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To whom this may concern

My name is Aalia and I've been part of absa Bank for the pass 7-8 years. About 3 or 4 months ago i took out a personal loan for 30000 and when the lady that helped me with the loan tell me my installment will be 895. For the 1st month the 895 went off and every month after that my installment changed to 1010. 1st of all I didn't not budget for that amount because if I had known that my installment would come to 1010 I would have not taken the loan so it either the person who helped me with the loan did not to her damn job right but I'm not happy with this and another thing when I didnt the loan I said it must be debited from my account and they only did it for the 1st month and there after I my payment are debited late or I have to eft the money witch is not on. This is my 1st complaint with absa for the pass 7-8 years that I have bank with you guys I'm not happy about the service so it's either you are going to do something about it or I will take it further this is a promise because you guys are messing with my credit score I'm very disappointed with absa


Oct 02, 2019

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