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V Sep 30, 2019 Review updated:

I suspect my spouse's signature has been forgered on the 'Release note and Acknowledgement of delivery' document. The document involves Active Auto Vereeniging and Absa Vehicle finance department in Vereeniging. Both the dealership and the Absa failed to show us the document that was supposed to have been signed by my wife and 2 witnesses.

The responsible persons who were processing the finance application is Millicent and Aisha from Absa Vehicle finance in Vereeniging and Active Auto. Fred Brehmen from Active Auto refused to show us the document and told us that he doesn't have it, and said that he send all the documents to Absa. Absa (Millicent) also told us that she doesn't have the documents as she have not seen the documents and mentioned in the email send to me that Active Auto can answer on the issue of the signatures.

If my spouse didn't sign the document then how did Absa approve finance application? And if the documents have been signed then who signed on behalf of my wife and who were the witnesses?


  • Gi
    Gilbert Molefe Motsoenyane Oct 13, 2019

    Can they shut down the ABSA branches please, due to their poor service and most of their branches are under stuffed, they will you'd wait for over an 2hours to be assisted while little that's their will be just chatting with each other & giglling.

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  • Ma
    Matjiels Oct 16, 2019

    To send a proof of payment is horrible on absa, honestly can there not just be payments proof of payment the customer selects one sends it done, and to search it on Google is also a lost cause.

    We love absa but you have to think about the small things

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  • Mm
    Mmaki Oct 19, 2019

    Good day
    Every month I am charged a finance charge on my credit card on top of my already paid monthly instalment.

    Could you kindly explain what this is?

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  • Ma
    Mark23456 Oct 27, 2019

    I have been waiting for over 2 months for the incompetent staff to simply send me an email with my vehicle account statement attached. It has proven to be too complex for them.

    They are a complete joke. No one in that company is capable of doing anything of value, should replace them all with machines now.

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  • Li
    Liezelfch Oct 27, 2019

    I am struggling to get my refund from absa vehicle finance for months now. Call me asap to explain, i am sick and tired of typing emails and wasting my time in the branch. If I dont hear from you by 22/10/2019 I ám contacting absa ombudsman.

    E. Fouche
    Id: 8406040041080


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  • Le
    Lerata Nov 03, 2019

    Absa bank South Africa OWES me R3000 and they promised to deposit it into my FNB account. This was in September 2019. I have tried to call them and even went to the branch in Theunissen Free State to no avail. I WANT MY MONEY

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  • Ma
    Maodi Dec 02, 2019

    I bought Hollywood voucher with my Capitec banking app and I forget to fill my reference number of Hollywood I bought the voucher with forty rand so they want proof of payment with PDF I don't know what to do because I didn't receive the voucher I failed to submit proof of payment with banking app

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  • Ma
    mammaknox Dec 26, 2019

    The service at ABSA Marble Hall is very very, very bad. Only one teller at the Business tellers. They work very slow and is walking around more than they work. Been standing for over a half an hour without being helped. This is not the first time. But definitely the last. Will rather take my business somewhere ells.

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  • Eh
    Ehrard Feb 10, 2020

    C-03202816 and C-03441567
    Requested on 16 Jan and 03 Feb 20 no reply

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  • Ma
    malulu victor Harrington Feb 12, 2020

    There is a Mr Nic Swingler emailing me that I have won $10000 and as such should send my personal details to 36 Mandela street absa bank branch, city center, cape town. Do you really have that promotion or its a scam? Kindly confirm

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