Aarons Furniturevery bad quality furniture!

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My boyfriend and I are leasing a love seat, couch, tables and lambs from Aarons furniture store in Tacoma Washington. We had are furniture for about 1 years now and the furniture is starting to peel. It started peeling about 6 months ago right after we leased it. They had this man come out and take pictures of the furniture and he even said that the furniture looks like it came from a bad batch of leather. For the last 4 months now they have been giving us the run around about the manufacture hasn't gotten back to them yet and there's nothing they can do about it until they talk to them. You mean to tell me that it's taking 3-4 months to get in touch with them. Were just tired of paying are hard working money on furniture that is no good, and getting the run around every time we talk to someone down there. But they keep calling our home with a payment, and treating to come get the furniture.


  • Br
    Brian Martino Jul 05, 2007

    While I have never leased through Aaron's, my former wife has. She had listed me as a reference and when she inevitably fell behind in her payments, they contacted me. I did agree to make a one time payment of just short of $200.00 using my Visa card.

    I was asked at the time of the payment to come into the store and sign an authorization for credit card debit and credit. I declined to come in and do so and reiterated, this is for a one time payment only. Well, guess what happened...? Two months later there were two more payments run through 3 days apart. When I contacted SCOTT, at the Palm Springs, FL. location, and advised him to refund the charges, I was told NO.

    I educated him to the terms Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Misrepresentation and extortion he suggested I come into the store and we will settle it like "REAL MEN." He then did agree he did in fact run the charges through without authorization but the only way it could be reversed is to sign an agreement. Of course, I declined. I contacted the local authorities (Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and Palm Springs Police Department). I have signed the papers to have charges levied via the State's Attorney's office.

    Much to my surprise, yesterday, I had another 200.00 charged to my card. I immediately contacted Scott at Aaron's and he informed me that since I am a "THIEF" and have his furniture, he will continue to charge my card and then he hung up the phone. I might mention one thing, while I was speaking with Scott at Aaron's, I was in the police station on speaker phone with an officer.

    My credit card has been closed and another reissued. Incidentally, all of the charges have been refunded to me. Yes, I have spoken with my former wife and she will be more vigilant with her creditors. As for Scott, well, his name is listed on every "DO NOT HIRE" site within Palm Beach County as I am a Charter Member of several Chambers of Commerce. I should think it a long time indeed an unskilled laborer such as Scott, to be able to find gainful employment!

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  • Ly
    lyle r young jr Aug 05, 2007

    I bought a new dell computer with a hp printer and the sales rep told me it would be compatible, well i get home, which is about 50 miles away and put everything together and start to install the software for the printer and surprise not compatible with windows vista.

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  • Co
    COLLEEN ROCK Nov 08, 2007

    What if I ever running to some problem can I get a lawyer and sue them?

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  • Lo
    Love Smith Dec 27, 2007

    Yeah... I rented a laptop from them that stopped working in about 3 days. I sent it back , refused to pay. They blamed the damages on me and because I am not paying for it. they are taking my furniture from me that I am 3 payments away from owning!

    Let me add how one of the employees there offered to "be my sugar daddy" in exchange for payment. I will Never rent from them again!

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  • So
    SOMEONE Dec 29, 2007

    I also have a problem with Aarons, i got from them dell laptop and they were very nice thru my 1st year, if i was late they accepeted partial of the payment or give me atleast until the end of the month to pay if i paid the late fees. SO NOW I ONLY HAVE 4 PAYMENTS AND I OWN THE LAPTOP, I WAS 2 DAYS LATE THIS MONTH AND THEY CALLED ME AT MY JOB HARRASING ME AND THREATING TO TAKE THE LAPTOP FROM ME WITCH BY THE WAY THE ORIGINALY COSTS $600 AND I HAVE PAID THEM SO FAR $3000 ! IF I KNEW I WAS GOING TO PAY THIS MUCH I WOULD HAVE SAVE THE MONEY AND BOUGHT ME 3 OF THEM! BUT THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO WAIT FOR MY PAYMENT, I ALREADY WASTED TOO MUCH $ ON THIS LAPTOP AND IM NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP! OH YEA, BY THE WAY, YOU WHO SAID THIS "I would hand them my phone so they could call.
    Newsflash---its Aarons merchandise until you pay for it in full."



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  • Br
    brandon winchell Jan 13, 2008

    ALL of you whiners are FULL OF CRAP AND BEANS!!!!! No doubt if you had GOOD CREDIT, you would not need to shop at Aarons. This is a store whose clientele typically do not have good enough credit to go to a "REAL" furniture or appliance store. So quit complaining, if it were not for them you wouldnt have sofas, 52" plasma screens and laptops. And it does not matter if YOU think the price is unfair or that YOU think you have paid too much. Might I remind you all, YOU SIGNED FREAKING AGREEMENTS THAT YOU WOULD MAKE THE PAYMENTS THAT THEY ASKED FOR, ON TIME AND IN THE PROPER AMOUNT. Quit blowing your money on crap in your life, pay your debts, get GOOD credit and go somewhere else. In the menatime, quit your whining and complaining. But I guess that is just asking you ###s too much, to actually fulfill YOUR end of the bargain. If you know they will be calling you, heres a nugget of gold: PAY YOUR FREAKING BILLS!!!

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  • Pe
    Penny819 Mar 23, 2017

    @brandon winchell Not true. I have good credit. I am thinking about leasing to own a dryer for six months. The only reason I am going to Aaron's is because mine died in the middle of the week and I just don't want to dish out that much money right this minute. Also since I just purchased a vehicle I don't want to keep hitting my credit. wow looking for an appliance repair shop I passed Aaron's and decided to start. So everyone does not have bad credit this place just happened to pop up . after going over the contract with the representative in the store I decided to look at reviews online because it seemed quite good. I never heard a contract with those terms before. But because of your statement I guess I understand why

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  • Do
    donald d metcalfe Jan 28, 2008

    yep most places are rip offs,be it somebody trying to tell you they're merchandise is better than everyone elses, or the person trying to tell you i want to be your buddy,its ok that you have bad credit so i'll finance you.they are all full of ###.
    but my story goes like this wells fargo screwed me,i took a consolidation loan to pay off a piece of property,a 1999 trans am that i bought brand new and the trunk would'nt shut unless the car was setting just rite on the pavement,(but thats another story),and my semi.i took this loan for 30,000 and agreed to pay it back in 5 years,for me thats a cake walk i was'nt concerned in the least about a little note.so i set up direct deposit so i wuold never be late,there was plenty of money in there to pay the loan if i wanted.but i thought ok,build my credit,6 months went by without a problem so i totaly blew off watching the account hell it was taking care of itself as it should,i'm out driving my truck 15 months into the loan i get a call saying wells fargo is taking my property about 50k my car about 37k and my semi 75k because i've renigged on the loan for 7 months.i said what the hell are you talking about?after alot of calls and talking to people all over the country we finaly find out the problem the dumb ### ### in the milton florida office april brown,(hi april,hope you rot in hell)had ordered the wrong check # for the direct deposit,she had records where she had tried to call me and sent letters,none of which took place.and she had been promoted during this time to regional manager.so in essence she was now in charge,and i dont think shes going to fire herself,do you?so i paid the loan off in full 3 years early with my credit totaly screwed,and decided whatever i bought from there out i would pay for in cash,oh yea dont do that becuase you end up with 0 credit and that is supposedly worse than bad credit.

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  • Er
    Ericka Apr 22, 2008

    I was actually going to consider purchasing a mattress and tv from Aaron's AFTER I determined the cost of each item. Now that I know they are over priced just like a rent-a-center and there is such terrible employees and customer service and furniture, I'm no longer considering. Happy I found this website!

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  • An
    angie Jun 18, 2008

    I was considering a bedroom set, dining table and a tv. I'm already having problems with the furniture I have from rent-a-center so the next step was to see what Aarons had in store. But now, after going to this site, I have changed my mind. Thanks.

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  • Xa
    Xaymara Sep 02, 2008

    I financed a couch, tables, and lamps from Aarons in Edison, NJ. Mind you this was about 3 months ago and i still dont have my furniture.

    The first Time They brought the couches, the couches had holes in them, and dirt inside the pillows.
    The Tables were extremely damaged and scrathed and had missing parts. I told them to give us NEW FURNITURE and refused to make any payments.

    I waited like a month and they still gave me the run around about all this crap, when i aksed where the hell my couches where do you know what they said?!! They told me they couldnt bring them because thier Truck was infested with ROACHES!! ROACHES!!! Now how the hell are you going to tell a customer that!

    They finally bring the couches, that looked new, smelled new, i believe were New, but No tables yet. And they are PISSING me off, i really feel like just forgeting about the whole thing and getting my money back.

    Its a shame because the actual store has much potential, but whoevers hiring needs to be fired. I will NEVER recommend this store to ANYONE. How are you going to give people USED, DAMAGED furniture and telling them that it is brand new!

    And thats my story, glad to share my pissedoffness with you all. And i hope someone from the store gets the chance to read this. Thank You.

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  • Su
    Sue Jan 28, 2009

    My boyfriend and I bought a living room suit from Aaron's in October. We both took off work so that we could meet with their delivery date... Three times. Each time we had to go into the store and reschedule a delivery date, to which they never showed. Knowing that you noever let anyone in your house with out being home, finally we got in touch with the regional manager demanding that we be compensated for missed work. We were only compensated for one missed day, but yet they have recieved all of their payments on time. Now the chair that we purchased is broken and we've waited for them to contact us for over a month. They scheduled a day for us to be home to pick up the chair, on which they showed up four hours late. Yet again., one of us had to miss another day of work. We've tried several time to contact regional managers with no reply. At this moment, I am still waiting for a call back, which is suppossed to be today. I have a feeling that wont happen, either.

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  • Su
    SUMEBODY Mar 16, 2009

    aarons in hayward is AWFUL if you are behind 10.00 they will haraass you on your job call your cell phone numerous time bad customerservice, and BAD BUSINESS DO NOT RENT FROM THEM RALPH the store manager will rob you for all your money take it from me DON'T GO THERE i wish someone would have told me AWFUL, SCAM, MONEY HUNGRY, AND THEY ACT LIKE THE POLICE!!!

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  • Su
    SUMEBODY Mar 16, 2009


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  • Precious2g6 Mar 28, 2009

    I feel bad because I am a college student and n my credit isnt low or high, I never have had anything in my name so I had no choice but t go to aarons. Well I got a full bed set and was told it was new, it arrived in 5 days so I was kind of happy eventhough i noticed if I didnt pay a certain amount in a certain time the price will triple...believe me triple !!! Now that I am almost finished paying my headboard is splitting in half and for the dressers they are peeling, I dont even think this is real wood and is about $2, 500 out my pocket. To top it off when I went to review my payments and all the details in the contract I saw on there where only one thing is new out the whole set... the mirror... I am sleeping on a used mattress and dressers are just peeling!!! I know its almost a year but something should be done it really isnt fair. My furniture back at my mom house is from Havertys and City Furniture and we never had this problem and the furniture has to be about 8 years old now : ( and mines is barely a year : (

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  • Ca
    Cara Comella Jun 26, 2009

    If you are having problems with the furniture for Aarons you need to call them. They will repair or replace it as long as you are still making payments on it. I have dealt with Aarons for years and am getting ready to just outright buy furniture from a regular store. From what I have seen of complaints, I think I would rather stick with Aarons.

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  • No
    No Mo Bad Credit Jun 28, 2009

    Listen people complain. Most people who complain are people who need help with their credit. Let us clean up your credit www.nomobadcredit.com and we will get you in contact with reputable furniture stores.

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  • Wo
    wont be taken as a sucker Jan 26, 2010

    yes people i too have dealt with aarons !i go to the store look at the sofas i sign the contract i get the stuff delivered and come to find out they too gave me floor model used flat cushions and chipped peeled damaged fake wood it is not real !..i called to complain and then i was reassured by the supposed manager at aarons that it was a mistake he apologized because i specified i did not want the furniture used or floor model and i got the run around i got angry told them u have to take ur furniture back i do not want it !within 3 days of having the furniture they did pick it up but only after i was rudely insulted by the manager over the phone but they sure didnt stick me with the cheap furniture besides its false advertising . hand painted wood whoopee doo my 10 year old could of done that !thanks but no thanks

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  • Ca
    CarrieH721 Jun 29, 2010

    I was also delivered a "brand new" couch and love seat.. they both smell like dirty feet and the sofa had a hole in it upon delivery. It took 2 months to get something done about it. The table are scratched and wobbly.. I'm scared to say anything b/c I don't want them thinking I'm just a trouble maker but this couch stinks so bad. They demolished the sofa getting it out of the apt and I told them nevermind on bringing in the other "new" one b/c I was scared they would demolish it too. I'm stuck with a love seat and me and my husband must share it. It's just crazy how they treated us throughout all of it. They also threatened us when I quit making payments. I have completely paid for it all in full now but I am just so scared that they won't do anything about this couch that smells like dirty feet. I thought it was my husband's feet making the couches smell but I smell his shoes and smell nothing! So, I don't know what's up with this furniture but it is also very cheaply made! Not satisfied at all...

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  • Su
    summer1968 Jan 17, 2011

    Unfortunately, my credit is bad...I was a full time student and $20, 000 in debt. I had to sacrafice my credit for an education.
    My dryer was busted and I was sick and tired of going to the laundermat
    Now that I have graduated and making close to six figures a year, I decided to get these beautiful ruby red front loaders from Aarons.
    A couple of nurses in the emergency dept referred me to Aarons, saying that they don't check you're credit.
    I was sold !!!
    I love my new washer/dryer set, but if your a couple of days late with payment they HARRASS you and the references you put down on the application like no other!!! AND BOY ARE THEY RUDE!!! WITH GHETTTO TYPE MENTALITY...SOMEWHAT LIKE LOAN SHARKS!!!
    I understand that I should make my payment on time, but 2 days late!
    Where's the grace period? Come on!!!
    I will be paying triple in the end, once I finish my loan with Aarons. I am saving big time right now so I won't have to.

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  • Mm
    MM001 Jan 17, 2011

    Yea! Good for you! I love to hear a success story with an untrained criminal such as an Aarons employee.
    You should sue.

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  • Ba
    BadCredit2013 Aug 15, 2013

    1st: The condition of merchandise is Clearly stated at the top of a Agreement (You Sign). 2nd: The agreement will ALWAYS state what the same as cash price is, as well as the Term cost, ALWAYS, you are even provided a copy. 3rd: The agreement states that after 3 days you are late, and subject to late fee's! 4th: I guarantee if you READ what you are signing all this is their. Ever bought a car? That thing called interest will end up costing you alot, depending on your CREDIT... Don't like the price, simple dont buy it. Can't make the payment RETURN it. After months of USE, you did it, so stop whinning and TRY to be responsible adults. Almost forgot, don't like the calls, PAY your bill. I promise you this, if you hate the calls, Imagine how your REFERENCES that YOU put down feel, and they don't even OWE for it. Just being real folks.

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  • Ki
    kitkat74 Mar 29, 2014

    Bought a bedroom set and a diNing table from Aarons 14 years ago. Sold the dining table last year in a garage sale and just now replaCing the mattress and box spring. Rest of the bedroom set is still functional. Probably out of style by now but no problems. Credit is fine, just hate the idea of using a credit card for anything but emergencies. And I choose the high interest over emptying my bank account to buy new furniture. Aarons has been good to me. Expecting two sofas and new box spring n mattress next week. can't beat 100 bucks a month :)

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  • Bl
    blm420 Feb 22, 2015

    Me and my wife have been going through hell because of aarons. We got this crappy woodhaven furniture and we have 5 paymentsleft but I tell u what for th the las 9 months we have been trying to get our love seat fixed. They have sent in 1 guy ane he said it was basically unfixable because how cheap it was made it would keep on messing up. Well yesterday they brought in a used loveseat identical to ours and it is more screwed up than the one we had before. This is such a horrible place to get anything please dont go he here. I am also paying for a broken 60 inch samsung tv. I had it 3 months and it fell off my entertainment center and now I gotta pay 157 bucks a month for 2 yrs.i live in marion nc and Andy is the name of the guy out here. He is such a fake ### liar I wish they was something I could do but looks like im stuck in this hell hole money pit

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  • Po
    PO...Mom Apr 13, 2016

    My couch and loveseat are paid in full, but it was manufactured by Woodhaven Furniture; ans sadly the quality is very bad! Five years down the road, it looks like ###! Cushions are are smashed, (yes I rotate them ALWAYS have) when one sits on the left side of my couch, they sink & their ### is literally sitting on wood frame. I will have to replace this set soon, and you can bet I will not take home furniture made by Woodhaven...they are NOT WELCOME in my home!!! Wayfair also sells this brand as well, so my complaint really isn't with Aaron's. Woodhaven very cheaply made, no quality whatsoever!!!

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  • Ru
    rude3636 Oct 05, 2016

    I will never purchase another item from Aarons located at 9810 Two Notch Rd Ste 8e, Columbia.
    The manager Louis was so rude and nasty. He had the worse customer service. Wouldn't even listen to what I was explaining to him and did not apologize for being wrong. I tried to explain to him that my washer had a warranty and what was going on. He just continued to be rude... Aarons need to rethink on who they hire as MANAGERS!!!

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  • An
    Anya826 Mar 20, 2018


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  • Ma
    Matthew Schmitt Dec 28, 2019

    I have been a customer with Aarons for several years. I have great credit, and use their services because of the hassle free replacement warranty on their large screen TVs. Most manufacturers sacrifice quality because electronics are so cheaply made. I'd purchase a new large screen TV with cash, only to have it blowout just after the manufacturers warranty ran out. I got tired of this and decided to use Aarons. Honestly I've never had an issue with them. They have been great and provided great service to me every time. I've never purchased furniture or computers through them, only large screen TVs, but I would probably trust them with anything else too. Maybe I just have good local store and staff, but my experiences have always been positive.

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