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Ok well I have recently rented a 48'' TV from Aaron's. I have had the tv for almost 6 months. Well for the first time I was late on a payment. For the first few days no one had been calling or coming by so I knew I was fine. Well one night about 8 something a couple of guys came by and asked that I pay something. I had then told them I did not have the money at the time but should have it to them soon. Well to make a long story short, the next day three men came to my door at 8 in the morning. I was still asleep only to be woken up by pounding on the door. I looked out the window and I didn't see anything but regular cars outside so I didn't think anything about Aaron's. Well in fact the three men had brought their personal vehicles to come pick up my tv. They were pounding and trying to get in my apartment. Wiggling the door handle trying to pry the door open things like that. They went to other peoples door trying to get information from them about me. They were using foul language and being rude with other people. Well to continue on, I only pay $94.00 a month but they made me pay $229.00 for that month and now will not allow me to keep my TV. They told me that they had 15 phone calls complaining about how rude they were and also people asking for the corporate offices number and they refused to let anyone have the number. I am very offended that someone could have been so rude. They won't even allow me to have the number. I will never rent from here again.

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Oct 11, 2013 9:18 pm
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I like how I had rent to own a laptop my service was great but when it came to leasing my couch and loveseat they delievr it and on my loveseat the bottom that wooden part of the based of the loveseat was broken and they listed as new and expext me to pay 131 a month and I think it is unfair if it is broken when it was delivered I called baxk to back and they alwys tell me that tbey will pick it up and have it repaired and I got to the point I get fed up because I work and go to school and cannot keep cslling them all day and all the tine. But when it comes to collecting payment they are quick to call I just do not understand and would like the loveseat be listed as used and not new and not having me pay like it is new. I am very unhappy with this service and this will be my lastpurchase.

Sep 24, 2009 4:16 pm

My wife and I purchased a 61' TV. from Aaron's Rentals in longview Tx. on June 15th 2008 on lopp 281, we paid for a partial month with a in-store coupon that made this transaction good for a full month 2 weeks 3 days later we started receiving phone calls from location wanting a payment and on July the 8th came to pickup said item. My wife and I went to location and the store clerk stated it was there mistake because the store coupon was never posted to the account in there computer system. At tis time my wife and I was going out of town and gave the store clerk our cell phone number to call when they were in route to re-deliver and no one ever called, and we all know cellphones shows missed calls and itimized cellphone bills shows all calls to and from phone. This is just my story just think of how many of us there is that gets done this way and lets it go . Be aware of rent-to-own locations.

Jan 25, 2011 2:27 am
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i was under a rental aggrement with aaron's we purchased a dryer a large tv a x box and a ps 3 ... i was a week late on my payment and was late due to relocating to a new house. i was in the process of moving come back to get another load of our belongings and walked into an empty house aaron's employees had done poped the lock on my sliding glass door and went in and took our stuff ... thats crazy that is braking an entering under no sercumstances did they have the right or the premission to be in my house ... i am so heated up over this i should sue thier cooperate office just for haveing ###s like that working for them u just cant pop peoples locks and walk in their hose whenever you want to i feel violated a hoorible exsperiance to say the least !

Jul 08, 2011 12:26 am

On 6/30/11 I had placed my order for a desktop computer. Kathleen had me fill out an application form, and requested additional bank statements, to verify that I made enough money for the purchase. Katheen told me that my computer would be delivered on Wedsday July 6th 2011. On July the 6th I called and spoke to the accounts manager Rob, the store for a delivery time he had no idea of my order and was rude, and hung up the telephone on me. I called the store back, and spoke with Daniel, I was informed that Kathleen was busy with customers. Daniel was kind enough to take my phone number down, and leave it for Katheen, my original sales gent. Kathleen Never did return my call. On July the 7th 2011 I called the store again to find out when my order would be deliverd. A kind sales agent, by the name of Travis told me that my application had not been completed yet. I said ok. I then asked him if I could please talk to Kathleen. He indicated that katheen was at lunch, and would have her call me when she returned. I was never called back. An hour and a half later I called again, spoke with Katheen, and suggested to her that I would like to cancel my order. The unprofeesionalism at this particular store on east ave. is by far the worst I have ever incounterd, in my twenty years of customer service for national, and International companies. Michael Flores

Jan 09, 2013 11:34 am
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This mess is ridiculous you don't come to some body's house trying to act like the police wearing dark shades disrespecting the people that live threatening our children kicking and banging on our apartment door that is going to far! They call 6 to 7 times a day even after the business is closed for the day 9pm at night. I have one TV making a hundred dollar payment most time the payment is on time due on the first but sometimes i have to wait until Friday for my paycheck. I call to tell them that but they still call 6 to 7 times a day sometimes after 9pm at night from the first day of the payment being due. There should be a grace 5 days or something, because these antics are too much. I know there are some who haven't paid for months and these tactics are necessary but this is crazy and is starting to feel like harassment to me.

Apr 27, 2010 8:47 pm

I am NOT a client of Aaron's and never intend to be, especially now. After recently purchasing a home I am continually receiving collections notices for someone else's account. Most likely a previous tenant. Notices from people who are comming to my door looking to reposes furniture or something and "discuss your account." I have informed the company of the discrepency but to no avail, I am being harassed by collections in error. I suppose if it continues I may have reason to file an offical complaint. However, in the mean time i will post this here with all of the other numerous complaints about this Complany and the way they are conducting business. I am not out for blood, I'm merely wanting the story to be told so that others may weigh the situation and make their own decisions.

Oct 05, 2010 1:41 pm
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What do you think of a company who calls your place of business and if you are unavailable to answer they leave a message and then go through to the receptionist and tells the woman covering the firm that they are coming down here. Now No. 1 this is my place of employment and my personal business is not available and open for discussion with the receptionist and in no way should they feel threatened of anyone barging in here especially by a debt collector. In a previous request I have asked them to remove my work number from their list because I could lose my job. The fact that I am writing this because the call just came in and upsetting the receptionist is taking me away from doing my job. This is unacceptable behavior from any business and I will seek all necessary remedies including filing a complaint with the BBB.

Jul 31, 2010 11:48 am
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Agreement #14062
Receipt #105962
Date: 7/31/10
Time: 11:50:19am

The Harrisonburg, VA Aaron's delivers poor service and is very unprofessional.
Today I went to Aaron's to pay my bill. I paid cash and $10 on my card, and the lady seemed flustered because she didn't know how to do this procedure. Then another assistant helps out, but when I let them both know I have been charged a late fee (from the past--AGAIN), both look irritated at me and called out loud, "GARY."
Gary shows me the computer screen and I explain to him that this is always happening and that this OLD late fee should have been wiped off their computer system. He still tries to explain, and while I tell him my husband, who had called throughout this payment process, wanted to talk to Gary--Gary resisted and continued explaining the late fee to me. Gary tries to settle this by slamming his $5 bill on the table and telling me, "Here, go buy your baby some McDonald's." This is incredibly insulting! He could've apologized and given me the $5 without saying anything but an apology. I'm glad that he did go out of his way to pay from his own pocket, however, a $5 isn't worth the insult! Then I hand Gary the phone and he's walking around the store with my phone letting my husband know, "oh! I didn't know that was your wife." He also lets my husband know that I gave him a look like I wanted to kill him for saying such a thing about McDonald's.
I'm not reporting this to be petty. Gary's gesture would've been perfectly satisfactory if he didn't slam the money down and say what he said. He didn't have to complain about me to my husband, and the employees didn't have to sigh and make me feel like I was a burden to their own mistake! AND the fact that Gary behaved differently once he found out who my husband is..this is very unprofessional. It lets me know how he treats people that bring him business! Customer Satisfaction ("the customer's always right') is HOW you treat people, and not what you do to shut them up and make them leave. From now on my husband can be the one to pay his bill since he will be treated "differently." I will NEVER recommend Aaron's to anybody, and I will encourage my husband to purchase something elsewhere next time.

It seems like there are many complaints online about the service at Aaron's, and that nothing is said/done about it. I hope the service does improve, but if this complaint is just another complaint filed in the system, or thrown in the trash somewhere, I do at least hope this will get around online so that customers will know what they're getting into when they give their business to Aaron's.

Jul 26, 2009 7:02 pm

I went in Aaron's to purchase a new 61" TV. They didn't have one I like in the box, but on display. So the salesman said I could purchase this one. They brought the TV out and it worked good for a year and a half. After that had problems with the TV, they thought it was the circuit board. So they was fixing the problem but was taking so long. I called JVC and complain about the TV in that is when I was told it was not a new TV. But they was still going to fix my TV and still today it's not fixed. Been over 5 months with the problem.

Oct 28, 2012 5:23 am

My son, a truck driver laid down $500 to rent a 72' tv only to learn a week later that he was losing his job because the company was shut down by the DOT so my son promptly gets another job in ND paying a lot more money and he has to move that next day. I call Arron's and tell them he is going to have to return the TV LONG before the next payment is due ( he paid over 2 months in advance) and they REFUSED to give any refund at all out of that $500! What a rip off! a scam! criminals is all I can say!

Nov 07, 2007 12:00 am

I recently worked for my local Aaron's store. I was told I would receive my paycheck on November 2, 2007. It is now November 7th, and I have called there every day and still have not received my check. They have told me every day that it would be in and they still have not payed me.

Kristy Craft.

Feb 02, 2009 10:25 am

My son decided he wanted to purchase a laptop computer in December of 2007. Being an 18 year old he was impatient and would not wait until he had the money saved up, so I took him to Aaron's. I had purchased a computer from them previously and even with a few glitches I felt it would be OK.

My son picked a Compaq computer and I signed the agreement. Even though it was in my name he made the payments. He never, not once, missed a payment nor was he ever late. The computer paid off on December 1, 2008. He was excited.

Well, the computer went out one week later on December 7. I phoned the store and spoke with Brittany Powell, sales manager. She said the computer had an extra 60 day warranty by Aaron's. I took the computer in on December 8.

On December 15 I received a call by Lacy stating that the computer was back. My husband went to the store and picked it up. He inquired of Brittany what the problem was and she made the comment that for some reason the work invoice was not with the computer and that seemed strange to her. Again, my son was excited to have his computer back. False warning. It still was not working. It was doing the exact same thing. I called Brittany back and she said to bring it back in. My husband took the computer right back to the store.

I had to call the store several times a week to find out what was going on with the computer, each time I spoke with Brittany and she assured me that Mr. Porter of Porter's Computer repair was working on the problem. She stated that the mother board had went out and he had to order another one.

Well, this went on for 3 additional weeks and on January 8th I picked the computer up for the second time. This time there was an invoice(real or not I have no idea)with the computer. It stated that a new motherboard had been installed in the computer.

Ha ha. The computer did the same exact thing. I called the store back and took it back to them on January 9th. At this point I began dealing with, who I assume is the manager, Shannon. He assured me he would take care of it and have my son's computer repaired. I told him at this point I was getting fed up, and that not a single payment had been missed nor late and as a good customer I expected some action. His response to me was 'what do you want to do hit me' I told him no I just wanted a computer that worked. He again assured me he would take care of it.

I waited almost a week and called back. Shannon said that Mr. Porter still had the computer. I told him it was time for something to be done. All the promises/lies had gotten old. I told him if they were not going to do anything to just let me know so I could stop making false promises to my son. He got really upset at this point and told me I should calm down. I could not even get a word in edgewise. I told him all I wanted was a computer that worked. That maybe he should cut his loses with Mr. Porter and just replace the computer. He laughed at me and said 'That isn't happening' The phone call ended with again another promise/lie of my repaired computer.

Well, low and behold, I called back the next day and poof my computer was there and 'repaired'. I came straight home and my son hooked the computer up and within 10 minutes the exact same thing happened. I called the store back. Took the computer back in.

I guess you can see the theme. Lie say the computer is repaired. Let her come get it, let her bring it back, lie say it is repaired, let her come get it, let her bring it back in, lie say it is repaired, let her come get it etc etc etc. I have taken the computer in 4 times and it is still doing the exact same thing it was doing the first time I took it in. If you were to believe Brittany and Shannon the computer would be completely rebuilt. They say Mr. Porter put in a new motherboard, new hard drive, new fans.

I picked the computer up for the 4th time last Friday evening, right before closing. Shannon stated ' if it isn't working this time I am going to drive my car through his house'. Saturday morning I called and told Brittany it STILL isn't working. Nothing yet on the news of a man driving his car through a computer repair shop. She spoke with Shannon and she called me back and said they were going to try and locate another computer, just like the one my son has, and replace it.

No call Saturday evening. I called them back on Monday, January 19th, no luck. I called back Tuesday, Brittany said they had found one in the store in Pascagoula, MS. and she said she would call me as soon as it came in. Well, I called them today Friday January 23 rd and according to Brittany 'the guy who usually goes over to Pascagoula for them was out today'. Then why promise me on Tuesday? I could have walked to Pascagoula and back TWICE since Tuesday. I told Brittany we were going to be out running errands tomorrow, Saturday, January 24th, and that we could just go by the Pascagoula store and pick it up. Brittany said she needed to talk to Shannon and she would call be back. That was at 2pm, it is now 11:44pm and my phone has remained silent.

I have a living room suite from Aaron's that pays off on March 1st and I will NEVER walk through the doors of that place again. If they can live with themselves by lying and making false promises to loyal customers, then they really don't need my business. They are the ones who have to look in the faces of their children and try and teach morals when they have none.

I just ordered a new bedroom suited from J.C. Penney because of the way Aaron's employees lie. They will continue to get the phone calls from me about this computer until they finally tell the truth and say they have no intentions of making good on anything Aaron's promises. My son worked very hard for the money he paid for that computer and he has nothing to show for it but a contract that says paid, and a very valuable lesson about places like Aaron's and morals.

try to contact the corporate office maybe they can help you

Oct 28, 2012 4:04 pm
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visit for all your problems
he will solve them all

Mar 10, 2011 4:16 pm

Do yourself a favor and don't listen to "online lawyers" like the poster above. You cannot put your payment in escrow and think that will keep Aaron's from pursuing legal actions on your account. If you have a problem with a rude employee or manager, call the corporate office and let them handle it.

Feb 02, 2011 10:53 pm
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u dont have to pay any late fees. u have a 5 to 10 day grace period and ur best bet if u have a problem with it again, call the regional manager and explain ur situation, and tell him if he cant make up an agreement with u that ur both satisfied with then ur going to take ur payments and put it in escrow and threatin with the BBB and they cant charge u late payments either. they r just trying to intiminate u and thats a crime. play their game too. stand strong, talk harsh. reguardless what ur contract says! god forbid if it ever went to court.the judge will laugh in their face and drop charges and then u can counter sue them for harassment, inimidation. plus u can tell the regional manager that ur gonna tell ur friends, family, public not to shop their and give them a bad name. they're just trying to scare u. i did it and got what i want. now there're kissing my [censor]... :) good luck and god bless

Feb 02, 2011 10:33 pm
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the only time it affects ur credit is when u dont pay and they send the bill to a collection dont build it up and its best to talk to the regional manager and discuss what ur agreement is. and if they damage anything on ur property, u have to file a police report and u have to put ur payment in escrow and then complain to the better business buerue and then sue the hell out of them. u do have a 5 day grace period and that cant charge u how many times they come u can file charges for phone harrassment. they r not allowed to walk around ur property at all. worse comes to worse talk to the regional manager, if that dont work tell him ur calling BBB and the police. intimidation is a crime too, so tell them ur calling the police. it worked for me and i got my way cuz i put my payment money in escrow, talked real harsh to the regional manager and threatin to call the BBB and i was only one payment behind. now i got them kissing my [censor]. just stand strong, be harsh with ur words, or ur going to put bad words out to the public about how they treat their customer.

Nov 29, 2010 11:55 pm

I've had problems with Aaron's too. I decided to purchase a living room suit from them in February around the 27th. We agreed on terms and on my contract I opted to pay on the 15th of every month. I paid what the salesman told me was due that day and came in early the following month to make a payment b/c I was going out of town. At that time the lady told me it wasn't due until the 1st. I told her no, we agreed on the 15th so after this payment the next one would be due the following month on the 15th. She told me she would make a note in the computer so that the accounting guys wouldn't "freak" out if I didn't pay on the 1st. The following month I started getting phone calls on the 2nd. I called in and explained again it was due on the 15th. After about an hour I was told it would again be fixed in the computer. The following month... more calls beginning on the 2nd. I called again to correct the due date. And again the following month. I told them that all the paperwork I have says its due on the 15th including the pay schedule that the salesman printed up for me. I sent copies of everything. When I called to confirm they received the information, the manager told me that they "don't go by that paperwork or the contract." Um, what company doesn't abide by their own contract? So I decided if they don't go by it, then why the hell should I? I made a payment to cover the next 3 months. The next month it was due, more phone calls on the 2nd. I finally gave up. Aaron's has sent several people to my home who bang on the doors starting around the 5th of the month when my payment isn't due for another 10 days. They jiggle my door handles and go into my FENCED back yard to bang on windows. The last time I had an old stationary bike sitting outside I was giving to a friend and he propped it up against my door so that the screen door would bang in the wind. By the time I returned home the wind had ripped off the screen door frame from my house. I guess they think they can intimidate me by these manuevers, but the fact remains I don't have the money til the 15th which is why I agreed on that date and I won't pay it until then. And at this point I don't give a damn if they get paid or not.

Oct 05, 2010 6:41 pm

I rent from Aarons and at last resort they will go to place of employment so pay them.

Apr 27, 2010 10:59 pm
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How about you quit whining on here and actually go talk to them and solve your problem?

Aug 15, 2009 9:53 pm

That is illegal and I hope you did something about it!

Aug 15, 2009 9:52 pm


Honestly it sounds like you were a pretty bad customer...You said so yourself...why were you sitting around waiting on them to call you? You assumed you were fine so you also assumed that you did not need to contact the company and let them know that you were going to be late with your payment. It sounds like they were operating well within the legal guidelines as far as 8 in the morning and 8 at night. Also, if the Aaron's truck was outside that morning you likely would not have answered the door...right? Also I'm not 100% sure but you probably paid close to your next due date. Which is probably why the store charged you the 229.00...So Do the math...normal payment of were non renewed so add 5, at least 2 field visits at 10 a pop adds 20, and you were probably so close to your next due date that they knew they needed to get the payment before they had to go through all the hoops with you next month so another 94 so that adds up to about 213.00 based on your description of the events. As far as being "RUDE" that is a subjective term..especially when you owe someone money...Just think...all you had to do was call the company and let them know what was going on with your funds...I see you took the time to write out your complaint but did not take the time to search for company information like the corporate numbers which are public and published on all their sites. Sorry for you bad experience but just try to do better next time. I know from the past Aaron's takes great care of their customers and offers the best name brand merchandise at the guranteed lowest price and they back it up with 100.00, not to mention they build your credit when you pay correctly! It is truly a great company.

Aug 15, 2009 9:31 pm


Before making a big purchase like the 61'" you should have asked about the history of the TV. All Aaron's store can pull up the history of the item from the time it was received in their distribution center until present day. Did they give you a loaner? If no loaner then you don't have to make payments. If you have a loaner then you are required to continue making paymets as you are actually paying off your original, and if you like you loaner more than you original you can ask to have it permanently exchanged to you that way you get to keep the loaner that you have. All I can say least they are working to fix the problem...just think if you would have purchased the tv from somewhere walmart or best buy.

Aug 15, 2009 9:22 pm


I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Aaron's near you. Since the computer was for your son I truly hope that you got him the new laptop rather than the preleased. Either way all of Aaron's laptops start with a 2 year warranty. 2 years through Dell or 1 year through Compaq and the second year through Aarons. Which means once you paid out 60 days or not you should have still had 12 months of service (if it was new when you got it). New or preleased it doesn't matter, I know Aaron's will always have the lowest price. Not to mention they back it up with $100.00 if you can find it less anywhere else. Aaron's always takes care of their customers I have never seen it any other way. So, you see it is not the company you should be slamming around on the internet. They have been around, I'm sure, since before you were born and I am positive they will be around long after you are gone. On the other hand I can't vouch for the integrity of the associates you dealt with. They should have been honest with you upfront instead of trying to appease you and string you along. All they had to do was tell you upfront that it would be 4-8 weeks and they would call you with updates weather they knew anything or not. And since it was paid out they could have offered you a low price laptop to use while yours was in service. I'm sorry to hear that you won't be going back to Aaron's just because of your 1 bad experience, but I guess that is all it takes. Like going to one Mcdonald's and getting the best burger and the hottest fries and then next time you stop by the fries are cold and the bun is hard. Anyway...good luck next time paying triple the price somewhere else

Mar 31, 2009 3:35 pm

Contact info for the CEO Robert Loudermike is

Phone [protected]
Fax [protected]

Nov 07, 2007 11:50 am

Have you tried going into the store to pick up your pay from the manager.

Most places I know of make you go pick it up.


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