Aaron's / overcharging and keeping money that was not owed.

United States

I have dealt with aarons for a long tinme however I will not deal with them again. I owed $20.00 and a stove I purchased from them was paid off.. I guess business has been slow so they decided to take out $90.09 instead of the 20. I called the scranton office to talk to the manager and he said he was returning the over paid amount then, to allow 3 days for it to go back into my bank. It is now 15 days and the money is still with them, when I called to talk to the manager again he was on vacation.. How convenient I have called to make a complaint and was told they made it high priority.. Still nothing.. I then called the ceo threatening a law suit that was last week. They never got back to me... Stay away from aarons.

Apr 15, 2019

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