Ackermans Storesmascara I bought

El Oct 03, 2019

My name is Ellen and my email address is [protected] I live in the bush and I bought 7 mascara at Ackerman, out of the 7, 4 of them are not working. 3 of them are dried up and hey were still sealed and one of them the top Bush just broke as I was trying to open it. I wanted to through them away but I still have them. Yes they were cheap like R20.00 but very good quality but I'm disappointed that the other are not working. So what do you guys do to insure that they are in good condition and not dried up. Can I get a replace or something because I do t have the slip I threw it away. Like I said I would have taken it back but I live in the middle of nowhere and I only go to town every after 36 day! Please help me

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