and optima online on the american express website. For years I have never had an issue. Then a couple of months ago for some reason my payments didn't post and American Express claimed no record of the payments. I was able to call to immediately pay and since this was my first 'late' payment in 15 years, they were willing to remove the late fees and the 14% increase in my optima interest rate. For the next couple of months out of sheer fear of the same thing happening again, I didn't schedule payments and instead went ahead and paid until the month of October. I scheduled payments to be paid on the due dates for both of the cards at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month I decided to pay my green card off in full, so I deleted the scheduled payment for my greencard and paid the balance in full that day which posted just fine. I did not touch the optima scheduled payment which was due to pay on the 21st.

When I went online to check today on my new statement, I saw that no payment had ever posted for my optima card and the rate had again been increased 14%. A call to customer service promptly allowed me to pay off the balance in full, and remove the late fee, but they were unwilling to drop the interest rate. (which doesn't technically matter since I paid the account in full but still it is irritating). The customer service rep asked if I had the confirmation number from the scheduled payment (I do not) so I asked him back if it was possible to look it up, he said he could not. It seems odd that he could find it if I have it but if I don't have it they can't look it up to find out if what I am saying is the truth. That seems improbable since these records would seem to be something you would want to be able to prove in either direction.

So I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if it is possible that AMEX is either ignorantly or even maliciously losing scheduled payments. I do wonder if they would dig for my lost scheduled payment transaction if I had a lawyer asking for it.

  • Jo
    Jon Nov 30, 2008

    I thought I was the only one or that I was going crazy. I distinctly remember scheduling a payment for my Blue card at the beginning of the month only to look today and see that it had not posted. The result was a $38 late fee. A call to AMEX and the charge was removed, but I know I had made the payment. I like the cash back, but this company isn't being run properly. Add to that the fact that their retailer rates gouge small businesses and I'm seriously considering canceling my card.

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  • Ma
    Mac Apr 11, 2009


    I'm so glad I found this post, which confirms mine isn't an isolated case. They charged me a late fee plus a 75% reduction in my credit line. I told the CSR the situation and she said she's never heard of prescheduled payments disappearing before. I'm sure it's some sort of scheme to charge late fees and get rid of people who pay the whole balance on time all the time. They only make the real money with those who carry a balance. I'm going to say bye bye to AE and try someone else.

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  • Hu
    Hughjs Sep 30, 2010

    I have had trouble w/ online payments as well. They now send you a confirmation email, but they changed my bill closing date from what was posted on the website when I made my payment vs. what was paid on my bill.

    When I have tried to talk to the 'drones' that work in AMEX customer service, they refuse to listen...

    I used to love AMEX... Now I despise them... I have been w/ them since 1995...

    The other thing this situation demonstrates is that to AMEX, cardholders are only as good as their last payment. A long past history with a card does not mean a thing to them...

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  • Lb
    lb88 Nov 05, 2010

    I have had the same issue just today. This is definitely a scam. I schedule my payments online. I check my bank balance daily and have noticed that my pmt due Nov 2nd was not getting processed. The money was still in the bank. So I log into Amex this morning, and guess what? No record of the payment.
    The rep said they have no record of it either. The supervisor waived the late fee of $25. But I am still upset. You can't trust a business like that. I used to have autopay. I guess since I removed it, they screwed something up and just deleted my manually set up payment. Who knows...

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  • Be
    becket Jan 12, 2011

    They absolutely do not recognize any business with them beyond the previous month. I had been an American Express blue, then gold and also a corporate card member for 20 years. One month I missed paying my balance that coincided with the company I was working for shutting their doors. Suddenly I had to speak to their collection department who were very rude. They had actually sent my file to a collection agency. The representative from the collection agency was extremely aggressive using various tactics and threats. I won’t even mention his name since he was [censor]. When this happened I called American Express and spoke to a Mr. Fernandez. After I gave him a piece of my mind from 20 years of loyalty, he called the collection agency to cool them down. An agreement was made to pay in installments over a period of time. The collection agency representative couldn't believe it and asked me "who are you and how did you manage that". Well, since he was [censor], he had no idea how the business world worked, he was puzzled. Now Mr.Fernandez also promised me to re-activate my card once the balance was paid. When I completed the payments, I called back Mr. Fernandez and no one knew where he was in the company. He mysteriously disappeared and my request to re-instate my card was completely refused. What they don't know is that I record all my telephone conversations when dealing with over the telephone promises. One day, when time permits, someone at American Express will re-instate my card when they listen to the conversation.

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  • Sa
    saleks Aug 11, 2014

    I can swear that happened to me too.
    First, about 8-9 months with Amex Blue and I thought perhaps it was my fault so did nothing and paid late fee. Now it happened again! I always schedule a payment as soon as I get statement for all my cards and have not missed any of my credit card payments except for Amex. Seems a strange way of going crazy if it affects just one of several credit cards that I have. Also, why can't Amex have a normal autopay function that allows to pay on due date? I bet they chose to make it difficult on purpose by making customers
    choose "# of days after statement".

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Credit line reduction

While am on a business trip in Africa. Amex reduced my line of credit by $25000 to less than the balance on my account; rendering my card useless and causing me embarrassment and costing me money. Amex sent me an email that you had reduced my credit line. I am appalled at the way Amex treated a loyal customer like me. In 2007 I spend over $100000 on their card yearly. My average monthly balance in 2007 was over $8000. Thus, setting my credit line to $4000 would certainly disable my card. It would seem that they may have checked these simple facts before they made my card unusable while I am on an international business trip. In addition, I had wait for many minutes for a supervisor to increase my credit line (temporarily) so I could continue to use my card. The reasons Amex gave for reducing my credit line are not consistent with my credit report. Amex representatives tell me that I have to provide data to refute their reasons for reducing my credit line. Our data sources are the same. The credit report I have from Experian says I am a good credit risk and more importantly, has not changed in the last six months. I can only conclude that Amex choice to reduce my credit line by $25000 was either an error or intentional based on some other criteria. The fact that it takes 40 minutes on hold to speak with Amex credit line help desk indicates that they may have done the same thing to many or their customers. Either way Amex have maltreated and disappointed one of your better customers. I plan to get my credit elsewhere unless they decide to restore my credit line and reimburse me for the trouble and expense they have caused me.

  • Vo
    voice1 Oct 29, 2009

    I agree. I have a very similar story. After being a card member since 97, with impeccable payment history and a total line of $90, 000, my LOC was reduced overnight to $4500 last October! Further, they sent me a letter stating it was due to new issues on my credit report (and there were none) and because I shop in stores where people do not pay their bills! Have you heard of something so preposterous? I am a New Yorker, shop at Bloomingdales and go out for dinners. What is that supposed to mean? I feel so insulted. After having complained for ayear, I have gotten nowhere. As a result, I have lost Delta Platinum status for flying and no longer support Delta as an airline though it was my first choice. I feel like Amex is misleading withtheir marketing campaigns as they have treated their customers like common criminals rather than loyal clients.

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  • Ds
    DÉSIRÉ MARCHAND Jan 27, 2011


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scam billing

I recently reserved a vehicle while on a business trip. The rental company placed a reservation for the total vehicle rental amount on my American Express card. During this time American Express lowered the limit on my credit card with absolutely no reason and no prior notice. They completely disregarded the amount of the reservation that the rental car company had placed on my account.

I tried for over 24 hours to reach American Express regarding this. When I was finally able to contact someone I was told to just pay off the card and then I could use the card to pay for the rental car. After explaining just how ridiculous this statement was and 'talking' to this representative a little longer she agreed to give me a temporary credit line increase. However, this increase would have put me over my limit and I would have been charged with over limit fees. I am quite sure that my 0% interest rate would have disappeared also. Not to mention the impact that would have had on my credit score.

I have NEVER been late on a payment on ANY of my credit cards nor have I ever been over any of my credit limits. Not that it is anyone's business but the balances on my credit cards come from financing a business start up and not frivolous purchases. If it were not for that I would not be carrying balances. Additionally I always make more than the minimum payment on all of my credit cards.

In short American Express was of absolutely no help to me with this problem that they had caused through unethical business practices. I know that American Express is experiencing financial difficulty and that is the reason that they did this, however, I am an accountant that specializes in helping small businesses get through rough times. I can tell you that one thing that you do not do is turn your good clients away. After researching this on the internet I found that American Express is doing this to a multitude of their account holders with credit scores over 700. These are good clients.

When I first started noticing the problems with the economy I did some financial planning for my own business. Not knowing how bad things were going to get, I made of list of the creditors that I would stay current and in good standing with if the economical situation became so bad that I could not pay everyone. American Express was at the top of this list. Needless to say, they are not there anymore. Additionally, I have consistently paid $100.00 to $250.00 per month more than my minimum payment and I still have a few months left with a 0% interest rate. I really hope that my $15.00 monthly minimum payment helps their cash flow situation. It makes a lot more sense to give this amount to a creditor that is still treating their good customers with respect. I will also reduce the balances on other cards faster, which is necessary, as now my credit report will show that I am using over 50% of my allowable credit with American Express which will cause my credit score to decrease.

This letter was addressed and submitted to American Express but is in a third party format as I intend to post it on every web site that will allow me to do so. American Express may not feel that it is important to notify their customers prior to taking an action that could place them in a horrible and embarrassing situation and have a negative effect on their interest rates, credit scores, etc. but my business is taking care of small businesses and individuals with financial problems and I do think that it is important.

  • Ny
    NYLisa Nov 16, 2009

    They can and will get away with whatever they can. Why don't u just pay off all your cards and get rid of them, just use your debit card as a credit card and use only what u have in your acct. If you don't have the money then u don't need it. I don't make much money at all(less than $400 a week) and I don't have a business and if I can pay off my 26, 000 debt and stop using credit so can everyone.
    People have become too dependent on credit and overspend, remember credit is not your money, it is their money that u borrow temporarily on THEIR terms. Unfair as it may seem, when u deal with these people you get what u deserve. You think this is bad, just wait til the new credit laws go into effect next February, then you will see just how they can REALLY screw you. The new laws were meant to protect us the consumers BUT since the credit card companies will be losing money(so they say) because of the new laws they will be punishing us. I for one will not be one. Im done with credit.

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refund claims are deceptive

Consumers be aware!.. Do leave home without the amex travelers cheques... In july 2008, I was robbed of $10...

charge denied for no reason

Amex card holder since 1974. Always paid off the entire balance every month. Used it three times sunday night, nov 9, 2008, for about $200 total. Less than 24 hours later, a $50+ was denied at a grocery store because I had never shopped there before! Don't ever recall being declined before.

First, that's bull. It had been two years since I shopped in one of those stores, but I had shopped with them before.

Second, try and get a believable answer by calling one of their "service" numbers. You end up talking to someone in india who obviously has no idea what standing in a grocery line is about and told me I should have called them on the spot to clear up the matter! Next time, i'm leaving the groceries and walking out.

Third, even if it was a fraudulent charge, it was just above $50. Technically, i'm responsible for teh first $50 of fraudulent activity and they cover the rest. So why decline a charge that's so small? Seems more like harassment than protection to me!

shoddy customer relations

I wrote the following two letters to American Express following what I regard as extremely shoddy customer relations.

Below is the letter sent on 11/04/08 to credit services expressing both our disappointment and frankly, anger at your treatment of our account.

However, just when we thought American Express had reached the bottom rung of our expectations, it has gotten worse. After earning legitimate point rewards from our "account in good standing, " your firm now has removed them not allowing us to even walk away after 10 years with our rightfully earned reward.

Frankly I think the whole episode smacks of a lawsuit, which I plan to promote in Letters to the Editor as well as to anyone who will listen. Shame on you and your shoddy attitude towards what you once regarded as your customers.

And to indicate your totally disregard for any feedback, sending an email is impossible through your website - how absolutely typical of your practices over the past few weeks.

Congratulations - we are truly amazed.

(Text of letter referred to above)
To Whom It May Concern:

Recently your department saw fit to cancel the above referenced card. A few thoughts on the topic . . .

1. We have held this card since 1999 and have always paid our outstanding balance monthly.
2. Yes - our credit is not good at the moment. However, we also realize the importance of having a credit card to use in case of emergency, etc. and have made certain to keep this card in good "working order" (for nearly 10 years). In our naiveté, we thought this might mean something to your firm.
3. And to completely destroy our confidence in this firm, you opted to cancel this card and then let us know five days later. How embarrassing for us to have to find this out by having the card turned down. And how totally reflective of shoddy business practices on your part.

In short, we have obviously mistaken this company for a reputable, upstanding firm that valued its customers. While your decision is no doubt based on our present bad credit rating, I can assure you of this - we will pay our bills and recover from this situation. Further, I can also assure you we will never again speak well of American Express.

Unfortunately, our situation is not unusual in this bleak economic climate. That will change. Our view and that of anyone willing to listen or read our account of your handling of our account will not change for your firm.

  • Ph
    Phil Rowlinson Nov 07, 2008

    I have had something of a similar nature. With 6 years of financial responsibility and always promptly clearing my balance, I was suddenly faced with a reduced credit limit (becuase there was a small overdue balance on another card that I had overlooked). Amex is the only card that I travel with, and to my dismay it was rejected when trying to check into a Hotel. No amount of calls were of any help. My long standing credit history with AMEX appears to be of no account. Membership? Well here is one person now extremely disenchanted, and to think I had recommended it to a number of friends.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Pfeiffer Dec 30, 2008

    American Express has become a sub-standard card. During the holiday season numerous places of business denied the card complaining that they are charging retail vendors too much. It was also turned down by several restaurants, one of which I was lucky enough to have just enough cashto pay the check and had to apologize to the waitress for stiffing her.

    I also booked a flight the beginning of Dec. to the Dominican Republic using my membership rewards points. The Am Ex operator directed me to go online and use 67, 239 points...the equivilent of what she said was a $672.39 ticket. Now, I found out that I could have transfered 25, 000 miles to Jet Blue and booked it through them. So basically, Am Ex screwed me out of 42, 239 points!! I called to complain and when I couldn't get anyone on the phone from Am Ex that spoke clear english, I finally asked, "Where are you located?"

    -1 Votes
  • Ka
    Kathleen F. Toole Feb 23, 2011

    Booked flight on Air Trans Air Line from Rochester N.Y. to Sarasota Florida on Jan 18th 2011-trip I.D.#310181771716-using 23, 239($232.39) American Express reward membership miles for departure on Feb 23rd at 7:00 AM from Rochester Inrenational Airport. Received confirmation of Feb. 23rd departure on Jan from AE-no Air Trans confirmation number was included. I called AE on Feb, 22nd, early evening, to get Air Trans confirmation # of flight leaving on the morning of Feb. 23rd from Rochester. The Air Trans Confirmation was LFF37U. I arrived at the RIAirport at 5:30 AM today, went to Air Trans kiosk, gave confirmation number, received from AX agent last night and was told that I was not listed on today's flight-the flight to Sarasota booked by AX agent was for MAR 23rd departure. I came back home and called AX Travel. I have re-booked fight to Sarasota on USAir fro Feb 24th. I asked agent If it would be possible to retrieve reward miles from the booked flight that was made in error for March 23rd departure. I did not ask for a March 23rd departure to Sarasota-I specifically requested a Feb 23rd departure from Rochester-seeing that I booked a re turn flight with AX for a March 4th departure from Sarasota.
    I have been a faithful member of AX since 1984. I have never had a problem using my reward miles for a trip-on contrary, your agents have been more than wonderful in assistance. The error was inadvertently made by the agent. I am requesting consideration in having the 23, 239 reward miles for the March 23rd ticket from Air Trans returned into my AE Reward Mile Program. I did not make the error.
    I thank you for reading this. Sincerely, Kathleen F.Toole
    American Express card #3728 997256 72005

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  • Cl
    Clyde L. Colbrn Aug 03, 2011

    I recently received and began using an American Express Card conected to my Costco membership. Since reseiving the card I had a medical emergency, durring that time I was in and out of my wallet (my wife was a patient at David Grant Medicaj Center, Travis Air Force Base) Somewhere my card fell out of my wallet and was lost.
    I called American Express with the help of Costco Personnel and answered all the questions asked totally honestley and was told a replacement card would be sent, few minuets later I was called back and informed I had not answered srcurity quetions correctly. I was asked the name of relatives over the age os 18 I replied with the names of the only living close relatives I have, my Brother Raymond L. Colburn and my sister Shirley Feilder, I was then asked about deceased relatives and I gave My Fathers name Custer L. Colburn and My mothers name Margret Guy Colburn (I have two brothers deceased I did not mention, Harold R. Colburn and Robert H. Colburn) Iwas asked my date of birth August 13, 1928. I was asked where I had lived, I lived in Lebenon, New Hampshire until I was 20 years Old when I joined the Army. I served in Austria, Korea, Germany, and Vietnam as well as the U>S. When I returned to the U.S on my last assignment I was stationed at Fort Ord California wher I retired from the Army at that time I owned a home in Marina California, address 3058 Sunrise Circle Marina CA 93933. I moved from there in November 1973 when I purchase the home I have lived in since thst time, 441 Edgewood Drive, Vacaville, CA 95688-3629.
    I have received my first Bill from American Express and have scheduled it to be paid on August 4 through my on line bank. Travis Credit Union.
    I was told my wife's card would remain valid but that my card would not be renewed, we can survive on one card but it makes no sense. I forgot to mention I was asked for my full Social Security no which although I hesitated I gave your represenative.

    I would like an answer and Know what they say is not correct because if someone is using my name and number I need to know, much of the information is about small towns and my Social Security Card was issued about 1945.


    Clyde L. Colburn

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  • Cl
    Clyde L. Colbrn Aug 03, 2011

    I am as I have said 83 years old with no typing lessons, I have done the best I can but I am also not computer literate please try to understand my attempt.

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  • Fu
    fussywussy Aug 10, 2011

    That's not very smart to post ALL your information on here. HELLOOOOO ID THEFT!!!

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  • Fu
    fussywussy Aug 10, 2011

    Why on earth did you post your credit card number on here. you are asking for credit card fraud to happen! You don't want to do that!

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canceled card with no notice

I have had my gold card for 9 years. I have always paid my balances, even through a bad period, 6 years ago...

poor service

Excited at first to acquire the AMEX Platinum Card despite the $400/yr fee. All kinds of promised perks for having the card, which never materialized as portrayed. 1) Tried to use the companion travel benefit and within a month, the program abruptly "ended"., 2) Platinum travel benefits include airline lounge access - tried using it 3 different times in clubs they said were applicable and was denied. Was told by airline clubs that the website is incorrect., 3) Never missed a payment and have good credit but received a letter without any notice that they were restricting "sign and travel" benefit based on credit ??? - Just called them and canceled The Card. Far more trouble than what it was worth.

  • Si
    simon de lao Nov 23, 2008

    AmEx and American Airlines are partners in a total SCAM. I have had the same trouble with them gaining access. On top of that. AmEx just charted itself as a "BANK" so it can go to the Feds and try to steal some of that 700 billion dollars Congress stole from us and gave to the crooks

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penalty for paying bill early

Beware of paying amex bill early. Three times in this last year I paid my amrican express bill early. What...

cut my credit limit

We were asked by AMEX to buy a higher level of credit card with Costco which costs $100. a year so we can have better priveledges. We then a few months later got a letter in the mail saying our credit limit has been reduced to $800. due to a couple of reports on our credit report. We have a zero balance with American Express...have never been late...always paid on time...but they say they do not take that into consideration even though we have been members for approximatly 8 years. I did get a copy of my report btw and to me it looked excellent. There was one bad report due to a service that was cancelled by me and is currently in dispute but being taken care of...but other than that everything has been in good standing. Oh excuse me..5 years ago i was late on my mortgage payment ONCE. This is very bad businees especially for COSTCO since I do my business with them and this will be limiting how much I will be spending with them. This is so very insulting to be treated like this. I would like an attorney to take this on.

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    epaaaaa Sep 04, 2009

    thats something u have to take with AMEX. Costco has no fault on this. becoming an executive member does give you more benefits with amex but they shouldn't run any other reports on your credit card. i would advise you to get a credit report to make sure noone is using ur ss# and ruining your credit.

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american express blue cash rebate

I started using the American Express Blue Credit Card thinking I was getting the advertised rebate of 5% everytime I used the card at my local grocery store. WRONG! Apparently, AMX Blue doesn't consider my local grocery store, a grocery store. So they don't pay the 5% rebate. What a CROCK!

If you think you're getting your rebate everytime your use your AMX Blue credit card or any other rebate card, don't believe it. Double check and if your card company isn't doing what it advertises, change cards.

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    cptnjck101 May 12, 2009

    You don't receive a 5% rebate until you spend $6, 500 on the card. The problem is not AMEX or your grocery store. The problem is you are a ### who doesn't read the terms of his credit card agreement.

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cancellation of cards


I hope someone can give me contacts (people), addresses and telephone numbers to resolve my problem and re-instate my cards.

On Tuesday, October 28, 2008. I received a call from my accounts manager (never knew I even had one) at American Express asking why $56, 000 had been run through my merchant account machine my companies' Platinum Card.

I explained that I had a customer in the Bahamas whose card that would not work (to pay for a printing job) and that I swiped my own card to see if my machine was broken. I know a "REALLY DUMB" thing to do... and I did it 3 times) ANOTHER DUMB THING... but you can see I am telling the TRUTH... and I thought I was putting in $18.00 NOT $18, 000. So I told the guy, "Hey I'm sorry, won't do it again, it was a mistake"! So he says well isn't not that simple.. "this is fraud (none of the swipes went through), and it's a serious violation and ALL your cards are CANCELLED.

He further went on to say, that the CANCELLATION of ALL my cards will be reported to ALL CREDIT Reporting Agencies (Closed Due to Fraud) which will lower your FICO score, and upon review we may ask ALL OUTSTANDING balances be PAID IN FULL immediately (approximately $86, 000) and ALL your points 161, 396 have been forfeited / taken away.

Does anyone who I can contact who can take care of this?? Any and all help appreciated.

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    Hal Oct 31, 2008


    I hope someone can give me contacts ( people ), addresses and telephone numbers to resolve my problem and re-instate my cards.

    On Tuesday, October 28, 2008. I received a call from my accounts manager ( never knew I even had one) at American Express asking why $56, 000 had been run through my merchant account machine my companies' Platinum Card.

    I explained that I had a customer in the Bahamas whose card that would not work ( to pay for a printing job) and that I swiped my own card to see if my machine was broken. I know a " REALLY DUMB " thing to do ... and I did it 3 times ) ANOTHER DUMB THING ... but you can see I am telling the TRUTH ... and I thought I was putting in $18.00 NOT $18, 000. So I told the guy, " Hey I'm sorry, won't do it again, it was a mistake" ! So he says well isn't not that simple .. "this is fraud (none of the swipes went through), and it's a serious violation and ALL your cards are CANCELLED.

    He further went on to say, that the CANCELLATION of ALL my cards will be reported to ALL CREDIT Reporting Agencies (Closed Due to Fraud) which will lower your FICO score, and upon review we may ask ALL OUTSTANDING balances be PAID IN FULL immediately (approximately $86, 000) and ALL your points 161, 396 have been forfeited / taken away.

    Does anyone who I can contact who can take care of this ?? Any and all help appreciated.

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    Jen Nov 01, 2008

    I just had a similar situation happen with American Express. I've had my card since 1996, never been late with payments, never been over my limit, never never never. I have been actively paying off my card and was about to make the final payment on the account this month. I received a notice saying that my card was being cancelled.

    When I called, they said it was vaguely due to 'fraud' and that it was going on my credit score as 'closed by consumer'. They refused to tell me any more information.

    I wish I had advice, but I hope it at least helps to know that you're not the only one that amex is sticking it to.

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    Hal Nov 03, 2008

    Hi Jen,

    TY for posting ..well have done hours of research and am awaiting a call as to my fate with this situation. I will keep you posted ..

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    Thomas C. Willcox Feb 16, 2009

    I want to sue Amex for these practices. Please contact me asap
    tcw19 at

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Warning! amex will with no reason, justification or cause take away your credit limits and destroy your credit score! They are currently gutting loyal clients credit lines, and destroying good honest peoples credit scores! By destroying the credit score they are single handed making the credit crisis much worse. By destroying my score, they just caused a loan to my business to be declined and caused it to close, putting several out of work. DONT TRUST YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE TO AMEX> They dont care about their customers and have no loyalty, even to customers of over 20 years! With so many good credit card companies like Chase, B of A etc.. dont let amex screw you like they just did me.

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    CanAmex Dec 18, 2008

    Welcome to the club! AMEX took away 70k of our available credit with no warning. No lates, 700+ score. What they are doing should be against the law. I wrote a blog with some things I did to fight back:

    The funny part is they are also asking for BILLIONS from the bailout bill. The same bill that was passed by congress to INCREASE lending!

    Once again, they little people get the shaft, while corporate america gets a bailout. Shameful. Shameful Shameful.

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  • J1
    J106 Jan 25, 2009

    I had a personal card, not business. However, I always paid on time even more than the minimum. Out of the blue, without any notification I started receiving calls from a collection agency. I thought it must be a mistake because I paid everything on time. Oh no, apparently AMEX decided to send me and my perfect credit history to collections. I called them to fix the error and while they looked into it and verified the mistake they said it was too late now that my account was gone (...gone!?!?) they couldn't fix it. After pleading with several different credit agencies over the years and attempting to work out a payment plan (not sure why I should have to!) I gave up and reported them to the BBB. Obviously without a response. I just reported them to the NH Attorney general. We'll see. I am officially very angry. I was married to an abusive man who messed up my credit and I must say that the only other blemishes on my credit are absolved with my divorce decree so AMEX has now crossed a line with me. Nobody should be allowed to take a bailout from the government and tossaway paying cardmembers. What idiots they are.

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scam and lies

We received a letter stating that American Express has reduced our business credit line(signed personally by...

ax must be in real trouble

I have been with American Express for 14 years and have always been on time with my payments. A few years ago I was offered the extended payment option, so that any charge over $100 would go on the revolving account. In the last couple of years I have had to put some car repair bills on the extended payment. My balance is about $9000. We have limited ourselves with our every day spending on the card so that know we will be able to pay the bill each month. My father passed away a couple of months ago and my husband and I have been traveling back and forth from Texas to Washington state to help my mom move near us in Texas. We did not get the American Express bill paid until Oct 15th. Exactly three days late, I was contacted on Monday Oct 13 at work asking me about the payment and I told them about my father and that I would get the payment to them. They said that was not a problem this time. On Oct 15th I received a letter from them that was dated Oct 3rd (so it took 12 days to get to me) that due to my debt to income ratio from the reporting agency Experian they were suspending my extended plan. Then on Oct 22nd I received my statement for which a $500 payment is due by Nov 11th, and I also received in another separate letter from American Express. It said due to me being a valued customer with American Express they wanted to sign me up for the extended payment plan. Of course I got on the phone to try to understand what was going on with both letters. The first girl I talked to transferred me to that department. Well that department is in India, the connection was so poor and she could not speak English very well that she had to hang up and call me back for a better connection. The connection still was not very good, but she asked me what date was on the letter to sign me up for extended payment plan. I told her there was no date on it just a reply by November 30, 2008. She said it was sent to me in error, even though it said Dear Ms Derby, I was not suppose to receive it, and basically the joke was on me. I asked to speak with a supervisor and held for about 20 minutes and just hung up. Then I called the regular customer service back and asked for a supervisor. A Mr. Robert Carr talked to me I thought we had a rather good talk. He also told me that I received it in error. It seems that it comes from their marketing department and American Express has not informed their marketing department about my account. So once again ha ha the joke is on me. I asked him if he could explain to me why American Express for the last two years has looked at my overall credit every month and sometimes twice a week. He said he did not know the answer but would call me the next night with the answer. Okay, on to the next evening, I get a phone call from American Express about 8pm from a Tamika and she tells me that I have to come up with my minimum payment due of $500 that night or American Express would cut off my account. I explained that I just got my statement the day before and the $500 wasn’t due until Nov 11th. So once again I asked to talk to a supervisor and his name was Chris Ball, and he did not have very good customer service skills to say the least. He told me due to my debt to income ratio I was out of luck and either I pay the $500 then or my account would be cut off. I asked him if I had ever not paid AX and he said that didn’t matter and according to their agreement page they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to me and that I just have to sit back and take everything they dish out to me. I asked him that I wanted it in writing about the $500 payment that night and he refused saying it is all in the agreement and he could send me another copy of the agreement. I just told him to close my account and that due to how they have treated me they just might go to the bottom of my list. They are determined to ruin my credit anyways with suspending my account because I wouldn’t pay them the bill the next day after it arrives. I am just really fed up with AX and after reading all the stories they must be in a world of hurt right now. The supervisor Chris Ball told me that AX was one of the few that was making money. Boy, he sure needs to do some research on his company. Oh, and I could hear the little clicks in the call with him and I told him that I knew they were recording me and he of course denied it. And today in my mail was a offer from American Express for the Black card which carries $450 per year. And another letter stating that because I am such a valued customer with American Express they are offering me a Blue card with 0% interest on balances for 12 months. How many more am I going to receive from their marketing department before they relay the message to them. Thank You for listening and at least I know I’m not in this alone. Loretta Derby

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    aladdin Dec 09, 2008



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    thomas O Dec 11, 2008

    i had a similar problem, they reduced my credit line 50%, "declined" my hotel bill and alone badly affected my credit score as i was at a higher level to available . I sense panic, they need the money more than i do. I offered to give them
    information on my brokerage accoutn balance which remains high but they just were not interested under any circumstances to lift the line. I had platinum for 21 years, spend over 1.5 million, on time payments. I changed to green
    what is the use of platinum when i could nto even pay my hotel bill adn they were telling me i had $200 available enve though i had paid what they requiried.

    Somthing stinks in Amex are they hidnig something they are just not rationale anymore. used be a great company
    but not anymore. teh amount of complaints are staggering all the same - the are shafting their own customers left right and center.

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  • Fe
    Ferdous Dec 23, 2008

    I have been a member of American Express since 1988. Started with their Green card and eventually been upgraded to Gold, Platinum and Centurion. In addition, I also have Amex Delta card and American Express Blue. On average month, I charge around over 35 thousand US dollars every month. I have always been current with my American Express payment and always sent payment on time. I am totally debt free except my mortage. I do not have any seconds nor owe any credit companies. Since last month, American Express called me and said they have put my Platinum card on hold until I clear payment of 2200 dollars. I was surprised to hear they put my American Express card on hold and told me not to charge any further as they will be declined. I asked them the reason for this since I have charged few million dollars with them from the day I became one of their members. They told me that my recent charge of $2200 and on my Platinum card was over the limit. I did not understand how they calculate their limits since I charge over 35K per month between all their cards. After long conversation, I asked them to cancel my Delta American Express card. Now I am considering canceling the others. They perhaps forgot that I pay over 3k in annual fess and charge over 350k every year. They even asked to provide w2 and tax return to proof that I am capable of paying high limits. I asked if I ever paid late since 1988. The answer was NO from them. But they insisted that I have to make payments before they can take the hold out to charge again. I am very disappointed with American Express for being a very loyal member for over twenty years. Never in my wildest dream expected this from American Express. I guess they are hurting too with financial crunch.

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merchant account

I am extremely upset at how my small business has been treated by American Express. We are a group of...