J Aug 17, 2018

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I am a loyal, solid, amazon prime customer. I place many orders with you monthly & am generally very pleased with amazon prime, your excellent customer service & follow up if any problems exist. Thank you. I have never had a problem with returns & you are always prompt & courteous. I have until now, also never dealt with a foreign chinese company on amazon before & can now see why I avoid dealing with them like the plague. I want a full investigation. Please look at my last half dozen orders from junlan, ningmi, ohoo, & then 'icooltech'. They are for performance fitness work out clothes. I am a professional athlete & certified uspta & ppr tennis pro for 28 years & am used to dealing with quality products such as nike, adidas, etc... Against my better judgement I ordered about a dozen products from the companies just mentioned. I am a men's large for shirts & tank tops & very true to size. The products sent to me in a large were all the size of a men's medium by us standards & I can see now that I am not the first of hundreds, possibly thousands of similar complaints. I had to send them all back, a lot of wasted time & effort & will at least say for the most part, no problem with being offered a ups return my opinion the products were mis represented by incorrect us sizing compared to chinese men's sizing of similar products. This return circus is time consuming, my dime to the ups store & aggravation I don't need. You will agree. This icooltech company would not send a ra. They were the only company who on their return authorization sight did not offer 'incorrect size sent' as a valid reason for return. Please check their competitors. They informed me it was not cost effective, really? For who??? 1st response, "would I take a 20% discount from the full amount of what I paid"? Really, I wrote them back explaining "unacceptable" & would like to forward this e mail correspondence to you at prime & please ask for a full investigation (or you can please dissolve my prime membership) I don't have time to negotiate this back & forth. I accepted their last request for a 40% reduction of my 100% already paid for bill. Fair??? Hardly,... But i'm done with them & exactly why I want other prime customers to know exactly what they are dealing with when buying foreign, chinese men's fitness clothing products. Every other company I listed was fair & I actually repurchased their exact products in an xl. Icooltech has not offered an r/a. I simply want other customers to be aware of this & have you look into why we have to deal with this bs. This is why I pay extra to be safe guarded as a prime amazon customer. I also believe in doing the right thing. I do not mind paying for shipping if in the wrong & very rarely write bad reviews. I want this looked into please. I will forward my e mail correspondence if you give an agent or case number & an e mail where I can send you my correspondence. You have an excellent company. I plan to remain a loyal prime customer for years to come, but when their is a problem I also expect a valid response. I sincerely thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Jack zdvorak
4826 sandy glen way
Wimauma, fl 33598 (usa)

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