Air Canadaboarding agent rude and condescending


On September 1, 2017 we were booked on AC flights from Kelowna to Dublin via Vancouver. The international flight was great. Our return flight AC 1905 On September 23 from Edinburgh to Toronto was also great. Our boarding passes issued in Edinburgh showed our prepaid seats from Toronto to Calgary that one was incorrect. We were advised to check it out in Toronto.

We arrived at our departure gate Flight AC 143 Toronto to Calgary 2 hours ahead of boarding. Your boarding agents didn't arrive until 10 min before boarding time and this was a full flight. My husband was still in his prepaid seat of 16E and I was now allocated to row 20 middle.

Upon inquiring and showing our travel documents from Maritime Travel that confirmed we had paid for these seats on Mar 7 we were rudely told to Sit down and I will get to you.
When over half the plane had been boarded we inquired again to be rudely shouted at again I'm working on it. She eventually got it straight and the agent checking boarding passes said you must be happy she got you exit row seats. My reply was we paid for those seats 6 months ago.

We purchased seats so we would not have seat issues with multiple flights.
What is the point of purchasing seats when someone in AC seat selection
can change a prepaid seat at will. My husband and I have the same last names and all our documentation was all linked

Your boarding agent in Toronto was rude, condescending and totally unprofessional. I understand that things get chaotic when boarding large volumes of travelers but being polite and courteous is part of the job. Also agents arriving more than 10 minutes before boarding would have certainly helped there stress levels.
All the Air Canada boarding agents in the other airports were excellent.

This is unacceptable behavior of an Air Canada employee. We have told our travel agent in future please do not book us through Air Canada if possible and definitely not through Toronto.

Yours Marilyn Duffin

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