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I feel that AAron's has been very evasive and non-cooperative and the worst thing was that I have been treated rudely. I am 18 years old and this is one of the first purchases I have made and I am very discouraged about the sales department at our local Aaron's store. I had to return my P.C. and it has been gone for repair for over a month and a half. I regret dealing with Aaron's and I am dissaloushioned about the purchasing procedure all together.

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    The manager Michael think he own the store and want sale who ever he’s likes they should remove him

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    I wNt this resolved and calls stopped

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    There is someone named Lucas Currie selling drugs out of the store and getting discounts on furniture/ erasing what people owe because he is close with the manager of the Galesburg store

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    I have tried to get Aaron's to come and get the laptop computer I am renting to own from them I have been harassed by the store in McMinnville Tennessee and after I have told them to come and pick it up they still call me and harass me I would like something done about this

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    This is sierra vista


  • Me
    Melanie Nelms Jan 08, 2007

    I totally agree with you!! I have also been a model customer to them and I have also been treated very badly! These people are VERY rude! They even threatened to come and pick up my furniture for NOTHING!! Absolutely NOTHING!! The store that I dealt with is the Conway, South Carolina store. This is a new store and they really need to get a new GM and some new employees. They told me that the customer is NOT always right and I don't feel that this is good business! All I wanted was to get a new couch!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!

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  • Tt
    tttt2342 Apr 17, 2018

    @Melanie Nelms Wow, is this the Mill Plain location.??

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  • An
    ann rich Jan 08, 2007

    I bought merchandise from the rocky mount store and they are really rude to me when i just was a few days late on my payment they said if i didn't come on in the payment they was going to come and pick up my merchandise, month after month they put late charges on my stuff when it was on 1 day late and then told me in 2 more days i would lose all the money on the item if i didn't pay for it and then they added more to the loan than i got i got a tv for 2200 and paid 5300 for the tv i think they ripped me off

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  • An
    Anita Maria Hunter Jan 15, 2007

    I have been a customer of Aarons for about 2 years now, and I have paid out several accounts. I have experienced very unprofessional behavior within the last year. I have been through 3 managers and 3 sets of employees due to the large turnover of management. Here are just a few if the problems that i have had.

    1. Sent merchandise for repair and never receiving it back

    2. Bought brand new computer which was missing quite a few accessories, I currently still dont have the accessories, it has been 2 months now.

    3. I was promised a remote for a stereo system I bought, and have not received it as of today, It has been 4 months now.

    4. I purchased a bed that was put on cinder blocks by Aarons service personnel. I slept on cinder blocks for a month and a half.

    5. almost all in home repairs were accomplished with my tools, they never have their own tools

    6. They constantly lie about what they are going to do

    These are just a few of the problems that I am having.

    The store location is 613 East Broad Avenue
    Rockingham, NC 28379

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  • Tt
    tttt2342 Apr 17, 2018

    @Anita Maria Hunter This is for the Mill Plain off of 164th location.. They say, 5 weeks free.. I am taking that before making my next payment. I am not their calls and waiting for their next step. I am not going to be out of money, thousand of dollars... BBC

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  • An
    Anonymous May 08, 2007

    I totally agree with all of the complaints that I have read about Aarons Sales and Lease. I have been almost 1 month late, it will be 1 month next week and they have called my mom, dad, brother, my job everyone that I put on my references list. But to make it worse they weren't just calling my job the were calling my supervisor, how embarrassing is that! I had to tell my supervisor to tell them to stop calling my place of employment, which she did! But why would they call my supervisor when they have my direct work # which will connect them to me. Anyhow they have shown up to my house about 4 times already. Off course I didn't answer the door. I am just about 1 month late and all this for $210.00! I have never dealt with a company like this before! This is ridiculous. My moms gotten into an argument with them because they keep calling her house leaving messages for me saying that I must call them ASAP! I will call them when I am ready to make my payment. I can see if I was 4 or 5 months behind but 1 month, give me a break. This is how I feel, I think that Aarons Sales and Lease must not be as large a company as they would like people to think, anytime they notice 1 customer is 1 month late. I have been several months late on other bills and the company didn't harrass me and call everyone in my family looking for me and sent letters just as much as Aarons has done. They are not a big money making company. I have dealt with Rent a Center in the past and the two do not compare. I wish I would have know that Aarons was so harassing, I should have looked up complaints for them online, but it's a little to late to do that now! I will never purchase anything from them ever again!

    This store is located in Pennsauken, NJ. Do not purchase anything from this store, you will regret it!

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  • Ro
    Robert May 11, 2007

    Aaron's in Buford, GA sold me a used bed as new, they replaced it with another used bed... Now they claim they've given me 3 "new" beds already and can't do anymore...

    They will not call me to set up an appointment until I do not make the payment... Once I miss my deadline they call me, I tell them to come and see the bed to get paid, so they send someone. After they promise me to get me another bed, I pay, but they leave and never hear from them again until next payment.

    I will never go to them again. They suck!

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  • Bi
    bill roy Jul 08, 2007

    You signed a lease agreement which if you read because 99% of the customer do not you will see that a lat fee is posted on payment after 4 days late. you agreed to the payment date and terms when you signed. Its not aarons fault you cant pay on time. The reason your references get called is because you wont answer your door/phone/or call and talk to the cam office so they can work with you.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Luna Sep 13, 2007

    My son is 20 years old. He put his account on an automatic debit so that the Aaron's can get their money in a timely fashion.... Did they do it? No. Aaron's debited his account approx 1 week after the fact causing his account to go into a -negative due to other bills coming in on that week. Why did it go into negative? Your thought is probably, b/c there was not enough $$$, not so, they debit his account 3 times in the same day freezing his account, why did they do that? who knows. Maybe they were not trained on the proper usage of the CC machine or maybe they were trying to be greedy. since this has happened. They have called everyone of his references (stating to those references that they were looking for him to offer him job..no way..) including me (mom) except for directly calling him. Now, they leave me a message unaware that not only do I know his legal rights as a consumer in our state but that I am also a Registered Debt collector myself. And they thought they were dealing with some uneducated fool that was easily intimidated. The GM is unprofessional, lacks etiquette and interpersonal skills. How he got the position, the district must have been desperate to fill this position or he lied on his resume. What's new these days in sales. Now once I terminate the call with him b/c he begins screaming at me, I call back and speak to another sales associate, what his position was/is I did not ask and at that point I did not care. Ask him for the Corporate # refused to give it to me he would only give the Reginel Managers #. Did not want that either. I had to call a different store in a totally different area to get the #. Well.. like I told that particular associate, they were better off dealing with him instead of me, now they have me.. and they are stuck with it. I will list that # shortly. Now, there is one thing that alot of folks do not understand about hard sales/collection techniques.. that is exactly what it is.. it is meant to intimidate and humiliate. There are Federal laws that prohibit such techniques. Educate yourselves on Debt collection laws in your state. b/c once you do that their is not much that can be said to you the consumer that would make you feel that dread in answering that phone call or that door knock. Now, bear in mind you signed it...you owe it.. or give it back... if you want it and are having troubles then make satisfactory arrangements to make that payment.

    For you so called GM's our there.. alot of courtesy goes along way.. I have been in customer service and collections for over 20 years and have learned that if you treat people with respect you get it back.. hummmm. something that was taught at home.. or maybe not.. good ole' fashion common sense.. not everyone you sign is intimidated or fearful of scary, loud, rude or unprofessional manners.. in fact it can work against you, especially in a court of law

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  • La
    Latrice C. lee Sep 22, 2007

    I agrre with the complaints and the florida ave store in tampa has very POOR customer service skills and I asked for my account to be transfered to another store and SCOTT was very rude about the matter. I had also brought to his attention that I did not like Josh customer servive and it did do any good I also talked with another general manager and all he said was your acount being paid on time and I said that has nothing to do with customer service. In the near future I do not have any plans on purchasing anything from this company because they are very rude and they dont meet the needs of the customer at all. I hope there will be other rental companies out thier in the near future who will put thier customers FIRST.

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  • Dw
    D W Sep 30, 2007

    I was a customer of aarons for three years, i leased and payed off a fridge, stove, and a computer. Their custome service has gotten steadly worse over the years. and they do harass you over the payments. Your one day late and they call its a matter of policy for them to be rude and treat their customers like crap. They will never, never get my business ever again. I am turned off to their company for good. LIke Amsouth bank which is another company I will just not only stay away from them. I will never recomend them. Get a credit card its cheaper than what arraons charge. or go to a thrift store get some cheap furniture from there or walmart until you can afford nicer stuff. the furnifture and merichandise from aarons is pretty cheap anyway so they can make the maximum amount of profits. sometimes throwing a fit and calling the district manager and corp office works for you, but i only do it for companys i like and want to do business with. there are other fish in the sea stay away. maybe when this affects their bottem line they will take notice and put forth a message to their employees that treating customers like crap is not good busniess. the smart ones with money leave. that just leaves the deadbeats.

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  • Kr
    Kristy Craft Nov 07, 2007

    I completely agree. Aaron's is a terrible chain and they will never last. I recently worked for my local Aaron's store and learned a lot of very useful information. After buying over PrimeTime, Aaron's added about $300 average to many of the previous PrimeTime customer's accounts. Not only have they done this, but they act like it is now big deal and treated every customer that has complained about this like they do not exist. I've even seen customers come in with PrimeTime receipts showing their previous balance being hundreds of dollars less. It is absolutely insane. I recently left Aaron's, and was planning on receiving my final paycheck that Friday. It is now a week later and they still have not given me my last check and I've been calling there every day for a week. Aaron's is nothing but an unorganized, unfair place to work or purchase merchandise.

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  • Ki
    kim Nov 22, 2007

    Call the payroll department repeatedly. If no respond file a compliant with your local employment office and apply for unemployment.

    Also, if you have seen any unequal opportunity with in your company call your local EEOC department, since you have not been gone over 180 days. Please, inform other employees in your area and branch out to other areas of their conduct.

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  • Ri
    ricky r Nov 29, 2007

    Aarons is a numbers business. It's amazing seeing some of these posts you folks put on here. And I'll bet ya half of you still lease from Aarons. And yes if you are 30 days late with aarons, you will get phone calls and u will get someone at your door and your job and wherever else we can find you. So for the folks that think they know the fair debt and collection act, you don't really have a clue. Most of it does not apply to no credit check stores. We are a 1st party collection group. There are no 3rd party collection laws to protect you. So just pay on or before your due date.. and all problems are solved. And for the comment for the anonymous user... this quote cracks me up... "I can see if I was 4 or 5 months behind but 1 month, give me a break. This is how I feel, I think that Aarons Sales and Lease must not be as large a company as they would like people to think, anytime they notice 1 customer is 1 month late. I have been several months late on other bills and the company didn't harass me and call everyone in my family looking for me and sent letters just as much as Aarons has done." ... You people are great!!!

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  • Un
    Unhappy customer Dec 11, 2007

    I COMPLETLEY agree with almost eveyone on here. DO NOT RENT TO OWN FROM THIS PLACE, they are VERY unprofessional!! They will call your Mother, father, sister, cousin, brother, and bestfriend, not to mention your job and this is BEFORE your payment is even due!! This Arrons is in Stroudsburg, PA and is UNPROFESSIONAL and their gm is RUDE and stalks you...

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  • Do
    Dorothy Dec 31, 2007

    I bought a USED/REPOSSED laptop from AAron's in Bloomington Illinois, these are the rudest people ever, I have mad all of my payments, but like some of you they do not care about that. then to top it off I go in to make my payment and one person tells me it's only $24, I knew it was more so I mad my usual payment,then i get a phone call saying I missed a payment and now owe double, and am expected to pay or return the laptop. and on top of that, I have had the computer for 9 months, and they tell me or try tell me that I still owe over $1000 on it, who is crazy enough to pay over $2000 for a used laptop, I am
    so,so sorry I even went to Aaron's. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIPOFF, AND HAVE NO CUSTOMER CARE,Someone should tell Aaron's that just because you can't afford to outright buy something, does not mean that you can be treated with disrespect and rudeness. What a horrible company

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  • Ca
    Carol Jan 10, 2008

    I have been with Aaron's for over four years-I have purchased via their leasing plan: washers, dryers, a tv, a vcr. In December, 2006 I purchased a lap top computer for my daugther, the problems started when I had a stroke July 16, 2007 and could not return to work due to my health. I thought the District Manager, Mr. Melson of the Hampton, VA store, could help me by reducing my payments--this was in November when I spoke to him. I was hoping he would work something out so that instead of struggling thru to February 2008 to make payments I could no longer afford, that he could lessen the payments and give me until the Spring of 2008 to pay the computer off. Instead he did a whole new contract and with the new figures, I now have another year to pay the lap top off. I've had the computer now for one entire year as of December, 2007. The pay off amount is $554.64...I just don't have it. I've been trying to contact a head person I can speak with who will allow me to pay half of the pay off amount. I rely on my family to help me financially--I am still waiting on assistance and have been since my stroke last year. I was told by other employees of Aaron's not to expect anyone to lower payments for me and that
    it's just too bad about my stroke. I've been loyal to Aaron's and feel as though they could care less about my situation. Had I known I was going to have a stroke I certainly would not have gone through with the lease. I thought at one time to turn it back in to them, but the computer has helped my daughter with school reports and projects; this was the reason I originally leased the computer in the first place. Giving it back would be a hardship since she would need me to take her to and from the Library. I have made call after call trying to call head people, like Ken Butler, who I was told was the President of Aaron's and Mike Pokorny, another head person, only to be told by their secretary/assistant not to expect a call from them. It's nice to know that Aaron's has helped children by donating computers to charity(per Aaron's web site)...how about helping your customers when they are in need (I'm not talking about getting anything free but just getting a little help when it's needed). Aaron's...Charity Begins At Home!

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  • Ta
    Tanya Walker Jan 11, 2008

    I say everyone boycott Aaron's!! Lets's start a blog or any other form of communication to get the word out! Let's hit him where it hurts; in the pocket!

    Lets face it people, this company is not in business because they saw a need to help an economically struggling segment of the population. What they saw was an oppurtunity to make money off those that are in need. Because lets face it, if we had the money we wouldn't buy their crappy furniture any way, and they know it. Some caliber of people will mistreat you when they know that they are your only way out.

    I had a bad experience at the Lawrenceville, GA location. The manager, Ron White is an A**. Our full order was never delivered correctly even after calling about it. All they want is your money and once you sign on the dotted on line, and your items delivered (even if incorrect), they are on to their next prey. They don't care about you anymore. Their business is about quantity not quality. However, they do expect you to keep your end of the deal; the nerve!

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  • Aa
    aaron Jan 20, 2008

    Honestly I can't wait to get my 65 inch tv next week from Aaron's. It seems like all you have to do is pay on time and they will never contact you. And that's all I want.

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  • An
    angela Jan 23, 2008

    The reason Aaron's asks for references is for if you don't pay them or answer there calls they call them up to get the payment. I keep getting automated calls from them all the time. I get payed on the 3rd and they want payment on the first and I've told them that and they still bug me. The computer I'm renting from them keeps crashing. I'm always getting "not responding". At least I only owe 2.5 months left. Then I'll look for a computer from the store. I'm not gonna buy from a rent to own place again. There a rip off. Aaron's doesn't even have there own repair shop for the things they sell. They have to send them to the company and it takes forever to get anything back. I have a 32" HDTV and they had my TV for about 4 months. I don't even thing they did anything to it. They just left it sitting in there back room. The TV screen just needed to be cleaned. After I said I had engraved my name on the back of the TV they finally gave me back my TV. Before that they gave me loaner and the loaner was worse then mine.

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  • Ga
    GARY COOK Jan 26, 2008

    i bought my tv from the morganton, nc store and had problems from the jump. they sent me a preowned tv and had problems with it immediately. called aarons and asked why i got a used tv when the commercial said it would be new. after i guess they got tired of my complaining they brought me a new one (which worked to my advantage in the end) after i paid the tv off the week later it tore up. i called aarons and they acted like i was lying or didn't know how to use my tv after 2 yrs. they came to my house, took my tv, didn't leave me a loaner, and had it for 2 months. when they returned it, it was worse than it was before. they took it back and had it for almost 3 months. i finally got it back but if i wouldn't have called and [censor]ed about having a new one in the first place i would have been S.O.L

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  • Bi
    bill mousseau Jan 29, 2008

    I have worked for Aaron's for 6 months before seeing the light. We were a corporate store before being bought out by a franchise. Hard to believe but the corporate response to issues was much better. The franchisee is 100% concerned with the bottom line. Employees can be gone in an instant if not doing the "dirty" work of harrassing the crap out of people, even those not due until that day are being called, as a reminder. Service issues are a joke. They couldn't care less. Just get the payment. Used crap sold as new, remotes never delivered with product (then make the customer come in to get one-only after the customer had called 5 times complaining about the issue. The customer is now classified as a "###" or a pain in the rear. Phoney baloney is what these people are. Remember the term "snake oil salesman" thats these folks. Do whatever you can to stay away from this company as they will bleed you dry and then complain when you have an issue. UNBELIEVABL!!!!!! Bill in Miane

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  • Le
    L Eyler Jan 29, 2008

    I will be ending my relationship with Aaron's after 2+ years. (Several items paid off 100% - several others bought outright or currently 50% paid off.) The previous manager at the Troy, Ohio location (Brian) did everything he could for me, working with me on many occasions. I admit that I had some problems making the payments, but Brian always worked with me (otherwise I would have never been able to complete the agreements I have.)

    I have spoke to the new manager (<3 months in store) and new regional manager (<2 months in region). Now they are coming to get their stuff when I am less than two weeks late! They both refuse to work with me at all, depsite the fact that I told them I will have the money in a week and a half to completely catch up my payments and possibly pay off the items in full.

    When I asked them why this apparent 180 degree turn-around, they offer no resonable explanation. (Brian received a PROMOTION and is in another region!) All they can do is quote me the terms of my lease (and I understand them). But, it is like dealing with a totally different company. I would understand if the fired Brian (NOT given him a promotion) then they could at least use that as an excuse.

    Let me bottom line this for everyone: If you are reading this and have had a good experience with Aaron's DON'T EXPECT IT TO LAST! GET OUT NOW! Pay off your stuff or turn it back in if you won't lose too much money. If you've had a bad one, its a crap shoot as to whether or not it will get better. They have a HUGE turnover in managment and employees. If they were worth doing business with, they would at least be consistant despite personel changes.

    Also, I have experienced many of the problems spoken of here (missed appointments, rude employees, damages to merchandise or house from their delivery guys, missing accessories, etc.) Most of these were minor and I overlooked because of their willingness to be flexible with me. I'd rather buy my stuff from a garage sale from now on!

    One more last rant: Countless Rent-to-own, payday loan, income tax loans, buy-here pay-here car lots, etc. are making fortunes on the backs of struggling people everywhere. Only WE can change this cycle and put these companies out of business by refusing to do business with them and I intend to do my part!

    L Eyler in Ohio

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  • Ac
    a.cathy Jan 30, 2008

    Aaron's is a large corporation as is evidenced by the fact that these 'complaints' are from all across the country. Did any of you 'valued customers' read your agreements before you leased, or were you just too concerned with impressing your neighbors with that 60" tv? It is stated on the agreement that there is no grace period and your payment is due on the date stated. If Aron's cannot get in touch with you personally, your references and job will be called. When your application is verified references are asked if it is ok to contact them, if they say yes they will be called. Know how to avoid this happening? Make your payment when it is due as you agreed to, if you can't do this for some reason call the store and let them know. People are called if they do not initiate contact, if you don't communicate how is Aaron's to know what is going on. The employees are not psychic. If you have the credit or cash to shop elsewhere, then do so. If not, enjoy the merchandise you get from Aaron's ,make your payments on time, and stop blaming people who work hard for their paychecks for the fact that you can't make a phone call to let the store know you are going to be late. I'm sure the employees have better things to do than hunt you down, maybe they would have time to address some of the service issues, another excuse you like to use for not following the terms of the agreement you signed.

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  • Le
    Lenny Feb 09, 2008

    My complaint is with payments. Have you ever been 1 day late on a payment with them? They will call you 3 times a day and then eventually sent a person to you home to collect the money. You would think you just bought a car from the people. Then try to do a skip payment they will grill you to the ninth degree before they will grant the skip payment.

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  • Ca
    Carlene Feb 13, 2008

    I paid my 62 inch TV out a year and a half early. Then the lamp went out on it. Because I no longer owe AArons any money they will not help me to get the TV fixed, nevermind that I paid them over 4000 for this TV, and that I have an extended warranty. Every time I call the store and talk to the GM she tells me she is working on it and will call me back. I explained to her what is wrong, even told her it just needs a bulb. She finally sent her furniture delivery guy out to look at my TV, so he could turn it on, and say yep it doesnt work. I called the regional number, the guy there said he would have someone call me on Monday. It's Wednesday, he still hasn't called. Hmmm I'm sensing a trend. Oh well eventually I guess I may have a working TV but I guess I will have to pay a repair person to take care of it.

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  • Li
    Lisa Sinyard Mar 14, 2008

    I have been dealing with Aaron's since Feb of 2007 i purchased a washer and dryer from them. Shortly after my husband and I made the purchase I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We have fell behind on our payments and have always been able to come back and catch them up. I have explained to them that this was an unforseen incident, and have asked them to continue to work with me on this matter. Here recently I have been sick and out of town. I see a doctor at MD Anderson cancer center for check ups and all procedures. Every time that we have fallen behind I have contacted the office and informed them of what was going on and when I could make the payment, and every time they would tell me that they need to set up a time to pick up the mechandise. They have also went through all the numbers on my refference list. They call at least three times a day at all hours of the day. I do not know how they are still operating as a company if they continue in this manner of treatment of there customers. I know that it is my responsibility to pay for the merchandise, but I do believe in situation where someone has cancer or other unforseen medical condition such as what I am going through that they should be willing to work with the customers. Also, I have ran into the problem with a lack of comunication with this company. I would call and let on employee know when I would be in to make a payment and they would fell to note my account. The Aaron's that I have been dealing with is located in Texarkana, TX. I do have one good thing to say about Aaron's is that they do have a good GM he does try to work with you it is his employees and over heads that I have ran in to problems.

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  • Da
    davida willette Mar 15, 2008

    this is my second time around with aarons. i have to agree they start out nice when you sign the contract but the payments they hound you they threaten to repo the product the past few days i have had someone come to the house trying to take the murchandise. i have mailed a payment. they claim they never received it. they have me worked into a a frenzy. last night i was so upset that i had a panic attack . they hound you by showing up for a late payment even though you sent a payment they claime they never received it. i did send it they show up to collect murchandise . they have me worked up. i lost my father last year had to deal with many losses and distractions they arent helping matters any. i am trying to work with them they really arent giving me a chance

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  • Tr
    tracey Mar 22, 2008

    I have rented with aarons before and the first time i was late maybe a few times but i didn't mind paying the fee so i would be late intentionally so after i leased that and bought it i went back again for a washer i am occassionally late some times but hey i make my payments now their threatening me saying that if i don't pay they'll come and pick up their merchandise but how if i don't open my door they say they'll bring the police i guess but its not really my fault the dates i pay on my account is the day stated in my agreement they took it upon themselves and swithced the dates why i couldn' t tell you so technically i think its their faults and they should just deal with it but they don't they just keep harassing me and stalking me they're a really big rip off and fraud.

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  • Mi
    Misty P Mar 23, 2008


    "Make your payment when it is due as you agreed to, if you can't do this for some reason call the store and let them know. People are called if they do not initiate contact, if you don't communicate how is Aaron's to know what is going on. The employees are not psychic. If you have the credit or cash to shop elsewhere, then do so. If not, enjoy the merchandise you get from Aaron's, make your payments on time, and stop blaming people who work hard for their paychecks for the fact that you can't make a phone call to let the store know you are going to be late."

    Let me clear something up the complaints on this board are not about EVERY Aarons just the ones people have a problem with.
    I rent from a store in Gainesville TX I rent 1 item for $19.00 have the only reason Im still there is because I only owe 1 payment. December 30 I had to go out of state for a Emergency When I got ahold of Arrons told them that I will make my payment as soon as I returned when I came home I had 22 messages from Arrons, and a note saying I owe 39.00 for late fees and coming out to my home mind you I called them before I was due. I told them when I came home did not have 39.00 but I did have the 19.00 + 5.00 late fee new would have to pay. They wanted the Camera right now then. We argued until a lady that works there told the GM that he was being worng and paid it out of her pocket. I rent from Rent A Center 3 stores down 9 items I have with them and have bought 10 within 1 1/2 I was late paying them and they more then willing let me pass on 330.00 worth of payments just so i can get caught up.

    So see not all of us are just So worng these are just experiences we have. We all make are payments and most of us do call. I just have a firm hold on if i say I'm going to do something like "PAY" I do & I expect Good customer service in return.

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  • My
    M. Young Mar 25, 2008

    Half of you sad lil idiots commenting here probably work for Rent-a-Center. Where else can a bunch of NO credit having, can't hold a job, waste your money on drugs and booze instead of paying your bills...losers go and get a new laptop, big screen HDtv, washer and dryer, PS3 all for just the 1st monthly payment down?

    Everyday people at Aarons deal with 1/3 of their store owing them money, they have to call around 400 people a day. Worse, a bunch of you love to get smart on the phone, owing Aarons money for 2 months and cuss out an employee...when they're just trying to keep you from going to court!

    They give out payment holidays, and even do 15 to 30 day ectensions when people can't pay. And if you really can't pay, then you can let them pick it up, and when you get money up again...you can get the merchandise re-delivered and NOT have lost any of the money that you already have in it.

    75% of you pathetic jokes just get a laptop to pawn in the 1st place, or you're so stupid that you get the thing online and make a B-line for a VIRUS. 65% of the men just buy their computers for porn. Aarons should give a basic 1st grade common sense test before they let people take a computer home. When they take your computer for service, they give you a loaner!

    Sure sometimes they make mistakes, but 75% of you wouldn't have a service issue if you didn't owe so much money that you were scared to come into the store.

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  • M
    m Mar 31, 2008

    All you losers should pay attention to your lease closing. If you had done so, you would know what you were signing. You gave permission for Aaron's to call your house, cell, work and all the references you gave. It states in black and white they will come to your house. Try not paying your water bill and see what happens the next day(no water.) all you get are some phone calls. How about letting them know that you can't pay on your due date and set up a promise date, then the calls stop if you honor your commitment. Aaron's opens a new store every 2 days because all the losers who pay late fees by not paying on time. Here's an example: I want to buy your car and make payments to you. I will pay you on the first of the month, and never be late. I then proceed to pay you the 1st month and then I cancel all of my phone #'s and never answer my door.

    I 'll just pay you when I'm ready to pay, damn our agreement. Don't call me or come to my work or house, just sit there waiting for me to come by.

    Aaron's is a business, you went to Aaron's they didn't come to you. Live up to your obligations ###.

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  • Be
    bear Apr 03, 2008


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  • M
    m Apr 04, 2008

    only two weeks late? And you think that is okay? sure, nothing wrong with that. You only said that you would pay on time. Aaron's must be wrong to hold you accountable since you changed jobs. they should just let you keep the furniture for free why stay in business. You signed the lease, make your payments or they return the merchandise. you agreed. unbelievable!

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  • Ch
    christy Apr 12, 2008

    It's kind of refreshing to know that I'm not alone when it comes to Aaron's. My fiance got a riding lawn mower from Aaron's summer of 2007. The price miraculously went up an extra $2000.00. I had called them to find out what he had paid already and what he had left. I spoke to the general manager and he was unbelievably rude. First off I am not even on the lease. I did not sign anything when my fiance got the mower. The GM tried to tell me that I am responsible for the mower and that he knows the common laws of nebraska. He better go back and look again because there is not a common law marriage for the state of nebraska. He was trying to tell me that I would be responsible for paying for the mower because we told him to come pick it up. We're not paying $3200.00 for a $1000.00 mower. What a rip off! He was even A smart ### and called me Mrs. Worrell at the end of our phone call. Never rent or buy anything from these people. They are rude, unprofessional, and all they care about is that payment every month. They don't care about the customer at all. Stay away from the Aaron's in Norfolk, Nebraska. RUDE, RUDE PEOPLE!!!

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  • An
    AnimeMutt Apr 17, 2008

    I got a 42" TV from them last month. After having it for a while, I decided I didn't want it any more. The main reason I liked the idea of dealing with them is the option to simply return the TV if you don't like it for whatever reason. I arranged to have them pick it up this past Monday and they did. I asked them (both the guys picking it up and Terri Mackay, the GM) if I was going to get a signed paper saying that they took the TV back and they said no. I tried to make them wait while I printed up something to that effect and they grabbed the TV and took off.

    This morning I started getting phone calls saying that I was past due on my payment. First I got the automated message. I called the store and spoke with Terri and "reminded" her that they took the TV back and she said she would fix the problem and close out the account. Tonight I got another call from one of the sales guys demanding payment who also said he would fix the problem. I'll be visiting the store tomorrow to leave with something in writing - I hope it's not too late.

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  • Mi
    Michael Apr 23, 2008

    I work for a company that is similar in business to Aaron's. A lot of your complaints are on accounts that are past due so let me explain. You are leasing merchandise with an option to purchase. If you lease a car for the weekend you have paid for the time you are about to use. It is no different in leasing with Aaron's or any other leasing company whether it's furniture, appliance, tv, or whatever it is a lease. If you were to lease a car for the weekend you can not decide on your own to just not return the vehicle because you want it longer without paying for that time. Different states handle lease merchandise differently but for the most part it is an illegal act to have leased merchandise that has not been paid for. Some states it is a felony while in others it is a misdemeanor failure to return lease merchandise. Either way it is against the law to have in possession leased property that has not been paid for the time that is about to be used. What companies like Aaron's do is although you haven't paid for the time they will allow you to come in and pay a few days late. You must remember this is their merchandise not yours. This is not financing so it does not follow financing standards or practices because you have their merchandise. So if you are late you have not fulfilled your lease agreement or so to speak have not paid for the time you are using it. If you will call these companies and let them know what is going on and work something out they will not come to your house or call you on the phone. Here lies the problem, customers get behind, will not return phone calls, or answer the door then this leaves the employees at the assumption you do not intend on paying. This leads to legal action and make no doubt that they can file charges against you. I have been in charge of the court cases and filing of charges before. Communication is the key in order to make life easier for both sides. Also, remember the employees pay is based on the percentage of customers that make their payments. For instance they may have a weekly quota of %7 or less of customers can be late. If more than %7 are late they do not receive their total salary for the week. Now many of you say you have your financial problems so you take the attitude of "screw them", but put yourself in their shoes when you are not answering those phone calls or won't come to the door and it could effect their income. They can work with you if you will communicate with them on or before the day your account comes due. The other side of your complaints are legitimate complaints (no remote, merchandise at service too long, ect.). Now it is most companies policy if you are paying on merchandise and you have something in service you are to have a loaned out piece while that one is getting fixed. Now, you must still make your payment during this time because you do have a piece of their merchandise in replacement. I hope this may let you understand the side of the business you may not have realized. The companies are their to work against you but with you if you are working with them. The mis-understanding lies mostly with the perception people have that it is a finance company instead of a lease company because there is a huge difference.

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  • Ba
    badass Apr 26, 2008

    aarons can kiss my ###

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  • Ne
    Ne Apr 26, 2008

    Me and my husband went to Aarons to buy a laptop. We wanted a Dell that was showing in the ad. They man pulled out a Dell laptop from under their glass display opened it up and I have never in my life seen a laptop so dirty. It had food allllll over in it and it was sticky and the screen was horrid. So they decided to show me a compaq. It was a very cheap compaq which at the end of the contract would have cost us a thousand dollars. We signed the contract, but after driving over to best buy mins later we seen the same laptop for three hundred dollars. Right away I called and cancelled the sale. Aarons is a rip off and half of their crap is refurbished. I also want to state that the store is junky and the people who work at Aarons are the lowest of the low. They are creepy low life jerks.

    This happened at the Rapid City, South Dakota store.

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  • Te
    Teresa May 31, 2008

    Aarons Sales and Leasing is an ABOSLUTE JOKE and they are all FRAUDS!!! I had a lease with that company and I would not do business with them if you paid me. The office I dealt with was in Bloomfield in Nj...They took money out of my bank account unauthorized not once but TWICE...Then they have the nerve to continue to harass me and make threats...I not only had to change my bank account but I also had to change my phone number...They have been paid in FULL but JOSE and MIKE in the Bloomfield office still don't stop...Especially JOSE!!! He is the main Fraud...The store manager ALEX is no better because he acts like he doesn't know what's going on with his people when he DOES...I am now in the process of taking not only Aarons to court but I am filing charges against Jose personally...They continue to now harass my family, going to their house and calling their house when I dont even live there and never even gave my family as a reference or phone number.

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  • Jo
    John May 31, 2008

    I am a GM for Aaron's and I can tell you one simple thing. If you owe a payment on your month to month lease agreement we give you 5 days after your due date to either contact us to make a payment arrangement or make the payment before we even attempt to call you from the store. Only after several attempts to contact you with no reply will we even think about coming to your home or calling your references. Remember, making these calls and visits is more work for our team. We don't enjoy it and we tell you up front before even accepting your first payment that if you run into a financial jam please contact us right away. Our lease agreements and accounts dept have several tools to help a customer acquire ownership of the merchandise. We also don't like returning merchandise and will often bend over backwards to help a customer when they need it. We ( the employees) make money for keeping customers, not driving them away.
    I can tell you from experience that most of these complaints are from people who for one reason or another went out of their way to duck an Aaron's account rep when trying to contact them to make a payment arrangement. After a while it gets old and yes, we will eventually want our merchandise back and not want to do business with you either. As hard as you try to avoid us we try harder to get our merchandise back when you've made it clear that you have no intention to pay or voluntarily return the merchandise. Bottom line is if you run into financial difficulties, contact us. If its a temporary situation we will work with you and make payment arrangements. If the merchandise is too expensive for you and is a financial burden we will help you find something in your price range.
    Remember, If you are a single mom of 5 children barely making enough to get by and give everything you can to your children and don't own a car then you don't need a big screen tv, brand new living room set and a playstation 3 for a $300 per month payment.
    What I've seen in my experience is 98% of our customers are good customers we have a great relationship with and do repeat business with. The other 2% don't take personal responsibility for their actions and then complain about unfair treatment on here.

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  • Da
    Dan Jun 05, 2008

    I have been more than satisfied with Aaron's Sales and Lease in Richmond, KY. I have paid off my mattress and box spring and then bought a new bedroom suite that I love. I have never been late on any payments, but understand that sometimes people fall into some pretty tight financial situations. The manager and workers at our store are very friendly and courteous. I am now getting ready to pay my bedroom suite off early and would do business with them again at some point.

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