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Amazon Logistics gives lousy service. I live in a building with 108 apartments. There is no package room, and no secure area for packages. There are USPS mailboxes on both sides of the building. Instead of delivering to the apt. doors, the Logistics drivers leave the packages near the mailboxes or in the Lobby. They do not bother to look at which side of the building the packages go to, so I have had to hunt all over for mine. I regularly see packages piled up near the mail boxes. In fact I have seen several where the driver had to walk past the apt. to leave the package elsewhere. We have had problems with packages disappearing. Amazon packages may not be always be big, but they can be expensive.
I have made several complaints and been assured that the packages will be delivered to the door. To no avail. They continue to be left where ever. Makes me reluctant to order from Amazon. I pay for Prime. I expect that my packages will be at my door, not somewhere else in the building where I have to go hunting.
This really needs to be addressed.

Oct 05, 2019

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