Aaron'srental agreement

L Sep 30, 2019

I just want to make it known the reason I am returning the furniture I rented from Aarons Bastrop.
My daughter rented an item from Aarons online and went to the store to pick it up. It was not delivered to my house. My daughter used my address for the rental. My daughter was not living with me she did not live at this address. When she did not pay her agreement they came looking for her here at my home. I spoke to the associate and informed him she did not live here and directed him to where she did live. After a week or two he started coming back to my house looking for her again. When he came he harassed my 67 year old autistic uncle and my uncle called me to come home. When I did I was informed that I would not be allowed any future rentals because of my daughter not paying her agreement. I have had several rentals from Aarons and always paid them off . I also have a couch I am currently renting and have been paying for. I just do not want to continue doing business with Aarons knowing I'm being punished for my daughters neglect with her agreement.

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