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I was trying to get a shower and they sent me all around the showers and none of them was free and at the last shower they said there's none free except arrivals showers which you can't go back to I wouldn't mind but the could have told me that at the first shower instead of making me go all the way around the airport please make sur that people have better service in future

giving old hong kong dollar banknotes from unsuspected customer

573294 I had my connecting flight in hk from manila to okinawa last afternoon and my gate was 69. The near coffee shop is KaravanStop, I ordered coffee at karavanstop for me and my...

airport closure

I was stranded because of airport closure on August 13. I missed my flight home to Canada because of this . I was flying with Hong Kong Airlines. They are not taking responsibility and are blaming it on the airport. I had to purchase a brand-new ticket home which cost over $2000. I am seeking compensation and requesting that the airport hold the airline accountable for not taking care of its customers and putting them on subsequent flights.

a saleswomen

I was shopping in the dutyfree shop.The one sells make up product.I used english to ask a question about one lipstick politely.The saleswomen asked me to find her colleagues.At...

lost gopro camera on flight and no one helping us to get it back for 3 days

We arrived today to Hong Kong from Tel Aviv on flight ly75 ElAl, seat 27A.
We lost a silver GoPro camera Hero3 with a waterproof transparent case and black head band gear on the airplane next to our seat. The cleaning company didn't pass over the go-pro camera that we forgot on the airplane to the world trade center here at hong kong airport. We have been calling and emailing the world trade center for 3 whole days now and nothing happened, they didn't take our request for help seriously and now we have come to the airport and have to wait for hours to (hopefully) finally get it back! In addition their attitude is extremely unpleasant throughout the whole process. We're very disappointed and in utter dismay that we have to spend a whole evening here (out of 4) instead of exploring the city.
Please consider this situation with care, thank you!

lost gopro camera on flight and no one helping us to get it back for 3 days
lost gopro camera on flight and no one helping us to get it back for 3 days

the ferry counter to enter into mainland china

Dear anyone who can do something about that or not,

My parents were flying from London to Hong Kong (transited through Beijing) today at 23rd July 2019, and they were thinking to get in the ferry back to Zhuhai (yes, they are from mainland). The staffs at the counter who was helping them to sort out the documents about scanning thing of their checked in luggage, and he was rude to my parents and said he cannot scan if the stickers were sticking at the back of the passport?? Are you kidding me? HE SAID HIS HAS TO TAKE THEM OFF TO SCAN THEM? Even the barcodes have not been covered?

In any other countries I have been and they have been, custom and airport staffs should be friendly and nice if we enter with legal documents and not breaking any law, instead of being rude to them? (I am not sure because they are from mainland or because he is rude to everyone?) if you don't want the job or working with the people like them who are old or from mainland then quit your job or move to another country if you think you are in higher level than others.

Not sure anyone will see this or can sort out this, I just want to let anyone know if not necessarily I do not want to enter Hong Kong by any itches since it is already a big mess and people are so rude there!

lost luggage & reimbursement claim not paid

Hi, I arrived on an Internationa Flight from Los Angeles with a stop in Hong Kong final destination Manila on January 12th, 2019. My two bags however did not arrive; I was originally told my luggage was delayed in customs in Los Angeles, CA. Then the next day I talked to someone in Hong Kong who assured me my luggage was in Hong Kong and would be delivered to Manila the next day. However, I called the next day and that information had changed.

I filed a claim I think it was ref #MNLHX10998 the tag numbers were HX535239 and HX535240. Since that time Mr. Russell Legaspi at Manila tracked down my larger bag which was still at the Hong Kong Airport which I have subsequently received. I then was told to fill out a claim for reimbursement which I did dated around March 6th which I promptly sent to Mr. Legaspi and he informed me he had forwarded it to Hong Kong Airlines. I have sent multiple e-mails but continue to get the same response "sorry for the delay but info was forwarded".

I has been close to 3 months since I filed my claim, and almost 5 months since my luggage was lost by the airlines. My preference is to have my own luggage back; which I believe can still be found at the Hong Kong baggage claim since the larger bag was found there. But, if no one can take the time to look please advise when I can expect reimbursement.

Thank you,

Howard G. Wilson

philippine airline terminal 2

Hi, I was rushing for my flight to Manila, via HKIA terminal 2. As I was checking in at the counter N, the guy refuse to issue my ticket, Gave me a very sacastic look, saying...

complaint about the naming of flight departure and arrival place

Dear Manager,

My name is Allan Chen, and I am writing to complain about the naming of the flight depature and arrival place.

I am a frequent traveler from Quanzhou, Fujian province and I have been traveling between Quanzhou and Hong Kong for more than four years. And on this Tuesday ( 6th Nov.), I took flight ZH9093 from Quanzhou to Hong Kong as usual.

However, the name of departure city has been confusing me for more than four years: Quanzhou is a prefecture-level city of Fujian province, and Jinjiang is county-level city under Quanzhou. Each time when I leave Quanzhou to Hong Kong, the name of departure place is always ‘Jinjiang', not ‘Quanzhou'. But The full time of the departure airport is called Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport. Although it is located in Jinjiang county, it is still a prefecture-level airport and is fully owned and regulated by the Quanzhou government.

In mainland China, all airports and airlines display the place with the name of prefecture-level cities, not the county-level ones. The way your airport display the name of Quanzhou has caused confusion and incomvinience to many tourists including me. And it also misled us when we are booking flight tickets, looking up the information boards of HK airport.

I am unhappy with the improper naming of Quanzhou City, and would like to have this problem fixed quickly please. If I do not hear from you within 5 days, I will lodge a complait with the Hong Kong Tourist Board.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Chen

complaint about the naming of flight departure and arrival place

segway drift w1

573294 Hello sir, Yesterday I had a flight from Hong Kong International airport to Chatrapati shivaji terminals Mumbai, my Flight number is AI 315 and our departure was on 6.05PM I had...

theft by security staff at checkpoint airport hong kong


My name is Raul Cristian Toma (from Romania).

On 17 May 2018, approximate time 22:00-23:00 PM at the airport checkpoint (Hong Kong) I was stolen by the security airport staff with 500 USD amount.
After I put my hand baggage (backpack) on the carry on baggage screening (scanner) my baggage was stopped by the staff (a women). She told me to open the bag and to take out my battery charging (white colour). She checked that battery and meanwhile she took my hand baggage and she gave it to another officer to scan it again. It took a while until my baggage turn back again. My wallet was in a pocket in my hand baggage. They only took the money from my wallet and put the wallet back in the pocket (in the same place).
Please be so kind to investigate my case. You can check the video recordings.
I think is not necessary yet to contact the Hong Kong criminal investigators. I have trust that you will solve this case.
I saw also that my case is not a single one. You have a problem with the security airport staff.
Also I mention that I was a tourist in your country and the left money has cause me difficult problems.
Please find attached my boarding pass, a picture of mine, my hand baggage, my wallet (where the money was).

Waiting for a urgent answer.

My E-mail address : [protected]
My Phone Number : [protected]

Thank you!

  • Complainant20091 May 22, 2018

    The investigation of crimes is the responsibility and duty of the Hong Kong police, not this site

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  • Ra
    Raul T May 22, 2018

    @Complainant20091 Ok, thank you.
    Please delete my complaint.
    I've tried to do that in the edit complaint

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  • Complainant20091 May 22, 2018

    No prob. I advise you to forget about this unpleasant accident as
    more than 3 days have passed and you are outside HKG.

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against the staff member

Hi there, I am bit frustrated from the Staff works at Airport. I have misplaced a copy of my pre arrival registration and asked some of the Airline counter to help but completely...

customer service - hong kong international airport

To the customer service manager, Let me point out how terribly I’ve been misguided by the HK airport staff. This is my 3rd visit to HK with the same online pre-arrival form I...

customer service - in particular relating to lost and found

When leaving HK on Sunday 1 November I 'lost' my hand luggage containing an expensive new hand bag. I immediately alerted the Lost and Found desk but the young lady...