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OurTime.com reviews & complaints

OurTime.com complaints 162

OurTime.com - Renewal of account or profile

Renewal of account or profile I had gone on the side and turned off the automatic renewal on November 10thjust after they charged me on November 5 then about November 28 I went in and deleted my...

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OurTime.com - Dating service

I paid to join this service a year after I became a widow, after loosing my husband. I thought this was what I wanted, but it's certainly not for me, I've tried over and over to cancel this service but getting no where, this is causing me terrible anxiety. I've even paid to cancel this service but it's still continuing. I can't stop this thing. I got a job in a golf club two months ago, trying to rebuild my life, and I have people coming in saying they see me on this site. I've had to leave my job, I'm so ashamed. Why is this happening? I've had enough, I've lost everything, but yet your still carrying this on! I spoke to people on the phone, once again I've paid a cancellation fee yet your still showing me. Stop this now, I can't cope with this anymore


OurTime.com - Emails deleted


I had been corresponding with a member who's membership come to an end, but the emails in my inbox were deleted along with Her profile, I wanted the content of the messages and had no warning that they were to be deleted, I have spoken to so called customer service who were no help, those were my messages and should not have been deleted by anybody but me or lost at the end of my membership.

Rod Parsons

Desired outcome: Copy of messages emailed to me


OurTime.com - Online dating service

I signed up to Ourtime some time ago and have tried to delete my account only to find that the account has already been suspended but they are still taking money from my account. They are odd amounts, one month it's £14.99 but now they have charged me £49.98 which I did not authorise, I can't afford and they have suspended my account anyway. I have tried to get in touch with them but cannot find a number or email address to be able to do so. It's also somehow activated an Affiny account at the same time which I did not sign up to. I'm a single parent, I cannot afford these charges for a service I don't even use and find this company aggressive in the way they work which has made me upset and anxious.

Desired outcome: Refund of monies taken.

OurTime.com - On my profile I said NO AUTO DEDUCT well 6-6-21 they charged my account and will not let me log ln

I can not log in, site takes me to U K, what the devil is that I'm in the USA, actually I was already getting sick and tired of the site, hateful, nasty, lying men or who ever, I am not gay and must of gotten 100 women wanting to hook up with me, delete became a habit. I have dozens of emails from them all say the same thing, just go log in, but then it says I'm not in the system, I want my $107.94 back with interest since they stole my money, I am a Widow and was just looking for a new friendship, nothing else.

Desired outcome: I want my money back with interest

Sep 19, 2021

OurTime.com - Membership of agency

I am 98 years of age and for a dare took out a trial membership as I understood for one month
with OUR TIME I then decided not to renew my membership and stopped using the site [end of May]
and thought that would be the end of the matter

However after returning from a short trip and checking my Bank statements for the period June-July 2021
I was astonished to find OURTIME had charged me for membership at the full rate I believe they must have the
means of checking whether the site is being used and therefore I should be reimbursed by the amount
charged viz 3x 39.99 pounds

Geoffrey May

Tel [protected]

OurTime.com - I'm not able to sign in.

This is the sixth time that I've sent an email to OurTime complaining that I can't sign in. Why do I have to complain every time I have to sign in. They will do something and the next day I can sign in. Why can't they just fix this problem. Why do I have to keep writing them? It's hard enough for a guy to meet someone on line and if you can't even sign in on the site that you paid for what is a guy suppose to do?
Alfonso Powe
Reference Number166X21286588
PS--When I say the sixth time I mean it. I keep all the emails!

Desired outcome: Fix it so that I don't have to write to OurTime every time I need to sign in.

Sep 12, 2021

OurTime.com - No photos being available of other clients when my prescription is still in force

I click on people who have liked me or messaged me and I get ooops photo not available on every picture I click on. This looks like someone is hacking this site. Also get answers which are not real. Give answers to clients that I did not say. Also says I have renewed my prescription when I have not renewed it. Some thing has to be done to monitor this situation.

OurTime.com - Paying for a dating service or nanny service...

I'm paying for a service who decides who's emails I may keep after speaking with another member who's emails they decide to delete. I was talking to a member and he gave me his number. Because it wa...

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OurTime.com - Service

I reinstated my account with OurTime on Feb 9, 2021 for 3 months. Every time I try to use their site, a huge ad appears and blocks the site. I can't see my messages or views or anything. I sign in again and again and the same thing happens. I spoke with a gentleman about what was happening and he said he would report it and it would be fixed in 24 to 48 hours. That was two weeks ago and nothing has been done to fix it. The ad says for me to reinstate my account! If I can't use their site, then I want my money refunded.

OurTime.com - DD taken out of account, after I cancelled the account.

I was checking My bank account today to make sure I have enough money to cover out goings for Friday 12th. Only to find that Ourtime had taken £34.98 this morning 11/03/2021. I cancelled My...

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OurTime.com - Website

I am a paying member. When I get an email that someone has sent me a message, I click on the link that says, "Read Message". It often takes me to "ourtime.co.uk", instead of the regular ourtime.com. That website I cannot get into. I want ourtime.com to resolve the issue so that I can take full advantage of my subscription. It happens every day and is very frustrating.

OurTime.com - Ourtime

Payed ourtime on the 6 of january of £19.99 and £11.89. I sent bank statements. But they said haven't subscribe. Now they asking for to subscribe again which is wrong. Now they wont reply to my emails. Need my money back and cancel any more payments from my bank

Desired outcome: Just want my payments back


OurTime.com - Online dating scammers

BE ADVISED: Ourtime.com had a person under the site name "energybunny" that was removed for ? reasons off the site. Having an email conversation for 3+ months. James Jonson said he was a surgeon for...

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Oct 27, 2019

OurTime.com - Disreputable service

The guy calling himself Martin from Alesund aged 69 with no profile picture might not be genuine or is using site inappropriately.he says he speaks 3 languages and has income between £50 and £75k which is unlikely he appears to be Polish

His response to me liking him was to ask for a x Skype. I am a 74 year old woman and do not expect that sort of behaviour This occurred this week and was very upsetting . I believe if he genuinely wanted to know a lady he would not have posted this

This brings the service into disrepute.

Update by Bikergran
Oct 27, 2019

I am a member of Out Time having joined recently

I liked a guy called Martin 69 from Alesund he had no profile picture said he spoke 3 languages appears to be polish and says he earns £50-75k which is unlikely . So first complaint is how the site verified his profile

When I liked him he immediately sent a message asking me to have a sex Skype with him . I was shocked as I am a 74 year old and it is not that sort of site

Oct 01, 2019

OurTime.com - Advertising my profile without my consent

I left this site over a month ago, I am still receiving emails from them, there is only one contact phone number which does not work, I cannot find an email address to ask them to stop sending me emails. They are obviously still advertising my profile on their site even though I am no longer on it or paying for it. I need to find a way of contacting them as soon as possible, they are advertising my profile without my consent.

Sep 28, 2019

OurTime.com - Too many payments taken

I joined Our Time on 6.9.19 when I paid £74.97, I only intended to join for a month but the I ended up overpaying as the system said the payment hadn't gone through, I am requesting a refund of £49.98. If you do not respond I will be taking this up with my bank and they will pursue this request.

Update by JuneTaylor
Sep 28, 2019

Waiting for a response

OurTime.com - Taking advantage of older vulnerable people

I had not realised that a membership had been set up as thought my bank had not accepted so when I found my credit card charged £29.99 and direct debit to continue I could not believe it. I have not, apart from yesterday and today, to try to get contact information, even looked at site thinking it was not live. I have tried emailing Ourtime at [protected]@ourtime.org.uk but it has just been ignored. A have submitted complaint to site called get human but to no avail. I am desperate as do not want this as need it to be properly cancelled to stop more direct debits being taken as expect the first amount of £29.99 to be refunded. Ourtime say easy to cancel but not the case. There are hundreds of complaints and Ourtime make it impossible to get hold of them purposely, I believe it to be a scam of some sort taking advantage of older vulnerable people looking for potential companionship etc. Denise M. Gilpin-Frost

Sep 05, 2019

Did not know this membership was in existence as I thought my bank had rejected it. It was only when I saw my cedit card statement a couple of days I go that I noticed I had been charged £29.99 with re-curring direct debit. I had not looked at the site again until yesterday to try to find how to contact Ourtime to cancel which they say is easy but it is not as no facility to be able to do so. I found an email address [email protected] but email ignored. Get human take complaints but it has been to no avail. I do not want to be a member of this Company that appears to scam people in order to take money from vulnerable older people. They make sure that they are impossible to contact to prevent cancellation and refunds. Please help. Denise M. Gilpin-Frost

OurTime.com - Scammer on ourtime online dating website

Walsh - claims to be a colonel at US Airforce base at Whiteman base in Kansas City Missouri is false he lures off website with a cell number then professing dying love for you within days - no FaceTime or Skype claims he cannot due to security on the base then requests money for a business venture of licensing for a gas depot, then a down payment and then for hauling fuel x claiming that his bank accounts are frozen due to the high security nature of his position- claims he's retiring from a 28 year career in 2 months. He uses the given name Youstra claiming to be born in Germany and emigrating to US at 24. Photos sent have been altered photo cropped.attached are photos used on online dating

Jun 12, 2019

OurTime.com - scammer on the ourtime

This is the mail I had received after the OurTime match up
Below was copied from original
Also he sent me 4 pictures
I uploaded 1 of 4

Bill Burris
Jun 11, 2019, 8:00 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Good morning Dear !
I hope your sleep was a good one ..I just returned from work with you on my mind ..Well here is a little about myself with some pics ..I hope you'll like them ..I was born and raised in Gulf Breeze, FL... I am a son of a banker and mom was an office clerk.I was the only child of my late parents but have some few cousin together with Helena who's taking good care of the kids whiles i'm here working on this mission ...I come from a very small family ...Family means everything to me ..I mostly pay them a visit even though I travel a lot due to the nature of my job ..I met my late wife at the age of 23 and got married at 30 through which God bless us with 1 son..life was good until death took her away from me...It took me years to let go even though I knew nothing could bring him back ..I stayed for 6 years without dating anyone ..Single life is tearing me apart..Ourtime was recommended to me by a good friend who met his wife on ourtime and they've being married for 10 years and still counting ..I was there to try my luck which God blessed me with the love of my life within 3days..My desire is to meet a God fearing down to earth woman who is calm, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single man who wants a friendship and relationship. My interpretation of a friend is one whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away. I thank you in advance for allowing me to be that kind of friend to you. I'm affectionate, love cuddling, kissing, holding hands. I'm very romantic and love to be romanced, pampered and treated like a special man. I am just an admire person looking for the real meaning of love. I am sweet, caring, understanding, patient, humble, I love people who accept who I am responsible am rich in good spirit and willing to share the real meaning of love to the right person. I love feeling secure and being sure that I can trust and be trusted. I love companionship that allows for having ones own space as well. I think I've said enough ..I'll be looking forward to read from you soon ..I love you dear 😘😘😘😘

Kisses, Bill

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 1:26 AM N K wrote:
Hi. This message was in a spam folder !

On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 9:18 PM Bill Burris wrote:
Hello Dear..This is Bill, your new friend from Ourtime ..Please kindly write back to let me know you'd receive this message and I'll reply to tell you more about myself with pics ...

Looking forward to read from you soon

Thanks, Bill

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Bill Burris

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