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Online dating scammers

BE ADVISED: had a person under the site name "energybunny" that was removed for ? reasons off the site. Having an email conversation for 3+ months. James Jonson said he was a surgeon for the Army stationed in Sinai Peninsula waiting for his retirement to come through. He allegedly was shipping his dog and "hidden raw diamonds" from Egypt when his a UN Israeli Sammy Yona, when they were held up in British Customs finding the diamonds (all with fine documentation) saying James needed 50, 000 English pounds ($65, 000) to pay the fine to release Sammy Yona from custody and the dog. Until this situation, James seemed like a loving, caring person with email after email of loving conversation. With a cell that wasn't a cell or may way to speak or contact in person.

BE AWARE of this scam! Until I heard a similar story from a good friend
speaking about another woman scammed, with only a few changes to the location, type of employment, military association did I realize this was a scam. Luckily I didn't send money, but had included personal name number and address.

He writes a good story especially for those of us woman looking for an honest, true relationship. If the "story" has similar info, ditch immediately. This time this scammer barked up the wrong tree!

Online dating scammers
Online dating scammers
Online dating scammers
Online dating scammers

Disreputable service

The guy calling himself Martin from Alesund aged 69 with no profile picture might not be genuine or is using site inappropriately.he says he speaks 3 languages and has income between £50 and £75k which is unlikely he appears to be Polish

His response to me liking him was to ask for a x Skype. I am a 74 year old woman and do not expect that sort of behaviour This occurred this week and was very upsetting . I believe if he genuinely wanted to know a lady he would not have posted this

This brings the service into disrepute.

  • Updated by Bikergran · Oct 27, 2019

    I am a member of Out Time having joined recently

    I liked a guy called Martin 69 from Alesund he had no profile picture said he spoke 3 languages appears to be polish and says he earns £50-75k which is unlikely . So first complaint is how the site verified his profile

    When I liked him he immediately sent a message asking me to have a sex Skype with him . I was shocked as I am a 74 year old and it is not that sort of site

Advertising my profile without my consent

I left this site over a month ago, I am still receiving emails from them, there is only one contact phone number which does not work, I cannot find an email address to ask them to stop sending me emails. They are obviously still advertising my profile on their site even though I am no longer on it or paying for it. I need to find a way of contacting them as soon as possible, they are advertising my profile without my consent.

Too many payments taken

I joined Our Time on 6.9.19 when I paid £74.97, I only intended to join for a month but the I ended up overpaying as the system said the payment hadn't gone through, I am requesting a refund of £49.98. If you do not respond I will be taking this up with my bank and they will pursue this request.

  • Updated by JuneTaylor · Sep 28, 2019

    Waiting for a response

Taking advantage of older vulnerable people

I had not realised that a membership had been set up as thought my bank had not accepted so when I found my credit card charged £29.99 and direct debit to continue I could not believe it. I have not, apart from yesterday and today, to try to get contact information, even looked at site thinking it was not live. I have tried emailing Ourtime at [protected] but it has just been ignored. A have submitted complaint to site called get human but to no avail. I am desperate as do not want this as need it to be properly cancelled to stop more direct debits being taken as expect the first amount of £29.99 to be refunded. Ourtime say easy to cancel but not the case. There are hundreds of complaints and Ourtime make it impossible to get hold of them purposely, I believe it to be a scam of some sort taking advantage of older vulnerable people looking for potential companionship etc. Denise M. Gilpin-Frost

  • Updated by Denise M. Gilpin-Frost · Sep 05, 2019

    Did not know this membership was in existence as I thought my bank had rejected it. It was only when I saw my cedit card statement a couple of days I go that I noticed I had been charged £29.99 with re-curring direct debit. I had not looked at the site again until yesterday to try to find how to contact Ourtime to cancel which they say is easy but it is not as no facility to be able to do so. I found an email address [email protected] but email ignored. Get human take complaints but it has been to no avail. I do not want to be a member of this Company that appears to scam people in order to take money from vulnerable older people. They make sure that they are impossible to contact to prevent cancellation and refunds. Please help. Denise M. Gilpin-Frost

Scammer on ourtime online dating website

Walsh - claims to be a colonel at US Airforce base at Whiteman base in Kansas City Missouri is false he lures off website with a cell number then professing dying love for you within days - no FaceTime or Skype claims he cannot due to security on the base then requests money for a business venture of licensing for a gas depot, then a down payment and then for hauling fuel x claiming that his bank accounts are frozen due to the high security nature of his position- claims he's retiring from a 28 year career in 2 months. He uses the given name Youstra claiming to be born in Germany and emigrating to US at 24. Photos sent have been altered photo cropped.attached are photos used on online dating

Scammer on ourtime online dating website
Scammer on ourtime online dating website
Scammer on ourtime online dating website

scammer on the ourtime

This is the mail I had received after the OurTime match up
Below was copied from original
Also he sent me 4 pictures
I uploaded 1 of 4

Bill Burris
Jun 11, 2019, 8:00 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Good morning Dear !!!
I hope your sleep was a good one ..I just returned from work with you on my mind ..Well here is a little about myself with some pics ..I hope you'll like them ..I was born and raised in Gulf Breeze, FL... I am a son of a banker and mom was an office clerk.I was the only child of my late parents but have some few cousin together with Helena who's taking good care of the kids whiles i'm here working on this mission ...I come from a very small family ...Family means everything to me ..I mostly pay them a visit even though I travel a lot due to the nature of my job ..I met my late wife at the age of 23 and got married at 30 through which God bless us with 1 was good until death took her away from me...It took me years to let go even though I knew nothing could bring him back ..I stayed for 6 years without dating anyone ..Single life is tearing me apart..Ourtime was recommended to me by a good friend who met his wife on ourtime and they've being married for 10 years and still counting ..I was there to try my luck which God blessed me with the love of my life within 3days..My desire is to meet a God fearing down to earth woman who is calm, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single man who wants a friendship and relationship. My interpretation of a friend is one whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away. I thank you in advance for allowing me to be that kind of friend to you. I'm affectionate, love cuddling, kissing, holding hands. I'm very romantic and love to be romanced, pampered and treated like a special man. I am just an admire person looking for the real meaning of love. I am sweet, caring, understanding, patient, humble, I love people who accept who I am responsible am rich in good spirit and willing to share the real meaning of love to the right person. I love feeling secure and being sure that I can trust and be trusted. I love companionship that allows for having ones own space as well. I think I've said enough ..I'll be looking forward to read from you soon ..I love you dear 😘😘😘😘

Kisses, Bill

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 1:26 AM N K wrote:
Hi. This message was in a spam folder !

On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 9:18 PM Bill Burris wrote:
Hello Dear..This is Bill, your new friend from Ourtime ..Please kindly write back to let me know you'd receive this message and I'll reply to tell you more about myself with pics ...

Looking forward to read from you soon

Thanks, Bill

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Bill Burris

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scammer on the ourtime
scammer on the ourtime
scammer on the ourtime

dating site

i tried to get a free trial on ourtime dating... as advertised it was so hard, , , , , was offered trial £4.99 ... i went on for 30 mins and found it terrible a waste of time and...

dating site

I too was contacted by the individual claiming to be an engineer and claiming to have been born in Norway. Lots of details and correspondence that matched a known on-line scammer when my law office investigated.
Since then I have received 4 emails from those claiming to be employees of Our Time, stating that they will be taking 6 months worth of membership from my bank. In response to each email, I sent a Cease and Desist Letter, the most recent having been this morning. Just several hours later I received yet another notice, this time from (allegedly), using a different email address of mine.
I am convinced that this individual who has been blocked from the other email addresses is the same individual who tried to "cat fish" me in 2018.

3 scammers out of 5 contacts

Shortly after signing up for OurTimedating site, I was contacted by John Corvi—-scammer #1. He was an engineer on an oil rig off Alaska. Beautiful, romantic emails, "too good to be true". After 3 weeks of intense communicating (email, phone, text), he said they had an explosion and needed money to get drinking water sent to the platform. Shortly after calling him out as a scammer, Andrew Davis another engineer, pipeline specialist contacted me—scammer #2. We started emailing and I felt the same "grooming" type of communication-happen and said we had to meet in person to continue. Never heard from him again and his profile is gone. Yet another pipeline engineer contacted me and immediately wanted to communicate offsite. I cut this off right away because everything about it felt all too familiar.
3 scammers in only 5 men I've communicated with on OurTime!

I called OurTime's contact number to complain about not feeling safe on their website. They proceeded to tell me that they could not find my account under all the identifying information I gave them! I told them that I had received 3 emails from OurTime within the past 2 hours at the email I gave. They continued to say that they could not find my account, so absolutely nothing was done to help the safety of others on their site. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to OURTIME!!!

  • SubSquirrel Mar 28, 2019

    Every dating site has scammers. Report them but they return with new emails and stories. They get money so continue to scam. It’s more fun to play with them. Ask for an address and name to send money to and report them to their local police. Ask them to meet you two hundred miles away from their location and don’t show up. Claim you were there at the restaurant with cash but you never showed up. Ask the police to send a decoy officer to meet the scammer.

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online dating site

Unable to access the site throughout on the day on a daily basis. I contacted customer service and they feel I should not get a refund. I should not have to pay for an online dating site that is almost impossible to access. They told me that since there were messages from time to time that I was not due a refund. It is seldom that I can access the site.

billing after canceling

I canceled the auto-renewal and canceled the account in January, yet I was billed for February 2019. I contacted my bank and stopped access to my card and disputed the payment. They are not a honest company and just another online scam. I was on the website in 2014 for a few months. I noticed that several of the profiles and photos were the same in 2019. I find it difficult to believe that the ladies would be on for that long a time with the same photo and profile. I think many of the profiles are fake. I am attemping to get a refund. If you have this problem, be sure and contact your bank and block "our Time" access to your credit card.

dating service

I recently joined dating service and the service has been lousy. I never received different pictures of possible dates the same pictures and information kept coming...

beware of ourtime scammer kenny singh

He pretends to be a successful business owner and says sweet things for a while to get you all invested, but soon after he needs money when he gets into trouble on a business trip.

Name he uses to scam women: Kenny Singh

Email: [protected]

His pictures stolen from a successful personal life coach:

This scammer kept coming up with excuses why he couldn't talk on the phone, send more pictures, video chat etc. Those are classic catfish and scammer behaviors.

Protect yourself ladies and gents! There's too many of these scammers out there because they prey on the emotions of hopeful people looking for love and it works enough that it's worth it for them to invest their time into making a living doing this.

beware of ourtime scammer kenny singh
beware of ourtime scammer kenny singh


It very clear to me that this website known as the Scammers site, and these people are not properly checked out, I am shocked to read that many people have been victims to various scammers and had I acknowledged this previously I would have never joined this site..

I myself have met a scammer and now reported this matter to the police.

I warn people to be very wise and very careful to whom ever you are communicating with, on this site.


  • Co
    Concerned Dater Dec 16, 2018

    He pretends to be a successful business owner and says sweet things for a while to get you all invested, but soon after he needs money when he gets into trouble on a business trip.

    Name he uses to scam women: Kenny Singh

    Email: [email protected]

    His pictures stolen from a successful personal life coach:

    This scammer kept coming up with excuses why he couldn't talk on the phone, send more pictures, video chat etc. Those are classic catfish and scammer behaviors.

    Protect yourself ladies and gents! There's too many of these scammers out there because they prey on the emotions of hopeful people looking for love and it works enough that it's worth it for them to invest their time into making a living doing this.

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Ourtime — scammer

taken over a month with 4 requests from the company to cancel my subscription. I'm unable to log onto this site to account my account. They have taken a further 1 month...


I have been trying to cancel my subscription to this, I feel as though every obstacle possible is being put in my way.It said my password was incorrect which it wasn't and now that I have changed my password it says it's incorrect.I want my subscription cancelled and I would like to take this complaint further, l will also inform PayPal that I am trying to cancel

beware of "george bonifant" and his aliases

Face Book that name to see the photos they are posting.

Of course, profile pulled.
their addy:

I did not contact them other than through a blind e-mail address twice, when I figured out it was pfishing.

I hope these photos are or someone whose identity is being stolen. I have contact a bona fide person by that name and alerted him.

beware of "george bonifant" and his aliases
beware of "george bonifant" and his aliases People Media — charges without, authorization no way, to stop charges problem with hackers and scammers

I cancelled my Our account within the last two weeks and received an acknowledgment of that cancellation. Previously I had been billed for an additional 6 months that I...

unauthorized removal of money from paypal account

I started my subscription for ourtime March 11, 2018. I started connect me April 15. I cancelled the service I believe in may. You took out from my PayPal account an unauthorized amount of $44.82. Please return the money to my account. I cannot make this complaint any longer than this as there is nothing more to it. Please resolve it. Thankyou. Viki Edson

Our Time Online Dating

I am raising a concern on behalf of Michael Franklin, Erin, Ontario. He is currently away on business. Michael and I met on line and have been privately communicating for several weeks. Much to my surprise, his photo and some of his profile has appeared on my new matches twice in the last few weeks with one of standard opening phrases, ie. I like your profile. As well, a friend of mine claimed she had been chatting with him just this morning and showed me his message. Michael adamantly denies any contact with this person, or anyone else and confirms he has stopped using the site and he and I both wish to have our profiles removed. I believe a fraud may be in place using his photo and I would insist an immediate investigation be started immediately. You can contact Michael via his email to confirm this.
Cathie Hayes

my gmail account

So I don't use our time, but apparently have the free account maybe through Today I got an email on my gmail account stating he didn't get a response from leaving a...

repeated threatening emails from ourtime/senior people meet

Here is the content of the emails from the following address:mailto:[protected]

"[final notice]" [act fast] ticket #13844 "in regards to your debit transactions"!!!

Dear user,

Thank you for using! Your request has been approved and a credit in the amount of $96.10 will be debited within 2-3 hours.

Some banks take longer to process than others, but it should appear on in your account within few minutes.

We hope that this information has addressed your concerns completely. Should you have further questions, you may contact customer care by clicking here.

If you are unable to login or you didn't do this, please click here and reference your username.

Best wishes, customer ca

3 scammers on the sites

I just happened to meet 3 scammers, all of whom requested money or other very strange statements.
1) One of them, when I searched for tel #, it was recorded as a scammer of romance web: His (fake?) name is Kevin Connor with e-mail [protected] and tel#[protected], he said he is a retiring general of army deported to Syria
2) second one: Giovanni O'Mahony e-mail: [protected], tel: [protected], he has a site in Linkedin, first in Beverley Hills now Miami Beach. Oil dealing from Alaska, requested money transfer
3) John Corvi: Oil engineer, saying working in Alaska, requesting money because of explosion accident, which was never reported. I erased his e-mails (they were so romantic, amazing, stupid of me). His tel # was [protected]
So disappointed at this site. Although I did not check 2 &3, probably there might be a scammer report. I found (1) by searching phone #. Thanks. [protected]

being charged for service I do not use!

Please refund $127.74 for which I was charged on 06/22/2018 as I do not use or am even familiar with this account. I was alerted from my bank that I was charged for this and then...

change of important information.

The beginning of this month, I paid for one month's profile. It was Karen [protected] Because of computer problems, my computer had to be completely reprogrammed/stripped...

Our — mature dating site

BEWARE BEWARE of this fraudulent site Signed up and paid for a 30 day subscription.. after 1 week my profile was hacked, and I started to receive multiple messages from women...

billed for more than I wanted, the free browsing website was so misleading

I was billed over $111. and change. Originally I just wanted to browse for free then I got lead to other directions, I was willing to pay $3.99 but before I knew it I accidently hit a button that charged me over $100, I imeditally called and since it was after business hours I couldn't get through and figured it was a bogus site.
I called my bank and imediatley disputed the charge which they granted but was
later reversed for reasons that are still unknown to me.
After calling numerous times I was told that I would have to wait 60 days for any refund, so I did, after calling more times I talked to Jesse a few times and he said that he was going to submit the complaint to his supervisor, I called again on June 14th spoke to Jesse again and he said that his supervisor was waiting for a response from corperate and would email me as soon as he heard something.
I check my emails daily and finally today I spent my lunch hour calling Ourtime to speak to customer service only to be told that a email was sent on June 15th [which it wasn't, I checked both spam as well as my trash and nothing] to imform my that because I used the membership I could not get a refund, I have never used this site and feel that the money was stolen from me.

Our Time.comdating service

I did not sign up for this dating service but started getting "flirts" in my email. I opened the emails and found the profile of another Lloyd in Lancaster, SC. I contacted Our Time at their Customer Support line [protected] 9 to 5 M-F. The operator who took my call was not very supportive. It took 4 tries to get the problem explained to her. When I finally walked her through finding out the email of the real member, she helpfully said "Isn't that you?" When I explained she needed to research this problem because I was getting someone else's email and the client of her services was not getting what she was paying for. The operator could have cared less.

This is terrible customer service and an invasion of my space.

dating service

like your profile

I like to report Grandpaclifton. He a big scammer. We started talking everthing goibg good. Till he used my cell number to message me a Google voice verification code. Which vis a...

romance scammer

I met a user on Ourtime in late April. His user name was Red46900. We started communicating on site, then on Google Voice bc I didn't want to give my real number until I knew him better. We eventually exchanged cell numbers and started communicating on a regular basis. He told me his real name was Michael or (Micheal) Rodrigo Ramos. He said he was 54 on Ourtime profile and from Tipton, Indiana. Later he told me he was 52 and from Elkhart, Indiana and that his boss set up his profile for him and mistakenly gave the wrong age and that the town was wrong because they were working in that town the day they set up the profile. He said he was widowed and had a 15 year old daughter. Said he was a civil engineer/contractor. When we first agreed to talk on the phone, he sent me a text and warned me he had a Spanish accent because he lived in Spain until the age of 11 when he moved to US with his parents. He is very smooth and gave lots of details about his life and job. He communicated regularly but never even hinted about asking for money. About five weeks into our "relationship" he asked to send me something and sent me 2 dozen roses and a box of chocolates. I started to notice some discrepancies in his stories and could not find him on google anywhere. He sent me pics immediately of him and pics of him and his daughter. One pic had an office building in the background that said it was in Hoboken, New Jersey. When I asked about that, he told me he and his daughter recently moved to Indiana from New Jersey so he could be close to his mother. We talked about meeting but he soon found out that he got a ten-week job in Florida building a bridge and we would have to wait until August when he finished the job. When I started pointing out inconsistencies in his story, he became vey defensive and had every excuse in the book. He suddenly didn't know how to text pictures and said he couldn't video call bc he didn't know how. Finally, this weekend he agreed to send me a picture of his driver's license to prove that his name and picture, etc. matched. I got it today and it is a fake driver's license. Where his signature should be, you can see the name of the website where he ordered the fake license. It's called ID Master.Top.

romance scammer
romance scammer
romance scammer


His Handle name: bemylady12345

He contacted me around May 1, 2018. He told me his name was Frank Forsberg and was a fund manager. We started communicating via regular email- [protected], tel # +[protected]. He said he lived in Houston.

He claimed he had to go on a business trip to Europe, including Germany. He wrote that he believed we had a future together. After emails everyday through June 5th when he asked me for my full name and address because he needed to send me some documents in order to close a business deal and he wanted to put my name on them and sent to me.

I told him we have never met in person and did not know him well enough and could not agree to that and he stopped all communication. He did not ask for money but I suspected that would have been the next step.
He claimed to work for Ziga Investments Limited, which I don't believe to be a real company based on my research.
He had called from different telephone #'s supposedly from Sweden and Germany:
+[protected] and
+49 157 [protected]


possible scam

On 6/6/18 I been having a conversation by the name of James Oliver. I told my son about it, and immediately he said he thought he was a scammer. I then looked on your website on how to spot a scammer and he matched just about all of the warnings. First he asked me to begin emailing. Second, he said he was from the US but is in Istanbul on business. I went back to and his profile is gone. He said he was born in Germany, but was brought up in the US. His grammar tells me he wasn't educated in the US. He's telling me all kinds of things like he thinks I'm his soulmate, where would I want to go on a honeymoon...just way too much way too fast. His email acct. is [protected] Is there anyway you can look into this to see if he has done this in the past. I'm worried that by clicking on to his email that he could instal malware. Please give me some advice so I know what to do.

scamming profile

I was contacted by Charles L Nilsson thru my online profile. He represented himself as business man living in Denver. He asked me to start a conversation via my email and to withdraw from the on line site while we were communicating. Eventually hebtold me he had travelled to Turkey on business, where he said he was arrested. He wanted me to send funds. I did not.

scamming profile

  • To
    Tobey Carter Jun 04, 2018

    Coolcatchfish.. from Reno, Nevada
    Wanted to contact my mom outside of ourtime website immediately.. tell her everything she want to here.
    how wife died from cancer etc.. he believer in fate.. then supposedly flies to dubaii and guess what he needs 13k.
    his facebook profile only has 2 friends. he claiming to be 65. SCAMMER

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I was the victim of a scam

I was messaged by a woman BklynBabe43 on April 7, 2018 she told me about a friend of hers who saw my profile and really liked it. she gave me a little bit of info about him and said he really liked my smile but he had never tried online dating before. She gave me his email address [protected]

So like an idiot I contacted him and he sent me pictures of somebody. He claimed to be an engineer specializing in complete electrical systems, medium voltage-power distribution. He claimed to be working on a big project that would secure his retirement. Then he was awarded the contract and he lost his luggage and his wallet and I am the only one in the whole world who could help him. He asks for $5000 and I tell him I tell him, two days later he asks for $10, 000 he's desperate. Three days later he asks me for $3000 pleading. So I told him I have no money to give him and I can't get any. I haven't heard from him since.

This guy was good he knew all the right things to say. He would send me love letters and loves songs and promise to love me forever.I could see right through him but someone else might not.

I was the victim of a scam
I was the victim of a scam
I was the victim of a scam

Ourtime — online dating

I paid for 1 month subscription. Most of the messages I received were just flirts, most from the states. I live in canada. After my subscription expired I did not renew. After a...

other consumers

I would like to report a scammer Aplachefl211. His photo had changed 3 time in 3 days and each one is different. One tried to extort money from me under the guise that he was in the military and requested I send money to his daughter in Africa.. The date of first contact was 050518. He presented himself as a military person. The next day the same username changed photos to 21 and definitely a different person. That was on 050618. On 050718, a different photo appeared. The first identified as only having one child, but the second and third identified as having 2 children. Other details also changed from first and second. When asked to explain, he stated his account had been "hacked". - A company of People Media Inc. — unauthorized charge

623106 Similar to another person below, I too was lead to believe that the monthly subscription rate would be $3.33 per month. I paid via PayPal. However, when the charges came through...

bogus feature

I subscribed to the dating service hoping to contact others with whom I shared interests. The most important feature of the site is the instant messaging chat feature. It never worked. For every single member that was shown to be online at the time I tried to contact them, including those with whom I had prearranged virtual meetings, I received a message the 'so-and-so is offline', the moment I hit the "SEND" button. When I reported this problem, the representative could not fix it and said he would elevate it. i never heard back. When I followed up, the next representative insisted that there was no technical problem, that those members just weren't online. While I was on the phone with him, I tried to contact every member showing online (20 or more) and every one of them showed 'so-and-so is offline'. That's just how it is, he said. He could not fix the problem because he never acknowledged that there was one, he would not allow me to speak to his supervisor, and I could not get a refund. THIS DATING SITE DOES NOT DELIVER WHAT IT ADVERTISES, DOES NOT DEMONSTRATE THE LEAST CONCERN FOR ITS CUSTOMERS, AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PORTRAY ITSELF OTHERWISE. *******DON'T WASTE YOUR EXPECTATIONS OR YOUR MONEY ON OURTIME.COM!!!

dating site member

I responded to a posting from a James Harold Dart from Van Buren, Arkansas. Wanted to be just friends, since I live 1200 miles from there. He responded with photos, texts, etc. He represented himself as divorced; however, later, after I was personally involved, met him, fell in love with him totally, I learned that he was still legally married. Also, I learned that he used the same profile, photos, texts with other women and had several intimate relationships since his wife left him 7 years ago. How does a person do something about a person who so misrepresents himself and devastates a woman? I was a widow and vulnerable and he used all of it against me. Please do not let him do this to any other woman. Thank you.