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Alaska Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Alaska Airlines / customer service/luggage

kennymartin32 on Dec 24, 2018

Good morning Alaska Airlines, Im writing you in reference to a recent experience I had with your Airline. Below is a description of my flight itinerary. 21 Dec Anchorage - Portland Flt 134, seat 23 C 21 Dec Portland - Seattle Flt 2254 seat 8B 21 Dec Seattle - New Orleans Flt 788 seat 18B My...

Alaska Airlines / alaska airlines charging fees to use a cancellation voucher

MomKat on Apr 10, 2018

My husband and I had planned a birthday trip to Portland Oregon, leaving on April 10th, 2018. Sadly, he was just diagnosed with ALS, and due to his unexpected retirement from his job, at 48 years old, , we had to make the decision to cancel 5 days before we were due to leave. We were...

Alaska Airlines / delayed flights

Yuriy Pavlus on Oct 14, 2017

Hello, I am typically not the guy to complain about things or ever had a bad service with Alaska Airlines but today was different. I was on a flight today (10-13-2017) number ( 80) from Anchorage, AK with a layover in Seattle Wa with my final destination in Portland, OR flight number...

Alaska Airlines / We will never fly Alaska Airlines again

Lksbarn on Aug 21, 2017

It is horrible. Only their airlines never fly due to weak weather conditions while the others do. Everything would be ok, if it happened to me, I would probably never pay attention. But it was about my 15 yo daughter. I sent a couple of emails to complain trying to resolve it, but they...

Alaska Airlines / Bereavement

Neverflyingalaska on Jul 3, 2013

My grandmother passed this past week. While she was in the hosptial my mother booked a flight down there. We called in asking about a bereavement fair, and the gentleman on the phone mentioned it would be 15% discount. But since she had not passed he couldn't offer the discount. He...

Alaska Airlines / do not fly alaska airlines, worse experience ever, untrained crew, untrained stewards, untrained pilot.

dontflyalaska on May 27, 2012

Do not fly alaska airlines, worse experience ever, untrained crew, untrained stewards, untrained pilot. So, we booked our flight may 24th, 2012 on and itinerary number 146588556169. We purchased 4 tickets and had 1 infant in seat. Paid total of $3459.60 for 4 passengers and 1...

Alaska Airlines / did you really have to call the police because I threatened to twitter poor customer service?

Customer2.0 on Jun 23, 2011

Police dispatched at seatac airport due to an upset alaska airlines customer threat to put their customer service experience on social media. Another airlines customer service nightmare unfolded last night as several alaska airlines customers’ reported lost baggage and one reported...

Alaska Airlines / 86 Year Old Grandma gets booted off aircraft for being ill

joegoblue on Mar 1, 2011

On the return trip of an alaska airlines round trip flight 313 from san francisco to seattle; our eighty six year old grandmother was, just prior to departure, escorted off the aircraft by two gate agents. Her traveling companions, two daughters and son in law, followed voluntarily. In the...

Alaska Airlines / Stunned by customer service behavior

Paradox on Mar 1, 2011

I am a college student. I was attempting to fly to visit a prospective university campus to see if it was a good fit for me, so naturally I meticulously scouted for the best fares, and found my best chance at a cost effective travel on Craig's List (shame on me!) from a person who i...

Alaska Airlines / Very rude agent

Steve Steel on Mar 1, 2011

I was on flight 2434 to Billings on Jan 1. The female gate agent was the rudest, most care less agent I have ever met. I wanted to make a simple change, not uncommon, and it was a tremendous bother to her. She refused to give me her name. I told her agents like her were not representing Horizon very...

Alaska Airlines / Stop being ridiculous people

Cherryy on Mar 1, 2011

Too many of the alaskan airline staff seemed crazy, like they wanted me to be a whore or a terrorist just for their own drama. I wasn't the only female passenger they made extremely uncomfortable. I observed a woman literally run from airline staffers as they converged on her in the gate...

Alaska Air / Hates families


Alaska Airlines hates families. That's the only reason they'd treat a customer like this: The weekend of October 11 was one of the most important in my life: my partner Colleen and I packed up our eight-month old son and traveled from our home in Edmonton, Alberta to Las Vegas to...

Alaska Airlines / Stay away from them


This is the first and last time I fly Alaska air. I usually fly Southwest and would highly recommend any one who has the choice stick with Southwest air. The employees were very rude from start to finish, even the customer care representative when I called to complain( which accomplished...

Alaska Airlines / Does not consider children's needs


I have 9 yr old twin boys; including a special needs child. There wasn't a problem on the way to LA. On the fully booked return flight from LA to Seattle, the pilot didn't turn off the seatbelt sign until half the flight was over. I tried to take my boys to the coach washroom to...

Alaska Airlines / screwed up reservations


Flew to Mexico for discret liaison w/soon to get divorced boyfriend; decided to stay longer so I did a change order for myself & was charged $50.00 deducted from my cking. acct. Did change order for boyfriend, he's also charged $50.00 for change billed to his Alaska Air credit card...

Alaska Airlines / customer service supervisor

After booking a reservation 10 minutes ago, on what used to be the airline that I regularly fly, I called customer service to inquire about a possible change in my reservation. The CS rep (Bob) was initially upbeat, but was unhelpful, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. During my...

Alaska Airlines / fees

My boyfriend and I are going on our first cruise this September, and are on a pretty tight budget, we booked the tickets after getting some literature from the travel agency. We were excited as we had heard good things about them. Yesterday I got my confirmation from the cruise line and...

Alaska Airlines / your account has been set up and your credit card charged to the ticket you purchased!


We received an e-mail from Alaska Airlines, saying that our account had been successfully set up and that our Credit Card Transaction for the purchase of Airline TICKETS was confirmed. We did NOT purchase any tickets ! We did NOT set up an account with Alaska Airlines - the e-mail even...

Alaska Airlines / Poor contact information


I have been stationed in Alaska for 2 years (with one year spent in between in Iraq.) Almost exclusively, I have used Alaska Airlines for my travel back home to Oregon. Now, two months before I leave the military under honorable conditions, I have just learned that I was eligible for a...

Alaska Airlines / Bad service


During a full flight from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA, I was seated near the rear of the plane. I dont know if it is Alaska Airlines policy to place all small children and babies at the rear of the plane but on this particular flight that seemed to be the policy. For approximately three hour...