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Alaska Airlines reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 1, 2007. The latest review changing my flight and not telling me was posted on Mar 5, 2021. The latest complaint do not fly alaska airlines, worse experience ever, untrained crew, untrained stewards, untrained pilot. was resolved on May 27, 2012. Alaska Airlines has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 27 reviews. Alaska Airlines has resolved 7 complaints.

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Alaska Airlineschanging my flight and not telling me

On Feb 15, 2021 I was booked on flight 3442 from Sacramento to Boise, leaving at 6:40. This was changed to a flight that left at 2:30. I was never notified. I found out when I went to check in. I was in San Luis Obispo, CA at the time visiting my mom who is 92 and has dementia. I woke up at 6:30a.m. to get ready to go see her before having to leave. This is when I found out that I was leaving at 2:30 not 6:40. I had to leave SLO without seeing my mom. I didn't get to hug her, tell her goodbye or tell her that I love her. This trip could be the last time I see my mom alive. I should have had plenty of time to spend with her before leaving, but you guys changed my flight and I didn't get to see her. This was very upsetting. I called and the rep told me that my original flight didn't even show up on her screen! When I got home I filled out the survey, twice before I heard from someone. I got an email from a Andrew, supervisor with customer service in Boise. I responded to him with my information. I still have not heard back from him and that was 10 days ago. I have flown on Alaska airlines 5 times in the last 14 months. I fly with you because of the fares and the non-stop (when it's available, because of COVID I know that this was not always an option.) Please respond. byra.[protected]@yahoo.com

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    Jan 13, 2020

    Alaska Airlines — limited time online offer for credit card at time of booking

    I am so upset with Alaska Airlines. On Jan 4, 2020 (EKGLOW), I was checking for flights to KOA, I found a...

    Alaska Airlinesflight delayed

    My name is jackie cenan. My flight today was supposed to be at 10:45 am, from lax to jfk new york. The flight was delayed until around 1:20pm. I was supposed to take the train to poughkeepsie at vassar college and because the flight was delayed I lost the last train that goes there. I had to take a taxi to get to vassar which cost me $480. I'm asking you, alaska airlines, to refund me the money i've lost. (the train would have cost me $35) please understand it is not my fault, I needed to be at vassar by today, and I don't think I should pay out of my pocket.
    My email address [protected]@vassar. Edu or [protected]@yahoo.com
    My phone number [protected]
    Please respond to me,

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      Alaska Airlinesdelay compensation as described on website not given

      My daughter was booked on Alaskan Airlines flight 237 from JFK to LAX on the 9th August leaving at 1pm. It was booked through Expedia. Confirmation number Q2XW39. She was told that the flight was overbooked and she should wait for her name to be called to be assigned a seat. Her name was never called and when she asked at the desk for information they said that someone with her name (Anna Rebekah Barr) was already on the plane in seat 17F. She had been at the desk in good time which should be verified by the security cameras. There was a lot of confusion as they tried to work out what happened but my daughter was told that she would need to wait till the next day to fly and they put her up in a hotel. This late arrival affected all her plans for that weekend. Looking at the website it states that she should be entitled to compensation as shown in the photo below but phone calls with customer support showed that they were unaware of this policy and they didn't know that the flight was overbooked. My daughter said that a family had volunteered to travel on a later flight. It does seem a security risk if they allowed someone to fill a seat who was not the person they thought they were. If Alaskan airlines state on website that this is their compensation policy for delays they should honour that.

      delay compensation as described on website not given

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        • Do
          DoodzMailbox Sep 04, 2019

          Your situation is Exactly Why you should travel through a travel agent or book directly with the airline. These travel sites like Expedia (the one you mentioned) and others are independent of the hotels and airlines. Alaska is not responsible, Expedia is.

          It is amazing to me how much people want "cheap" stuff, but complain when things get messed up. If humans weren't so greedy it would be a much better world.

          Although, Letting unknown people fill seats that do not belong to them on a manifest is against Federal Regulations and the Airlines can be fined. I would bet an employee or air marshal was in that seat.

          Next time go directly to the airline or travel agent. If not...take your chances

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        Alaska Airlinesrequest a refund.

        I purchased two tickets with this airline and im really upset because I ended up not using those tickets which I payed $158 each.
        I called and they said I would get credit for it with the airline and I never did. I never got my money back either! Now Im getting charged again for a complaint I made to my bank account about it. I want my money back!!!
        I purchased this tickets on 11/20/2018 for $158 each ticket. I just want my money back.

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          Alaska Airlinescustomer service/luggage

          Good morning Alaska Airlines,

          Im writing you in reference to a recent experience I had with your Airline. Below is a description of my flight itinerary.

          21 Dec Anchorage - Portland Flt 134, seat 23 C
          21 Dec Portland - Seattle Flt 2254 seat 8B
          21 Dec Seattle - New Orleans Flt 788 seat 18B

          My experience from:

          Anchorage- Portland

          was good with the exception of it being delayed.

          Portland - Seattle

          is were things became interesting. Our flight was delayed twice because of crew members being late. At first thought was isolated however multiple aircraft were postponed because of this. My flight arrived as my flight to New Orleans was supposed to take off and they held the aircraft at the gate for our arrival.

          Seattle - New Orleans

          I was concerned my luggage would not make it on time. Which turned out to be correct.

          I meet with the representative near carrousel 11 and explained what happen. She stated that my luggage would arrive via American Airline around 1100pm, ( when I had arrived at 430pm) she also stated that I would need to return to pick my luggage up. I stated that this did not seem to be a good solution and if I got a hotel room for the night could my luggage be brought to me. She said that she told me it would be arriving via American Airlines and that she had nothing to do with it. I told her that this seemed odd when Alaska Airlines prides themselves with 20 min baggage delivery to the carrousel.

          I also then asked for her name since the lanyard she was wearing was turned around backwards. She said "why so that I could make a complaint", I responded with, since you work for a company and are in customer service, I should be able to know your name. She would not provide me her name. I then asked if I can talk to your supervisor? She then stated the supervisor was not at work. I said can I talk to someone else in charge and she said that there was no one. I asked if she was in charge and she stated that, that is not what she said. I then asked if there was a number I could call or email and she again refused to provide information. I was becoming frustrated with the situation and decide to walk away.

          I then walked over to American Airlines and explained that Alask Airlines had arranged for m y luggage to arrive on one of there planes and asked if they could have it delivered to an hotel if I got a room (as I live in Biloxi and did not feel like waiting from 4300 1100 pm and then drive for 2 hr). She stated that they could not because I last flew with Alaska airline and that violated some rules and liability (really nice to deal with the AA workers). She then went with me to talk to the Alaska Airline individual, but she was no longer in the office by carousel 11. She then called and asked for a rep to come down stairs. I waited about 20 min and no one came down. I then notified the American Airline worker that I would get a hotel room and return in the morning for my luggage.

           -Side note is that I was in Alaska looking to buy property and if and when I did would be using Alaska Airline to travel between Alaska and lower 48. I will seek alternative means if this employee represents what your company stands for.

          Multiple delays (somewhat understandable this time of year) I do not get multiple flights not having a all crew members

          Customer service:
          Refuse to provide her name. Refused provide supervisor information and refused to assist with delivery of luggage. Refused to provide email or phone number. This resulted in me having to find something to do for 6 hours after a long trip or get hotel room. I elected to get hotel room at an additional expense around the holidays. This was my decision, but if my bags could have been delivered to my home I would not have felt the need to make this decision.

          *** I have been in the military for over 15 years and travelled more times than I can count and this was one of the most rude individuals I have ever dealt with in a customer service position.

          Please feel free to call me if you want to discuss these issues further.

          Kenneth Martin

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            • 8g
              8gkids Mar 12, 2019

              My complaint is with the luggage department. I returned home to Alaska from Phoenix Arizona on March 11, 2019. I am an experienced traveler and know to properly wrap items in luggage. This trip, I brought several items home that I knew would need extra care in packaging. One such item was a 7 ounce can of dry custard mix. It was triple wrapped in plastic to insure that even if there was damage, it would not cause a mess in my luggage. When I picked up the luggage at baggage pickup, there was no indication of any damage. There was no rips, tears or punctures to the exterior of the luggage. I always check this before leaving the carousel area.
              When I arrived home and opened this piece of luggage, it was an extreme mess. Not only was this container of custard mix not wrapped in anything, it had been placed between clothing and not with the other items I had packaged it with. I am totally stumped as to how this container not only was unwrapped and misplaced (I'm sure it was someone opening the bag to check items), but how it could possibly get powder in a CLOSED zipped shoe bag to the extent that it did, The powder was throughout the entire bag and ruined several things.
              No liquid items were damaged. There were no dents in anything else. I have brought this particular item in luggage before (the movable cover under the lid has never expanded to cause damage or leakage).


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            Alaska Airlines — alaska airlines charging fees to use a cancellation voucher

            My husband and I had planned a birthday trip to Portland Oregon, leaving on April 10th, 2018. Sadly, he wa...

            Alaska Airlines — delayed flights

            Hello, I am typically not the guy to complain about things or ever had a bad service with Alaska Airline...

            Alaska AirlinesWe will never fly Alaska Airlines again

            It is horrible. Only their airlines never fly due to weak weather conditions while the others do. Everything would be ok, if it happened to me, I would probably never pay attention. But it was about my 15 yo daughter. I sent a couple of emails to complain trying to resolve it, but they didn't do anything. My girl had to spend 10 hours in an unknown city waiting for their next flight because they couldn't do anything. Never again. We're done with them.

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              Alaska AirlinesBereavement

              My grandmother passed this past week. While she was in the hosptial my mother booked a flight down there. We called in asking about a bereavement fair, and the gentleman on the phone mentioned it would be 15% discount. But since she had not passed he couldn't offer the discount. He mentioned nothing about having to have a "full flex ticket", and inferred he could refund the amount to my card (as opposed to manually entering a discount when booking the ticket over the phone)

              When she passed a couple of days ago, I purchased 3 more tickets for the rest of my family to attend the funeral. It cost of $2, 000 - which based on my previous interaction - lead me to assume I would get credited 15% of the total.

              Fast forward - the manager on the phone I spoke to tells me the following:

              She would cancel the tickets
              Charge us a 100 cancel fee per ticket
              Re-buy the more expensive "full flex tickets"
              Effectively saving is zero money

              I was informed by a friend (who happens to be a flight attendant for your company), that alaska was too customer satisfaction for 6 years straight with JD Power. I have to say, I received zero help, and was shown zero compassion for my situation.

              Please explain how 15% from a ticket that costs 30% more than your cheapest ticket is going to save me any money?

              A simple refund of 15%

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                Alaska Airlines — do not fly alaska airlines, worse experience ever, untrained crew, untrained stewards, untrained pilot.

                Do not fly alaska airlines, worse experience ever, untrained crew, untrained stewards, untrained pilot. So...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Alaska Airlinesdid you really have to call the police because I threatened to twitter poor customer service?

                Police dispatched at seatac airport due to an upset alaska airlines customer threat to put their customer service experience on social media.

                Another airlines customer service nightmare unfolded last night as several alaska airlines customers’ reported lost baggage and one reported stolen jewelry from their checked luggage. One of the customers mentioned that they were going post their experience on social media networks.

                While resolving the baggage concerns of the numerous upset customers, police were dispatched due to security threat …what wasn’t conveyed to the police is that the threat was purely the use of the power of online media. After clarification about the situation, police let the passenger leave the airport without further incident (Without their baggage) and shared a good laugh about the travesty occurring to passengers in today’s airlines industry.

                “frankly, if there was a crime committed.. One would think it would be alaska airlines, as this is the second time that I paid for a baggage handling fee and did not receive the service paid, did not receive a refund (Only a $20 future credit on next trip with alaska) and I still do not have my baggage.” “if a consumer pays for something and doesn’t receive service/product isn’t that theft? Who really committed a crime in this situation?”

                The irony of this story is that I was just returning from attending the enterprise 2.0 conference in boston where we learned about the impacts of social media to the enterprise. One of the better keynotes at the conference talked about “serve customer 2.0 well or perish”. The speech described how a new kind of customer that is tech savvy and knows their way around social media and are happy to widely communicate about their positive and negative customer experiences.in fact, one of the examples noted was the airlines industry… and how negative social media has impact stock value with contrast on how great companies such as zappos uses web media to engage and foster long term relationships with customers.
                As there continues to be much news around the airlines industry and the poor customer experiences, we are witnessing a new era unfolding as customers take back their voice and force companies to serve them better. See links below to other articles where other passengers have used the power of social media that has significantly impacting corporate brands and in some instances stock value:

                1. United airlines break guitars: in this case a single youtube video complaint about a bad experience with united airlines has contributed towards united airlines share price dropping by 10% and costing shareholders a reported $180 million! “meanwhile, within four days of the song going online, the gathering thunderclouds of bad pr caused united airlines’ stock price to suffer a mid-flight stall, and it plunged by 10 per cent, costing shareholders $180 million. Which, incidentally, would have bought carroll more than 51, 000 replacement guitars.”

                Here’s the video, titled “united breaks guitars” by dave carroll – so far having an incredible viral effect with over 9 millions views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo

                2. Movie director kevin smith’s reaction to being removed from a southwest airlines flight for taking up too much room. Kevin has 1.6 million twitter followers and not the kind of guy you want to have talking negatively about your company. http://twitter.com/#!/ThatKevinSmith/status/9079110598 http://twitter.com/#!/ThatKevinSmith/status/9081211151

                I guess this is just inspiration for us as consumers that our voice will be heard eventually! Thanks for the forum to vent!

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                  Alaska Airlines86 Year Old Grandma gets booted off aircraft for being ill

                  On the return trip of an alaska airlines round trip flight 313 from san francisco to seattle; our eighty six year old grandmother was, just prior to departure, escorted off the aircraft by two gate agents. Her traveling companions, two daughters and son in law, followed voluntarily.

                  In the aircraft, nanny (The grandmother) and one daughter who happened to be a rn were seated towards the front of the aircraft. My wife and I were seating in the rear. I looked up to see our sister hurrying down the aisle to advise us, in panic mode, that grandmother was being removed from the aircraft for medical reasons. We immediately left our seats but by the time we got to nanny’s seat, all we could see were two airline gate agents physically removing granny from the aircraft. There was no discussion, no consultation with the family. This 86 year old grandmother was forcibly removed from her flight.

                  Here is what we learned. We were all returning from our granddaughters wedding in san francisco. Nanny, the grandmother, was fully celebratory, and the party and late hours contributed to nanny’s feeling unwell during the night, not sleeping, and being nauseous. There was also some history of stomach issues with nanny. The family consulted and concluded that best thing for nanny would be for her to get home as soon as possible and get her to her personal physician and local healthcare. And nanny, who is an able aware competent senior woman, wanted to go home, and felt, despite being sick, able to make the trip.

                  Because nanny was ill, and at times, presented as ill, we asked for early boarding and a wheelchair assist to the gate. Nanny walked to her seat. During this process, a flight attendant asked nanny’s daughter, an rn, if nanny was ill. Sister rn told her what had happened and expressed her concern about the family’s need to keep nanny hydrated – primarily due to her age. The flight attendant passed on some version of this information to the gate agent. The gate agent called alaska airlines medical consultant, med link, and passed on some version of the story. The rn sister was summoned to the gate and had a very reluctant low key conversation with some med link professional.

                  According to the gate agent, nanny was pulled off the aircraft because med link has a rule that one can not fly if one has had an emesis (Vomiting episode) two hours before departure. But granny had not vomited since the prior night. Family was not allowed to review the decision process with med link. It was a fait accompli. And finally, the notion of such a rule is just plain stupid since every one knows that among the tens of thousand of returning passengers from mexico, las vegas, and reno, a significant percentage are puking their guts out in the airport just before they board. The other issue is the question of accountability. Who is accountable at alaska airlines for this decision? In our efforts to learn the antecedents for nanny’s removal, no one was responsible. It was a med-link decision but the customer can’t talk to med link. When I read among the multitude of complaints allegations of that fascist or nazi management dictator styles prevailing in these unfriendly skies, it is precisely because as you go through this process, the customer hears over and over from a variety of gate agents and supervisors “the rule is the rule”, “no one is responsible”, “it is protocol not we who send you to the camps”!

                  I need to acknowledge that the alaska airlines personnel on the ground in san francisco with whom we discussed these issues were professional. Regardless of the lack of productivity, the conversations I had with sf alaska airlines were professional and the agents were courteous. Alaska airlines allowed nanny and the families to spend their two hour observation period in the boardroom, we were booked promptly on the next flight and my wife and I were given an exit row seat. I was told alaska would pay the cost of a shuttle from seattle to my home but that did not happen. After another prolonged discussion in seattle, I was given a hotel room.

                  Here are my observations. If you are escorting a relative who appears to be ill and a flight attendant cozies up to you and asks for information about the health of your friend or loved one, either tell them to mind their own business or lie and say they are healthy but look sick. Whatever you say can be used against you. And if your loved one is elderly, be particularly oblique. Flights diverted for health emergencies are a nightmare for all. It makes sense for airlines to prevent air travel for those in medical crisis. But who makes the call between being sick or in a severe medical crisis? In their zeal to avoid diverted flights, the loss of profit caused by a diverted flight, and subsequent costs, alaska airlines is pulling out elderly who are merely sick, causing them to be sicker, and suffer. This is a type of de facto elder discrimination or elder abuse policy that must be promoted at the highest executive level at alaska airlines, since no one at the operational level has a role in the decision. My formal complaint to the dot aviation and consumer protection and enforcement will ask the agency to count the medical pulls and measure the median age of the medical pulls versus the median age of the average customer. That would at least tell us something about the airline policy as it relates to our elder population.

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                    • Ag
                      A. Ghattaura Mar 05, 2011

                      My family have just been marched off a Thomas Cook flight in the Canaries as the plane was taxiing out, almost on runway. The reason? One of my twins (aged 13months) threw up. A call was made to Medlink who advised the crew to remove us all. Despite me being a senior doctor with years of experience looking after sick kids, my assurances that he was ok were ignored. Medlink need to rethink their policy on vomiting.

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                    Alaska AirlinesStunned by customer service behavior

                    I am a college student. I was attempting to fly to visit a prospective university campus to see if it was a good fit for me, so naturally I meticulously scouted for the best fares, and found my best chance at a cost effective travel on Craig's List (shame on me!) from a person who is "In the Industry" selling "Guest Passes."

                    All I can say is that I experienced one problem after another after another, each problem becoming worse and worse. The first several of such problems can be summarized as follows: The Guest passes work NOTHING like I was lead to believe, or outright TOLD they would by this supposed Alaska Airlines employee. The pass was real, but the claims surrounding how, when, and under what conditions it could be used were bogus. I'm not going to get into the details, because as it turns out the guy wasn't even an employee - he got the guest passes from someone else and thus they are irrelevant to this post.

                    The biggest shocker of my experience was a supervisor's reaction to my complaint about how the passes were not working the way I was told they would by a supposed airline employee. I'd been sitting in the airport all afternoon, I was told that I would be on this flight. I wasn't. Rather than seeming sympathetic however, the supervisor working boarding counters at Sea-tac THREATENED ME with being permanently banned from the airline for having such a pass! Apparently they are ONLY for family member and friends of employees, and absolutely NOT to be resold under ANY circumstance.

                    I couldn't believe it. In retrospect, I was was pretty foolish to trust something that seemed 'too good' to be true, but at the same time it was their employee that was crooked. What I saw was cheap air fare, to fit my current shoe string budget and I said "I'll take it!" Why am I being threatened over their employee's wrong doing?

                    I had been told tall tales about the airline having to compensate me if I don't get on the flight by putting me on the next available flight, free tickets, or cash compensation. None of that was true. What was worse was that somehow I managed to keep getting lower and lower on the standby list. Who was getting in front of me I don't know but some how I managed to go from 4th to 6th to 7th depending on who and how close to departure I asked. I was also told by the person who swindled me that I wouldn't even BE on the standby list if I did online check in and got my bording pass, so I was very much distressed by the turn of events.

                    Anyway... that supervisor REALLY upset me, I asked to speak to his boss, and he said that there was only him at the air port (I doubt that - he was young high ranking people are typically older). Instead I made my way to customer service, and explained the situation, and while aloofly sympathetic, they basically told me there was nothing they would do. I asked to speak to that supervisors boss, and FINALLY after much going back and fourth, we arrived at an agreement that made me feel like I wasn't -completely- cheated, but it was like pulling teeth to get there.

                    In the end I bought a full price ticket, but at the lowest price available in the next month. More than what I paid, but still (theoretically) getting me to school as of tomorrow AM.

                    I guess I just had a definite feeling of us vs the paying customer. I mean, I help them uncover an employee that is selling their benefits online via a third party (this person seems to have lots of guest passes available), and for over an hour they treat me like a criminal. They want me to help them with information regarding the transaction (which I was more than willing to do if they'd help me out of the bind) but didn't want to help me with my current travel plans in return.

                    C'mon... They are an AIRLINE. They give stuff away all the time, give me a consolation prize for being victim of an abusive employee here. Bad enough that my hotel reservation is shot for tonight. They get what they want - finding the rotten apples in their company, I get what I want - travel to see my University. I fail to see why this is such a hard concept to grasp especially when I already paid $74 each way TO THE AIRLINE (a discounted rate) for the guest tickets. I also paid 70 each to the middle man.

                    Siiiigh... anyway. I'd be happier if they were more fourth coming with their solution... I just got the impression that they realized I was ready to camp out on their customer service desk for them to budge.

                    I kinda got the impression that they didn't care so much about company reputation, and didn't really care at all about customers. You'd think that they'd want to please someone that'd bound to be traveling back and fourth several thousand miles every few months, but I guess not.

                    Anyway, I'm sleepy so I'm guessing there are a lot of errors in this message, but I needed to vent it somewhere.

                    For clarification on the relationship between the employee of Alaskan airlines, myself, and the person I bought the tickets from, it appears that an Alaskan Airlines employee was using a middle man to sell guest passes that she acquired from work, and that middle man answered questions as if he himself were an Alaskan employee. It's not completely fraudulent, as the guest passes were real, but they didn't work at all as I was told they would.

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                      • Ez
                        ezmahewitt Dec 21, 2012

                        Alaska Airlines is AWESOME. I have a very dear friend and her son is in the army. He flew into Seattle from South Korea yesterday and got bumped from the flight from Seattle to Sacramento. His flight was to arrive in Sacramento at 4:00 pm. He was told he could probably get a flight the next day. He is a humble guy and would never want to use his being a soldier for personal advantage. He just served 1 year in South Korea and before that he served in Iraq. His wife and family were so disappointed. I contact customer service at Alaska Airline and was told they couldn't give me any information. I told her I didn't need any information and I told her about the situation, gave her the young soldiers name and told her I thought the least Alaska could do was get this young soldier a flight home to his family after all he has done for our country. She put me on hold only for about 1 minute, she got back on the line and told me to have his wife call him right away because he probably had good news. I sent his wife and mom the text to contact him and he contacted his wife said he was going through security and was booked on a flight to arrive in Sacramento that same evening around 7:00 pm. Alaska got the soldier on a flight with a totally different airline. Alaska Airlines is AWESOME. I believe in miracles, Merry Christmas and thank you so much Alaska Air.

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                      Alaska AirlinesVery rude agent

                      I was on flight 2434 to Billings on Jan 1. The female gate agent was the rudest, most care less agent I have ever met. I wanted to make a simple change, not uncommon, and it was a tremendous bother to her. She refused to give me her name.

                      I told her agents like her were not representing Horizon very well and she said, "try another airline then". I will.

                      Nice to have a Blackberry to post these sorts of things when they happen. Maybe Horizon will figure it out and train their employees, or screen them, better.

                      Not the first rude Alaska employee that was rude. This one just happened to be the worst of the worst.

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                        Alaska AirlinesStop being ridiculous people

                        Too many of the alaskan airline staff seemed crazy, like they wanted me to be a [censored] or a terrorist just for their own drama. I wasn't the only female passenger they made extremely uncomfortable. I observed a woman literally run from airline staffers as they converged on her in the gate lobby for no sound reason at all. I had to move across the room and hide in a crowd to get away from them myself. It was crazy.

                        Also, important to note, I don't think the woman checking id's at the carry on check point knew her job. Let me make this clear: I am a 38 year old, hard working woman, law abiding us citizen, and veteran. I dress appropriately and carry two government issued id cards that require extensive background checks before issuing, and one valid us driver's license at all times. The woman at the check podium wouldn't accept the first valid id I gave her because she was 'surprised that someone like me had it'. Listen, I don't shock easy but the comments that women made were beyond inappropriate.

                        Again, the whole experience was backward-arsed and just way too much for no reason whatsoever.

                        Stop being ridiculous people.

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                          Alaska Air — Hates families

                          Alaska Airlines hates families. That's the only reason they'd treat a customer like this: The...

                          Alaska AirlinesStay away from them

                          This is the first and last time I fly Alaska air. I usually fly Southwest and would highly recommend any one who has the choice stick with Southwest air. The employees were very rude from start to finish, even the customer care representative when I called to complain( which accomplished nothing). First off when I booked the web site said first bag checked free additional $15. At check in all bags were $20.00. The attendant at computer check said she is hearing this alot, although the customer rep assured me this has been their policy for over a year. We arrived early for check in but my family got stuck in long security line. Arriving to the gate 10 min before take-off, they were told they could not board even though gate was still open and plane had not left. They were rebooked for a flight 5 hrs later. As my sister stood sobbing and my brother turning red with anger the ticket girl proceeded to laugh at their predicament. Both my sister and brother were to work that day and had already arranged to be picked up from airport. The customer service rep told me this is all the customers responsibility to be at gate 30 min before take-off. However she could offer me a $50.00 Discount on future travel for the agent laughing at us. As if I would ever travel Alaska again after that experience. They could make more money for their selves by using our seats for stand by, and we have no recourse. I paid extra for a flight with no layovers and they were rebooked on a layover flight, which was an hour late for take- off. The didn't arrive home untill 7 hours after their scheduled time. Through out this whole ordeal I never heard one apology from anyone at Alaska air. Their attitude is we've already got your money so we could care less. I personally will never fly Alaska again.

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                            • Em
                              Ember Aug 25, 2016
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                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I have been a loyal customer and frequent flyer customer with Alaska Airlines for years and have always enjoyed their service - that is, until I actually had a problem...

                              For the first time in my life, I had an issue with my reservation, and being unemployed, the cost of changing my return flight was a major concern for me. After exhausting nearly all of my options, I turned to the airline for assistance with the hope that my long-time loyalty would earn some favor. No such luck... as it was immediately apparent that the only part of my loyalty that was valued was the money they had already pocketed.

                              I explained my situation and continued by telling them that while I would rather not get a refund on my return ticket (and take the cancellation hit from Alaska) to purchase a flight with another carrier as my least cost option, unless they could help me, I may have to(hoping that this would open the company up to providing me with some alternatives).

                              I hadn't even completed my sentence when the less-than-friendly CSR on the other end then told me that while the website may have made it SEEM as though I would be able to get the actual refund portion of my cancellation back in monetary value, that was not the case, and I would only be issued a credit with the airline.

                              And that was it. Alaska Airlines made it quite clear that their rules are absolute they aren't changing them for ANYBODY unless you happen to fit within the very narrow terms of their catastrophic event considerations. They did not want to know anything more about my situation, offered no helpful suggestions whatsoever, nothing. Why they even have a customer service department, I have no idea... seems like a waste of money to me...

                              And its so nice to know that this is what consumer loyalty gets you. A hard line such as this - particularly when so many are facing difficult times - can't be helping them to win a whole lot of points with the public...

                              Anyway, I just hope that the airline appreciates that last $291 airfare of mine that went in their pocket, because unless I am faced with NO other alternative in the future (save for walking to my destination), they are the last dollars they will ever receive from me.

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                            • Li
                              lisa11 Aug 25, 2016
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I am a hotel concierge in Hawaii. My guest came to me and told me she left her ID in an Alaska Airlines flight. So I called the main line of the Alaska Airlines. The agent I spoke to was reallly rude. She goes, "i can"t help you because I am in Pheonix. I also aske her if she can give me their local number so I can contact for Lost & Found. She still keeps saying, " i can't help you because I am in Pheonix.". Are you stupid? I am in service industry for a long time and have never encountered this kind of service. She is something else. Asked her for her manager. She gave me their local number and gave me an excuse for her staff's rude attitude. "She thought you want the guest's local number. We can give passenger's contact number for privacy rules." I know that since I am in hotel industry. I had never said that and also told her I need Alaska Airline's local number for Lost & Found". I will never recommend Alska Airlines to anybody!

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                            • Fj
                              FJP Mar 01, 2011
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              During a flight home from Calgary, our flight was delayed getting into Seattle. Altought late, we did have enought time to make our connecting flight (if we had any help from the Alaska Airlines staff at Seattle).

                              Upon landing in Seattle (flight AS 570 from Calgary)late, we were not met at the gate (C-11)to direct us where to go to catch our connecting flight to Sacramento. We dashed to Gate D-3 and arrive 7 minutes before departure (2:30 p.m.) and was told by the gate attendant that she had closed the flight, even thought we were there 7 minutes early with the airplane still at the gate. She then told us that nobody informed her that we were coming and would not open the gate to let us on. We then proceeded to customer service to speak with the station supervison (Belinda) where we were met with a very cavalier attitude and "there wasn't anything she could do". She did say she was unaware of the delayed flight from Calgary and our effort to make our connectiing flight. (I guess no one communicates with the Seattle ground crew, I wonder why). This whole attitude is pervasive in the Alaska Airline operations in Seattle. The management needs to take a hard look to see what is causing this lack of caring toward their customers. I fly often and will think twice before flying Alaska Airlines again.

                              PS: As an aside, Alaska Airlines has the most uncomfortable seats in the airline business. Their seats seem to be 3 to 4 inches narrower then most other airlines.

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                            • Co
                              ComputerFixerUpper Aug 11, 2010
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Its not the airlines responsibility if you change your plans.

                              No other airlines give cash back, they all give you flight credit for another trip. Obviously you did not read the rules when you bought your ticket, or you would know all this already.

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                            • Da
                              Darien Red Sox Sep 16, 2009

                              This is always upsetting when the staff dose no care. I had a flight delayed for 2 hours once and there was not even a staff member around to talk to, not to mention that we were stuck in a room with no windows and only one small 20" TV.
                              I have traveled enough to know that delays happen and there is nothing the airline can do about the delays, but I at least expect the staff to care and give a reasonable explanation of the problem and give updates. The last time I was delayed on Delta due to bad weather the gate agent was great and gave up updates so we would know what was going on.

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                            • Valerie Dec 29, 2006

                              Alaska used to be one of my favorite airlines, but Alaska/Horizon are my definition of the bottom of the barrel. A group of us flew from San Jose and Seattle to meet in Boise in December 22, 2006.

                              Both flights were late; the San Jose one was over 11 hours late. The Alaska/Horizon personnel are so used to this that they don't even talk about 'scheduled' times, they say "target" times as if being on schedule is an unexpected event. It is.

                              Making matters worse, the Alaska staff makes it clear that there really is little they can do for you, so they don't even pretend to try. They're always late, so why care? That's the attitude that come across.

                              On the next leg of the trip to Seattle, we were told after we checked our bags that the plane would be late by four hours, but maybe not really because the replacement plane was in maintenance, and it might not really be available or it might arrive early. I had to wait in line for an hour to obtain that "information." I tried calling the 800 number and was told that for them to help me, there would be extra charges.

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                            Alaska AirlinesDoes not consider children's needs

                            I have 9 yr old twin boys; including a special needs child. There wasn't a problem on the way to LA. On the fully booked return flight from LA to Seattle, the pilot didn't turn off the seatbelt sign until half the flight was over. I tried to take my boys to the coach washroom to the back of the plane and was severly reprimanded by an unsympathtic hostess and told to return to our seats immediately (which were directly behind the tiny first class section in front of the plane - they have their own designated washroom). We were not allowed to use the first class washrooms, when other adult coach passengers were allowed to use it (including two Alaska Airline pilots who were hitching a ride and seated directly across from me in the coach section.) When the seatbelt sign was finally turned off, the drink cart made its slow trip completely blocking any access to the aisle, so we still couldn't get to the washroom. The hostesses decided to repeat the cart service, despite the fact that the flight was beginning its descent. Once the second cart run was completed, people began to line up desperate for the washroom; the entire aisle was again blocked. We couldn't even join the lineup. Then they were told to sit down again as the seatbelt sign was turned on again (although first class passengers were still able to use their washroom with the seatbelt sign turned on). My two boys were very uncomfortable. Again I was denied access to the first class washroom when I asked. Alaska Airlines needs to allow everyone to use all available washrooms despite first or coach seats and reduce the cart service to one time on shorter flights. When I logged a complaint to Alaska Airlines Customer Service, the response was that next time I should book seats at the rear of the plane where the washrooms are if travelling with children, and that coach passengers are not entitled to first class washroom facilities. Nice.

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                              Alaska Airlinesscrewed up reservations

                              Flew to Mexico for discret liaison w/soon to get divorced boyfriend; decided to stay longer so I did a change order for myself & was charged $50.00 deducted from my cking. acct. Did change order for boyfriend, he's also charged $50.00 for change billed to his Alaska Air credit card. AAir Reservationist asks if he needs a conformation e-mail or written notice sent to his home address, he tells her "NO", doesn't need any confirmations. 2 days later he gets confirmation e-mail showing his name, reservations number, day & time of new flight and $50.00 AA credit card charge. Next line down is my name, my reservations number, day & time of new flight & another $50.00 AA credit card charge for me which I had already paid for. I call Alaska Airlines to find out if stupid reservationist mailed confirmation to his home also, was told yes. Next day, phone rings, it's his screaming wife who opened his mailed confirmation & now knows about me. We go to airport on scheduled day, he is able to board, but I was told that "I" had cancelled my reservation only 4 hours earlier-NOT! Last flight out & all seats taken. I stay, he flies home to face livid wife. I reschedule 2 days later, go to board but can't-seems "I" cancelled my ticket this time-NO WAY!! I get ticket reissued & new flight out another 2 days later; this time I put verbal block on my reservation to prevent any more changes-got to finally board & fly home. About a week later I call Alaska Airlines to find out what had happened because I had not done any last minute cancellations & why did they bill 2x for my change order they informed me I had put new e-mail address on my acct. & was doing changes this way---later found out e-mail address was added by the wife. Wife says she wants to work on their marriage; yea right, she gets a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him, he's never touched her & no record at all. After she gets this, at she sets him up & then calls police saying he violated Restraining Order since she found guns he failed to turn in, Weapons are not his but he gets charged with 7 felonies; prior to this he had NO RECORD! She uses these felony charges & his arrest plus her new Restraining Order against him in divorce & has his accts frozen, steals his business he owned prior to marriage & gets control of all his separate & community real estate. He has gone from riches to rags and now has nothing & can't even afford legal counsel--all because Alaska Airlines screwed up our change orders & billed my change (a 2nd time) in error to his account & then didn't listen to his request to NOT SEND him notices of his changed reservation!! Have a nice day!!!

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                                • Co
                                  ComputerFixerUpper Aug 11, 2010
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  This is not a Alaska Airlines problem, this is your problem.

                                  What a waste of bandwidth listening to your rant. Is there no such thing as personal responsibility? Obviously you HAD to know this was gonna show up somewhere.

                                  What a [censored] complaint

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                                • Sr
                                  Sr.Gringo Sep 13, 2009

                                  Ha, ha, ha! That's what you get for messing around with a married man.
                                  How do you really expect a massive automated system not to send that info out???

                                  Anyway, that's the Karma Payment Plan and I bet now that he is broke you don't have anything to do with him. I'd bet money on it. Sounds like you got off easy. If I found my wife doing something like that, I'd have payed off a Valet or Bellhop to plant drugs in the hotel room and enjoyed the thought of the lovers in Mexican jail.

                                  Wa wa wa...

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