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Zestadshaven't received the item I purchased.

I purchased the blue lazor theough paypal on December 28th. I paid the extra 9.95 for "VIP Customer- Prioritized Order and Warranty". Bringing my total to 79.85. Its been OVER a month. This isnt my first intercontinental online purchase. So Im quite familiar with shipment times. WHERE IS MY ITEM??
As you can see, Im not asking for a this time. I wasnt even given any tracking information.
Now, mid last year I was almost scammed out of 200 for a "Smart coffeetable". Please dont make me regret purchasing overseas.

Christopher DenBleyker
Paypal purchase ID IS

haven't received the item I purchased.

Zestadsdrone x pro

What happened to all that chinese honor that all you chinks go by? It's all billshit, and I can't believe that a company like paypal ps. Also full of [censored], could still do business with these dishonorable [censored] chinese scammers, I already know i'm not going to get my order nor my money back from paypal which I thought was a reputable company. Let's see what ends up being the final outcome

Zestadshokuto 100pcs

I purchased the item on Dec 5th and still have not gotten it yet. I have sent emails to [protected] and have gotten no response from them. When I reported this to PayPal it brought me to your website. It also stated that i had to take action by Feb 17th I didn't know that until today as I have been repeatedly emailing the email included it the order receipt. My transaction number is 328229886Y3121305. My tracking number is LW265686901CN. My purchase details is (D) [B5F57 DSG-0057-10 hokuto 100pcs. I believe the order number is 5B10BCF5E6. Please contact me about this order and try to help me resolve this matter. Thank you Amber Rossman.

Zestadsminto patches purchased for 95.52 usd never arrived

On January 15, 2020 I purchased DISC STY-0057-18 [B10F8] Minto Patch for 95.52 USD I never got a confirmation e-mail, receipt or shipping information from you. It has been already 2 weeks that I keep on sending e-mails to [protected] and still don't receive any information regarding my purchase. I want my money back. I did it through PayPal thinking was the most secure and safe method to do this purchase. Now I'm believing that you are scammers. I also dispute this charge to paypal and they are not doing anything, is just forwarding to you my complaint. Sent an e-mail with my complaint to [protected] and my bank. I took a picture of the purchase of my computer screen, that is my proof and the charge in my bank account.

minto patches purchased for 95.52 usd never arrived

Zestadsslim patches

This is the 3 time that I have reached out to your company about an order that was a present for Christmas. I made a payment of $99.35 to Zestads on 12/9/2019 from my account for this Christmas gift and it arrived on 1/27/2020(6 weeks ago) yesterday. I had to buy another gift and do not need it now. I need to return the order and get my money back. I paid an extra
$4.95 to Prioritize my order:
Purchase details
(D) [B10F12] BR-0057-22 Hokuto™ (220Pcs)
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order
United Postal Service E Packet, Tracking LW [protected] CN


good morning,

on the 17th December 2019, i ordered and paid for a Drone-x pro, now 6 weeks later i have received nothing and not even heard from Zest Ads.

please let me know what is going on. if you cannot supply please refund me.
my email is [protected]

Dec 17, 2019 01:54:11 PST
Transaction ID: 1EB08347SJ6756521

Hello Craig Rouse,
You sent a payment of $105.90 USD to ZestAds Limited

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address - confirmed
Craig Rouse
P/Bag BR 319
Gaborone, Botswana
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro $105.90 USD 1 $105.90 USD
Subtotal $105.90 USD
Total $105.90 USD
Payment $105.90 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE"
Payment sent to [protected]

From amount P1, 193.74 BWP
To amount $105.90 USD
Exchange rate: 1 BWP = 0.0887131 USD

Issues with this transaction?
You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.
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PayPal PPX001066:1.1:a28ebd17f53c3



Zest Ads Limitedflashlights

I ordered 5 flashlights and I need to return them and haven't gotten any reply from [protected] here is the emails I sent with pertinent info
*please provide return instructions, very disappointed in the quality of these plus no rechargeable batteries included is ridiculous*

I just received my order and sm very disappointed!
After waiting one day shy of 6 weeks they show up without rechargeable batteries???
This was one of the most important features..
I want to return these!!

I can get ones with rechargeable batteries for $10/each... these ended up costing me over $16 dollars each.

Please let me know return instructions

Shannon owens

H 530.583.1545
C 530.412.1610

On jan 20, 2020, at 4:59 pm, disputes resolution wrote:

Dear shannon owens

Thank you for contacting us!

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding. alternatively, you may check the status of your item by using the link below:

Tracking number: ln176848531cn
Tracking link:

Usually, shipment delivery may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered. sometimes, we encounter custom or courier delays which are out of our control at it may affect the delivery time from time to time. don't worry rest assure that you will receive your order soon.

For further inquiries on your recent purchased, feel free to contact the respective online store customer support at​ [protected]


Resolution supports team
— on thu, 19 dec 2019 06:05:23 +0800 shannon owens wrote —

I sent an email trying to find out the status of this order and never heard back? can you let me know what is going on with it?

Shannon o



Attention for anyone wanting to make a purchase through this company !!! I placed a order for a total of 8 flashlights that was suppose to be $49 but when I submitted my order and I was charged $131.90. I placed my order early in Dec for Christmas presents and just now received my package which was damaged. I want to return these and receive a full refund. There is no paperwork to tell me how to return them.


Zestadstransaction id: 7mf30948l57932027 drone

I made a payment of $135.85 USD to ZestAds Limited for a Drone, Transaction ID: 7MF30948L57932027. I have received nothing.

The Transaction ID will provide all of the information you require to process a refund.

7 January 2020
ZestAds Limited
-negative $135.85 USD

Paid with
RBS Visa debit
VISA Debit card x-2800
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.

Exchange rate
£108.05 GBP = $135.85 USD
1 GBP = 1.2573 USD

Send to
Mark Foster
Pond house
6, The Chestnuts
United Kingdom


Transaction ID

Seller information
ZestAds Limited

Purchase details
[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
$105.90 USD
$29.95 USD
$135.85 USD
$135.85 USD

Zestadsslim patches

I ordered these slim patches in December and I still have not received them. It has been over a month. I want my money refunded asap. I thought the patch would be good for my husband as it is hard to get him to stay on a diet but it is obvious to that this company can't deliver what they advertise so I want them to refund my money without hesitation. This is the last time I order from a company that I know nothing about. I have never had an issue with anything that I have ordered online until now. Please refund my money back to my account asap. Thank you for nothing.

Zestadssty-0057-03 (b2f1) minto patch

I ordered this well over a month ago and have not received an email or any type of notification about delivery. I was charged with no problem, so I would like my product or a full refund ASAP.. I will provide more information when I hear personally from the company. for now I can be reached at [protected] Customer service should be your top priority. Without happy customers you will have no business at all.

Zestadsslim patches

I ordered the slim fast patches, But did not receive a shipping date. Plus somehow the shipping address is wrong, and no where to fix the problem of changing the address. I payed 134.75 but could not find an order # but did find a transaction # 088429623G965923G. After reading all the complaints I am not sure of your product effectiveness. Due to all of your problems with all your products I will want my refund please.

MIKe Catus
email [protected]


I placed an order with Zest Ads on January 3, 2020 for two drones that they had for sale. I have not received any information on this two items that I purchased neither a tracking number or email from them. I have read a lots of complaints about this company recently. I just need an answer on when or how long will take to receive my items. Can anyone give a solid answer. If not I want my money back.


ZestadsI ordered a drone from an ad on facebook and have not received it, therefore I would like a full refund please!

I ordered a drone on January 12 and PayPal paid it ! I have yet to receive the drone, I also purchased the warranty and of course shipping charges ! I would like a full refund of $ 138.75USD ! Thank you in advance for your cooperation ! The ad was on FaceBook. Hi. You can purchase through out official website here: I purchased it through Zestads limited !

Zestadsbioclear nail pen

I submitted my order online with Zestads through Facebook paying with paypal, my account was debited on 7.1.20 for AUD 29.94 orig price USD 19.95, but have heard nothing from the company to confirm the order was received or when the item would be despatched. Please advise by email
Paypal transaction #
My email address

Zestadshokuto parche de menta

Buenas noches el 17 de enero del año en curso realice un pedido del producto Hokuto parche de menta y hasta el momento no se me ha notificado por medio de correo electrónico, nada por parte de la empresa, es decir hasta el momento no tengo información sobre el pedido que realice y cuando llegaría el mismo.
El número de transacción es el siguiente, mismo que fue realizado a través de PayPal y el cual ya se ha reflejado en mi cuenta.
ID: 4X323166BT324380F 

hokuto parche de menta

ZestAds Limitedeco ceramic heater

01/22/2020: received this morning, (purchased for 86 year old mother), First, not the units I originally ordered. I ordered units with dials on the top, mine received had none. The one ordered was said to automatically turn off if over-heated., as stated below this did not.
Once opened, plugged in and in less than 60 minutes it was on fire, nearly causing a fatal fire. Mother was burnt in 2 places trying to get burning unit outdoors before it started her house on fire. In the meantime, it has left a trail of melting black plastic which will result in replacing rugs & carpeting, as we cannot get the plastic out of fabric Haven't been able to locate a customer service number to contact com[pany directly. Thankfully she wasn't using the one purchased for the bedroom. I will be glad to return what remains for a full credit. Original order # 2C7F091797, Kathy Serbesku, Fruitland Park, FL
I would greatly appreciate a refund
[D] [B2F1] UP-0178-BLACK-US-03 EcoHeat™ (US $101.90 USD 1$101.90 USD

eco ceramic heater
eco ceramic heater
eco ceramic heater

Zestadselectric heater

Received two electric heaters after waiting a mknth for delivery. Both stopped working minutes after turning them on. I purchased them for $115 and now I can't get a refund. Don't purchase anything from the company. Garbage and thieves is what they are. This company advertises on Facebook a d should be shut down. Zestads is stealing from the people.

ZestAds Limited[b1] hbo-0095-01 - tp360 pro flashlight

I bounght the TP360 Pro Flashlight. I want to know how can I get an status of my order.
The Paypal transaction id is : 13G272561T747673C. My email is [protected]

ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address - confirmed
Juan R. Palacios
J5 Calle Guanina
Caguas, PR 00725
United States
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B1] HBO-0095-01 - TP360 Pro Flashlight $29.90 USD 1 $29.90 USD
Subtotal $29.90 USD
Total $29.90 USD
Payment $29.90 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE"
Payment sent to [protected]
Payment sent from [protected]

Funding Sources Used (Total)
Visa x-8288 $29.90 USD

ZestadsI have not received any information of delivery date of my shopping

This past 15/1/2020 I bought a [B10F12] GVL-0057-22 HOKUTO Patch (220 pcs)... by a PayPal payment (9VF483643J6367804) and If I don´t recive a delivery information soon as possible, I want to cancel my order and request a refund of my I dont have any information or adress of this company I hope to have the delivery date here at my adress in Monterrey Mexico. Tks Miguel Angel Moya

Zest Adshokuto mint patch,

Order #2SR17645xk594925, date 12/2/2019, 220 belly patch, Gave me a rash, burns my skin, where do I return it How do I get my money back? It is the same product that is sold under the name Watamin, and comes from Japan, The address and instructions are all in Chinese or Japanese! Does not tell you that in the ad nor that it takes over two months to receive the product

Zestadsdronex pro

I purchased two drones for my daughter's. $131.92, November 14th 1019 for Christmas and have yet to receive them. At this point I would rather ask for my full refund please. I've ordered thing online before via Amazon but I did not anticipate any problems with such good reviews. Buyer beware I guess. but this wait well over do. PR-331-02 DroneX Pro
Thank you

Zestadswarm wind machines

I ordered the 2 heaters for $90.95 total and received 2 defective items that almost caused a fire when the cords began to melt after 5-6 hours of use. I noticed how inexpensive these items were but hoped they would work as advertised but they did not. I am pursuing a dispute claim through PayPal and if they (and your co.) do not respond with a refund to my account I will pursue more channels through the state depts. Please respond with favorable results.
transaction ID: 78C22672BK8255021 Thank you,
Audrey Barka

Zestadsbriofit watches. (black) five (5)

I ordered these watches on 12/22/19 & have not received them yet. Order #LS205087446CN
I was wondering when they will be delivered to my door. There are a total of five (5) black BrioFit Watches . Transaction ID # 91252348A02239726 for four (4) of them & # OBY81455T86401631 for one of the watches. Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you,


Zestadshearing aids

I recently purchased a pair of hearing aids from this vender and paid $263.95. The hearing aids are not as advertised and only enhance sound for someone with normal hearing. Also all they do is squeal and are useless to me. I would like a return shipping label sent to me as I want to return them for a full refund. I have contacted you first as asked to resolve this issue but if not I will contact Paypal.

ZestadsHearing aids

I ordered hearing aids back in oct.2019. When I received them I tried them but they did not work, so I returned them over 2 months ago & I still haven't received my refund of $ 109.00!! I also filled a complaint with paypal!! And they are still waiting for a response! 1they received the returned item back in nov, 2019 over 2 months ago!! I still haven't received my refund!! It cost me $ 23.00 just to ship it back to china!!

Hearing aids

ZestadsI ordered some helicopters from you and have not received anything from you as yet o

The transaction I'd. [protected] This was order on 01/01/2020 I ordered these helicopters from you on the 01/01/2020 and as of now I have not received anything from you.I was wondering if there is a problem with the production or anything would by very pleased to here from you if only just ease my mind just to tell me there is a delay in the way you do things Thank you.
Yours p j Brasssington
61 Marlborough road Kirkby in ashfield Notts Ng177hr

ZestAds Limitedstainless steel electric fruit peeler

I ordered the stainless steel electric fruit peeler on December 29 for $34.95. I have not received anything from the company, no shipping information, and no product either. I paid through my Paypal account so I opened a dispute through PayPal. The only thing I got out of that was a message that said, "We're sorry you didn't receive your item." As of today, I still haven't received anything from them, no product or refund. Please help me try to resolve this matter. Thank you, Selena Harrelson

stainless steel electric fruit peeler
stainless steel electric fruit peeler

Zestadssmart watch

Thought that I was only ordering 1 watch and ended up with 4!!! My fault for not paying attention anyways it says you need a mobile phone to work the watch and I don, t use a mobile so I would like to return them and get my money back, I bought these o 12/24/19 and the transaction # is 4VU95747C1404311M.Hope you can help me with this problem.M Barnes

Zest Ads Limitedpatch

I make an order this morning, order #OSO78946R2391432X, product # [B2T7]VCT-0057-03, and I want to change my address delivery please at 136 Reed Avenue, Madawaska, Maine, 04756.
I would like to have an answer from you.

Thank you

Liette Laforge
12 rue Denis
St-Jacques, N.B.

PS: Delivery Address
136 Reed Avenue
Madawaska, Maine


Zestads — space heaters

I purchased two space heaters from this company leading me to believe they are nice enough to heat an entire house. I paid 95.00 for two heaters. After nearly 3 months, I finally...

Zestadsfit bit watches

I need to return these fit bit watches. they are not at what I expected or need. My husband has a serious heart condition and I could not even get them to work properly. We need something that is reliable and not something that could ultimately put his life at risk. Please direct me in where to return these items as soon as possible.
Robin c Jones messina.
182 gun club road
Little Falls NY. 13365

Zestads[b3f2] wt-0057-05 hokuto™ (50pcs)

Cuando voy a recibir los parches que adquiri???

---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------
De: [protected]
Fecha: 15/01/2020 10:36
Asunto: Recibo de su pago realizado a ZestAds Limited
Para: Jose Luis Hernandez Velasco

paypal 15/01/2020 10:36:17 GMT-06:00
Id. de transacción: 0HE548311T0740455

Hola, Jose Luis Hernandez Velasco:
Ha enviado un pago por importe de $42.80 USD a ZestAds Limited

Esta transacción puede tardar unos momentos en aparecer en su cuenta.
ZestAds Limited
Instrucciones para el comercio
No ha dado incluido ninguna instrucción para el vendedor.
Dirección de envío
Jose Luis Hernandez Velasco
Av Centenario 490 Edif B Depto 301
Merced Gomez
Ciudad de Mexico, DF 01600
Detalles de envío
El vendedor no ha proporcionado aún detalles de envío.
Descripción Precio por unidad Cantidad Importe
[B3F2] WT-0057-05 Hokuto™ (50Pcs)
$42.80 USD 1 $42.80 USD
Subtotal $42.80 USD
Total $42.80 USD
Pago $42.80 USD
El cargo aparecerá en el estado de cuenta de su tarjeta de crédito como «PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE»
Pagos enviados a [protected]
Límite inferior de importe $841.78 MXN
Límite superior de importe $42.80 USD
Tipo de cambio: 1 MXN = 0.0508444 USD
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Zestadshearing aids

I ordered hearing aids in December for $150.00 and have not received them yet. Also my pay pal account was charged $29. on 12/29/19, $95.95 on 12/29/19 and $293.90 on 12/27/19. I would like for someone to contact me and refund my account and keep the hearing aids. There are two order numbers and I only placed one order LW340808584CN and lS18739867CN. Thanks


I ordered two of these heaters and they arrived yesterday. We plugged them in last night and by morning they were both dead. It seems the sub-standard wiring is not good enough to carry the current. The advertisement said that they would heat an entire room in a matter of minutes. We will never know. Don't bother ordering these pieces of crap. A wast of money and time. My order was in response to an ad on Facebook in which a man's mother died from exposure to cold and he developed these wonderful heaters that could heat an entire room in a matter of minutes. It was all bull----. I paid almost $85.00 for two heaters through PayPal. I have filed a complaint with PayPal in order to get my money back but chances are that I am out of luck. NEVER order anything from ZestAds!!

Zestadsceramic heater

Ordered a 'ceramic heater' back in December... B1 - EST-0178-BLACK-US-01 $75.00 tried to track with addressed provided by ZestAds...took me to nowhere land ... tried to email company with address returned as 'undeliverable'...
finally received 'warm air machine' from company yesterday but box damaged and heater broken in several pieces...definitely not the product pictured in ads and no ceramic to be found on heater at all...
will not try to contact by email as address is not valid.
Paid 75+ for this 'warm air machine'
I would love to get my money back - ordered through PayPal but was denied because item was delivered?
Any help would be appreciated

ceramic heater
ceramic heater
ceramic heater

Zestads[b3f2] pl-0095-05 - tp360 pro flashlight

I ordered this product and paid for it on 12/3/19 with my bank account. It was for a flash light stating you buy one and get 2 free and never received anything. I am requesting a full refund of this product that I never received. Evidently there have been many complaints filed on Zestads as per internet information. I bought it on good faith and paid for it so i expect a full refund.

Zestadswatamin slim patches

I placed an order of 200 patches for 139.95. Received 10 patches. Filed a complain with paypal, but did not receive refund. Contacted zestads about a refund and stated I would return the patches. They would never respond. Feel total scam. Do not purchase. If you want to try these patches you can purchase for 6 dollars. I will be filing a complaint with the IC3 which is the internet complaint commission.


I ordered 2 of the ecoheaters... But what arrived 2 months later was two cheap, plastic imitations of the product in the advertisement. What they shipped me are two fire hazards waiting to happen... If I could even plug them into the outlet. There is no temp control, nothing ceramic, I want a refund. There is no phone number to call. This product does not even say ecoheater anywhere on it... And was made in china, where it was shipped from... Not in american where it was supposedly manufactured and designed by an engineer who's mom froze to death.

Zestadsdrones are not as advertised, broken, fake emails, bad reviews

I want to cancel my order of the DroneX drone.
Order date: 1/02/2020
I do not want to pay for this DroneX drone. This is not the drone I want. I was misled by the product's description. After seeing reviews, I know this is not as advertised. The two drones have not been shipped according to the tracking information. I would like to cancel this order as soon as possible. Most of their emails are fakes, red flag. Please cancel this payment and refund the $195.80 amount back to my PayPal account. I will be submitting a dispute with PayPal as well and cancelling my payment with my bank.
Thank you,
Tricie Mauray