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> I am a customer who bought a Microsoft surface tablet on December 25
> from Amazon website. I got the item in a
> different condition that did not look new and it looked damaged at
> some ends. I packed the item and returned it on January 5.
> I then waited for my refund which I never got.I was in touch with
> Amazon for three months but they did not help me. I was advised by my
> lawyer to file a claim.
> It was denied and I still have not gotten my refund.
> I am trying to use the money to pay for tuition and I would like to
> beg for the money to be returned to me.I know it would be special case
> but I believe that as a customer who has been loyal to Amazon I
> deserve to be given this consideration.
> I know that I made the right choice by buying my gadgets from Amazon.
> I got my phone, tablet and everything from Amazon.
> For all that I have been through, I would like to plead for whatever I can get.
> I have suffered a lot to my health because of this and I would like to
> be helped.
> I have gone through depression and stress because of this.
> I would like my money to be refunded.

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    Karen123456 Jul 02, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazon sent me a product which did not include everything as written in the description. They admitted this. A lame customer service guy made the decision to not give me any further help. It did not matter that I was an attorney who explained consumer practices to him and that this was unfair. Amazon is so big, they could care less! My advice is to have nothing to do with them. I would believe anything negative you have to say about them.

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royalty payments

Just giving a heads up here to anyone thinking of self publishing on Amazon Create Space. They are the most incompetent, inept and indifferent bunch of people I've ever encountered in my 35 years of publishing. I requested to have a royalty payment direct deposited into my bank account and provided all the required info. Instead, they mailed out a check to an address I no longer use. Then they told me the check was voided and that they would direct deposit the royalty. Guess what? After waiting a month, they mailed out another check. All this after I made the necessary changes to my account on the Create Space dashboard requesting for direct deposit only. When I requested employee names and ID numbers that I would need when lodging a formal complaint, I was told that they could not give me that info. Which is their way of saying: No one can be held accountable. PLEASE do not use Create Space.

account suspended for no reason

On April 27, 2015 my account was suspended pending a review. I immediately appealed the decision and provided all information that was requested. I was informed that I would receive a response by April 28, 2015. The only response I got was this:


To help us with our review of your account, we encourage you to send a friendly reminder to buyers requesting that they leave feedback on your account.

Please do not send more than one feedback request per order. To learn more about contacting buyers, search "Buyer-Seller Messaging Service" in Seller Central Help.

We will notify you by e-mail when our review of your account is complete.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


Seller Performance Team

The item has since been delivered to the buyer and Amazon continues to hold my funds. The buyer has obtained fruit from the transaction, but I am left to wait in purgatory.

I have called Amazon Seller Support and have been told that the Sellers Performance team only communicates via email.

Only information I am being told is that my funds can be held for 90 days and I need to wait for the seller performance team to complete their review.

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    Maximalred Jul 23, 2015
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    Verified customer

    under A-to-z Guarantee Protection was not sure what Category of Complaint to put amazon under, but anyway this has happen to my account from a message under amazon, not sure again if my account has been compromised or if this was done by an amazon worker, who doesn't like people buying off 3rd party sellers, or something like that. someone from amazon disabled this option below on my account, that I use only gift cards balance, since I am an college student, , I only been buying with free amazon gift cards from both Bing and coke rewards, and no credit cards on amazon, I also email security amazon and spoof amazon under this matter, since again I am not sure this person should been able to do what they did, a lot of the amazon people from message center, told me to use A to Z with 3rd party sellers, who I could not work stuff out with etc., , and then this person on amazon came along and just disabled the following option on my amazon account, this person who wrote, this did so without thinking of what I do next about it, I don't like that they don't even give you a real name amazon should require them too, what ever happen to amazon people always saying the consumers right over the sellers or something like all those message center people where posting in their scripts to my the buyer.
    note I did really have had a few problems with orders from 3rd party's and this person sent this message than disabled my access to this option of Accept an Instant Gift Card, no where on amazon does it say they have the right to do with to my account, would it be best for me to close this account once, I get all my orders, or overwrite the account, from an new one, and disabled access to my old account that been compromised by this person who posted this in my messages on amazon. Or email amazon to close this account, then open a new free account with them to fix what this person has done to my account, I need some advise on this matter.

    Your A-to-z Guarantee Claims - Please Read

    [date and time is listed here] to better protect me from whoever is amazon Account Specialist, or if this was hacker who has disabled my account being able to get Accept an Instant Gift Card option for orders on my gift card balance. below is the warning / disabling message, again this person has made what I think of as a unauthorized change to my account

    Hello from

    After careful consideration of your account we found you have filed A-to-Z Guarantee Claims on a large number of Marketplace purchases. I'm very sorry you have encountered difficulty with so many orders.

    I recently reviewed your Customer Account information and see you’ve required a reimbursement on your Marketplace orders. While in the normal course of business, the occasional problem order is inevitable, we have found a significant number of issues with your purchases. Due to the high percentage of claims filed, we will be unable to process future claims for orders placed with our third party sellers.

    You can find additional details on qualifications for the A-to-z Guarantee by following this link:

    We work hard to ensure that our sellers are honest, reliable, and responsive, and hope you will continue to shop with us.

    Thank you for choosing

    Best Regards,

    Account Specialist,

    Accept an Instant Gift Card

    You may be eligible to receive an instant Gift Card as an immediate resolution for certain claims. If you decide to select instant Gift Card, the amount will automatically be applied to your account as a gift card balance.

    To accept the instant Gift Card on an eligible A-to-z Guarantee claim any time before the claim is resolved: 1. Go to Your Orders.
    2. Locate your order in the list and click File/View Claim.
    3. Click show more next to You are eligible for an instant Gift Card.
    4. Click Yes, I want Amazon credit.

    • Please keep the item for two weeks after submitting your claim and receiving your Gift Card. You'll be notified via e-mail within this time if a return is required.
    • If you withdraw your claim after you receive the Gift Card, we will charge the payment method used on your original order.

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warranty cheating

I purchased a Lenovo Laptop (Model B50-70) through couple of days before and received the product...

item never delivered

Hi, I am Manoj Kumar from Noida, India. Amazon has really frustrated me with their bad customer care...

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order & customer service

Hello, so I got my tax refund an ordered 8 items from amazon, the payment went through an I got a...

account locked for no reason

Hello, I have been a customer on Amazon for well over seven years. Then one day, out of the blue, Amazon...

horrible customer service

Amazon have put my account 'on hold' for absolutely no reason and refuse to unhold it. "We...

Resolved amazon is cheating the customer

Hi Consumer,

Please be careful while doing online shopping with amazon since they are cheating the customer

The reason is that i have placed an order [protected]) on 11th Dec-14 and the amazon has shipped the product and has not delivered the product. Product was in chennai for delivery and finally amazon is telling that i item couldn't be delivered to you so you place the order newly

Now what happened know they have increased the price of the product by additional 1300 and telling that now place the order

They are doing well in the industry and cheating the customer


V Ramalingam

bad work practices discrimination

I worked for one of the amazon fulfillment centers in phoenix arizona for two years. I personally witnessed associates spit in packages and send out orders they knew were broken. I saw one amazon associate hit a temp. With a electric pallet jack because he was high on marijuana. The temp. Was let go because he was limping around and he didnt want the other younger amazon employee to get in trouble. I reported it to a third party company to remain confidential but its been 8 months and the kid just received a minor promotion. Ive seen packers slam kindles on there work stations and thrown them into the boxes they're to be shipped in because they were tired of packing so many kindles. Ive seen people who load the trucks puke in trailers with coustomer orders in them because they were hung over. One amazon assosiate took a piss in a trailer. I saw a assoicate who was sikh tormented in his department to the point he broke down in the restroom and believe it or not he was called into hr and walked out for unstable or violent behaviour. One of the cleaning personnel made a personal choice to stop praying (She was muslim) and i know it was because people actually made comments and mock impression of muslim people as she did it. We make fun of your names and orders and sometimes delay your shipment because the order is funny and t has to make its rounds to someones friends at work. Your information is not confidential. I know it sounds bad but if you order lube and a dildo we know your name address and its always a laughing matter. I was approached by a new area manager and asked questions about the holocaust because as he approached my station i was packing a copy of the pianist. Im of syrian decent and have a full beard because hey i love this religious guy named jesus and like the look. I told him when he asked about what i thought about the holocaust (He didnt know im christian) that "its very upseting what happened back then and it sucks that there is still a lot of hate that seems misguided towards muslims for what the nazis did to the jews". I was callex into hr the next day and question about supposed ant - semitisim. I denied anti - semetic comments and told them that "arabic people like me are semites and i dont care if your a jew". I was fired three weeks later for missing two days of work back to back even though i called in to report my absence. The final reason i got was we just want to seperate you from the company. Arizona is a right to work state and my lawyer said they can do that it it will cost me everything i have and some to battle in court with them. So christmas is a few weeks away. I hope people hear this story and stop buying from this giant company. All the work practises i shared are true. Ask any former associate and i guarantee they have witnessed something unbelievable they never seen with any other company. Ok everyone marry christmas happy hanukkah and allah akbar.

unpaid shipper

Unlike most other 3rd party storefronts and companies Amazon has not paid me. I have over a $200. 'balance' but despite the fact this means I have professionally and responsibly shipped the merchandise I have not been compensated. I can't really afford to ship to their customers anymore. Paypal, Ebay have seller fees, transaction fees but at least I get funded and not only that but prior to I can do just that. If the customers' payment (ex: credit cards) were unverifiable or bad Amazon would already know this and block the sale originally. Also they might try to scramble and protect themselves in a speculative return, but this does not always happen w/the buyers and the sellers still are faithfully shipping. Many of us are Permitted and licensed. Its more of a dishonesty, 'scam' for a huge company to withhold paying its 'paying vendors', and I definitely feel taken for a ride. I'll probably call my own credit card company to get a resolution altho' this isn't very probable as my issue is with amazon marketplace. A lot of sellers offer nearly new various merchandise, books etc for as low as a penny and this astounds me especially living the fact their umbrella website people are not giving them a handful in exchange.

  • We
    Wendy Enright Dec 10, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have not personally experienced this from Amazon, however I do not have an account. But, I have heard this from about 4 other people so this tells me to stay away from Amazon. Thank you for the info and I hope you get paid soon.

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Resolved Laptop battery not delivered in time

Im one of those people who are nicely cheated by amazon. I had ordered for 1435 dell laptop battery for 1675...

poor delivery, customer service

They wasted my entire day off when I arranged to have a package delivered today then laughed at me on the phone after telling me they "misplaced" it. I will make sure sellers don't use Ontrac before purchasing from them. Hours and Hours of my time wasted not to mention phone time with Amazon to get a refund. Now I'm told it will take days to get a refund before I can purchase from a different seller. I found a seller other than Amazon and at a cheaper price who doesn't use Ontrac. I had no idea buying from Amazon could be this bad. They kept me waiting with their cut and past responses for hours today. Just awful.

deliver wrong order

i have order a mobile cover . i get the order on time BUT it was wrong order . i have order a very stylish mobile cover but the seller deliver a very simple and basic cover . when i ask for replacement, seller reply me that this is not my fault and i am not responsible . order no. [protected] or KolorEdge Back cover + Screen Protector for Nokia lumia-520 - Pink . secondly when i talk to amazon customer care they said mam this is the case between buyer and seller so we cant help you . now they people are suggesting em to go to a courier company and send the product . if i do that, seller may refuse that eh got the product as i know that the seller mohd shoaib nawaz, is not trustable person . this is my first and last experince with

illegal charges

You are now connected to Shailendra from
Me:guys, you overcharged my credit card by 60.95 AUD for my today's order
Shailendra:Hello, my name is Shailendra. I'll be happy to help you.
I'm sorry to know about the overcharge. Before I look into your account, I need to verify that you're the account holder. Can you tell me the name on your account,
your e-mail address, and your billing address, please?
lemeax mathew
Lemeax Mathew
Woolworths Limited
1 Woolworths way
Bellavista, NSW 2153
sorry that was my shipping address'
my billing address is :
Lemeax Mathew
14 / 173-179 Pennant Hills Road
Thornleigh, NSW 2120
May I know the order number on which you have overcharged?
you deducted 293.45 AUD twice from my credit card
Shailendra:I am sorry for misunderstanding.
Let me connect you to a member of our kindle team. It will only take a moment.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Dione from
Dione:Hello, my name is Dione from Kindle Support. I'll be happy to help you today.
Dione:I understand that there is an overdraft charge in the order number you provided. Is that correct?
Due to the nature of concern, I will be transferring you to the appropriate department to assist you with your concern. Please stay connected. Thanks!
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Brooke from
Brooke:Thank you. Please allow me one moment to review the previous conversation so I can better assist you.
Brooke:Thank you for your patience. I am showing the total for the order was $525.95 AUD. There is two shipments in this order.
but my credit card showsyou deducted 293.45 AUD TWICE
Brooke:Yes, there was a prior authorization placed on the account. The total that will be charged to the account will be the $525.95 AUD when the order ships. The other charges will fall off your account in 7-10 business days with the bank, as it may be sooner.
Me:Mate.. its a credit card... why you charge extra. i have being shopping with Amazon for quite sometime...
Brooke:I do understand. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We do prior authorizations on all orders and the final charge is processed when the order is shipped.
Me:i don't understand by prior authorizations... i know i purchased goods from a website called Amazon...
you can't just charge what you like
Brooke:A prior authorization is a charge placed on hold on your account. The hold will either be processed when the order ships or credited back to your account within 7-10 business days. The total that will be processed when your order ships will be $525.95 for this order and all other charges pending on hold will be removed from account.
Me:in essesnce you are ILLEGALLY blocked me from spending 60 $ till you refund that anount... cool
i want to raise this as a serious feedback.
i am not satisfied by this sort of service...
i have spend couple of 1000s on this website..
Brooke:I am very sorry, and you are more than welcome to submit feedback on All orders have a prior authorization when placed as a hold on account and not actually charged to account until order has shipped.
Me:why can't you just prior authorize just the cost ... you are ###ting
Brooke:Can you please hold a brief moment while I look into this further for you?
Brooke:Thank you.
I just wanted to let you know I am still here and I appreciate your patience. I am just further reviewing your account to see what options may be available at this time for you. Please allow me another moment or two.
Me:ok... take your time
Brooke:Thank you for your patience. I am very sorry about this and I will be happy to address this issue for you. I have spoken with someone on the leadership team in the meantime and not sure why two authorizations went through on the account. I can assure you that only $525.95 AUD will be charged to the account and the rest will be taken off hold for you within 7-10 business days.
Me:why should suffer for your inefficiency
i never authorised that the first case
Brooke:There is two shipments in the order. The first shipment is $232.50 AUD and the second shipment is $293.45 AUD. You will see these process as two separate charges when they are charged, as well. I am very sorry and wish there was more I could do at this time.
Me:can i talk to a real customer service ahent who understands customer please
Brooke:Please hold a brief moment while I get someone from the leadership team for you.
Me:ok, , next time please make sure the customer is feeling he is winning
Brooke:Okay, great! I have got someone that will be more than happy to speak with you. Please hold while I transfer.
I apologize. I was in middle of transferring and system is not recognizing transfer. Please hold while I continue to find someone else available.
Me:i am amazed at the customer service at Amazon.. very disappointed.. could have purchased from an Australian company..
Brooke:I do apologize. I am working as quickly as I can to find someone to better assist you.
Ok, thank you again for your patience. I am going to transfer you to Rachel now and she will be able to assist you.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Rachel from
Rachel:Hello, my name is Rachel. I'm a member of the leadership team here at I'll be happy to help you today. Please give me a moment to look into this for you.
Rachel:I am looking at the order and it looks like you are seeing a double authorization for part of the order. Once the order ships the authorization will drop off an you will only be charged once for that part of the order.
Me:why you charge me for what i not authorised you to do
Rachel:It is not a charge but an authorization to make sure that the card was valid. You will only be charged once for this order
Me:Ok.. let me explain
Rachel:As soon as the order ships the authorization will drop off and you will only see one charge for $293.45
Me:when you do that you are blocking me from spending that amount
Rachel:I understand that and apologize but the authorization will be lifted as soon as the order ships out which could be as early as today and then only the one charge will remain.
Me:you guys are so cool in saying that... why should i suffer for your ineffeciency
like i told your other lady
Rachel:I can provide you with the transaction IDs to bring to your bank to show they are just authorizations and not charges, but I am unable to lift them.
Me:so for you to do a mistake its ok tojust say SORRY and everything alright
who should i complaint to
credit card guys
i am your customer
Rachel:This authorization will be removed as soon as the item ships, I can provide the transaction ids for both so that you can bring it to the credit card company to see if they can release one of the authorizations but I am unable to do so.
Me:do i have a reference id to this conversation
very poor custoemr support
Rachel:All the conversations are saved in your account history.
Me:you check the delivery address
i work for the largest retail comapny
and currently working on their CRM
classic ecample of what not do
Rachel:I do apologize but this is someone on the banks side of things and I am not able to remove an authorization. I can give you the transactions id's to provide to your bank to see if they are able to remove them but once the order has been shipped out the authorization will be removed.
Me:ok.. what we adice our customer service agents is ... First of all customer is the KING. they are always right
here the mistake is Amazon's.. we might have compesated or made customer experiance by offering a appology and a gift or something..
not kidding
try any Australian Companu
a Sorrry is just anybody's reply
you may be world's largest online retailer but i don't agree the experiance you are providing..
Rachel:There is nothing further I can do on this matter besides provide the transaction ID's for you to provide to your banks.
Me:you see still me your CUSTOMER is the losser here
you have blocked my money
Rachel:As soon as the item ships out the authorization will be removed and there will only be once charge. I am sorry but there is nothing further I can do in this situation besides provide you with the transaction id's to provide to your credit company. Is there anything else that I can assist with?
Me:you are like a robot.. i am going publish this on net an see what other think about it

Resolved blacklisted

They told me my account was closed because I had to many returns. I have to tell you, I have never had this situation with any other company. I have ordered online with Kohls, Walmart and Target. If I don't like it; I return it. If it doesn't meet my expectation; I return it.

First of all - I received a few emails months ago telling me to stop returning so many items. I explained then that if I don't like something I will return it. Other stores do not give me a hard time. No matter what the condition of the item. I am not trying to get over on someone. I don't want to pay for something I don't like.

Also, I received the email on a Saturday. I told them to cancel all of my account, since I don't like giving money to a corporation that gives me a hard time. They did so. I also sent them an email telling them I would take my business to Overstock. And sent them an article. Basically, I wanted them to know there are other ways to buy products online.

Today, I received a few emails. One were emails sending me advertisements. Even though they had closed my account, they didn't change my email settings. So I had to go to to change them. Another told me a cat box shipped. The other one I ordered is way to big. It is incredibly heavy when I fill it up. I was pretty surprised to see the item shipped. So I looked on and could not access the orders since I canceled my account. Then I received an email telling me to basically stop even LOOKING at your website! What?!?!?!!? Wow.

The accounts department does not have a phone to speak to anyone. They only correspondence by email. They will not put you in touch with a supervisor at all. I call this the black amazon. They are not doing a very good job as an accounts department. I told them about the books that I had rented and they asked me what books they were. Huh?!?!?! I told them they should have figured all of this out BEFORE they closed my account. They reopened it for 48 hours, so I could return the books.

I bought the kindle HDX a few months ago and it is a waste of over $200, plus cover, books and movies I can't watch. RIPOFF

Resolved seller department

Beware trying to open a seller account on Amazon. The seller department behaves like fascists
Seller support / sales performance: +[protected]
I, .. confirm that I have never had an Amazon seller account before
the account that was opened on the 23rdMay 2014. Name of account opened on
23/5/14, ‘..’. I.D details provided to open this account was my
passport details. I have never had an Amazon seller account before this date in
my name or under any other name including aliases.


May 25
at 3:48 PM

Your Account

Message From Customer Service


Thank you for the information regarding your report to the Metropolitan

If you've already alerted the police, an officer can contact our Law
Enforcement team, who can advise on the information required for the
release of the personal data you are requesting. The Law Enforcement team’s email
address is:

Email: [protected]

We cannot investigate unless the request comes directly from the
Police. As detailed in my previous email:

" Once our Legal Department receives notification of the issue
from the police and/or your legal counsel, they will respond to them
directly. "

Please note that these contact details are for use by the requesting
law enforcement officer only. Requests from email addresses other
than those known to Amazon will not receive a reply.

Warmest regards,
Adrian S

May 25
at 2:38 PM


Re' sales performance / seller department

You will have to escalate this, as I have contacted the Metropolitan
police and the crime reference is: ..

The matter is being treated as i.d. theft, and I confirm that I have never
had a seller account at Amazon.

If members of staff at Amazon have acted maliciously and know that I have not
had a seller account before, then I will press for criminal charges to be brought
against such staff for wasting police time etc.

You are advised to take this matter seriously and escalate it accordingly.

To Me

May 25 at
12:05 PM

Your Account

Message From Customer Service

Mr ..,

My name is Adrian and I’m in the Customer Escalations Team at
Amazon. As previously advised; While we are unable to provide
detailed information on how we link related accounts, please know that we
have reviewed your account on the basis of the information provided and
regret to inform you that it will not be reopened.

We regret that we have not been able to address your concerns to your
satisfaction. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any additional
insight or action on these matters. Further requests for
information regarding this issue will not receive a further response.

We are sorry that you feel the need to contact the police and/or take
legal advice in relation to this matter. Once our Legal Department
receives notification of the issue from the police and/or your legal
counsel, they will respond to them directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warmest regards,
Adrian S



May 24 at
6:19 PM

from Amazon.

We are unable to provide detailed
information on how we link related accounts. However, we have confirmed that
we have significant evidence that your account is related to another account
that was closed by Amazon.

Once selling privileges have been removed, sellers are not allowed to establish
new accounts. For this reason, we will not be reinstating your selling


Seller Performance Team
Amazon Payments



May 23 at
11:38 PM

from Amazon.

We are writing to let you know that we have removed your selling privileges.

We took this action because our records
indicate that this account is related to another selling account that was
closed by Amazon. Once selling privileges have been removed, sellers are
not allowed to establish new accounts.

Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide detailed
information on how we determine that accounts are related.

If you would like to appeal this decision, please visit the Notifications page
in the Performance section of your account, find this message in the list of
notifications, and click the Appeal button ( For information on creating an
appeal, search for “Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges” in seller Help.


Seller Performance Team
Amazon Payments

  • Da
    Darmody Oct 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very expensive on this site and slow delivery, I ordered books and terrible service, when you phone Amazon they are unhelpful, left bad feedback, but do not seem to see on there, think they take there bad feedbacks off on amazon.

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  • Ta
    Talmaide Jan 20, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor, ordered 30th Dec for birthday present on 12th notified 3 times that it hadn't came & urgently need it resent to which they finally issued a refund which will take 18 days so now I can't re-order until refund is issued making me 2 wks late!!" Amazon are a waste of time.

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  • Zi
    Zimmex Oct 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazon them selves are very bad in delivering parcels and am surprised they do not have a feedback them selves, I received my book 4 weeks late, we all buy from Amazon, but i do feel they need to have a feedback them selves too.

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Resolved account closed

I paid 145$ to amazon for a watch

And this is what i have got of 145$
Greetings from

This message is to inform you that we have closed your account.

We have taken this action because we found this account to be related to previously closed accounts. In addition, all open orders have been cancelled.

We are unable to discuss other accounts with you but please contact us should you have any other questions; we'd be glad to assist you.


Account specialist
Http: / / www.

And the worst part. . No body is ready to hear. . . They just disconnect the conversation. . . Only sending the copy of above mail

useless warranty

In June 2013 I purchased a new Seiko watch from The order was filled by a company named Crystal Gems and it arrived with a standard one year warranty. The watch stopped working during the warranty period so I shipped it to Seiko with the warranty card and a copy of my Amazon invoice. Seiko researched Crystal Gems and determined they are not an authorized Seiko reseller; the warranty they supplied is useless. My only options are to pay for repairs or buy a new watch. Amazon won't help and the reseller thinks they are authorized to resell and says Seiko is wrong. They won't take any action to back up their claim so I'm stuck with a broken watch.


I have a charge on my credit card for $37.59 from Amazon for a purchase on 12/03/2013. My credit card company has had no success in finding an answer from amazon so informed me that I had to pay the charge, Could you please tell me what the item was that I was charged for? [protected] Thank you

  • Lo
    Logicisyourfriend Jan 26, 2014

    Our records show that you or someone in your household purchased the videos "Hot Boyscouts in Bondage" and "Lubed Up and Ready". These were delivered to your home and signed for. We hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Amazon Prime Team Leader, Tim Holt.

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