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network coverage problem

I am facing network coverage problems since 23rd Sep, 2007 in KPHB Colony, 3rd Phase, Hyderabad. Thats a residential area. I have raised two complaints mentioned in the subject and nothing had happened. I am losing all my business and personal calls due to this. This SHOULD be taken VERY SERIOUSLY. Who is going to compensate for all the losses I make due to this? I am not reachable from any mobile at my home . Its been almost 12 days I have raised complaints and there is no solution till now. I spend talking to the customer care for 2 hrs after a day long tiring work from a place where network is accessible.Executives promise me for a call back and they never turn up and few of them have mislead me with false information.Subsequents complaints are registered against them.

I want an executive to visit my place personally and solve this problem as my number is not reachable at my home for a call back.

most ill trained customer care

We are subscriber to airtel 3 base line connections. We being harassed by airtel service so much that we have decided to harass them in return, so now we are going to use the telephone & internet on full scale but we will not make any payment.

Airtel has got one of the worts bill payment structure in the world. People who pay on time like us are barred from using internet and telephone, even after making full payment by cheque. When u call their customer care the behavior of customer care is also shameful

  • Si
    Siddique PA Mar 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Before you read my complaint which I am giving below, I want to tell Airtel Company is Best but there ill trained staffs and their incharge one Mr.Faisal is very Useless in Cochin Office-Kerala. I dont know why Airtel Company Authorities do not monitor their customers grievances and do a remedial actions.! Or they are also lazy people??

    I sent a email to Airtel Cochin office- their Nodal officer One Mr.Faisal on 25th March. When I contacted after several efferts he said I didnot get your email'. So I enclose the original email below.

    Dear Mr.Fizal
    Nodal Officer Airtel, Cochin. Kerala

    This has reference to my telephonic call today I had with you at 1pm. As I wonder I didnot have any answer from you till this momement, May I have a reply at least for this third reminder please!!


    Airtel:98956 54436

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: PAS
    To: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Cc: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:47 PM
    Subject: Fw: So Sorry I am unable to reach your telephone numbers.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: PAS
    To: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Cc: nodalofficer Airtel kerala
    Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 9:38 PM
    Subject: So Sorry I am unable to reach your telephone numbers.


    Cell number: 98956 54436

    To: The Nodal Officer

    Airtel Kerala

    Cochin Kerala.

    Kind: Attn. Mr. Fizal, Nodal Officer.

    Sub: My Prepaid(Life)Cell Connection Num: 98956 54436(Airtel)

    I have been using Airtel Life connection(98956 54436)since so many years. Even My wife also having another Airtel connection with her in home. We are happy with the service so far.But...

    The reason for this email is, I have two big issues before with me to get a fruitful remedy from your good selves to the customers like me those who hold Airtel connections in Cochin/Kerala.

    1) Whenever I make an international call( like England and Bulgaria) I get money lost even without getting connection thru. I mean for the first ring itself goes to such countries my Airtel connection starts pulsing. Suppose I cut the line without call matured I get an indication that Airtel has charged me Rs.9.20 for one minute or less than a minute. This has been happening since months. I brought this matter to some senior officer in your Cochin office Last month he noted the matter and assured me would call back in days, but he never did. Now I am scared to make international calls. Because, I need to pay for non matured calls also even less than a minute or whatever it may comes on my cell. Therefore, I totally depend on other mobiles like Reliance or BSNL to make such calls.

    Yesterday(24/03/08) I tried a call to England 00447031914123 at 14.37 hrs; I very regretfully mention here that I lost Rs9.20 for 2 seconds even only it was ringing ringing.

    2) My second issue begins from here.

    I was trying to contact your Aortal customer Care service 121, 123 for about couple of hours though I was in a meeting a discussion(official)when I tried this England Call, I am very sad to say that I was not able to get any Customer Office means 121, and Num:9 for customer officer's person support. Everything was prerecorded announcement or some IVR reply.

    I don’t know how much time I wasted to get a person thru from your customer care office from these 121, 123 telephone numbers. I don’t know what these officers are doing during day time as well as off time. No one will be able to locate them. Wonder what a service people you have provided for customers for a Big Telecommunication Dept in Airtel office in Cochin.

    Today(25/03/8)I luckily got the Customer officer after much effort, one Miss Henna. She was so nice and cordial to listen me. Then I asked her about the Customer Nodal officer's Number she only gave your identity. Anyway. I got you after I did spend 3 hours continues trying on my Cell.Do you know I even got my phone set hot by constantly keeping on my ears!

    What I want to inform you and get some remedy is.. First Why it’s happening and losing money as I explained in the first grievance.

    And second thing, why there is difficulty in getting customer care officer directly without bothering 121: then some stories, then recorded announcement, then it’s get cut but have to try again same process holding mobile and paining ears. People will get really MAD!!.

    If we try 123 also same effects only. Don’t you have a direct contact number like 121 then 9 to customer Care officer without bothering this recordical announcement. I mean If I have time I am ready to listen your all announcement for 10 minuts, but when I am travelling or attending some functions like some official or some funeral-I won’t be having time to listen to you Wonderful recorded IVR announcement.

    Can't you provide some responsible person to lift the phone at the Customer Care Desk with a direct Number( may be a call waiting answer can provide)if the officer on desk is busy! Can you not able to inform this cry to your higher ups and do some remedial actions and do something needful to those who really love Airtel Communications.

    If you are not in a position to reply me kindly give me the your higher officials personal phones an email ids.Let them hear our cries.

    Expecting a reply.




    98956 54436

    copy to:CustomerCare Airtel
    [email protected]
    (this 121CustomerCare Airtel acknowledged my email on 25th 03 08 and informed i will be getting an answer in 24 hrs.Thats all. I regret to say No Answer I did hear till this momment.)

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Resolved abuse language and irresponsibility of airtel employees

This may seems like a regular comment by many more persons in this site, and you may seen many many similar postings against airtel.

One day i've called airtel customer care on their mobile number and i'm not getting his (ccare guy) voice and he told me to speak a bit louder and i've tried several times to the same number as it disconnected after 10 sec's. And atlast i can able to speak one guy and he is really very arrogant and the words he spoke to me is never heard by me and i cant write them here. Their service is worst and the response is also worst.

Can anyone answer how they are getting business even after doing such nonsense?

The gprs connectivity is poor and signals is always unreachable even after sitting in the same building where tower is placed.

Airtel people are very lazy(not applicable to 121 ccare people) even after submitting papers also in a airtel office 10 days later you have to face intruption in services due to non submission of papers etc. And in that sms they mention call customer care after disconnecting the service. If we try to dial 121 outgoing is barred to 121 also. How the customer call ccare using the bloody airtel service.

They are brainless.

If i write all problems of airtel, the space in this server will be over still i'll be short of something.


security amount not refunded

My self running a PCO in Sector-58 noida from 2005. In the month of March-April in the year 2007 all my lines closed without any reason. Sundry times I meet with Airtel staff who is sitting in noida sector-57. They assure me we check the line fault and rectify the error within four hrs. Otherwise you will get Rs.100/- per days as a compensation. After fifteen days spent, neither they render the services nor given me satisfactory response.

After, watching the turn out of the service provider myself apply for line disconnection. From that time to till date my security amount not refunded by Airtel. Only they given me assurance, if there is time factor that is over as per my observation. I want to know if there is any matter please e-mail to me on my address.

  • Ni
    Nirmala Rawat Aug 27, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They will made you cry one day to refund...

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cheating the customer with unethical billing methods

While Airtel quotes at the time of opening a new connection with a new client (or prospective client) that they offer a total download capacity of 2GB (data transfer capacity @ rental of Rs.749)...and for the time period 8th Aug - 20th Aug, they have billed me Rs.2500. I was shocked for 2 reasons...(1) they say that TRAI has strictly asked them not to issue itemized bills (that is what a team leader of the Airtel centre close to my house told me... can you believe it!!!) , (2) that the billing is based on the duration when the modem is switched on and not on the total download capacity (i.e., not the 2 GB of total data packets transfer that happens...). They market this product saying 2GB download capacity and charge for an irrelevant usage nature. This is unethical. Please raise your voice dear friends who are facing this problem. I have cancelled my connection.

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cheat customer and farad

I am user of airtel prepaid mobile service india . the service of company is poor and they cheat customer and farad also. I sms for mobile office on date 29/09/2007 they reply –your request has been saved. Your mobile office will be activating with in 48 hours. When our mobile office service is not activated in the time I call customer care number [protected] and complain but they do nothing till time. They fraudulently reduce in my balance 35 rupees yet I call no any one and no any other services are activated in my mobile. I decided to file civil and criminal suit against airtel Mobil Company

  • Ra
    ravindra May 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also want to teach them a lession please tell me how to complaint against them?

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airtel has the worst services

Hi,This is Sanjeevani here from jabalpur, M.P. I have taken airtel prepaid connection before one year on my...

billing fraud!

We have 2 Telephone connections from Airtel at our Noida office 314, Vishal Chambers, P-1, Sector -18, Noida. Tel No. 4312022 (in use since many years) & 4221472 (in use since last 2 months - new connection). The Payment against 4312022 are upto date, while due to non-receipt of the physical bill for 4221472, for the 1st month - the payment could not be made.

About a week back - while trying to make a call from 4312022 - the Automated voice response system gave the message "Due to non-payment of bill, outgoing call services has been stopped" - when we checked with the customer support - we were told that THOUGH THE PAYMENT IS UP TO DATE FOR 4312022 - OUTGOING CALL FACILITY ON THIS NUMBER HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN SINCE, THEY HAVE NOT RECEIVED PAYMENT FOR 4221472. this I feel is a breach of CONTRACT as far as a particular tel no. is concerned - WITH NO DUES & with NO BILLS received on the other number - how can AIRTEL Stop outgoing services!

Advise smb!

  • Al
    Alpesh Jul 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    had Airtel connection since April 2008, Due to some billing & network problem, disconnect my connection. Presently I am in Jaipur so I require soft copy bill on my mail. Whenever I receive a call from your side, just repeated this requirement still they did not take proper action on my requirement and just call for outstanding only. However in my billing some toll free number is charred & various times less than 3 second call were charged. If u r not able to provide satisfactory services to customer then pls don’t call to customer for outstanding.
    Alpesh Gupta

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harassment by airtel telecaller

My below mail to airtel zonal officer explains all... PS: Interestingly 'my post in complaint...

extra amount deducted from balance!

1) I'm airtel prepaid customer. My validity is till 4th december but still my outgoing was barred for around 6 hrs. on contact with customer care they replied that it will get activated within 10 mins. But it took around 6 hrs.

2) According to service charges for local A2A sms are 0.30.But they have deducted 3 rps per sms from my existing balance today (28th September 2007).

This is cheating, beware!

airtel = robbers = cheaters = crooks = thieves = #

I had taken the NET ON PHONE service for a day on the 6th of sept since the service did not work i disconnected it by sending a sms and well as calling customer care and making sure that my service was deactivated. I am still being charged for this service when i called customer care and wrote a e-mail they acknowledged they have made a mistake and refunded me my credit but the next day again they started charging me for the service which i have not used. When i call the customer care all that i get is that their systems are being updated and to call after 24 hours. In the mean time they keep deducting my balance. This company is Cheat and all they do is rob customers. How long will you'll last by robbing customers you cheat'z. AIRTEL = ROBBERS = CHEATERS = CROOKS = THIEVES = ###

  • Sh
    shailendra kumar tripathi Oct 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have Airtel internet brodband connection , but due to some reason now i want to shift it in safe custody . so i contact to airtel excutive many times . after all i give a application for safe custody . but after a weak when i inquire my application to custmer care then they say no such application is found here.
    and my conection is still working.. ,everyday two to threee times i contact to airtel excutive but no any action applied.

    i am very much frustate with your execuitve working procedure...

    shailendra kumar tripathi
    mob no : 9981522043

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very bad and poor service

My name is raja. Actually my number is [protected] (airtel - chennai). Due to lot of billing issue, i switched from post paid to prepaid conversion. For converting my postpaid to prepaid, they had taken seven days time, after lot of quarrels and shouting. Then when i recharged my account the balance is not added to my account. Then again i had to fight with them for one week and get the amount added. This is procedure for past two months. They make me very vexed and irritated. Actually i not going to leave them. Till now the problem is not sorted out and they give very bad customer service.

  • Je
    Jencillin Geethan Oct 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have experienced Airtel in very cheap manner, Airtel's Staff's selling our call & sms etc... Data to our competitors.

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don't rely on prepaid service software of airtel

Dear All Airtel Prepaid Customers,

This complaint belongs to the Airtel Karnataka (May be across all the states in India) Prepaid customers who have monthly validity plan of Rs. 99/=.

Please please please beware of a so called "BENEFIT" of a top up recharge of Rs. 89/= which makes one entitled for an additional benefit of Rs. 1/= per minute for an STD call.

The issue is that AIRTEL does not have any check/prohibitory action applied in its system which prevents a prepaid customer of Rs. 99/= validaty account to go for a Rs. 89/= scheme. It leads to a problem which will make your Mobile number inactivated until you complete 1 month with Rs. 89/= scheme.

For e.g.-

- Customer "A" (having Rs. 99 plan,1 month validity) recharges on 1st Jan with validity of Rs. 99.

- A's mobile will be activated till 30 days, which means that till 30th Jan.

- Now, "A" goes for a benefit STD plan of Rs. 89/= additionaly on 25th Jan.
(Unfortunately AIRTEL allows "A" to do it).

- Now till remaining 5 days (upto 30th Jan), "A" will not face any issues because A has a validity plan of Rs. 99/= till 30th Jan.

- But 31st Jan onwards, A will start facing the problem with it's number which is blocked since A is using the so called STD benefit of Rs. 89/=.

- Airtel system will not allow to make a topup of Rs. 99/= (or any amount) on A's number.

- Now "A" has no other options but to wait for a month after availing the STD benefit which meant to wait till 25th Feb.

- So A will not be able to "MAKE ANY CALLS"/ "RECEIVE ANY CALLS" from 1st Feb to 25th Feb.

On calling up to customer care, they simply say that they do not have any solution of it.

The ultimate thing is that customer suffers..and suffers...and suffers...

Just go for a new connection.

I am suffering because of this.

What a junk system/ and softwares AIRTEL is having. Please beware of AIRTEL prepaid schemes. Simple.

  • Ra
    rajesh kumar singh Dec 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its really rediculous. If its true, airtel should be ashamed of its software. I was also planning for the 89 rs. top up recharge. however, I usually recharge with 350 rs in a month. Can any one tell if the issue is with monthly validity plan of Rs. 99/ only or it will effect my number also...

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non connectivity for outgoing sms!

I am an unfortunate airtel, andhra /maharashtra circle customer. Upon landing in Canada/Toronto, was duly connected to airtel's partner rogers wireless and indicated strong signals at my current location. My connectivity to my international clients is through sms messaging, which is vital. Immediately upon trying to send sms to India/Indonesia, all sms transmission indicated error' or 'network out of order' even to contact the airtel customer service no.121. Have sent a chain of emails to the 'customer service id of airtel, which are routinely acknowledged and after a while replied by different customer executives-or that s' what airtel has labeled.
Each reply is a joke in itself and faithfully parrots the same coined sentences, but little substance. Knowing that the user is overseas advices a call to the designated no.

The horror of it all is the advice that on a date,say 15days from the client's complaint customer executive will contact the complainant-in effect it has never happened. For unknown reasons airtel's Indonesian Partner'telcomsel' sends sms messages, asking if the 'customer is 'satisfied with the response and advised to reply-yes/no.

All this reflects on a fraudulent operation fleecing the gullible mobile users. It needs to be brought to book by the consumer forum in India.

awareness about airtel's customer service

Dear Complaints Board visitors,

Reason behind mentioning this issue in front of public, is to make awareness about Airtel's Customer Service:-

The Story starts from 6th September, 2007, On this day, I purchased two Sim Cards, (Postpaid/Prepaid) with a Government Scheme from Bandra (E) Samaj Mandir, my numbers:- Postpaid([protected]) & Prepaid([protected]). Actually my issue is against my postpaid connection, after couple of days my postpaid number has started, it continued for only four days, & suddenly on 14th September, 2007, my outgoing calls barred, because Airtel's verification department says my residence verification came negative, says didn't found the place, which I agreed. After that day, I went to Airtel Gallery (Chembur) for making a complaint against my address verification, they says, verification person will come on Monday 17th, 2007 at 6-8pm, but they didn't. Then, after doing follow-up continuously about the same, & replied that, they will come in coming days for address verification, atlast on 22nd September, 2007, they verified my residence proofs & rest of the documents to avail my Airtel Postpaid Connection.

As soon as my verification done, after couple of hours, my network goes off & also my incoming calls barred, on my mobile message displays "Sim Registration Failed". Then I called to 121, they says for postpaid queries or complaints, I have to call [protected], from any Airtel postpaid number or any Landline. Except my new postpaid number, i don't have any nearest postpaid numbers with me, Then I tried from my Landline ([protected]) to Airtel Postpaid [protected]. After completing all IVR instructions from customer care, It says "Please Check the number". Now main tense situation created on 24th September, 2007, I have received Airtel Bill, which is an amount of Rs. 312.52/-,

But my question to Airtel is, without using my new connection much, with the monthly rental of Rs. 200/-, my call cost is Rs. 0.25/- Airtel-Airtel, & other Rs. 0.30/-Airtel- Landline/any GSM, How come my Airtel Bill comes over Rs. 300+, & second is from past two days, [protected] Airtel Nodal Officer's number, Where not a single human being was picking-up.

Atlast, I got frustrated, only I found you as an option to intimate about Airtel's useless service, which they have provided, to the customer like me.

Describing breif about my Airtel Connection:-

Name:- Mr. Gunvant K Patel
Postpaid Number:- [protected]
Monthly Rental:- 200
Bill Number:- [protected]
Bill Amount:- Rs. 312.52/-
Address:- Room No-5, Vishwanath Koli House, Nr-Daria
Daulat Bldg, Sion Trombay Road, Trombay Koliwada,
Trombay, Mumbai- 400088

Now after Airtel's wonderful customer service, I as a customer of Airtel postpaid, I have decided that I am not going to pay the first bill which I have received, at my place on the same address which they have given as a negative place.

Please think about this, with negative address verification, how come airtel charged. Just imagine what Airtel is delivering customer support to the customers like me.

Compliants Board visitors, please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

Deepen G Patel

  • Su
    sunil kumar verma Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    send me postpaid plans .

    mobile no. :- 9929341371

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complaint against airtel prepaid scheme

Dear Sir,

My name is Pooja R Wagerkar. Now I am using Life Time Prepaid Plan of Rs.999/-. My father & my brother are using same plan.

But on 13th September 2007 Mr. Vicky Verma from Balaji Tele World (who supply the Airtel Billing & Prepaid service) visited at our location. He gave us RS. 599/- Airtel prepaid plan, which includes scheme i.e Airtel to Airtel 30 Pasia, Airtel to other network 50 Paisa, Sms charges is 30 Paisa & if three person is accepting this plan, this plan will enter in life time paid plan with these scheme. Sir, we accepted these scheme & we gave the cheque of the RS. 1800/-(Indian Overseas Bank) in the favour of Balaji Tele World. He told us that this scheme would start after cleaning the cheque. The cheque was cleared on 15 September 2007. But our prepaid scheme is not activate yet. We are also calling that person but he is not receiving our call. We also called that store but we didn’t get any response from dealer site.

Sir, we are requesting you kindly look this matter as soon as possible. Waiting for your positive reply.

Thank you,
Pooja R Wagherkar

  • Su
    Suman Maheshwari Jun 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On taking this one year validity they never informed that Re.1/- will be deducted everyday. Also it was never mentioned that incoming calls will be barred.

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  • Sh
    Shahzad Adil Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Shahzad Adil.I belong to the Moradabad(U.P)-west.
    Kindly advise us the cheapest plan of airtel prepaid in which I make a call only at 0.10paise to Airtel To Airtel.

    Thanks you,

    Shahzad Adil

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  • In
    Intekhab ur Rehman Oct 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Sir
    This is to let u know that my Dad has two airtel conntections in Bijor(U.P.) and the problem is that every week Rs.10 atleast gets deducted with out any reason and more over we havent subscribed for any service also. One more thing he is getting lots of promotion calls and sms those are really distrubing him while business hours.

    Its a due request, please do some thing for this. Here are my numbers:- 9897530910 and 9997464578.

    Your's Truly

    Intekhab ur Rehman

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  • Hi
    Hitender Sharma Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Name is Hitender Sharma from Punjab.

    I own a postpaid mobile connection from Airtel from last 5 years. I never defaulted on the bill payment. But suddenly one day Airtel barred my outgoing calling facility giving the reason that I have not cleared outstanding payment against some other mobile connection. I informed them that I do not have any other number and I have no connection with the other number.

    When I called customer care, they informed me that your name & billing address is same on both the numbers but they failed to provide any proof. When I get it checked from Airtel showroom, the person told me after checking that that number belongs to a company and it is company owned number. Airtel has barred outgoing calls of your mobile no. because your calling pattern suggests that you know that person.

    Actually that person was working in that company where I am working but I have my personal connection which is not related to company in anyway where I am working. The other number is company owned number and company is responsible for the payment (mentioned on bill).

    I also sent email to customer care, nodal office & other higher authorities but they insisted that I am responsible for the payment beacuse I know that person.

    You are requested to look into this matter. I have all the details and also have complete communication in form of emails I have exchanged with Airtel

    Hitender Sharma

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  • Pg
    P G Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Sk
    S K swain Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I have two pre paid connection in new delhi.

    When i am inside room no network coverage is coming
    i have complained last 6 months in ur call center nothing hapens. What service are u providing us how we can faith u. I have no faith in ur company
    This is my last mail after i will disconnet ur conection will take another one.

    address is
    WZ-1420, Nangal Raya
    New Delhi-46

    Thanks for ur service.

    With regards

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  • Ra
    rajeev pandey Feb 05, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am your regular customer since 2001, recently I have joint job as Manager (Accounts) in MNC at Gajraula & took airtel prepaid connection no 9634242512 from Shree Sai Communication Near PNB Gajraula - his contact no 971927401 & gave him copy of my Driving licence, certificate from Company, Pan Card copy & two photographs. My connection was activated. The shopkeeper told me pls take the connection of idea also. when I denied then he said that your connection will stopped by me & he stopped my conncection with message that your document are not completed as per govt norms. I gave these document two times. Now I am writing to you & sending required document to you . Pls continue service on my mobile. I was decided to arrange all the connection of airtel to staff of my factory but such type of activities are done by your authorised people & resulting the Name of Airtel is going down.

    Please take action on priority basis & start service of my connection

    My airtel prepaid no is 9634242512

    Best Regards

    Rajiv Pandey

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  • Ma
    Manish Tiwari Sep 03, 2009

    Airtel is the india's biggest cheater company .never trust on airtel, either opt for idea bsnl vodafone but never go for airtel i am one of the victim of airtel .i suggest in case one can't purchase other one better to live without mobile but never go for cheater airtel

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  • Pu
    PULKIT 987 Mar 25, 2011

    now i hate airtel a lot
    very bad scheme and very costly
    recently i recharge my phone for rs 200, i got only rs 1, thats really bad. i had called 5 times to customer care i said transferred my call to manager but they reject my call i had no idea about the sceme of rs200 i have no 3g phone, i just recommend you all ppl use portability and be vodafone customer, if you want to know more plz call me at the following digits 8800448369, i have 5 sim of airtel from today onwards i am tranferring all of my no. to vodafone, , , , vodafone rocks much & much better than airtel. airtel had activated many schene without my permission...

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fraud and cheating!

I had taken airtel prepaid connection from universal india, t d k road , alwarpet, chennai- 18. after...

poor response from airtel

We have got a static IP from Airtel which is

We have redirected the http request to a web server hosted in our office. 50% of the people can visit our websites/products and rest get a time out response.

We have been complaining to Airtel for last 2 months through help desk, mails (TAC Manager) and technical team in Udyog Vihar Gurgoan. After initial investigation nobody responds and gives us an update.

This has left us in a helpless situation. We have been requesting to solve the problem or give us a technical explanation in case the problem is at our end.

We expect a better response and responsible approach from Airtel.

  • Ra
    Ramacharalu Oct 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are get the static ip from AVM Telecom, Vadapalani, Chennai.
    We are very frequently called from the above said this no response for the past 15 days. when ever we called they said they will come.
    So, I am able to use my lap top its very much worried for me. Kindly make some arrange meant to do the needful.

    Thanking you!

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  • Ja
    jahfar sadique Oct 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Airtel broad band disconnect before four days, no response, no action, very bad service.

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  • Ri
    risiok Oct 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for a new DSL on 3rd October 2007. When the bill came, the first usage on the DSL showed as on 1st October 2007. How can a connection be used even before application???

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  • Ch
    chanti Aug 10, 2008
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    just go for rim it is better compared to airtel

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  • Na
    Nanda Feb 18, 2009

    Hello All,
    Myself from Coimbatore and been facing the same prob for a month, have plan to go cancel the Static IP and move to Dynamic Option.. Any idea about this.. :(

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  • Rs
    R.sushilendra Rao Aug 01, 2014
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    Dear Sir,

    Our Airtel Brodband Connection is having Static IP blacklisted BY UCEPROTECTL3 AND, .
    Because of this our email sending gets
    failure notice ie greeting failed.

    Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 You are not allowed to
    connect. So pl. sort-out this issue
    from your end . it is urgently required.

    communication you can contact us ;

    email id
    :[email protected],

    R.Sushilendra rao


    no-64 and 65, III phase,

    Peenya industial area,

    Bangalore -560 058

    Note: DNS STATUS;

    DNS-Status of :

    Reverse DNS (PTR) exists and claims to be:

    WARNING: No matching A-Record exists for:


    Please request your Admin or Provider to fix this.

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poor network coverage

Im an airtel customer. Im in the kerala circle. My local network coverage is under 'valakkadu' tower (In...

calls barred on roaming even after payment!

I am really fed up of airtel now.. I ounce thought this was the best telecommunication company in india.. But its all too nothing I am with airtel from 97 with my number ([protected]) and right now I have byed a new number of airtel ([protected]) and I use this delhi number all over india for roaming purposes.. But I got a such a big headache juz due to their lack of service's.. I was in banglore when they called me that u have exceeded yr credit limit so pleas pay 1000 rs to be in services.. And juz after I finished the call I see that they have barred my services both incoming and outgoing.. I was completely without the phone now.. I went to airtel shop I enquired abut my bill and I paid all 3000 rs completely... And the person assured me that my callz will start in 2 hours... But if the callz wyld have been started I wouldn't have written this complaint ever.. U will really amazed after paying my bills completely and with unbilled amount of only 500 rs they have not started my callz till now its been 3 dayz that I have paid everything.. And my credit limit is 2800 rs.. As my old number which on the same billing address and same name has a credit limit of 64000 rs.... I tried calling evry customer care karnataka, delhi.. I made callz of 20 min's three times to customer care but all in vaid they alwayz say you lines will be realized withing 1 hour or 2 hour but still now they have not been realized.. I am really fed up of this caz I dont know how many businesses callz I have missed.. I am really thinking of going to court against them.. As I dont have any other choice, caz the menatl stress I am going throu is som much, that I cant explain.. I came to karnatka for business, everyone over here has my number.. But they cant call me now... I dont know what's wrong with airtel now.. Rip airtel

  • An
    Anup Negi Apr 02, 2008
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    I don't know what kind of services they are providing despite the fact of being labeled as no. 1 service provider.

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