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American Automobile Association / AAA.com Complaints & Reviews

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / air travel booking

AF11638091 on Jul 19, 2017
I have been a member of AAA for 45 years. Yesterday for convenience purposes, I stopped by the AAA office in Southaven MS to book a flight for me. I was and am still shocked that they wanted $35.00 for this simple need. I went home and booked my flight in 5 minutes. I feel this charge i...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / roadside assistance tow truck driver towed fw drive from the rear

C Shoff on Jul 18, 2017
On June 30 Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery was called out by AAA to tow Classic 1976 GMC motorhome. 3 1/2 hrs later he called and said that he was 15-20 min out and to take an uber and he would tow the RV within the hour. We were told by AAA that a flatbed was coming out. When the RV...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / customer service for homeowners insurance

Gonic on Jul 17, 2017
On June 27th, 2017 I called AAA and they referred me to Danny Agustin because i was told he would be able to help me with my Home Owners Insurance. He was very quick and to me seemed to think he knew it all. I received an email with some information and things I needed to sign off for, but...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / roadside assistance

Charity Petitpren on Jul 12, 2017
July 12, 2017 On July 10th 2017, my car failed to start. I had already determined it was a problem with the starter. I called Roadside Assistance and told the representative that I needed a tow truck to tow my car to my mechanic. After about 20 minutes, a regular AAA truck, without towing...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / driver damaged my grass and walkway of my house

Joy n smith on Jul 12, 2017
I arrived home and it looked like someone had an accident I front of my house. I reviewed my cameras and have video of a AAA driver driving up the curb rolling back and forth to tow a car. From what I can see in the video all he had to do was move the car in the correct position v...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / travel

Joscelyn Mann on Jul 12, 2017
In the latter part of June 2017, I sent a request to AAA asking for assistance in booking a cruise as I have never used AAA to book a cruise. After a few hours, I decided to book the cruise without any assistance with AAA. On June 24, I was contacted via voicemail by Rangel stating that he...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / services and employee

cAu22 on Jul 11, 2017
Today, July 11, 2017 I placed a call at a AAA service center because I have been using their towing service without any issue until today. Prior to rendering the tow service, I was NEVER notified over the phone or through the app that there is a 7 mile limit on towing. However, Jovana...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / home and auto insurance

Stevebehne on Jul 7, 2017
On hold for a hour and told I needed to call the bank after not being notified they did not get payment from bank. Really poor service for a member that has been with them since the 80's . Thinking of pulling all my insurance. I had to wait a additional 30 minutes to get a supervisor then...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / tow request

Heather Moore on Jul 6, 2017
On July 5, 2017 had oil leak and low oil warning light. Pulled over on the highway, shut off the car and called AAA for a tow. Was told by dispatcher that within the hour a tow truck would arrive. Waited the hour (in 90+% weather)..no truck. Called AAA again. Was told the truck was en...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / finish line towing & transport - unethical business practices. cheaters, scammers, liars - and lack of communication

cwang1213 on Jun 29, 2017
Date: 6/28/17 I was in a car accident on 6/28 and my dad called AAA for me for a tow. AAA dispatched Finish Line Towing and Transport (Rancho Dominguez location). The tow truck guy told me my dad can save a tow on his card if I had my car pulled to his yard since I have full coverage...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / tow truck driver broke my door handle off my car

Shauen on Jun 29, 2017
Case # 1416, Alyssa Oconnell is my case manager in member relations. My care handle was completely broke off my car and I sent pictures on 6-15-17. I have had no follow up since 6 20-17 and I still have no door handle on my car. I have sent several emails in writing, as those are tractable...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / towing service

José A. Vázquez on Jun 23, 2017
At 1:30 PM I called for a tow service at 3:39 PM, still waiting and no service! At 3:30, I called the towing company, Renegade Towing, they were still buy doing something else, I calle AAA again, told them this was unacceptable, they in turn told me that the tow truck should be by my...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / poor customer service and misleading web information

Laurie Berner on Jun 23, 2017
I am a brand new customer to AAA. On Saturday, June 17, 2017, I went online to book a hotel for a trip my daughter and I are taking in August. I was trying to book a LaQuinta in Minot, ND using the AAA discount that was shown on the website. There was a $7.00 difference. I put in my number...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / battery

Victor Vuocolo on Jun 21, 2017
I bought this battery last year.it lasted 6 months then will not barely crank my car.i called twice for battery service.ive been told twice battery was good so no replacement.im a retired mechanic and I think I've forgotten more in my lifetime than those jack legs you send out for...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / truck didnt start

What1234 on Jun 20, 2017
Worker appear to my location at 11:36 he left at 11:38 pm 2 minutes very rushes service.He states that it was the battery then got in his truck and left.I do understand that is late I was to my friend home when my car decided not to work.I figure that now that Im aware that its a battery...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / insurance policy and how it was handled

Zeva Sala on Jun 15, 2017
In 2015 I hit a retaining wall with my 2010 Dodge Charger AAA towed it to Vallejo but on the way there the tow truck driver did not tie down a truck that he was talking with my car the truck bounced off the tow truck and landed on my car and crushed it at this time I had full coverage...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / roadside assistance

Ed Renz on Jun 14, 2017
My car was towed to my mechanic on May 27, 2017. There were two problems that I experienced. First, the two truck showed up 3 1/2 hours after my call. Second, the two driver attached the pull-up chain to my front suspension, resulting in bent inner and outer tie rods. The bill for the...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / hertz membership satisfaction guarantee

Howard Bonem on Jun 9, 2017
I arrived in Fargo, N.D. in April just after it snowed/iced. At the Hertz store on Main Street, I was told that I had been "upgraded" from a V.W. Passat or equivalent to a Kia Soul. When I protested, I was told that this was the only car available. Nothing in a Kia Soul is "up" to a Passat...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / unethical behavior battery warranty not honored

Glenn789 on Jun 7, 2017
Reference: Member Since 1991 Battery Service Call 01/19/16 Battery Service Call 11/16/16 AAA did not honor a battery warranty and incorrectly charged me for its replacement. I would like a refund, for the cost of the second battery purchased on 11/16/16 in the amount of $130.54. On...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / roadside assistance

Denise Opperman on Jun 6, 2017
Triple A Roadside assistance is a scam. I have carried Triple in both Ohio and Indiana and seldom used it but I did need it last night 6/04/2017 at around7:30PM. I had a tire blow on a busy highway. I have Triple A Plus. I called Triple Roadside assistance number and told them I was on 421...

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