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American Automobile Association / AAA.com Complaints & Reviews

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / poor service in travel

MDW123 on Apr 19, 2017
I am filing this complaint regarding the service I received on Friday March 10, 2017. Luis Gonzalez at the Hemet, CA Travel Department assisted me in booking a flight to mirror that of a friend of mine from LAX, to Munich, to Cape Town South Africa. See enclosed. I brought in my friend’s itinerary...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / body work unsatisfactory

Calismom12 on Apr 16, 2017
On January 7th I was in an accident. I hit a tire on the highway which damaged my entire front end, bumper, headlights, inner fenders, etc. I took my car into Sonshine auto body to have my car repaired, which I believe was 2/8/2017. When I picked up my car I noticed that the drivers side...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Battery test

Pinkston on Apr 15, 2017
My car stop running AAA agent came did the test and said it's not my battery it's my al alternator, we have it towed to nissian service center, they tell us is not the alternates it's the battery. I call AAA they tell me if their test does not show that the battery is dead, they will not...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / auto insurance/ collision

Nick Ok on Apr 12, 2017
Good morning, This is Mavuon Ok. I am the AAA member. The policy # is CAAS102241924. I would like to file a complaint regarding the claim # 1001-87-1066. In the middle of December 2016, there was a construction truck overloaded with wood and steel backed up and hit my car. Since then, I...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Tow truck driver

Hbalser on Apr 8, 2017
We drove 40 min to meet up with AAA to have my car towed 4 miles to an auto repair center. I forgot my drivers license but have a picture of it on my phone. We called AAA and asked if that was acceptable because the driver refused to accept it. AAA said it was absolutely fine but the...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Roadside assistance

QuianaA on Apr 8, 2017
I called for a tow of my vehicle on April 7, 2017, from the personal driveway of my home to a vehicle repair shop. I was asked during the call if my car was operable or could start I said no. Upon arrival of the truck one hour later, I was told there was a problem where my vehicle could...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / ramada inn aaa recommended

Babs R on Mar 31, 2017
On a recent driving trip to and from Fort Lauderdale Florida I had a mechanical car breakdown and was forced to stay in a hotel awaiting car repairs. The AAA tow truck driver brought myself and my father (who was driving with me) to a Ramada Inn in Titusville Florida, saying it was AAA...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Unethical behavior

Stephanie Wall on Mar 30, 2017
Dear AAA, I am filing this complaint regarding the service I received on Friday March 10, 2017. Luis Gonzalez at the Hemet, CA Travel Department assisted me in booking a flight (CF No. PQ0Z7C) to mirror that of a friend of mine from LAX, to Munich, to Capetown South Africa. I brought in my...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Roadside assistance

Holly Stjames on Mar 20, 2017
On March 18 I requested roadside assistance from AAA I have a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL 500 the battery was dead I explained this to the dispatch who is shored me that AAA would be able to get into my car and get me up and running upon his arrival the technician told me that he had not been...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / The entire experience from reporting my tow to receiving it.

aliciachey on Mar 20, 2017
It all started when I called to report that I needed a tow. The person I spoke with said that the tow may not be covered because I was not on a paved road. I advised the person I spoke with that I was informed that the road must be on the map. I advised the person I spoke with that we got...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing service

Red Openheimer on Mar 19, 2017
I've been a AAA member for fifty years of the past 73 years. My current membership has been for 25+ years. Recently I had a situation come up where I need my car towed out of my garage and into the street in front of my home - a distance of no more than 100 feet. I've only used my AAA...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Unanswered claim 1001-88-6073 - need reimbursement but being ignored by agent

grayster on Mar 14, 2017
I was hit in a parking lot by another AAA member. It is agreed that it is the other parties fault. I have an approved and accepted estimate for my vehicle which was completed under MY claim number. Because the other party accepted responsibility it was agreed to transfer the estimate to...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Travel

Royal saint Charles on Mar 8, 2017
I used my AAA card member number 4290146275657502 to book a hotel in new orleans trip number 13623496274 to pay $227.30. However when i checked into tne hotel they told me nothing was paid and i had to pay again. This was a huge inconvenience especially because i didnt budget paying for a...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Battery replacement

Daniela39 on Mar 5, 2017
-First call: 1:45 pm 3/4/17 for dead battery still covered under warranty -Responded to dead batter around 3:15pm, jumped car and they determined battery was not holding charge and needed replacement. The person did not have battery so my husband called AAA again and they said they would be...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Extremely poor customer service department-billing issue

Mal-R on Feb 27, 2017
Customer Service Department personnel with AAA (American Automobile Association--main office-800-477-4222) clearly need additional training in responsive, professional and courteous service. Conflicting/contradictory information provided in each call. Promised call backs did not occur...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing service

LegalWhizard on Feb 23, 2017
Today I placed a call for towing service with AAA Plus since I was a passenger in my sons vehicle and the car broke down. I was told by the AAA Agent that it would be Lou's Towing that would come and get us. I subsequently get a call from Lou's and was told by their representative that due...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing/roadside assistance.

Djgray on Feb 11, 2017
I just called this morning because my truck slid down my driveway almost into my garage. I had two triple A service member's come out initially. They were very professional and courteous but did not have the wrecker to be able to pull my truck out. Not once did they mention that my...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Roadside service

Darr1 on Feb 8, 2017
My car broke down, called for roadside assistance. Was told since my car was out in the road, 30 degrees and snowing outside we would be put on a priority call. Waited almost 90 mins called again was told this time driver just dropped off his last row and was on his way to me, should be no...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Aaa car care plus

Dallas Webster on Feb 7, 2017
Hello my name is Lionel Webster, I can be reached at 678-557-3033. My membership # is 429 014 656290050 8 I've just taken part in a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with repair complaints on my 1986 GMC C1500 at AAA Auto Repair facility located in Roswell,  GA at 1035 Mansell Rd,  Suite 100.  Today 2/7/17 I had...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Auto repair

John G Hutton on Jan 29, 2017
This is a copy of the Email I sent to a AAA provider. I brought my recently purchased 2002 Honda CRV to your shop for maintenance and estimate for any repairs needed. You checked my vehicle and told me I needed front struts, crankshaft seal and Serpentine belt replaced. You found these...

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