We are the front unit of 8 units in Jamaica Plain, Ma. Recently, one of your contractors, Sheffield Express, has been defying the very well marked sign with instructions as to where deliveries are to go. FedEx, USPS, UPS all abide by it, but Sheffield routinely does not because the driver is under such pressure. We ask that packages not be left on the front porch because they are likely to be stolen. Today, I was watching the driver deliver and drop two very light packages that she could easily have delivered to our mailroom 25 feet away. If I hadn't been home, they would have sat there for anyone to steal. BUT MY REAL CONCERN was that she was clearly under some serious pressure and I felt bad asking her to do it right. I'm sure this is not an isolated incident. While I understand you're competing with other companies for prompt delivery, I would hope that you are considerate with your employees and check on their welfare regularly.

Oct 07, 2019

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