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American Automobile Association / AAA.com Complaints & Reviews

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / lodging discount (the phantom variety)

Randall Ballard on Jan 16, 2018
I will be staying at the Surf & Sand Motel in Fort Bragg, CA next weekend. I asked if they offer a discount to AAA members, and they said yes, but it's already reflected in the price because they are a AAA-approved facility. I pointed out that any non-member would also get thi...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / towing

Ayresbj on Jan 16, 2018
I called at 9 am to get a vehicle towed to Wal-Mart to get the tires and rim fixed. Original wait time was 90 minutes. I called again after 2 hours and it changed to 1130 am, and then called after that and it changed tho 1259 pm. I waited till 130 pm to call again and the representative...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / travel manager

MungoHomes on Jan 15, 2018
The travel manager, Tina, for the Irmo 32 branch is extremely rude and unprofessional! She tells all customers that she is from New York and then she talks down on Southern people. I have canceled my membership and I will never have any affiliation with AAA ever again. I am taking to...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / jump start

jenjenjenbrugger on Jan 8, 2018
We left the lights on in our vehicle while grocery shopping. We needed a jump start, we explained we had a sick dog at home and needed to get home as he has a surgical appointment in the morning. We now have been waiting almost two hours for someone to come help. The rep that took our...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / insurance agent mark knight (indianapolis, in)

Kelly N. on Jan 8, 2018
I asked for a quote for liability insurance, and decided to go with another company. Mark Knight went ahead and enrolled me in a policy without my authorization, and I was being billed but didn't know it...eventually found out when I received a bill! I called and spoke with Mark and he...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / roadside service - near-constant busy signal

GerryHH on Jan 6, 2018
I live in Boston and I've had to call Roadside Assistance twice in the last week due to a dead battery from the cold. On both occasions, dialing 1-800-222-4357 would repeatedly result in a busy signal after trying to get past the automated message that they would route my call after looking at...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / dispatch

Aporch on Jan 3, 2018
I was driving home from a 12 hour shift and my tire blew. I called 3 times for a grand total wait of an hour to talk to someone. If you know the storm is going to cause more calls, then staff better or hire some help. Because waiting in the cold when I havent eaten and I have to work...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / past to present towing connellsville, pa

Shelly Alexander on Dec 30, 2017
On 12/28, I called AAA at 5pm for my Jaguar that was overheating due to a broken hose. They stated AAA sent me a text message that a technician was dispatched at 5:09pm to my location, Days Inn in New Stanton, PA. I called AAA at 7:09 because I had heard anything and no driver had arrived...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / tnt towing and transportation az

Bing! on Dec 30, 2017
I called AAA for a tow because the car throttle got stuck at 70mph which rendered it un-drivable. This turned out to be a factory recall so the car needed to get towed to the nearest dealership, which was the Galpin Mazda in Prescott AZ. All AAA phone employees were extremely helpful and...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / delayed roadside assistance

Francesca Carpinella on Dec 29, 2017
Hit by an 18 wheeler, AAA came switched the tire, car was still not drivable. The service left, so we called back, stuck on the side of the road 2 hours from home, no emergent AAA service. Called at 4:00 and there has been no contact from AAA regarding dispatch. This is disgraceful and 2...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / towing

zolla on Dec 20, 2017
I had to call this morning to have my son in-laws truck towed I was driving as it just quit. the tow truck driver used a regular tow truck and lifted the back of the truck while the 12 miles he was towing it the front tires were locked. Now the bill on the truck to be fixed is 2000 dollar...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / denied tow claim.

howmidoin on Dec 11, 2017
We have been contesting this claim since May of this year. We live in California, we were traveling through Wyoming. Broke down, water pump went bad, at the top of Teton Pass. After advising tow operator we need to go to nearest facility, was assured by operator and Wyoming Highway Patrol...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / van horn towing

ErrinConnelly on Dec 8, 2017
The driver, Lyle, lit up a cigarette in the tow truck and when I told him I was pregnant and asked him not to smoke in a closed car, he responded, "So? I'm going to smoke." And he proceeded to smoke his cigarette with the windows rolled up. Secondly, we told AAA we had our dog with us during...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / a change in itinerary without notice.

Luetta Jarvis on Dec 7, 2017
Booked a motor coach cruise for April 5, 2018. After receiving paperwork (approximately 2 weeks later) the itinerary for our cruise was changed without notification from AAA travel. After talking to an agent, I felt, "take it or leave it" not AAA fault, Royal Carribean changed the...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / customer service

tschrey on Dec 5, 2017
I went into a AAA store yesterday in Hershey to simply switch the title and registration of a truck in which I was buying with a gentleman. The woman in which was titled a "Members Service Representative" was extremely rude and condescending towards me. The man in which I was with inquired...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / the overcharged

Karolin bekhit on Dec 4, 2017
When they(AAA) renew my auto insurance the raised it triple times and when I asked to cancel the contract with them it was on the first of December they wanted to charge me the whole amount of $500 . They should have deducted the first day and I should not pay for the whole month since I...

[Resolved] American Automobile Association / AAA.com / I am complaining about a driver

Mari9108 on Dec 2, 2017
This driver left the tow truck on with the emergency lights on blocking the street to get off and buy some tacos. I asked him to move the tow truck and he answered back so rude telling me to go around when there's cars coming the opposite way. I find it ridiculous for a tow truck driver to...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / towing

Elizabeth.smith268 on Dec 2, 2017
I called AAA around 5pm because I needed my car towed. I was told that the tow truck would be here within the hour. At 7:30 I called back to make sure that the tow truck was coming. I was told that the tow truck company could not provide me with any information. The AAA representative told...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / customer service

Melissa Snarr on Dec 1, 2017
Well let's start by saying this whole HUGE issue to begin with is AAA fault. I signed up with AAA in Jan of this year. The agent added coverage that I did not approve. I didnt realize reealizthe issue until later this year. They did agree to credit my account the overpayment. Well I...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / customer service representative

Sherice Young on Nov 29, 2017
I called to for a tow truck telling the rep my car will not start and it's either the alternator or my starter. After she got all my information the call dropped. She called back questioning if I hung the phone up which was unprofessional instead of saying sorry the line was disconnected...

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