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My name is Lloyd Oliver

I have been trying to get my provident fund from ABSA for over a month now. My ex-employer issued me with a number to call them. The number goes to a recording that says "Your call will be answered soon". This eats all my airtime & i have to reload airtime when i have money to try again. I have spent over R500 trying to call these people. They do not answer the phone. I have also driven R200 petrol out looking for the right branch in Western Cape for a face to face encounter. No luck whatsoever. I called the CCMA who reffered me to the Provident Fund Adjudicator. Guess what?! Their number does not exist anymore. I am now running out of airtime & i do not think it is fair that i should spend R500pm trying to contact ABSA for what is mine. It would help if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe an answer on the other side of the phone call.

Am i ever gonna get this money? Why do i have no rights concerning this money that was deducted from my hard earned salary every month? I used to cringe when i saw my payslip deductions. What soothed me was the thought of the provident fund being saved up for me. Now?! Now what?!! I have left that company. I'm unemployed trying to start my own business & running out of funds & being robbed by ABSA. The worst part is that i have an ABSa Savings account. I'm closing it today. ABSA has become my nightmare. I will advise all companies who care about their employees to never use ABSA. They do not pay the provident funds back

Lloyd Denzil Oliver


  • Ma
    Manddy77 Aug 24, 2010

    Please advise we were in the branch a few weeks ago to follow up on closing our account only to discover that we are in arrears.

    We have been paying our loan account cash as we made the arrangement over 2years only to find that they are still running through debit orders on the savings account running up the bank costs.

    I can assure you now that we will not be paying this amount and want this account closed, how can you take debit orders from an account that you can see is running dormant and now we cannot close it due to the incompetence of your staff.

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  • Vi
    Vincenzo677 Sep 01, 2010

    The bank manager couldn't answer me about how was I going to find out. 1. If I've applied for both loans(personal loan and mortgage bond access loan). 2. On which account was the money deposited and supply documents(at that time my salary was being eposited at absa) for both loans. The activities on all my accounts at that time of applying for loan. I ended up refering this matter to legalwise and the legal advisor told me she couldn't get any co operation from absa. She said she was being sent from pillar to post with no clear answers. My mortage has gone up because of this and I'm paying for money I've never received of which not even the bank manager can explain the transaction that reflects on the statement. How is that possible?

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  • Si
    Sighter Sep 08, 2010

    I contacted the credit card call centre (Wednesday) to ensure that all was in order & that my payment was received.I was helped by a very professional lady who confirm what is available on budget & straight.I could not make us of my credit card on Monday & called once again.The lady confirmed that a small amount was short paid. She explained that I called before the statement closed & the consultant would not see this on the system.I then promptly paid this small amount.Today I called again to transfer funds from my budget to straight & told basically that I am penalised for late payment (someting to that effect). I am extremely annoyed!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor but was on hold for too long. I am inconvenienced because of ABSA's system which does not allow their consultants to see the history of their clients accounts.This could been avoided!!! & once again I am inconvenienced & have to complain on this site again!!! I am proud to say that my accounts are always paid & feel livid that now I have a 'reading' on my name which is not my fault.I request that someone please assist, I need to transfer these funds!

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  • Bu
    Burmer Sep 09, 2010

    I love Absa and more importantly I love my branch in Amanzimtoti because the service is brilliant. I work in the Umbilo area and popped into Absa at the Umbilo Centre as I needed money from my 32 day account available immediately. Diane first said sorry I can't get money now 'what do I need it for' she asked me. Now what I need MY money for has got nothing to do with anybody. My uncle passed on yesterday and I need to travel now to get to his funeral - she then says 'Can you not give me proof' a death certificate? I mean seriously. I was so stunned as my family and I are going through such a difficult time right now and this is the last thing I needed. I don't want a phone call apologising I just want Diane to know that sometimes people are going through things and that she should be more supportive, I have NEVER taken an immediate from my 32day account and she mustn't think that EVERYBODY out there abuses it. I just want Diane to know that as a customer service rep she should cheer people up - not break her clients down.

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  • Ni
    Nikita36 Sep 10, 2010

    I have notify me on my mobile alerting me when a transaction goes through my bank account. On Thursday I received a sms from ABSA - it was a transaction not done by me and it looks highly suspect. I am in the UK at the moment. I immediately went onto the internet, onto the ABSA website, taking the 'contact us' link. I explained my concern about what is happening in my account, informing them my mobile is currently sms enabled only, and sending them the UK mobile number I am using whilst over here. I did not even get a standard reply from ABSA.
    On Friday I logged in to internet banking, and again sent a message via the 'contact us' link. Again - no response from ABSA at all.

    This is a great concern to me - I need to get contacted by a responsible, informed person as soon as possible, either via my e-mail address or on my mobile. I am quite prepared to phone, but phoning from here is costly, so I cannot afford to be sent from the one person to the next - so if ABSA is not prepared to phone me, I need the name of the right person to speak to.

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  • Ji
    Jibanitte Sep 16, 2010

    I am one of the many ABSA clients to have fallen victim to the phishing ***. Once I became aware of the theft, I contacted them immediately and launched an investigation. Over the next 5 weeks I regularly phoned different authorities within the ABSA organisation to find out what was happening and where I stood.

    As a client of ABSA, it is fundamental that I constantly be kept informed of the progress of the investigation. Not only was I never ONCE contacted by ABSA in this regard but they did not even BOTHER to inform me of the outcome of the investigation once THEY deemed it closed. Not surprisingly they decided the outcome of the investigation in their favour.

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  • Ah
    Ahaz Sep 27, 2010

    I use my Absa Credit Card extensively. I was sort of happy with the Rewards program that was offered free as part of my package (Platinum Customer). I have now realised that this has been discontinued with no (or very low key) announcement. I can now subscribe for an additional fee of about R20 for the new Awards program. While I am sure that Absa can do this legally and have all the rights as is probably documented in the fine print, this is an indication of a high-handed, unethical approach that is just not acceptable.

    I have been sold something as part of a package that has now been removed unilateraly. I can now sign up for a service (that I used to have) for an additional fee. The benefits that I accrued over years and had a specific target in mind, I must now exchange for goods that I don't want within a limited timeframe. This is a business decision that says everything about how much the bank care about me as customer.

    Rewards programs are designed to change behaviour. Well designed Reward programs entice consumers to use their credit cards more. Just watch how my Absa card usage is going to drop now.

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  • Mi
    Miskoner Oct 01, 2010

    After applying for a further bond from FNB, which is denied because of an arrears account with ABSA. No ways I say. I phone ABSA, one person refers me to another, go into my branch, who tells me I should phone so and so. Hell, I must go home and sort out at my cost ABSA's balls- up, running up telephone costs. Eventually get to talk to sombody who confirms I am correct, but this and this is not right and they want to listen to the alledged recordings for confirmation. I am even told that I did not make a payment in August while holding the said proof of payment in my hand. One day later I'm phoned to tell me that ABSA has only started with recordings 2 weeks ago, WHAT only now, 4 months after the alledged phone call. ABSA you and your staff are incompetant and owe me money for calls and administration that you should of done. ABSA you have got too big and are now lacking that personal service. I believe after all the ***, I've had over the last 4 years with ABSA, I am owed a medal or at least some type of compensation.

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  • Br
    Breidi Oct 13, 2010

    I am currently unemployed and do not receive an income. At the end of last month (October) I tried to stop the debit orders via the website, but it appears that it did not work. Now I am sitting with bank charges of over R 1300 which will be taken off a cheque that was deposited for me. At R124 for a debit order of R150, it seems a bit steep. No wonder ABSA was the biggest one to complain about the Competition Commissions report that was leaked! On top of that, I bet there is a charge of R124 for the non-payment of the internet banking fees as well, even though it is not a debit order!

    The time has now come that I look at keeping MY money in the safe or a different bank, like so many of the 'unbanked' out there.

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  • Th
    Thabethet Nov 12, 2010

    I called absa credit card some time back and enquired about the debit on my account that i did not understand. i was told its for insurence should i loose my job. now I am not working and i have been sent from pillar to post when trying to claim. the call center advised me to send an application letter and supporting documents of which i did and now i am still waiting for their response. whilst still waiting for their response i had several calls from call center and today from legal saying that i must pay or face being black listed. i called the claims dep and holded for 20 min being transferd and my airtime got finished...

    i feel mislead by absa hence i dont recall applying for this policy and i was misinformed that it will assist me should i loose my job. now absa again told me that the insurence company could be delaying the process hoping that i get a job before they would have to pay out. this is poor service from absa and they are i feel that i have been tricked to pay extra cost just for their business. i asked for a copy of my insurence contract, till today. they are all passing the buck on my policy yet they want me to pay... this is horrable! 0832639228

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  • Br
    Bromalone Jan 20, 2011

    ABSA, your service is shocking. I opened a savings account for my daughter in 2004. I have been making electronic transfers into the account on a monthly basis. I have never received any statements for this account. I have made no cash withdrawals from this account. On 4 January 2010 I asked for a statement. The balance was almost zero. The money has been drawn from the account. I have the card in the safe with me at home. My daughter is only 6 years old, we have not used the card once. After 6 weeks of frustration and trying to deal with ABSA, I was told that it is not at their fault that the money has been withdrawn. Lebo from ABSA head office, that was the investigator, was extremely rude, not helpful at all and had an attitude and note and tried to tell me how to do my banking. some withdrawals were made in Tembisa and Daveyton (where I would not go at all). I was working in Midrand at the time and some transactions were made in Kempton Park, how can I drive during my working hours to draw R50 on the other side of town. Your service is a shocker and I am closing all my accounts with ABSA. Do not open accounts with ABSA. they loose your money. !!!

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  • Me
    Menager Jan 25, 2011

    I am trying to assist one of my clients, who does not speak English, to resolve a query with ABSA. I have tried for fifteen minutes to get through to Michael or Linda but the phone simply rings. On my third attempt, a very rude .woman who did not give her name(she hung up when I asked for it), basically told me I was lying about Michael and Linda's phones just ringing because she caould see on her system that their lines were engaged. She then told me that Michael's line had become available and tried to put me through. The phone just rang.I got back to this person, who said, after I had told her that Michael's phone was just ringing, that 'we can't see them because we are on the second floor'. Even though I had initially asked her repatedly to take a message, she kept interrupting and insisting on arguing and (trying) to put me through to Michael. Only right at the end did she offer to take a message, only because she had decided at that time that this was a good idea.

    The client is still waiting for his phone call. I also do not understand why he does not appear to have been properly informed in terms of FAIS before opening the account.

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  • Ru
    Ruline Jan 26, 2011

    I was employed by Absa Bank for 15years and unfortunately got affected by the retrenchment in 2008. I managed to pay my bond account for the entire 2009 being unemployed but my reserves are now finished. I contacted Absa Home loans and explained my situation, thinking that I have a credit cover on my bond and was suprised that there isn't any. I am concerned and do not understand how could my bond be approved without any cover. What will happen, should I pass on? I know Absa will harass my wife and eventually repossess my property and leave my Family in the street, and resell the house and move on with their business. Surely NCA doesn't allow this.

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  • Kr
    Krintano Feb 08, 2011

    Where do I start with expressing my utter frustration and disappointment with ABSA Insurance. We had a serious water leak which was eventually repaired, however the wall which was broken while repairing the leak is still to be repaired and I was advised today, 3 weeks after and countless unreturned calls to the claims office that they had advised a company to come and repair the wall. A week later my jaccuzzi switch box was smoking and fortunately I was walking past it and noticed the smoke so immediately switched it off. However the motor had stopped running long before and due to no water circulating, the heater had overheated and melted the pipes around the jaccuzzi. If I hadn't switched it off, it most probably would have caught fire and burnt not only the jaccuzi, but possibly the whole house. Due to limited space allowed on this page, the end result is after countless calls and no responses ABSA refused the claim because there were no FLAMES. Because I was a good guardian of my property and switched everything off to prevent the flames burning my house down, I am being penalized and my claim rejected.

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  • Il
    Ilonka Wait Apr 08, 2011

    I sent a friend to Absa Bank Joubertina branch to cash a cheque which was made out to me. The "or bearer" on the cheque was NOT deleted which, in my opinion, means that the bearer of the cheque is entitled to receive the cash. The branch manageress argued rudely with me and insisted I visited the bank in person to cash the cheque. Am I wrong here or are the staff just making their own rules?

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  • Go
    GoldOpals Opals Apr 08, 2011

    I think this is a good polict; to stop scamming and people stealing cheques

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  • Bu
    buiteklub Jul 10, 2011

    The rule states even if the cheque is maid out to someone and the order bearer is not deleted it may be cashed by any one you are absolutely correct.Maby consider moving your account.:-)

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  • Bu
    buiteklub Jul 10, 2011

    You are absolutely right if order bearer is not crossed out any one can cash the cheque maybe consider moving your account. ;-)

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  • Ma
    MariusD Aug 17, 2011

    ABSA require mandatory Credit Life Policy for home loans to be granted, when getting quotes on Life Policies. We get the following:
    for exactly the same criteria:
    Life insurance quotes:

    for Man, R500 000 cover

    1lifedirect =R197.58
    1st for women =R201.53
    Resolution =R101.38
    Hollard =R112.32

    for woman, R500 000 cover

    1lifedirect =R153.21
    1st for women =R156.27
    Resolution =R69.22
    Hollard =R72.18

    Therefore it is impossible to get a home loan without being subjected to gender discrimination. Where men are penalized for being male.

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  • Ni
    Nico Venter Mar 05, 2012

    My name is Nico and have the same problem as Lloyd I have been trying to get hold of the Provident fund since August 2011 besides the fact that I used a lot of money on phone bills, When the phone is answered they tel me that they cannot help me because the system is off line. Once I eventually got through to them - they told me that they never received my claim????_ I contacted my previous employer and they faxed me the proof of the claim that was sent in. This was sent in for the second time on the 9th of January 2012.
    I have been trying to get hold of the fund since this date and again just got a phone recording of music playing. Each time I hold the line for 3 to 5 min and never get any answer.
    Is there anyone that can help me or do I have to take another route to get my money out of the fund.
    My cellphone number is 0844053309.
    Nico Venter.

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  • Br
    brenda sarah Mar 09, 2012

    I agree with you guys every-time you call them and ask for help they will say no I cant because I' m busy with something or hold on for more than 15 Min listening to music. My claim was send in 2010 November at their office in Fox str Johannesburg and when i call again on February they said they have never received anything and then i fax it again. During may i received half of the money that was captured and they said i must wait the another money after they have captured the information on the new system. I waited for more than 8 months now, they do have the schedule and the payment for the company i worked for but because they don't want to capture information, they will says it has to be on excel but it is on excel.
    please try to fix this thinks as soon as possible or most of the company will run away with business. now i have to send the complaint as if we are not dealing with human being. this human being they don't think for other people . my company paid contribution every month and send the schedule every month. we don't want to involved our lawyer to handle our problem with our funds.

    please guys still to the rules of 6 month waiting period don't do more than dat.


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  • Ab
    abednego ndlovu Apr 02, 2012

    my claim was send in 2011 October, they promised to pay after ten weeks.I visited their offices for more than ten times, from the day I send my claim they are still updating my funds. I contacted my previous employer and has paid all my funds in full. I have no one else to turn to. 0835414992 Abednego Ndlovu

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  • Sk
    skhumbuzo thambekwayo May 06, 2012

    hello guys, its my 10week now!bt its seems lyk, l will nvr get anythng!y most of ppls complain abt ABSA!last years my mommy was passed away!l did spend de lots of my money!wich mean, its was left me!wit an empty1 so l did claim it dis year ealy, so l wish l cn get it!so dat l cn pay all dat credit lve got!plz 0825408307

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  • Mo
    Mongezi Jun 05, 2012

    my claim has also not been paid, i sent in the forms in September 2011, said call in 24hrs, no one seems to answer, it is so annoying!why can't they just pay me what I'm due! Is there anyone out there with any ideas? Mongezi Dzanibe

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  • Ha
    Happyson Rihlampfu Jul 21, 2012

    on the 14th of FEB this yr ABSA Longbeach mall faxed my claim papers to the claims offices but until now all i received is just half of my fund and whenever i try to call them i'm put on hold forever, i think they just don't care.

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  • Nj
    Njabulo sibanda Oct 29, 2012

    dail robbing

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  • Nj
    Njabulo sibanda Oct 29, 2012

    Im am tired of these people who are robbing disadvantage peoples, they are driiving fancy cars with our money.Please ABSA we are tired beng robbed by you.

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  • Lo
    LOUIS JOOSTE Nov 13, 2012


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  • Oo

    We are a firm of attorneys trying to assist 3 employees in the little town of Sutherland who have submitted their forms in 2010 already and trying to get their funds from ABSA
    Pathetic service. These people cannot go to an office in Johannesburg!!!
    1.wilna charlene ryk...id 710828 0138 086
    2. Jacobus van Wyk...id 881014 5076 083
    3.jeremy jerome mithas...id..881129 5161 089

    Would someone out there please call us: 023 - 5711241 - OOSTHUIZEN ATTORNEYS PER E MULLER

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  • Ma
    machaka manthule Feb 01, 2013

    We are University of Limpopo Campus law Clinic, we represent Lina selaelo Mothapo who is te executor of her late husband Ramatsi Andries who died in 2008-12-18, ID7602265513081.We would like to find out as of urgency when monies due and owing will be paid out to her .Claim pending since 03 September 2010.
    Treat this as urgent plaese, the same you would if this money was due and owing to you .
    We need an indication of the statius of this claim, settled or usettled as well as reasons.
    Machaka Manthule
    0152683274 (fax)
    Email:[email protected]

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  • Staggie Feb 18, 2013

    I just like to now what is the waiting period for the provident before you can received your money/payments.

    Thank you

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  • Kh
    khayacool Mar 25, 2013

    I was working for isidingo security in bloemfontein&my contract was terminated on the 16/11/2012.i ve been struggling in other to put my claim through as the people who are working @ absa it looks like they dont have an idea about what im talking about.can someone please tel me what must i do cos my kids are now suffering&it makes me an aloser husband, and waiting period is how long? thank you

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  • Ma
    Mahlohlomani William Chauke Apr 03, 2013

    My name is Mahlohlomani WilIiam Chauke ID NO 7306235366089, tel NO 0843646313 alternate NO 0840361909, I have the same problem as everyone else. I also submitted my application on the 4th of september 2012 they told me the money will be paid within the period of 6 months counting from the claim date, it has not been done still waiting ( for how long?).thank U

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  • Ma
    MATTHEWS HLALELE Apr 05, 2013

    im very unhappy with hte treatment i got from customer service which i did experince these morning from these numbers 011 846 3500.i wait for more than 15mnts on the phone without any help, R45 OF MY AIR TIME WENT FOR NOTHING, can any [email protected] who's working with these kind of issues i have call me on 0735710629, my ref for my complain is 936116.im unhappy with these security company who enjoy robbing poor class.the security company is ISIDINGO SECURITY

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  • It
    Itimeleng Makgetla Jul 03, 2013

    Hi my name is Itumeleleng Makgetla I have been trying to claim my provident fund money since 2010 an to this day i have not received it. Every time I call the they tell me different stories. How our we supposed to trust them with our money if they failling to out our investments? pls guys if there is any one out there how has a solution to our problem pls feel free to contact me.0790557592 We are tired of being robbed by ABSA

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  • Ma
    masina Jul 17, 2013

    Hi : its patrick bafana masinaI like to check for my provident fund my I'd nr 8110055839087 I was working at fidelity sucurity services my email : [email protected] my cell nr 0844458104 in east rand gauteng I like to know about my fund please let me know cos there 121 fox there is no help

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  • Wc
    WCDS Sep 19, 2013

    Hi guys, I have faxed my claim on 12 September 2013, phone them on 16 September and the guy on the other side promised me my money will be in my bank account within 10 days in other words Friday 27 September. I am not an ABSA client. Will keep you updated next week Friday :-)

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  • Wc
    WCDS Sep 21, 2013

    Good day All! Please refer to my post dated 19 September 2013. Just want to thank Kabelo from ABSA for great service!!! My money was in my bank account yesterday 20 September 2013!!! I don't know if you guys got the correct telephone number but if not this is the number 0861 177 775 All of the best to you!

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  • Bc
    b.c.bent Dec 10, 2013

    hi I just would like to know if I resign and move over to another security company do I get all my provident fund or does everything goes over to the new company plse I really would like to know

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  • Gr
    GregoryP Dec 19, 2013

    On 19 December 2013 I informed the Branch Manager that one off her staff member Mr Sebastian Johnson borrowed R9 000.00 from me and refuses to pay it back. Mr Johnson is under Absa Debt Consolidation and is not allowed to make any further loans. I asked Mrs Venter for her assistance on this matter on where I can lay I complaint, she read my message and just ignored it. She did not come back to me on this matter.
    I feel that what Mr Johnson is doing is a serious offence because I am a Absa customer and he did not keep his word and I trusted him because he is a Trainee Manager at Stella Branch.

    I want to lay a complaint again Mr Johnson and Mrs Venter for their unproffesional manner in handling this matter.
    Kind Regards

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