ABSA Bankcustomer service in general

D Oct 01, 2019

i deal on behalf of my grandmother on her accounts weather that be her banking or clothing accounts and more. i do have a written and signed (by her) letter of authority giving myself authorization by her do to such transactions on her behalf.

reason for such is that my grandmother at the age of 78 after numerous operations on her ankles and other medical reason due to medication she takes she has requested me to do so.

i visit your festival mall branch today at 10H00 in the morning and the following transpired.

1) there are +- 3 pensioners waiting in the line at customer service where there are younger people being assisted in the pensioners tills.
2) there is not even one floor assistant to assist the pensioners to show them that the pensioner tills are free or that they can just go straight there. so by the time the pensioners have been assisted they have infact been standing in the Que +- 30 min to 1 hour.
3)when its my turn for assistance i produce the letter of authority and it gets told to me that i cannot transact on the account as she needs to make me a signatury on her account. and she needs to be there to do so. how if i may ask as for her health and medical reasons she cannot currently travel such is the letter of authority...i get replied that there is nothing else that can be done not even to phone her to confirm

with the treatment of the pensioners do you think that it is advisable for her to come in to this branch.

with service as such no wounder the banking sector is preferring to remove such ignorance and replace it with online systems. but unfortunately for the elderly they cannot be able to use online as well as the younger generation

i would like to hear from someone regarding the pathetic or lack of customer service in your branch

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