Aaron'sbedroom set


I purchased a bedroom set October 5, 2017.. I am still waiting on them to bring the whole set.. I wasted a lot of my time just sitting and waiting but they never showed up.. I have a life nd other things i need to be doing then to sit here nd wait for thr merchandise i paid for on the 5th to come.. I called them nd they give me accuses.. Today is October 12th 1 o'clock nd I'm still wasting my time waiting for them when they said it's gonna be here in the morning.. Tuesday, when they did bring some of my stuff, they damaged my walls in the process.. Smh.. The guy proceeded to say he'll bring the rest Wednesday but today is now Thursday nd I'm still waiting.. This is the worst store ever.. I promise my god, I'll never return ever again.. My time is Valuable.. I don't need to be wasting it this store.. They're are NOT professional, reliable and the worst store ever.. As I write this, I'm still waiting on the rest of my bedroom like I don't have nothing else to do smh..

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