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American Automobile Association / Customer Service


American Automobile Association, Inc.

1000 Aaa Dr.
United States - 32746

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American Automobile Association / Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] American Automobile Association / / travel planning

David Bleistein on Feb 19, 2019

Summary: I am writing to complain about being billed an extra $1300 in airline flight fees due to a mistake made by our AAA travel agent. I am writing to request full reimbursement, as we feel we have been unfairly penalized for mistakes made by your agent. Your agency has already...

American Automobile Association / / service

Dmg0228 on Jan 23, 2019

I called around 2:30 AM I broke down on the side near the highway it's very dark and I was told that nobody will come for maybe 4 to 4 1/2 hours later They told me they would arrive by six or 6:30 AM. It was just unacceptable to have to wait 4 to 4 1/2 hours for help to come with AAA. My...

American Automobile Association / / auto claim deductible

Ringo's mom on Jan 18, 2019

From: Long time AAA customer Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 3:05 PM To: Kinney, Meg Subject: DEDUCTIBLE WAIVE Fwd: 1003-04-2258 Dear Meg Kinney Today I picked up my repaired car and had a conversation with Daniel Sarlitto regarding the accident. As I have been told you are his supervisor, I...

American Automobile Association / / randall peoples with aaa texas

Curiosgeorge on Jan 14, 2019

I had my acure mdx towed by aaa and after picking the car up I realized the triangle with the exclamation point light came on and the vsa light came in. From the 21st of december aaa was very supportive and took blame for the damages and said they would be quickly repaired. Then I spoke...

American Automobile Association / / not getting what I asked for not getting service when I need it

Wendell jansen on Jan 11, 2019

Dec. 22 2018 I called for a tow because I just bought it that car it wasn't allowed to be towed. I got a letter saying assistance covers me. You are covered as the driver in any car anytime anywhere. I had to tow it my self and damaged my trany. they blamed on me. Second complant when I...

American Automobile Association / / someone has to be present with vehicle to have it towed.

Sandy Ward Perdue on Dec 24, 2018

I have been a customer with AAA for 13 years and can't understand why someone has to be present to tow a car from my house. Is it expected that I miss work or be late because there has to be someone present to sign for the tow. Why don't you consider a verbal or recorded consent or have a...

American Automobile Association / / member services/unauthorized use of member benefits w/no resolution for customer/member

I am a Premier Member. Membership # 4382126480290033, formerly # 4382126480290017. My mother pays for membership for herself, my brother, and myself every year. There has been unauthorized use of our account and our entitled services that we pay for by someone who had our account...

American Automobile Association / / unethical behaviour, company failed to reimburse for a service they could not provide

Lou Lou Sadler on Dec 10, 2018

We called and requested service 3 months ago. My daughters vehicle broke down inside a parking garage in Philadelphia. After waiting 2 hours, a service person came and spent maybe 30 minutes trying to retrieve the vehicle and then told me I would have to call and pay for someone else to...

American Automobile Association / / flat tire fiasco

Karen Hlubek on Dec 10, 2018

On Thursday, 12/6 I walked out to flat tire (sitting on the rim). I called AAA to come out and hopefully put air in it (my model vehicle does not carry a spare, or space for a spare). The tow-truck company (Camel-towing) arrived within a reasonable amount of time and one appeared to be a...

American Automobile Association / / battery replacement

daddy1948 on Dec 8, 2018

On 7, Dec.2018 I requested a battery to replace the dead battery in my car which was parked in the garage at my home. Approx. 40 min later the service truck and serviceman arrived. he said he would have to test the battery to confirm it dead. The battery in my vehicle is protected by a...

American Automobile Association / / claims

Matt4045 on Dec 7, 2018

Two weeks ago I was rear ended and pushed in to a truck. The other two cars were able to drive away mine was dead and towed to a body shop. The person driving the trucks insurance called my insurance immediately. I have yet to hear from AAA. I call twice a day 8 am and noon all I get i...

American Automobile Association / / roadside assistance

Little Chow on Nov 27, 2018

This morning 7:15 am called AAA emergency roadside assistance line for a tire blow out on the interstate hwy. call went directly to, "sorry we are experiencing longer than normal call volumes right now, your call will be answered as soon as a rep is available". After 8 mins I gave up and...

American Automobile Association / / road side emergency service

martha palmer on Nov 16, 2018

I called in for emergency service at 9 this morning...I am still waiting. Staff is not helpful, updates are not provided unless I call. Isabel from Providence was rude and unprofessional. When I asked she gave me her supervisors name as Nils, she refused to provide last name. When she did...

American Automobile Association / / towing

Brian BKB on Nov 13, 2018

Thank you Brian Bridges for contacting AAA Customer Service. If you are in need of IMMEDIATE Roadside Assistance or Mobile Battery Services: Please call 1-800-222-4357 (1-800-AAA-HELP) We received the following question, comment or feedback: On the night of Tuesday November 6th at around...

American Automobile Association / / auto repair

Robert J.Clark on Nov 9, 2018

Yesterday afternoon I had an issue with my break light staying on & took my car to Sandy plains car care plus & dropped off my 2014 Nissan Frontier to be repaired, stating I also needed an oil change & if they found any other maintenance issues to let me know. also I asked if they would...

American Automobile Association / / aaa travel agent

patricia hargadon on Nov 9, 2018

I had scheduled a trip to the UK thru your Capitola Ca. office. A Theresa Loback-Campbell handled all the arrangements--including a side trip to Paris France. The date of start of tour was Aug.31, 2018. Our arrival in Paris was on Sept.9th . The travel agent (from Calif.) made reservation...

American Automobile Association / / home and auto insurance

Alexander Tarlamis on Nov 5, 2018

I had received a standard promotional AAA letter for an average saving of $806 for switching to AAA. The South AAA Rep worked hard in capturing my current auto and home insurance details (dwelling value, car details and accidents from UPC and Geico)) to provide an exact comparative quote. The...

American Automobile Association / / coverage

[email protected] on Nov 1, 2018

I filed a claim for an RV roof repair damaged by birds. The roof was not in need of replacement prior to the damage but did have age. These roofs are rubber and have a different look than most. After being told that the damage was likely due to age and not birds I provided evidence to...

American Automobile Association / / asking for more money after 2 months for a policy I already paid in full for.

Vishut Dhar on Oct 22, 2018

I renewed my policy in august, got a new quote and paid in full the same day. Now last week i get a call you owe $117 and your policy will be cancelled if you don't pay that. This is cheating, I paid the price I was told by and I should not be paying anything else now till Feb 25 2019...

American Automobile Association / / roadside service abandonment

Frustrated 34 year member on Oct 19, 2018

10/19/2018 I have been a member of AAA for 34 years. The few times I have availed myself of Roadside Assistance services I was glad to have it. Not true yesterday. I upgraded to "Premier" service this year due to age (69) and having had a massive heart attack several years ago. My wife i...