Amazon.com1,000 oxygen absorbers

I placed an order for Mylar bags and 1, 000 oxygen absorbers. The product arrives with fraudulently labeled absorbents. They say they are 1, 000, but they are really 100 cc'c.

I let DC Trade know and they sent out the same 100 cc absorbents. I have waited a month and a half now and the situation has not been fixed. The product is useless to me without the 1, 000 cc oxygen absorbents and other people will be getting ripped off and may not even know what 1, 000 cc should look like, thus, they will ruin the food they store.

The company is not fixing the situation and wants me to take a 10% loss on the refund and a loss for the $29.00 shipping fee I paid for. This is unacceptable and even amazon is not ding anything to fix things.

Oct 09, 2019

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