Zooskthe say free. and you cant recieve or send emails

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All I gotta say is, zoosk is # now, I can remember when I first made a fb zoosk was free. You didn't have to pay message people or anything, I made i'd say 7female friends off of zoosk. But ever since last year they made it to where you needed to pay to do anything now. You can only flirt once per person before you have subscribe, I hate this because i'm interested in someone who's interested in me too and i've had to message her from 3different zoosk accounts to get her to add me on fb. And you gotta finagle your way into saying facebook and zoosk and message without the site transforming what you said into * facebook isn't even 10letters long -.- but yeah, zoosk is # now, I wish it was they it used to be. I'm a man looking for a woman... Why you gotta make it sooo hard??


  • Du
    dutchy2342 Jan 29, 2010

    100% agree with's a scam, and the women don't exist!

    I joined with several different identities, sent a mail to one woman in particular, each mail was worded differently, each mail was from a differnt town and not even her listed town...guess the same answers back from each one, only tailored to suit me!

    I'ts a scam operation, with the real losers any investors stupid enought to put money into it, this is where they make their rip off, like the $30, 000, 000.00 they recently had injected into Zoosk!

    The auhtorities need to investigate them.

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  • De
    Demerol Feb 11, 2010

    They keep sending me facebook messages. I never added them and in fact blocked the Zoosk app but it still finds me. Argghhh. Some of my friends have mentioned they are having the same problems.

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  • Df
    dfly888 Jun 26, 2010

    I signed up because one of my female coworkers said it was free, but turns out it's only free for the women. I created and then deleted my profile in the same day. The fact that this "dating site" is free for women, but not for men, should have tipped me off right away that it's just a scam.

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  • Er
    Erin Davie Jan 21, 2017

    @dfly888 Not free for women either. That's why I'm here to complain. False advertising

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  • Ma
    Marcalyn Jul 06, 2010

    dly888, I'm a female that signed up a week ago and I cannot email without paying

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  • Bu
    burntagain Jul 24, 2010

    To all the gentlemen out there, I am a woman, and I can tell you what they say on tv and what happens when you make a profile are two different things. I have not been able to read one email anyone has sent. Nor can I send one. Each time I have tried it says to unlock this message. I have to first subscribe, yet the tv says send and recieve emails. flirt for free. NOT. I can't even flirt. I have had several friends requests and I can't even accept them without adding zoosk messenger.So I tired to send a complaint and got told I was not a subscriber therefore my complaint was dismissed. Lets face it if it walks like a duck and quack like a duck.IT'S a duck...

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  • Bu
    burntagain Jul 24, 2010

    Here's a tip for all you fine gents out there. I once had a friend on a dating site, who thought is was bs he had to pay in order to send and recieve in his about me he kindly added his email and msger site.That was the only way we were able to communicate, and to this day were still friends... Hope this helps. Personally dating is hard enough without some wanker getting rich off people trying to find that special someone.

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  • De
    Deven Brown Nov 18, 2010

    All I gotta say is, Zoosk is [censor] now, I can remember when i first made a FB Zoosk WAS free. You did not have to pay message people or anything, I made I would say 7female friends off of Zoosk. But ever since last year they made it to where you needed to pay to do anything now. You can only flirt once per person before you have subscribe, I hate this because I am interested in someone who is interested in me too and I have had to message her from 3different Zoosk accounts to get her to add me on FB. And you gotta finagle your way into saying Facebook and Zoosk and message without the site transforming what you said into ********** Facebook is not even 10letters long -.- but yeah, Zoosk is [censor] now, I wish it was they it used to be. I am a man looking for a woman... why you gotta make it sooo hard??

    Sorry for that mess up above. (Was not aware that an apostrophe would turn into a mesh of randomly assorted characters o_O)

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  • Te
    TeeSquared Mar 09, 2011

    Yeah zoosk kinda freaking sucks its all bull [censor] false advertisment i hope someone sues there freaking [censor]

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  • Ja
    JasonY. Apr 04, 2011

    I have to agree, I'm not going to pay that kind of money to something like this. If I don't find anyone then I've thrown my money in the toilet. Saying that I can't send or recieve messages without paying an outrageous price is BS. They are just taking advantage of people who are lonely and trying to find someone.

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  • Be
    benlane Jul 09, 2011

    i joined zoosk and i found someone i already knew and i winked her and she flirted back and then she sent me a number and said text me...
    i know her personally and she would never give me her number EVER
    because she hates me to death so yerp zoosk is just yet another scam and it wont be the last

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  • Th
    The lion heart Jul 30, 2011

    Zoosk is a fake web site. I paid once and all the credits run out without understanding why and how, yes Zoosk is a scam, with lots of faked users.

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  • Gh
    ghhfg May 04, 2012

    i been stalk i gave my cell number to username to victoria from tacoma
    her 12532027965 what a fool

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  • Km
    kmf1966 Oct 23, 2012

    I cancelled my subscription to this dating site but there are no refunds. This company is a scam. They did not fully disclose the cost. It was $59.95 for a three month subscription, but they also charged my account $24.99 for an activation fee that they did not disclose. I want a refund.

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  • Va
    vartan sarkesian May 13, 2013

    For the first time in my life I signed up for a dating website and I couldn't figure out much from this website . So confusing. I figured that even if I want to message someone I have to pay!:D after a few days I received a Message from a girl who viewed my profile one day before, she messaged "this is my phone number text me if you like AND if you near me because, I want to meet the real people". Is this another game from zoosk? is it reliable to text her?! What's your suggestion?

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  • Mo
    mommomjune Aug 11, 2013

    My information was placed on zoosk by someone, identity unknown at this time, and I have been sent unwanted e--mails and annoyed while on facebook etc. I have tried to spam my e-mail. but I would like this stopped and I would like to know why this company does not confirm information prior to subjecting people to this type od harassment. I have been married 46 years and do not want any information from others. I would like to know who gave them this information if possible
    Thank you June Rouda

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  • Sl
    slim74 Nov 12, 2013

    I was a first timer on dating site and some of the messages I go was unreal. I was a member and received lost non member messages. I put an age group and was still getting men 20 years older than me. Was not successful for me.

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  • St
    Stop ZOOSK Dec 15, 2013

    Every person that has contacted me via zoosk dating site IS A SCAMMER. 14 people so far. One minute they are having a conversation next they are asking for my bank account, requesting money. They are frauds. The site should be shut done due to no proper controls to protect their customers and they could care less.

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  • Fs
    fsdghjkashgjfkdsh Dec 24, 2013

    In my opinion they sort of pretend to be a legitimate site but but it they are not. The reason why? Any reputable site will stop sending you emails (SPAM) when you unsubscribe. But no... this company detects that your email address is valid (by you opening the email and replying) and then sends you much more spam. This all started through facebook so I say facebook is a disgrace too for allowing rogues like that to mine data from their users for such purposes. SEND ALL EMAILS TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER, DELETE THEM WITHOUT OPENING, AND NEVER REPLY OR UNSUBSCRIBE. In a few years they might slow down or stop sending spam to you. As for the people using the site... I don't have much hope that they are legitimate considering what the company itself does.

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  • Jo
    josewale Jul 11, 2014

    total ripoff pay to send messages what a laugh advice stay away

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  • Pa
    Pat O'Toole Sep 23, 2014

    On 15-09-2014 I Paid a 6 month subscription via an EFT Payment, I constantly receive information that someone has viewed me, yet when attempting to establish who...I am informed that I am to subscribe before I can view messages. Please sort this out of reimburse my subscription amount immediately.
    I am unable to attach a proof of payment, as it is in PDF format

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  • Ni
    Nikkifin Oct 24, 2014

    I am a women and NO this is not free not even close not even for women.

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  • Fl
    FLOYD IN FLORIDA Oct 31, 2014

    The worst this about zoosk is there is no way to select a Id and save it!
    so each time you want to find the women or person you like you have to search for them all over again?
    No way to contact them?
    Tired of people just posting want adds and then walking away and never coming back to the site! Not a user friendly site! You buy you membership and then they nickle dime you to death selling their online coins! OURTIME.COM is much friendlier site! You can save ur Favorites!

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  • Pr
    proofinlife Apr 14, 2015

    why does anyone bother with paid dating sites? I signed up for zoosk and immediately noticed how much of a scam it is. You have to pay to do bloody anything, it's such a joke. I currently use (plentyoffish) and get a lot of success. Don't bother with this ridiculous scam fest.

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  • Fu
    Fudge101 Jun 06, 2015

    My sister in law was scammed out of R 3000 from a guy posing as a single guy looking for romance etc on the Zooks Online Dating site. He apparently works in the Uk and lives in South Africa.

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  • Ni
    nickolds Jun 07, 2015

    I paid the 6 month tarriff and I still cannot even send a message or even look at some faces or profiles. There are a few men who want to meet me and I cannot answer them. Perhaps that is why people think that this is a scam. Please answer through emal. [email protected]

    Thanks in anticipation you will release my account so that I can see it. It seems so rude not to answer these men that take the time to try to make contact other than the first time.

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  • Kc
    kcrogers Nov 11, 2015

    I am a writer and blogger for multiple sites and have been reading everything you all have wrote. right now I am putting together an article on dating sites for the LGBT community, and just tried Zoosk. It is terrible. Most sites allow you to try them for free for 1 week, or at least 24 hours. Today I emailed Zoosk and told them the comments here and that I was writing an article about them and other sites. Theirs was by far and is the worse site. My article covers from the year 2000 to now. One website that was VERY popular was gay dot com. But they increased pricing and what was free you started to pay for. Now, their site will probably be gone soon. People DO NOT mind paying if it is reasonable, but, you also need to have many things for free. This is why you have advertisers!!! So, to anyone looking for a dating site. DO NOT use Zoosk. today I have submitted 23 short blogs against it and have heard MANY of the things you all have said above. Good luck to you all in your dating.

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  • Ki
    kikalo Jun 07, 2016

    I have emailed them, called them to NO avail. I am I'm a relationship and do not any longer wish to receive e mails letting me know about guys who want to b.f.saw an e mail an now thinks I'm still meeting guys. This is bullshhit how do you get these people to stop sending ### to you?????? I've called I don't know how many times to take down an old profile. They keep sending me guys names. I don't want this stuff sent to me any do you get these people to f- ing bug off!!! I am reporting them as spam and for harrasment .I have sent e mails and they are ignoring my e mails. That's harrasment. Do not go on zoosk they suck !!! And no one is there to help you.

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  • We
    WestCoastLover Jun 07, 2016

    Find out how to create a filter for whatever software you are using for email. Create a filter that takes any email from Zoosk and automatically deletes it without it showing up in your inbox.

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  • Be
    bernard gaughan Jul 18, 2016

    Joined zoosk for all of 20 minutes! Did not msg eney one or talk 2 them. I supposedly paid for 3 months which was 13 pounds something pence! But then decided to cancel. Now zoosk have taken 65 pounds out of my account. I want zoosk 2 repay the outstanding amount bk what they owe me ! Regards mr b gaughan

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  • Ro
    Ronald Dean Jan 23, 2019

    This amount wasn't showed before

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  • Sz
    SZZ Mar 04, 2019

    I purchased read receipts but then changed my mind, so I clicked cancel at the bottom of the page, it is now showing as cancelled but you have taken £28.50 immediately from my bank account. As I clicked cancel almost immediately I would like a full refund please.
    Date of Incident Sunday 24th February 2019
    Email address:- [email protected]

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  • Sc
    scofini Jun 17, 2019

    I have been approached by several victims, that a woman by the name of Charlene Schutz at is using my likeness and profile information. She is trying to scam user to assist her in cashing a check

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  • La
    Laurie Ruport Jun 18, 2019

    I have been the site for several months now I cant get back in.
    It keeps asking me to up date my account and tag a picture.
    I have done this several times.
    I need help please Laurie Ruport

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