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Railroad Crossing at Train Depot in Milton, FL

Railroad Crossing at Train Depot in Milton, FL

Loose wood
Rough ride across tracks
Needs to be a hole lot smoother
This crossing has never been repaired properly
I've lived here for 60 years
The crossing has always been rough
Everyone driving across tries to ride the outside edge for a smoother ride
The approaching the tracks need to be lifted up and the wood all needs to be replaced with metal so it doesn't keep getting damaged.
I'm sure most of the damage was done by heavy trucks or emergency vehicles.
Please repair so it doesn't hurt anyone or damage vehicles
Thanks for your help.
Have a great day.
Eugene Cates
everyone in town complains about this crossing.

CSX engine has been idling for 8+ hours behind my home!

February 3, 2020 A CSX engine has been idling since 2pm this afternoon behind my home! My 88 yr old mother...

train stopped in the middle of lakeland morning traffic

This train has been blocking all North and south bound traffic in the city of Lakeland for about 30mins now. This is the second time a train has sat in the middle of downtown Lakeland in three weeks. Thousands of people like myself are trying to get to work on time yet we stuck in traffic due to your piss poor logistics planning! CSX has costed the people and business of Lakeland thousands of dollars in loss wages and time. Not mention possible job loss. If you cannot figure a better plan, I will personally talk to government officials in Lakeland to help assist CSX in changing your scheduling and if it's not! Expect a civil lawsuit from the people of Lakeland!

train stopped in the middle of lakeland morning traffic

csx rail truck

Your driver was driving erratically at high speeds . He almost caused several accidents lne jncliding a semi. It was the morning of September 23 around 5:45am. On Interstate 70 eastbound. Licence number as good as I could get was TK8899k??? Please reprimand this individual or require some form of driving classes. I doubt anything will get done. They will probably need to cause an accident to get any attention.

csx train

I live in lakeland fla train block the road way for 45mins to hr on old tampa hwy and gay rd this is almost ever day we have places to go just like the train i am sick of this i have video of me at train track for over 45 mins and train was still there when i got canch to turn a round if this does not stop i am going to find out who to go to city mayor community people. I dont know but [censored]

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train horn

I have lived next to the track in the hill town of Middlefield MA for 35 years. I mostly love the train and all it represents but over the past six months the operators have taken to blowing the horn at 3:00 am two or three times at a shot and throughout the evening for no apparent reason. Maybe a deer, bear or moose but this is now a habit. Please tell the new guy to have a little consideration.


I have been employed at a company in lordstown ohio for 24 years and this morning put me over the edge. In the 24 years I have gone to work, I have been stuck at this railroad crossing on salt spring road dozens of times. This morning I waited over an hour with this train at a complete stop, which cost me an hour pay and time docked. This is ridiculous. It's a safety hazard also. So over the course of 24 years I have lost hundreds of dollars and time docked and I am sick of it. Just to let you know. I know nothing will become of this, but u people cost me alot of money and time


Almost everyday there is a train stopped completely blocking a intersection. The people who drive the trains BLOW the crap out of their horns no matter what time of day or night it is! I live in Bushnell and I cant tell you how many times I am inconvenienced by a dang train. There needs to be a better system and schedule for these train so stuff like this doesnt continue to happen!

3am blow in no blow area... angry people

No blow zone... Since living here no train ever blows horn. Except the idiot that goes by at 3 am. We wish this issue to be addressed asap.
Train runs along US Hwy 301 closest intersection SE 165th Street Summerfield, FL 34491. Nothing out here except seniors and buffalo. If someone is on the RR Track at 3am they deserve to get run over...stupidity.
Apparently there have been other complaints to you about this before. Appartently engineer was doing on purpose to piss off lady that complained, her trailer was about 50 feet from tracks.

blocking the road

I live on whilhite road in morgan county Alabama i have to cross the railroad tracks every day its my only way to get to and from my house with out have to drive around for 30 to 40 mins trying to find a back road that i can take because the trains want to block the intersection for 30 minutes to a hour at times they do it between noon and 1 or 2oclock in the morning that is when im on my way home from work and end up stuck waiting forever on yalls train that wants to just stop and block the road late at night and its crazy at times they will stop before they get to the crossing gates then they see a car coming then they pull up and block you from being able to cross so you have to turn around and find another way that is 10 to 15 miles out of the way please do something about this


Train locomotives and other railroad machinery operated during all nights at different hours in a close proximity of a residential area thus negatively impacting rest of those who need to get up ready for work next day. Please align the operations within the hours of a general public who in majority works during day and needs rest through the night.

broken rim due to broken railroad crossing

On July 8th I proceeded to cross the railroad track at North 30th and Fowler Ave in Tampa Fl. As i went to across the track felt the the hit to my tire and I proceeded pulled over to check for damage only to find my rim was now broken and and air coming from the bend to the rim that at this crossing. I immediately took pictures of the railroad crossing and of my rim. I'm seeking repair payment for this broken rim or replacement of the rim. This is a 28 inch rim.Ventana V-1093
My name is [removed] I'm the registered owner of the truck. You can contact myself or my husband [removed] at [removed] or [removed]

broken rim due to broken railroad crossing
broken rim due to broken railroad crossing
broken rim due to broken railroad crossing
broken rim due to broken railroad crossing
broken rim due to broken railroad crossing

the operation of your trains

In Baldwin, at the yellow water crossing a train took three and a half hours to successfully clear to allow traffic through. Going back and forth constantly and then just sitting there, dead. I had my two children in the car and it was absolutely horrid being stuck less than a mile from my house for nearly three hours. I eventually was able to turn around but not everyone was as lucky.

railroad crossing at lightfoot rd. & richmond hwy., williamsburg va

Hi. This crossing was just redone during April 2019. In approximately four weeks afterwards, the crossings began to deteriorate. This crossing is getting worst each day. Please have your contractor re-visit this location and see how it can be correctly repaired. It was only slightly worst before your contractor made repairs.

Thank you,
Michael Trevelino
Williamsburg, VA
email: mtrevelino at hotmail.com

blocking traffic for several hours.

The rail crossing gate, lights, and sirens were all going off for over four hours on 5/23/2019. Several commercial trucks were delayed causing drivers to run out of hours and be forced to spend the night or face ticketing by State Police. There have been several dozen instances where CSX has blocked the intersection for long periods of time, many of which appear to be due to the limited size of the rail yard, so they just block the intersection while changing, adding, or removing additional train cars. They pull forward then back up several times as they add or remove train cars.

I would like for CSX to have more respect towards our tax payers freedom of travel. Stop preventing emergency vehicles from saving lives by trapping them just so CSX can change train cars. The needs of a private for profit entity should come second to the needs of private citizens who pay for the roads that are being blocked by CSX.

unethical behavior and noise complaint

Trains are stopping directly behind our house and blowing horn for no reason. We are in the country with nothing around to blow horn at. Engineers have climbed off train and urinated behind our trees. They have a quarter mile they could move forward or stop way short of our house, not directly behind it. Our house is very visible and only 30 yards from new passing track. Trains sit there rumbling, hissing, and popping ridiculously loud. All of our chickens have died from stress and our animals are almost deaf from train noise. This stopping seems to be intentionally done by some engineers. None of this was a problem until a passing lane was put in a couple years ago. There needs to be a notice to these engineers to not stop near houses on this new passing lane.

railroad crossing being blocked for an extensive period of time

Vanguard has two entrances into the plant. On many occasions these entrances will be blocked for long periods of time (25 to 30 min.) This not only slows down our employees from getting access to the plant, but it also slows the production down due to employees not at their work stations on time. This also could be an issue if emergency vehicles need to get into the plant for any reason.

Some examples:

25 min yesterday (4/8/19). Production started late in plant 9 due to the train.
35 min delay today (4/9/19)(6:30 am) blocked the main gate to corp. building.

25 min (4/2/19) blocked the main gate to corp. building after 1:00 pm.

Please assist with this issue.

csx train

The CSX train has been running by my house for the past three weeks for some reason. Usually, the AMTRK runs here. This train is ridiculously loud and takes forever to pass. This train clearly is not made for these tracks. Whatever has changed and caused this train to suddenly take this route, change it back. My entire house shakes and I'm seeing cracks in the walls. I will seeking legal advice.

  • Ro
    RosemarieD Jun 03, 2019

    CSX trains run all night long in Alexandria, VA. It is impossible to sleep in this neighborhood. We live near an airport and the FAA has seen fit not to fly planes directly over this neighborhood all night. Why can't CSX do the same? Simply ridiculous. It is as if there is no consideration for the communities surrounding the train tracks. Why wasn't a sound barrier put up? This is a city, not the country.

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new system / returning ocean containers

Hello, It seems that CSX has implemented a new system of receiving ocean containers at the ramp requiring appointment times? You are only allowing so many containers for each ocean carrier a day? I don't know if this is just in Detroit but from what I am hearing it is nation-wide. This is a huge headache, our truckers are trying to get loads returned & can't! They are having to return the next day, thus tying up their truckers even longer which is causing shippers & FF's to pay out more in unnecessary additional charges. There must be something done about this. Please re-evaluate your new system of requiring appointment times to return loads to make it work for everyone NOT just CSX. We will also be relaying our disappointment to the ocean carriers that use your services.
~Sincerely Discouraged in Detroit

operational concerns

I have read your guide on the length of the sounding of the horns. The trains that run through Smiths Station and Phenix City go out of their way to disrupt the town. At 1:30 this morning the trains blew their horns for over 3 minutes straight without stopping. During school hours they blow the horns constantly going up and down the rails for several minutes. Then do it again minutes later. There are schools in this area. The train disrupts learning. I can see where they would need to sound their horn at a crossing, but the bars are also there for safety. This is an issue because they blow the horns when there is no crossing and at inconvenient hours for the citizens.

  • Ci
    Cindy Radliff Apr 19, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem at the CSX freight yard in Selkirk NY. I can’t sleep.

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  • So
    Southern Vermont Railfan May 03, 2020

    They do this for your safety, the engineers don't want to hit something and get PTSD and have to suffer from it until their deaths. It's especially traumatic when a engineer hits a person.

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