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stolen items from checked baggage

This email concerns two (2) recent instances of mishandled baggage occuring on: 1) Air India Flight from New York JFK to New Delhi in late December; and 2) Air India Flight Number from Calcutta to New Delhi to New York JFK in early January.

In the first instance, one piece of checked baggage was lost for nearly 10 days on a direct flight from JFK to New Delhi. The baggage contained shoes, toileteries, and eye wear (contact lenses). The quality of Air India's customer service was inconsiderate and incompetent. For several days I telephoned local New Delhi Air India phone numbers I was given. The numbers were nearly always busy or had no answer. If by chance I got through to a person, I was instantly transferred to a number with no answer. On December 27, I hired a taxi to go back to New Delhi International Airport to try to learn any new information concerning my bag. After 3 hours of waiting, I was told there was no record of my bag.

Only with the help of American Express's global assist program was this baggage eventually located. It was located in Calcutta and re-routed to New Delhi to the Hyatt Regency. Why the Delhi-bound bag was re-routed to Calcutta is beyond me. American Express provided me with daily updates concerning the status of my bag. I received the bag in New Delhi at the Hyatt Regency hotel on January 4th. As a result, I spent 10 days in India without contact lenses.

As if the above experience was not bad enough, on my return flight home to New York JFK another piece of my baggage was lost. This piece of lost baggage was delivered to my home address in New York 2 days later. However, when I opened the baggage, I found four items missing and the remaining items inside in dissarray.

The missing items included a custom made shirt I wore at my wedding. It appears that someone rummaged through the baggage and removed several items.

The missing items are:
1). Custom white tuxedo shirt (bergdorff goodman) with initials JJR on left cuff. Value = $650 USD.
2). Ermenegildo Zegna men's white dress shirt. Value = $250 USD
3). Purple striped men's dress shirt. Value = $100 USD.
4). Special "China" edition swiss army knife. Value = $100 USD.

My sister in law, who was on the same flight with her family, had 3 lost bags that were eventually delivered all with missing/stolen items.

I am desperately trying to determine the best way to handle this matter. Air India corporate does not provide any help other than a local airport number at JFK baggage services, which no one answers and which has a full voice mailbox. I have sent emails and faxes and am hoping I get some response. There is no corporate department that handles such claims.

  • Ch
    Chandrima May 08, 2014

    I can understand your situation. Infact i have recently faced such a problem, though it was in a domestic flight - kolkata to silchar. I came all the way from California to visit my family. I carried a diamond earring worth 200 USD in my carry on luggage(21 inches standard bag). Air india authorities insisted that it needed to be checked in since the aircraft was too small. After arguing for sometime and informing them that it contains important items, i agreed to checkin. On arrival in silchar airport, unfortunately i did not notice that the zip seal was broken. I saw it when i reached home. I opened my bag immediately and saw that the diamond jewelry was gone. Who did you write to about your loss?

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  • Ma
    Mashoor816 Mar 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim (White) / Lost / Pickpocket @ Pahar Ganj, New Delhi / India

    IMEI 1: 352706063830596
    IMEI 2 : 352706063830604
    S/N FA499WW01251

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poor service

I travelled from Indian (New Delhi) to London (Heathrow) on 11th December 2009 Flight AI 187 my seat number was 48 C. I would like to bring your attention towards rude behaviour of air hostess during flight. When, I was trying to sleeping, unfortunately my elbow touched to call button. She (air hostess) come to me and asked very rudely. Her face expression and voice tone was unpleasant. I apologised to her. She reverted with bad face expression. <br />
I noticed that when she was talking with other passengers she was dominating on them. Her voice tone and body language was not appropriate for hospitality industry. I know that it was a long journey flight but some time when I travelled in other air lines I never saw this kind of behaviour. I choose Air India because I believed being an Indian company Indian passenger would be treated more friendly. As I noticed that service staffs were communicating unnecessary in English with old passenger and other people those are not able to speak English. <br />
Today, I travel in low budget air lines if in coming day I would become good budget customer probably I would not prefer Air India. As ask to other passengers why they are travelling this Air India they said staff would be Indian so they will be feel more comfortable with Indian staff. <br />
I suggest your air service staff need more training, practices and closing monitor regarding service and behaviour. Although I know very well that Air India is a government agency and staff job’s is safe. <br />
When I saw news that Indian government is giving Rs 400 Cr to Air India I thought, I should bring this problem into your notice. Since I am also working in hospitality industry I believe better service will definitely help to Air India improvement. <br />
Thank you very much <br />
Your sincerely <br />
jetiander negi<br />

  • Rk
    rkgarg75 Aug 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree 100% with this complaint because i met with same problem related above complaint when i travel Shanghai (CHINA) to New Delhi in Sept 2009.


    [email protected]

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  • Um
    umesh yadav May 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have no experience with air India, but i know very well air India is famous for poor service, mostly accidents made by these airline pilots, flight delay, no support, resell the seats or not confirm proper to customer ... i fly mostly by kingfisher (Goa, Hongkong)

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  • Rk
    rkgarg75 Sep 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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valuables woth $1000 stolen from checked in baggages

I travelled from Phoenix to Chennai with my wife in Air India AI126 on Dec 5th. I checked in 5 baggages at the Phoenix Sky Harbour Intl Airport. I paid penalty of $350.00 for 1 extra baggage and extra weight in 1 baggage.

When I reached the chennai airport, none of the 5 bags were delivered to me. I gave a complaint and opted to come and collect the baggages in the airport as soon as they are available. I collected 3 bags, 1 bag and 1 bag on 08/12, 09/12 and 11/12 respectively.

When I opened the bags in my home I found out that many items are missing. Some body has opened all my bags and selectively stolen many valuable items. Around 20 items are missing and their combined worth crosses to $1000.00 .

This has caused so much of metal stress and also monetary loss. Some of the items cannot be bought here and they are priceless gifts.

Despite collecting a fine of 350 dollars my baggages were not handled properly. Shame on Air India for employing crooked people who make second income by stealing their own customers property.

Imagine one person running around numerous stores in US and buying gift items for their loved ones and another person sitting under the safe cover called Air India and selectively stealing all those items as per his wish. Air India has policies which are more robber friendly than customer friendly. This is how it works in Air India

They pay compensation on a weight basis. For example : 1 Kg of goods lost = 500 Rs/

Valuable items that I lost like the Ipod, Watches, PS3 Games don't weigh much. At Air India, Apples are not compare with Apples.

They have their own rules which only help the cause of robbery and increases suffering to the passangers. AI theifs are so smart to steal only the watch and leave the hard case as it is. This means less wieght loss and AI is happy to pay less compensation. This is how AI is breeding a group of white collar robbers.

Air India should be banned from operating Intl flights as they spoil the countrys image.

Name : Samuel Anand Prince / Prabakar Joseph
File Reference : MAAAI37156/07DEC09/0505GMT
Flight Date : UA656/05DEC/AI126/05DEC/AI640/07DEC
Bag Tags : UA650126 UA650127 UA648946 UA648947 UA648948

Following is the list of items that were stolen from me. Price of each item in US $ is metioned next to it.

Brookstone Rolling clock (2) - 30
Brookstone Time projecting clock - 35
Fossil Watch - 103
Citizen Watch - 65
PS3 Games (5) - 5 * 40 = 200
Armani Cent (2) - 120
Sport French cent - 65
Playboy Cent - 30
Ipod Nano 16 Gb Black - 190
Sony Mp3 Player - 35
Cannon Camera - 130
Nursery Rhyme CDs - 20

flying returns

I am enrolled in Frequent Flying Memebership with Air India. My membership no. is N193287. I have trvelled...

rubbish service

hi all

the most rubbish inconvient and horrible airlines its a big big hole of ### never ever again travelling with air india they dont even give u a cold water they have also stolen my little babys stroller and overall the baggage was left in mumbai for three days with all my belongings and my infants tablets if u are wise guys never fly with air india again
they are rude arrogant and never helping airlines
sorry i am indian as well but will not ever consider this airlines to be served innocent peoples and annoy them

  • An
    Anuja23 Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have heard that Air India has good services for their customers . But I am afraid this is certainly not the case. I wanted to book tickets for Florida and I tried contacting them. They kept me on hold again and again and never picked the call. Every otherguy keep on shifting the extensions and doesnt gave any idea if they are willing to give me services. I wanted to book tickets from AIR INDIA only. but I guess they don't want customers. Their bad luck !!

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  • An
    Anuja23 Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    have heard that Air India has good services for their customers . But I am afraid this is certainly not the case. I wanted to book tickets for Florida and I tried contacting them. They kept me on hold again and again and never picked the call. Every otherguy keep on shifting the extensions and doesnt gave any idea if they are willing to give me services. I wanted to book tickets from AIR INDIA only. but I guess they don't want customers. Their bad luck !!

    I hope this complaint will be taken seriously and if willing contact me for flight booking at +919466628234.

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  • Mr
    Mr Sanjay Solanki Oct 17, 2011

    Utterly useless, rude, complete waste of time, disorganised, chaotic, hopeless customer service, two faced policies, totally and hopelessly unsynchronised with time, lazy, lethargic, unproductive, irresponsible, vexing, not to mention shabby cabins. This airline is a crime against humanity. Its a joke how they can use the name of India to adcance their hellbent mission of causing havock and chaos wherever they go. It should be banned. Its probably owned and managed by the people who built and managed that infamous commonwealth complex!- yes that one where just 12 hours nefore the start they were rolling out the track for runners! Shame on you air india you are a disgrace from A to Z and a failure to memtion the least. In an academic sense, you are a 4th standard drop- out! I hope and pray this airline never ever operates from anywhere again. Absolutley terrible experience. Never again.

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This is Sneha. I want compaint about one girl whose name is Krishna Raj Toprani working in Air India as a air hostress.She stay above my shop.From many days she is harasing us and using bad words.
and there is no reason as such. i Want you to take action as soon as possible
Your Faithfully

  • Jy
    jyotsi Sep 27, 2009

    I totally agree with you.They have such a rude and useless staff.I myself travelled with Air India first time on 08, Dec2008 and it was a nightmare.It has eventually become my last flight with them.I cannot even think to book that pathetic Carrier again.I flew from Germany by lufthansa and after having such a nice service throughout my journey I ended up going in tears after i took connecting flight of Air India.
    I was going from Delhi to Amritsar with a small baby of 8 months with me.Air India Ground staff could not fold my baby's stroller so i asked them if they can hold my baby for a while and i will do it.
    Surprisingly the guy said "SORRY this is not my job".I still cant imagine how come people like this are recruited in such a job where they have no sense of assitance.What are they standing there for if they cant help the passengers and specially if passenger is alone with an infant.Lufthansa captain herself had come to assist me while getting down at Delhi ..not only she held my baby but also my hand baggage till baggage belt.I cant imagine that filthy chap thought he hold such a dignity that if he helped someone it will ruin his image.It was intolerable.Finally I had to call a passenger down to help me.Still that shameless chap kept standing there and did not feel like apologising even.I wish I had got it printed in a newspaper with his pathetic face.Shame on you Air India and shame on your filthy staff.We wish you go out of business soon or change your pathetic approach to hire useless people.

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stolen dslr/phone/clothes from check in baggage

I flew from Calcutta airport on the 29th of June 2009 at 8 PM. The Air India flight, with all it's incompetence, was late to take off and reach Delhi.
When they did, the luggage didn't. And I was almost to miss my flight to Chicago. I was flying to LAX.
The AI people told me that they will put my bags in the next flight to Chicago. I, in all my naivete, left my bags at their custody and took my flight.
I believed in them and that I had paid them to do a good job.
My luggage was delivered to me by American Airlines, two days after I reached here. They had taken away my DSLR, three lenses, three filters, Canon flash, Canon batteries, storage cards, and a bunch of other stuff in my camera set I can't even remember.
They took away my phone. They took away some of my best formal clothes.
I went to the AI office on Century Blvd, in LA, and wanted to speak to somebody who could help me. A person there, by the name of Mr. Kannan, told me that it was completely my fault that everything was stolen. That I had been careless, that I should not have put anything valuable in the bags at all.
He also took care to show me a piece of paper where he made himself clear of all liability for my loss.

I know that I am not supposed to trust anybody. That was my biggest mistake, but I PAID these people to take care of my bags.
What they don't understand is that when somebody does this, it mars the reputation of the airlines. And in this era of a recession, they better not lose customers.

  • Mo
    mohd tariq anwar Dec 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi my name is tariq,
    i used air india exprees airline on 4th dec 09 from delhi to jaipur flight no ix 195 i submitted my bag in delhi airport and i got bording pass and when i came down in jaipur and serching my bag in jaipur airport it was not there. when i asked concern person of baggeage counter than they said they have mistkly forget my bag in delhi airport only.they given me complient peper i filled that than they said u will get ur bag at ur home in 2 days & i stay in mumbai .after 6 days i went mumbai airpot to collect my bag i saw bag wes looked but zip of bag wes open a cheaked my bag i frot of officer & secuirety my cellphone & charger was not there i comoplent there they said we will cheak but dont be on hope that u will get ur cell back, , can anybody halp me how will get my cell back,

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camera stolen from air india flight

Camera Stolen from Air India Flight

I travelled from Chicago to New Delhi via Frankfurt by Air India flight on 25th June 09.
I was asked to check in my cabin luggage during boarding Air India flight at Chicago, as apparently there was no space in the overhead bins to accommodate my cabin suitcase. Air India agents literally forced me to hand over my cabin luggage which had a lot of essentials that I needed for such a long journey.

On arrival at New Delhi, when I inspected my cabin baggage mentioned above, I found that my digital SLR camera (Nikon make) was missing. I submitted a compliant on air india website, called customer care and lodged missing item report, even handed a hard copy of the report to Air India manager of baggage claim R.R Khurana in New Delhi. All my complaints have only fallen on deaf ears. Till date I have got no response from Air India, leave aside compensation.

Besides losing a $700 camera, I learnt a valuable lesson.. Don;t think I'll be travelling by Air India any time soon.

Susmit Pal

lost from check-in luggage

This was w.r.t. pilferage from my check in luggage when I was travelling from Delhi to Paris by Air India flight AI 143 on 22.04.09.

It was a direct flight from Delhi to Paris. I had chosen this flight being an Indian national and being pride of my national carrier. But my joy of the trip had lost reaching Paris CDG airport. I had observed that somebody had damaged my check-in luggage and stollen my Sony Handicam from my Check-in luggage during transit from Delhi to Paris. It was very difficult to lodge a complaint in Paris airport due to language problem, but finally I managed to lodge my complaint ( Ref No. of complaint: DPRCDGAI13515) and was hoping that my carrier AIR INDIA would take care of it. But I am sorry to inform you that till date I have received any communication from your end.

Further I also registered a pilferage report in Air India's website on 19.05.09, again posted a complaint on08.06.2009. But I am sorry to inform you that till date I have received any communication from Air India.
So, I would like to request you kindly to bring the matters to appropriate authority and compensate me accordingly. The datails are as follows:
1. Air ticket Ref No. 5XCA7Y
2. Name: Rupali Pathak
3. Date of travel : 22.04.2009
4. Destination: Delhi to Paris
5. Flight No. AI 143
6. Ref No. of complaint: DPRCDGAI13515
7. Lost property:
Sony Handicam
Model - DCR HC 42E
Sl. No. 0290972
Regn No. I2004943
Date of Purchase - 20.04.05
Place of purchase - Dibrugarh,
Price : Rs.35500/-
(including memory stick etc.)
My ID: [protected]@gmail.com

lost from check-in luggage

  • Di
    Dilip Shrikhande Oct 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    This is to bring to your notice that it has been 13 days and I have still not received my baggage.
    I took AI flight number AI131 from Mumbai airport on Oct 10, 2009 at 0135 hours (boarding time) Seat Number – 41K (Mumbai to London). At check-in time no tag was put on the bag on insistence they assured that required information is captured in the system and bag will reach at destination safely.
    But on arrival at London Heathrow airport (Terminal 3) my worst fear came true. I didn't find my bag. A complain was lodged with Airport officials, following reference number AHL LHRAI 10555 was provided.
    This bag contained various essential household items, all my clothes and most importantly medicines. I had to purchase various essential items and i have still not been able to get medicines for my severe acidity.
    I have suffered tremendously on financial, mental and physical front due to gross baggage mismanagement by AI. I hereby humbly request AI authorities and ministry of aviation to look into this and get my baggage retrieved at earliest. I also sincerely request concerned authorities to look into this at a broader level and stream line baggage management so that no one else goes thru similar suffering.

    Your Sincerely
    Dilip Shrikhande
    [email protected]
    +44 7775162391

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poor customer service, missed flights

Customer Service Complaint Department – Air India

To Whom it may concern,

We were a group of 4 passengers travelling to India on Thursday 18th December 2008 from London to Mumbai via Delhi on flight number AI112. As we checked in at Heathrow, we asked the Air India check-in staff if we will be issued boarding cards from Delhi to Mumbai and were told that we will be issued boarding cards from Delhi which was a bit surprising and confusing as our final destination was Mumbai.
We departed London 45 minutes later than scheduled time of 21.30pm which we thought this would not be a problem as we already have a connecting flight already booked from Delhi to Mumbai on Friday 19th December 2008, flight number IC887 scheduled to depart at 13.00pm, because we departed late, we arrived late at Delhi. On arrival at Delhi International Terminal, we were totally and absolutely lost at the airport as we had no information or guidance on what to do. There was not a single Air India staff to guide us. We had to ask several airport staff what to do. We were informed that we will have to go through Immigration and Customs. At this point we stood in the queue at immigration where we were further delayed while going through immigration. After immigration, again we had to ask several staff about our baggage as our baggage’s had been tagged for London to Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai. We waited at the baggage collection belt at Delhi. After waiting for almost 30 to 40 minutes we did not see our baggage come onto the belt, which was very worrying. Then by chance I spotted our baggage which were actually lying on the floor next to the belt wondering why our baggage’s had been taken off the belt and who had taken them off the belt. If our baggage were tagged for Mumbai, why were they taken off at Delhi without notifying us? After collecting our baggage we proceeded through customs and rushed towards the bus that was transferring passengers to the domestic terminal, at this point we were told that this was the last bus and that we could make it to our connecting flight to Mumbai. The journey to the domestic terminal took another 15 to 20 minutes. Having reached at the domestic terminal, we were told that our flight had left, which left us totally stranded and worried and were told by the Air India counter staff that we had to wait for the next flight to Mumbai. So we went to the Air India airport office to enquire when the next available flight was to Mumbai and were told that it was at 5.00pm. We told the booking staff that we had to catch our onward flight to Rajkot at 7.00pm, but the Air India staff took no notice of our concerns. This left us with no choice but to book on the 5.00pm flight to Mumbai. We got ourselves booked for the 5.00pm flight IC810 by couple of ladies at the booking office where they issued us with print-outs of our flight. As we had few hours until our flight, we sat at the airport until check-in time. We proceeded for check-in at about 3.30pm where we found out that 2 tickets were confirmed and 2 tickets on waiting list as all 4 of us were travelling together. After several requests, we were told to wait and that nothing could be done. We were actually asked to go from one counter to another for almost an hour and a half without any luck. The Air India check-in staff at Delhi were absolutely ignorant with what we had gone through, even during check-in the check-in staff were prepared to deal with other passengers who would just jump in front of us and just forget about us. With all this ignorance we were informed that we could not get on the 5.00pm flight as only 2 confirmed passengers could travel. Having missed that flight, we again asked what will happen now and were told that we will be guaranteed a flight at 6.00pm, we had no choice but to accept as we were totally left stranded by the sheer ignorance of the Air India staff. We finally boarded the 6.00pm flight to Mumbai. We arrived in Mumbai at about 8.30pm. As we had our onward tickets already booked to Rajkot from London on Jet Airways which was at 7.00pm which we had missed due to our late arrivals. We had to re-book our Rajkot tickets with Jet Airways for which we had to pay the full flight cost and were booked for the 7.00am flight the next morning. This left us with no choice but to book ourselves in a local hotel in Mumbai. We finally reached Rajkot the next morning almost 13 hours late. We were with two 16 year old young teenagers who were going for cricket coaching sessions in Rajkot and they were really frustrated at the way we were all treated by the Air India staff.
Air India is supposed to be the national airline of India and we have never had such an experience with any other airline having travelled to India several times, which leaves us in no doubt but to say that we will never again travel by Air India ever and will never again recommend any of our friends and family to travel by Air India. This was totally unacceptable from such a large airline with all the delays and missing all our connecting flights with all the extra costs of new tickets to Rajkot and hotel costs and the inconvenience this has caused to us all. If this particular issue is not taken seriously and if we do not get a satisfactory response and full compensation to this matter from Air India, we will be left with no choice but to take this matter further. As previously mentioned, we will never again fly by Air India, even if we were offered free travel by Air India. It was total incompetence on the part of the staff and Air India as a whole.
This was just the first part of Air India’s incompetence. On the way back we rang Air India to re-confirm our booking on flight AI143 to Delhi and were informed that our flight from Mumbai to Delhi was at 7.45am and not 9.30am as per our booking printout made via our travel agent in London. We arrived at Mumbai airport terminal 2 three hours early prior to departure and the situation at Mumbai airport Air India check-in was totally chaotic, there were no clear instructions or notices as to which queue to check-in. This took us a good couple of hours to check-in. Having checked in we expected our flight to be on time, but again without any announcements the flight was delayed by an hour and a half. At the departure gate while we were waiting, we happened to meet a passenger from London who was travelling with us and found that the timings for our onward flight AI111 to London from Delhi did not match with the timing on his and our tickets. His ticket showed 14.20pm departure time and our ticket showed 15.50pm departure, again we fail to understand how this can be at all possible when all tickets are issued by Air India. Had we not been aware of this, we could have easily missed our flight to London. I am sure that Air India will not take this issue lightly and we expect an explanation with this nightmare journey we had.

Hoping for your prompt and satisfying response.

Passengers Travelling: Mr. Shivlal Patel - Locator Number: HGV8K
Mr. Ashish Patel - Locator Number: HGV9S
Mr. Naran Gami - Locator Number: HCRZ 7
Mr. Mayur Gami - Locator Number: HCRZ 7

Kindly reply via email on [protected]@hotmail.co.uk

Shivlal H. Patel

  • Ji
    Jitendra Keshri May 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is Dr. JItendra Keshri. My ticket no. was 0985316814939 and PNR no. Z89PQ. I was supposed to travel from Tel Aviv to New Delhi on 26th April. My boarding pass was issued and I went through hectic two hours of immigration and security check at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv). When I reached at the Gate Terminal E6, my name was announced along with 12 other passengers that we cannot board on the flight, with telling any authentic reason by attendants there. Despite of requesting several times, that I had to attend family function next day in Haryana (India), they did not allow me to board the flight. After repeatedly asking the reason, the Air India Manager (Mr. Michael) informed us that there is technical fault in the flight, any door or window is not closing properly. So, all passengers could not be accommodated. This flight was also delayed for 6 hours from its scheduled time. I wonder how Air India can risk the life of passengers with the technically faulty flights.
    Once I asked how they selected the passengers who are being not allowed to travel. I got an answer, those who are travelling alone and having student visa. So, for Air India students are easy targets.
    Mr. Michael was not giving us proper answer what he is going to do with us. His full intention was that we stay for three more days in Tel Aviv and he could board us in next Air India flight which was on 29th of April. Six passengers agreed for this, but for six passengers including me, travelling on 26th april itself was so important. But he was not in mood to arrange other flight. He was intentionally delaying the process and made us wait whole night without any proper answer. After a lot of requests, he arranged our tickets in Aeroflot next morning only through Moscow, which dropped us in Delhi only in the midnight of 27th April. But again we had to go through the immigration and security check, which in Tel Aviv airport used to be hectic. I could not attend my so important family function on 27th April. What compensation am I going to get for this overall 18 hours delayed flight and mentally harassing us whole night?

    This is not the end of story; I was supposed to travel back from Delhi To Tel Aviv on 15th May. Dr. Prashant Kambali was also with me (He was also not allowed to board the Air India flight on 26th April.) When reached the counter to collect the boarding pass, the lady told us that our ticket from Tel Aviv to Delhi was still opened, so she cannot issue the boarding pass. She sent us to ticketing counter of Air India on Gate number 1. There no one helped us, and denied that we cannot travel now since there is no information in internet that there was fault in Air India flight. Also, they cannot close our ticket which was supposed to be done by Air India on 27th April itself. We narrated all our issues what happened to us on 26th April in Tel Aviv airport and how Michael arranged Aeroflot to send us here. But they simply said we are not telling the truth. Then we asked them give us in writing that we cannot take the returning flight. They denied to do so, and sent us to the counter manager of Air India. She sent us again to boarding pass counter. There Mr. Avinash helped us to close the ticket from Tel Aviv To Delhi, and issued us boarding pass for Air India flight from Delhi to Tel Aviv. This whole process took more than one hour running here and there. We were mentally harassed and physically exhausted.

    What was our fault in all these situations? We paid full amount and expect the good service from Air India, which was really unconvincing by the behavior of Air India staff. These flights, between Tel Aviv and Delhi, is a kind of historic and fell under Maharaja service and there was a lot media coverage when it got started in March 2018. Does Air India call this kind of service as Maharaja? If so, that’s pathetic.

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no cust. service

I had a ticket on 17th May from Mumbai to Jodhpur. Departure Time was 15:15 but the flight took off around 23:00 hours. Just 15 minutes before departure it was announced that it will overfly Jodhpur.

There was no water in the 2 toilets. I was given a water bottle to wash hands and was told to keep the bottle in toilet only so that others can use.

We reached Udaipur at 1 am (midnight) Five passengers did not get their baggages. Upon passengers’ request, the officer on duty gave papers related to lost baggage.

While returning back on 20th May from Jodhpur, no water/juice was served till Udaipur. Upon asking I was told that they are not supposed to offer anything in a short flight of 25 minutes.

There is no email id or address where a customer can send all this feedback. I am a frequent flier, but all this was experienced for the first time.

Another problem is related to e-ticket. I have a ticket of 4 persons in one PNR. 2 of these 4 want to cancel the journey. There is no provision on website. 1407 says contact Airlines office. Airlines office says call on 011-[protected]. This number is either busy or ’no reply’.

inconvenience & harassment during transit

I traveled from Riyadh to Chennai by Air India on 24th June 2009. I had booked my ticket through Yatra online. My flight itinerary was mentioned as Departure from Riyadh at 17:40 and Mumbai arrival at 23:55 and again the flight from Mumbai at 01: 15 and arrival at Chennai at 03:00. When I arrived at Riyadh airport at 14:45 to check-in I was surprised to know that there was no flight scheduled at 17:40 and the actual time of the same flight was only at 18:20. Then again I was shocked to learn I will not be able to board the connecting flight at Mumbai as per my ticket. Moreover while I was still waiting in the long queue to check-in, to everyone's annoyance, the flight's departure time was changed to 20:15 (delayed by 2 hours). Even the airport manager could not tell me when will be my connecting flight to Chennai. How are we supposed to make arrangements to receive us when no one knows when will I be able to board the next flight at Mumbai! After waiting for 5and half long hours at Riyadh airport atlast I boarded the flight. Unfortunately, I did not suspect more trouble awaiting me at Mumbai! I had 3 baggages checked-in totaling to 40kgs. When I reached Mumbai I was asked to collect all my baggages and informed that I will have to check-in again at the domestic airport and also that I will have to wait for 4 and half hours again to catch the next flight to Chennai! With all the baggages again I went from the international airport to the domestic terminal. The worst part was when I had to check-in my baggages the airlines person objected to allow my bags and said they in excess by 10kgs and asked me to pay Rs. 750/- as fine. This was really disgusting because I had baggage only within my permissible limits for international passengers and that man refused to consider me as an international passenger. He said that it was a domestic flight and I was suposed to carry only 30kg. I showed him my international ticket which clearly stated that I am entitled to travel from Riyadh to Chennai. He was so adamant and put me into too much of stress. It was getting delayed for the flight which added to my tension. Then I had to unpack all my baggages, forcibly throw away many items and worst come worst unknowingly lost one of the valuable item while unpacking and repacking! And I was unable to do everything alone in such a great hurry so I had to engage a helper (porter - an additional expenditure!) and could not even monitor what was happening around me! In a great hurry as I was in I could not rearrange my things in a proper fashion so atlast they reached home broken, damaged, squeezed and ultimately became a complete jumble of waste!!! Whom am I supposed to blame despite abiding by the airlines rules I was put under undue suffering and harassment which made my flight journey a great disaster! How will anyone like Air India and how will run on profit when it cannot win the hearts of passengers? Definitely, I will never go through this horrible experience again by traveling by Air India and will never recommend or even suggest it anyone known to me!

Now My complaints are:
1) Why dont the airlines display the correct time on the e-ticket issued?
2) Why dont they adhere to the scheduled time? (I heard that the flight from Riyadh very often departs only after 2-3hrs of delay!)
2) Why dont they atleast inform the passengers the reason for the delay in flight timings? (Atleast try to justify the undue delay!)
3) Why dont they update informations online so that passengers can plan and check-in at an appropriate time and not sit at the airport for unduly long hours?
4) There is no convenient reclining couches at Mumbai where passengers can wait for long hours especially at night. This makes flight journey worse than travel on road!
5) When air ticket is purchased from one point to another and when there is a transit involved it is highly irrational to make the passengers collect their baggages in between! This creates immense inconvenience to passengers and accounts only to the irresponsible attitude of the airlines.
6) Why on earth persons at the counter to check-in know the rules and regulations of their own airlines properly? There is a difference in maximum allowed baggage between national and international passengers.
7) For no fault of mine my journey time + waiting time which should have been 9 hours became 15:30 hours!
8)Who is supposed to bear the cost of damages and loss of my valuable articles all of which was caused by the irresponsible attitude of your officers who do not know your own airline's rules properly?

I repent over my mistake of traveling on Air India when I had the best option of direct flight from Riyadh to Chennai in Saudi airlines which would have been just 5:30 hours! I understand it never pays any good in India to be a PATRIOT!

And moreover for your kind information, I have all the necessary documents to sue Air India in the consumer court and claim for all the damages and inconvenience caused!

  • Jy
    jyotsi Sep 27, 2009

    I agree with you.Let me tell you when i took the only flight with them last december.
    DEL to ASR flight was supposed to fly at 7pm.At 6.55pm also boarding was not started.One of the passenger went to the desk and asked one of the staff members what is causing the delay.
    Now this was the answer given to him..."Are you flying first time Mr?Dont you know flights are generally delayed its very common practice"...hahahahhaha...when he came back and shared this we all laughed so much.Great going Air India...We would see you sinking soon.Pathetic Carrier.Pathetic Staff.Pathetic Service.You dont deserve to be in industry anymore..

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  • Mr
    Mr.Ja Jan 28, 2010

    i hope this is the first time you are travelling in air india, i use to travell in diffrent airlines, but only once i had a chance to travel from riyadh - mumbai - chennai - singapore, that was last time i travelled in our national carrier... even i use to go by air - arabia... or yemeni air, but say not to AIR INDIA.
    the big and old airlines still running with LOSS. with OLD staffs with old chaos, atleast 2 strikes in a year, pilot and airhostes fightings, sleeping / tired pilots etc. i am planning to suggest this airlines for guiness world record of late flights and transit services.
    if you dont have a good insurance for you and your baggage, kindly avoid Air india

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wheel chair not given to olderly women

My mother who is very old arrived on london hethrow airport on 19th june 2009 and her flight number is AI111...

customer care

21/05/2009 ic mct - ccj. Ic counter staff acted very rude and helpless. Requested to put handbaggage 8 kg with normal laugage 82 kg - total tkt nos2. Its allowed by ic rules 80kg laugage and 14kg hand baguage - 2 tkts. Passenger 1 adult and 1 child. Because of take care child, requested & begged to put hand bag with laugage. The lady staff who was on duty she refused. We didnot have any excess kg. Total weights 90 kg. We didnot ask any help but only requested a take care or child favour. Finally indian airlines staff came on scene and send laugage. It shows that, indian airlines how they treat the passengers who travel along with them.

Ameen / [protected]@hotmail.com

  • Sa
    SaiRam Sep 08, 2009

    I disagree with this, I Travelled Indian Airlines in Dec 2008, paid extra Bagage charges, as Per continetal rules my total Baggage weight was 23+23 + 10( Hand Baggage), They rfuesed to accept Baggage allowance for Intrnational fliers, I paid some Rs 2500 only for may baggage, Immediately I reported the same to Indian Airlines superior staff, in Mumbai Airport bit no use...avoid IA travel if you have International Luggage, Jetlite in good in tis aspect..

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  • Sa
    SaiRam Sep 08, 2009

    Now a days Indian Airlines Flights are not gurateed to reach their destinations safely, Aviation Industry shold Mainatain Zero Fault standards, as AI is Govt satff they wont concentrate on Fliers Lives, Exaples :There was couple of Incidents happaned in last 3 months especially for AI domestic Flights, Govt wants to save this airlines by adding funds for survival of AI, But Air India is some what good, Good in the sence just they are meeting International standards to service in International Avitaion Market, for AI also I heard couple of reports on Baggages wont come with Passengers, Baggage will reach to destination after 10-15 days of arrival of passenger. need to take diciplainary steps to this Govt organisation..

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  • De
    devraj.ullal Nov 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife Mrs Ullal /Bharathi Devraj Mrs . PNR HY72W Tkt no 0982400734604...Bkd to trvl Ai 9610/Ai 811 Blr/bom/dmm on the 28nov...Trvld but the following points to be noted.

    On chkin at blr she was handed only b/pass up to Bom and asked to collect the Dammam b/pass and her bags at Bom and re chk to Dmm...The chkin staff told her that her bag allowance was 20kg and not 30 kg...she had to do away with 6kg...

    there were two more pax trvlg the same all the way to Dammam...They immediatlly asked my wife to go and collect the Dmm b/pass . But the attitude was really unplesent...When she contacted me at Dmm i asked her to meet the Duty Manager who was unavailable...I think his name is (Dilip or Duleep).

    After my wife's arrival at Dmm . I took the print out of all 3 pax including my wife's...I hv the agent's chk-in details...
    If u wish to hv pls let me know...my e-mail is [email protected]

    We have being trav lg on Ai for the past 38years and after the code share of ai/Ic i was happy...
    Last two years we had no problem fom Blr to Dmm but his time how could a staff treat an aged pax this way...It was really hell for her... Thanking You...Devraj.Ullal

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check-in baggage missing

Thursday, 07 may 2009

Indian airlines,
Anna international airport

Kind attn: customer care manager (indian airlines)

Sub: - missing baggage – not yet received.

Sir / madam,

I, aliva maharana, a resident of chennai (nanganallur), travelled from chennai to muscat via calicut on 3rd may 2009 through the indian airlines flight no. 0925 (chennai-calicut-muscat). I had one check-in baggage, however when I reached muscat airport I didn't get my baggage on arrival. therefore, I booked a complaint with indian airlines office at muscat airport. the indian airlines staff at muscat seeb international airport gave me a property irregularty report (pir) form to fill and to sign for my checked baggage (mct-ic-095), carrier bag tag no.0058-ic-226326. I left the airport premises with mental agony. the indian airlines staff said hopefully I will be getting the bag on the next flight probably same time next day but while visiting them next day the reply I got that “it has not come today”.

Copy of the complain is attached herewith.

Details of missing baggage are as follows:

Type: black colour delsey big suitcase.
Check-in bag tag no. 0058-ic-226326
Weight approx: 30 kg
Contains: personal clothing, some valuable goods & important documents.

Request you to urgently look into the matter and to trace out my missing baggage asap.

Expedite this case and revert back by e-mail: [protected]@yahoo.com and
Gsm: 00968-[protected], please.


Aliva maharana

check-in baggage missing

air india staff's malpractice at airport

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind attention to the malpractices of Air India staff at Jeddah Airport. My brother Mr. Abdul Jaleel kallidumban travelled to CCJ on yesterday, 9th April flight A1962 (PNR: HP7LY). Very regretfully I would like to point out the incidents we faced at Jeddah Air India airport counter:

1. He was an Executive Class passenger. We arrived at airport three hours before departure and passed e-ticket & passport to Business class counter. The counter staff told me that you don't have any booking in this flight, while I have upgraded his ticket to Business class and reissued it from Jeddah Air India Office. I show him the print-out from Air India Office Jeddah with full details including seat reservatin. As I am working in the same travel field I had an argument with that employee. He said contact Air India staff Mr. Vinod he can fix it. I am having RR1 booking with seat reservation 1A. I talk to Mr. Vinod he said I cannot do anything your booking is not in the system. If you want to travel then you have to pay some amount! I ask him where to pay? why to pay? How much to pay? He said if you want to travel then pay and keep quiet and he left. I went to another staff and he told me the same pay him some money and take your seat. This is an experience of an Executive class passenger!!! After long argumentation they agreed to give me a seat (number 4B).

2. After issuing Boarding pass he asks me to pay excess luggage for 28KG. I ask him can you do something. Again the counter staff referred to Mr. Vinod and he asks me to pay luggage for 5Kg to Air India, and the rest 8SR per Kg instead of paying SR 18 per KG. I understand the situation of Air India staff at airport and I approached another airport staff (Arab National). He suggested the same pay him (vinod) SR 8 per Kg and go. I surprised to learn this situation of Air India. Also I came to understand from most of the travelers that they are paid to Mr. Vinod for excess baggage (SR 8 per kg). After long argument with the staff they refused to take my luggage at SR 8 per Kg. At last I paid 18 per Kg and send my excess luggage.

3. In the past we don't have any other option to fly directly to CCJ but now the situation has changed. Saudi Arabian Airlines started operation in this sector and definitely you will see people will use Saudia in the future, and avoid Air India.

4. After all this incident I find that a passenger crying there in front of Air India counter. I just ask him to know the problem, he said my brother died in an accident and I want to fly to attend his funeral. Air India staff denied his booking and Mr. Vinod ask him to pay additional money to get a seat. He is using airport cleaning staff to do this dirty business. They are the mediator for such things. I approached the counter again and I ask that employee the position of air craft. He said seats available and we cannot issue boarding pass without the permission of Mr. Vinod because he ask me to hold it.

If you are a responsible officer of Air India, please investigate all these complaints and take an immediate action for this chronic problem of Air India Jeddah. I had similar experience in the past and I sent many complaints to Air India customer support but never received a reply. As a citizen of India I am still writing for the best interest of our carrier AI and always expecting best services from our national flag carrier.

You may forget about my complaint. You can send a passenger with excess baggage to Jeddah Airport and you can easily understand how this caucus working in Jeddah Airport.

If you need any further clarification or information, please contact me on my mobile +[protected] or email. [protected]@gmail.com.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Ahmed Hussain
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


I am not sure why Air India always provides the worst customer service to its clients. I think all of u...


I was flying with Air India from LHR to New delhi on 31st Dec 2008.Suppose to be in New Delhi at 11.15 next day which is 1st Jan 2009.But, Instead of taking us to new delhi, they said bcs there is not enough fuel in the plane and bcs of weather conditions are n't good, we have to wait for another approx 2 hrs, so we are taking this flight to Mumbai and then We will arrange flight for you to come back to Delhi.
We get Mumbai, There was no one from air India to give us any information.We all were sitting there like a stupid and waiting, having no idea what is going on.Then they said we will leave at 1600, We reached mumbai at 1300.There was no proper food arrangement.The food they gave us was so bad that you can't eat that.It wsa not upto the standards.All of our families were waiting there in New Delhi and None of our relatives been informed from Air India that the flight is gone to Mumbai.We have to wait there till 2000 hrs.There was no one in flight to give us any refreshments.Air hostess were standing in the kichen and who ever wants tea or coffee, they have to help themselves.So, we waited in mumbai from 1300 till 2000...Reached in New Delhi at nearly 2400.There wsa no one to apologise and to give us information what time we will leave, All of have plans for new year and even our families who were waiting there from 1100 in the morning till 2400 and ruined all our plans for New year
The Reason behind this complaint is to give feedback to AirIndia that they are losing there reputaion and also customers..and also compensation for all this harrasment and poor customer service

stolen items from luggage... mental harrassment by air india personnels

I departed from TX on 14th Nov.08 to Delhi (Texas to NY - Delta and NY - Delhi), reached Delhi on 15th Nov. 08.. I didn't receive my luggage for 4 days ... thanks to Air India, When I received my luggage after chains of formalities and struggle, I found it was unlocked..and my stuff which I brought for my parents, friends and relatives were stolen from it. It has been more than a month before I reported the list of my items stolen and a claim of 400$, today I received a letter from Baggage Claim Manager Mrs Pasricha (Delhi) that they will give me 25$ as it is on weight basis not on stolen items basis.
I am student doing MS in USA University, I was going home after a span of 1.5 years, for all that time I kept on buying gifts for my parents, relatives and friends, thinking when I will go home I will give them... The AI instead of apologizing and compensating, triggered my pain, frustration and anger by offering me 25$...
WHAT SHOULD I DO OR TELL THEM?? Buy yourself some cookies for that 25$ I don't want any charity and enjoy the things you stole from my baggage...

  • Pa
    param Dec 23, 2008


    I was very sad reading experience with Air India. I can completely relate with ur feelings, we take pains in picking gifts for our loved just to see smiles on their faces. Emotional value of these gifts are much more than commercial value.
    Its heartbreaking to see them taken away by unknown thugs who handle our bags. This is not acceptable and JUST NOT DONE.

    We have seen our parents take higher ground in such situations, following the approach of forget it and move forward. GOd will punish the wrong doer.

    Our generation has to act, I will sincerely urge you to fight out ur case, not for money, not for the lost gifts, but to save a future passenger from such thugs.
    Its a tough path and will need patience, just dont give up. fight it out, Keep writing regularly senior Air india and Ministry of Civil aviation to get attention.

    Just FYI, I had similar experience recently and for once I am deciding to fight, I will donating any compensation received to charity orgs.

    feel free to contact me if I could be of any help.

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  • Si
    Simon Wong Dec 23, 2008


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  • Ne
    Neera Anand Dec 11, 2009

    This is just rediculous! I cant believe airport/airline employees would do such a thing. No wonder the western world hate "Indians" . I am also East Indian, but from Fiji Islands, NOT INDIA...and thank god for that...I dont want to say harsh words, but people like these who would do such a thing to their own people, or anyone for that matter is a slumdog, and that is what they will always be in my point of view!!! This is why western world say such bad things about them, because these people prove them right!!! I mean what do they think of themselves, that they are kings and queens of India? Please, give me a break, they are just thieves, they look like one, they smell like one and they ACT like one! Uppar Wala will definitely teach these unpardh gawar's a good lesson...ALL IN TIME!

    Bhavna, so sorry to hear your experience, I am going to India in 2 weeks, and a friend suggested Air India...I always knew the airlines gained such public fame ( I mean that in a negative way)!!! so now after reading these blogs, I will never step foot on an air India flight! Period...

    The woman think they are hot ### and know more than you, the men are dirty pigs, who will steal from their own daughters...and in general are in-human, selfish, lieing, sun-ofa-guns! ( I only speak of the ones that fit these categories) Not all Indians!!

    from London, Ontario, Canada
    December 11, 2009

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  • Ne
    Neera Anand Dec 11, 2009

    I think they should ban Air India...Period!...why the f*** are people paying thousands to this airline when they cant even book a ticket straight enough? And to top that, the employees bribe, steal, and harraas their customers???? I don't get it, why are they even still in business? Oh and not to mention also, the f***** Air Indian pilots are now getting arrested for flying while under the influence!!! Pilots drinking while you are on board, can you imagine? Imagine how much they must be drinking while up in the air flying with you on board!!! Can you imagine how these f***ers risk innocent peoples lives????? It's true what they say in India... "if you cant get the butter out with a straight finger...use a crooked/bent finger to do it" who else would know beter than the people who actually said it and practice it..."The Indian Citizens"

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  • Aa
    aaron glen dsouza Dec 27, 2010

    listen neera anand it is not only with air india. It is also a problem with all airlines. Infact even jet airways pilots also drink while flying. Go to google and type 'jet airways complaints'. All airlines cant provide even gud food. But air india provides with best food. If u have a problem with air india, there are many people who like that airlines. So plz u refrain from flying air india.

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  • Ra
    RaghuK Mar 08, 2011

    Jeez Neera, I think u were very angry with this airlines when you posted this.. All airlines in the east do it I guess.. but DUI is totally a criminal act!! as for my experience, AI is ok to go except for the un-responsive staff, broken electronics, (and recently heard of uneducated staff who donot allow child seats) etc.. AI is more like riding a city bus in Hyderabad, India!! See complaints for Emirates and other airlines.. same stuff.. every one steals and I think its because of the opportunity that creates it.. so its basically everyone.. Only the higher officials should take certain steps to control these robberies(chaos, atrocities).. its actually possible, unless they are also corrupted!!

    As per Bhavna, I also lost things in Emirates which are 1000$ worth.. from what I heard, we ll never get our stuff back, any travel insurance wouldnt cover the los and the people who stole your stuff are going to get away at that point in their life.. but they ll go through the same / even hard experience for sure..

    I can say the world is pretty messed up.. no security anywhere..

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pathetic experience flying with air india

10 November 2008
A horrible experience, again for the same WORSE than worse airline "AIR INDIA"(AI). ([censored]g B*****ds) Please excuse my French.

Yesterday, my wife and my one year old child have traveled in Air India, from London-Ahmedabad and they had really felt the experience of how someone, presumably, is feeling while in hell.

The scheduled departure time from London Heathrow was 08:45 (GMT) and arrival at Ahmedabad at 02:40 (+05:30 GMT) but who cares about it. It was delayed for more than 5 hours and 30 mins waiting not in airport lounge but in the aircraft without a reason. (1St nightmare) There was series of nightmares.

Before that, at the check-in desk, they were told that AI will be giving a seat to my one year old child. My wife has booked the aisle seat online before hand. Once they have boarded the flight, air line crew informed my wife that they are not able to give a seat to my child and she was given not aisle seat but middle seat in a row of congested 4 seats. (2nd nightmare) Just imagine how she is going to carry one year old child in her lap for more than 12 hours’ journey. She has requested so many times to crew members but no mercy, by default.

This wasn’t enough; flight was then diverted to Mumbai before traveling to Ahmedabad for their so called technical reasons. When flight reached at Mumbai, they were again told that due to some technical problem they need to alight from the existing flight and board another flight (3rd nightmare).

When my wife asked for our Baby push chair (Pram) to return so that she can carry all hand and baby luggage with my son, they said they have already transferred our Pram to other flight via all other luggage (4th nightmare). My naïve wife has asked for some help from crew members but she got very rude reply. They said “It is your responsibility; you should not have carried all this baggage when you know that you are carrying a child”.

Now I am really worried about them as she got the return flight on 16th Jan 2009, and I don’t know what else is left to suffer when they will return back. I know if I complaint about this to AI, they will again reply with their stereotype letter and no action will be taken.

If possible, can somebody advise me, can we all file a legal suit against AI for all their mental and physical harassments towards huge number of passengers from all over the world? Surely we will get evidence from all the passengers who have faced so many problems from AI.

  • Ba
    Balinder Walia Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with Niraj's complaint. We have had awful experience dealing with AIR INDIA. It was not about money and push chairs but the way AIR INDIA deals with complaints. They don't bother reply to start with. They don't have the right attitude to communicate with customers. Instead of listening to our concerns the Asstt. Manager said oh! British Airways lost 75000 bags in three days so were not the only one who lost your baby push chair. First of all this is pathetic. Why compare with any other Air line. British Airways have also done what they could to resolve or find the bags and they communicated to the clients, apologized and did what they could. We know that no Air line is perfect, even no human being is perfect and we all make mistakes, but it really shows when there is a problem to do your best to resolve it. My argument is AIR INDIA staff doesn't take responsibility. And they are rude. They put the phone down on us many times. My wife works for largest telecom industry in service desk and she was surprise at the way AIR INDIA staff communicate. I have worked with large organizations with over 4500 employes and I never had anyone saying to me that you are uncivilized person. This what I got from AIR INDIA Asstt. Manager at Heathrow Airport.

    We got cheque from Air India today compensating the push chair and they have also paid our taxi fare now. Baby push chair costed us lot more but we are bothered to talk to them and explain them as they just won't get it. I have spent Rs. 5000-7000 worth of phone calls in India and plus called many times from here in UK and who is going to pay for it? Plus the time we have wasted on this stupid issue. I haven't got anymore time for this as better things to do with our time.

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  • At
    a talwar Jul 07, 2009

    i just read the whole story i m sorry but it is looking more like a story only.first of allnobody can promise you a seat till you have paid full money for it.if th flight is full, how can you expect a vacant seat for your 1 year child.moreover you are complaining even if you have not booked a seat for it.if a person is so desperate to have a seat he shoud book it.secondly nobody can tell you your seat no till you checkin at the airport.choice of seats you get when you arrive airport much in advance .its on first come first serve basis.pax who come on time, checkin frst get priority in seats.you coming late with minimum choice of seats and then complaining is not acceptable.if u r so desperate for a particular seat shoud come on time.cz later u jz cant blame crew for it.n mr nightmare come in world of reality.your stroller is taken at aircraft door n can be collected at luggage belt only.there is no provision to get it at aircraft door.and its not wiht air india.same rule apllies to all the airlines.and crew cant leave the aircraft before certain formalities are completed.people like you who dont want to pay for extra baggage come onboard with heavy bags n then look for the porters (crew).we(crew) are happy to help but cant take100% responsibility of your luggage.when your wife was travelling with a baby, that too alone she shoud have carried minimum baggage.you just cant blame crew for it.so stop complaining and just go through travel tips before u travel for the next time.otherwise you will end up cribbing again.

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