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Smart galaxia

Okay so I've been customer of Ogawa for ten years. I bought this Smart Galaxia on January of 2019.
It broke down on March of 2020 and I instantly made a call to the service center but it didn't reached because of mco I think. So I wrote an email to Ogawa's official email address and I didn't even get A SINGLE REPLY from them.
So I waited till April to make a call again. It was a Malay girl that picked up my call. She opened a file for my case. And I waited until JUNE, NOTHING HAPPENED.
And so I made a call to service centre once again, it was a Chinese girl that picked up my call. And Idk why she sounded so aggressive which made me more pissed of. She told me I didn't have any opened file in their system. So I opened a new one. AGAIN. She said they'll contact me, but no. No one calls, until today.
I got a message saying the technician will contact me but another 10days passed, I haven't even receive a single call from OGAWA.
It's been 4 months since my product broke down.
I hope you guys will contact me in this few days, or else I'll just post this on every social media because it's just so ridiculous.

Smart galaxia

  • Ogawa's response · Jul 13, 2020

    Dear Mei wen Chang,

    Thanks for reaching to Ogawa.
    Appreciate that could you provide us your case number for us to assist you further.

    Thank You

poor delivery service

My order no is SO30102003491. I bought a Spin Pro B1.5 Multi Purpose Bike from your Aeon Bukit Tinggi outlet on 22/9/19. (Sunday). The sales person said it would be delivered to me within the next few days. It is already Thursday but I have yet to receive my bike. How long do you need to deliver to your customers? Now I'm only hoping I will receive it by tomorrow otherwise I'll have to wait for another week. This is bad service as your salesperson couldn't fix an exact day of delivery. Ogawa is a known brand but you have to buck up on your service. I really hope you will deliver to me by tomorrow.

care touch model ol0358


Refer to my visit to your outlet on 18 September 2019 and case number CS039770.

1/ The case originally was under #CS039550 on 27 July 2019. The case number changed without my knowledge.
2/ I have not heard from your Ogawa One Utama outlet since due date 6 Aug 2019.
3/ I was not able to call your CS centre or email ( [protected] is invalid as my email on 18 September was returned)
for many times. I wonder what kind of customer support Ogawa giving. How can I buy more item from Ogawa if there is lack of after sale service.
4/ Latest update on 18 September from Ogawa Utame - the item has been out from warehouse. But your outlet is not able to locate the item in the outlet. My item is officially LOST!!!
5/ I have lost 1.5 month of warranty period from due date 6 Aug 2019.

If the item is not able to locate by 20 Sep 2019, please compensate me with a new item.

Kind regards,

master drive plus graphite


My name is Mahathir Yusup. I just bought an Ogawa Master Drive Plus which has been delivered on the 27th June 2019.
The massage chair has been used no more than 5 times up till today, 5th July 2019.

When I switched on the Massage Chair today, the screen went blank with an error code 09. And then the roller started banging causing a very loud noise when it was switched on. This is very frustrating as the massage chair is NOT EVEN 1 WEEK old and already has this problem.

I tried switching it off and waited more than 30 minutes but still the screen was blank and the banging noise was still there. I attached here a video of the massage chair with the banging noise as a proof as well.

Please someone get back to me on this.

Super frustrated client,

  • Me
    Mervin Vin Jul 14, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Have you contacted them? Because I heard that Gintell is giving one to one exchange if there's any problem with the massage chair within a week, I'm not so sure about Ogawa, maybe you can get your chair fixed, and please be careful next time, many are falling victim for these chairs

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customer service

ust had to rant about the worst customer experience I had with #ogawa. Hubby and i wasted the whole saturday at ogawa compass one with no original intention of buying a massage chair. We were chased up by the ogawa sales rep after our grocery shopping, promising to give us a good deal after we tried their massage chair at the exhibition on the first floor. The sales rep promised us a brand new piece of #nexposh unit at a very good price and we thought we will just pamper ourselves with the purchase. We handed him the credit card for payment which he charged immediately but the whole process took a very long time with the sales rep coming back with different suggestions and recommendations for other units???!!! We stood firm and said we will get what was promised. As we were waiting for the sales rep to write up our invoice, the other sales rep who was serving us at the exhibition barged into the shop and had a heated arguement with the sales rep in the shop, wanting to claim sales credit. I was terrified and felt very uncomfortable and wanted to just get the invoice and leave them to the fight. When we got home, we received a phone call from the exhibition rep asking us to go down and choose our demo unit. I told him we were promised a brand new unit and he hung up, saying he will check. I received another phone call later in the evening from the sales rep in the shop, claiming that he promised a demo unit. All through the sales process, hubby and me were told we will be getting a brand new unit!!! I was exasperated and called the customer service personnel. She was the worst customer service personnel ever who refused to let the GM speak to me upon request and said she handles everything that is customer related. She claimed miscommunication and insisted that we take the demo unit or go for refund. There was no customer service at all and even told hubby that he could go ahead to CASE or make a police report against the sales rep if we think we have been scammed!!! We were utterly disgusted and would advise everyone against purchase of any equipments from ogawa. It was an horrifying experience which no one should ever have to go through. The service is totally atrocious, not what you would expect if you were going to purchase any form of relaxation units. For peace of mind, i would advise all to avoid stepping into ogawa at all cost

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master drive set og 7598

Hello there my name marina binti othman and I would like write a complaint regarding my ogawa master drive set (og 7598). I bought the massage chair on 4/3/2017. Since the first day I bought the massage chair, immediately after a month I experienced a problem pertaining to the massage's chair leg rest. Apparently the leg rest wasn't able to extend during usage. The second problem I experienced with the massage chair (5th december 2017), the pad control (touch screen menu) was not working. And then on 15th february 2018, the airbag on the left was broken. Recently this month itself, the right side of the airbag was broken (sound of air coming out from it). So i've been experiencing all of these problems since the day one and it hasn't been giving me a peace of mind. Now the massage chair is out of warranty and I am not able to reclaim the damage. I am disappointed with this as the massage chair that I bought is from ogawa, a well known massage chair company and it is giving problems that weren't suppose to occur. As a consumer, I am unsatisfied with what I am going through with this massage chair. I hope there will be some sort of compensation from your side and will give a thorough check on my massage chair to rectify the problem. I paid almost 20k for the massage chair and I really hope you could do something about this! My expectation on the massage chair's quality build is really frustrating and the sales after service is horrible. I am expecting a fast reply regarding this so that it can be solved asap. Tqvm

ogawa massage chair

For those thinking of buying Ogawa massage chair, this is what you will see/get after two years (see photos).

Ogawa reason: 'Allow us to share that during massage, friction and abrasion against the upholstery is inevitable with the moving mechanism. With this, the management is not able to view the situation as manufacture defect as many other factors might contributed to the wear and tear of the upholstery during the course / years of usage.'

However, from my pictures, some areas are not even near any mechanism.

What's more, upholstery will cost $840 and it takes 5-6 months of shipment.

ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair
ogawa massage chair

ogawa zero gravity massage chair series

The cushion cover quality is questionable. Started peeling off after few years. My 2nd generation model...

Latest 3d massage chair - smartedge

Latest 3D- Massage Chair SMARTEDGE, disappointing experience! I received my brand new massage chair only to...

fraud and misrepresentation

Lured by a free trial from a salesman my wife tried an ogawa massage chair. She was already recovering from a normal cough. After trying the massage chair her coughing became worse much much worse. This incident happened at klang parade. The salesman was from the ogawa center there. My wife complained to the manager there about their salesman but he refused to entertain us. Now for some feedback about my wife`s coughing. The coughing became so bad she has to put a container beside her bed to spit the sputum into. My wife cannot lie down. Everytime she tried to lie down in a horizontal position she coughed. My wife has been coughing for a month now and she is slowly recovering. A word to warning to would beuyers! And the public! Unless you want to be paralysed or suffering lung problems and asthma don`t buy ogawa products, chairs, etc. Don`t believe their so - called outlandish claims. It is cheaper and wiser to see a doctor or pray. Please boycott them. It is safer for your health and peace of mind. God bless you.

Rude Sales person

Today 6.35 PM I was in East Coast Mall. I passed the Ogawa shop on level 2 t go the elevator and the sales person, seemed to be in charge, looked at me like : Why you pass my shop. Started laughing to the other sales people in the shop. I turned back and asked him if it was a problem to pass the shop. I said I could be a potential customer one day. He started insulting me. If you’re a customer why don’t you buy anything, you just come in my shop. You have money ? Then I asked him if that was the way to be an Ogawa representative. I kindly asked his name and he refused. I told him I would call Ogawa head office to ask if this was the way to respond. Then he really started to heat up. You think I’m afraid. (Mind you this is all happening while customers are passing by the shop.) He continued to say, what’s wrong, I make you lose face. I did not wanted the situation to escalate I took my camera to make a photo of him since he refused to give me his name and he pushed my hands with the camera away. I asked him, if he was not afraid why I can not take his picture. Since I was with my 2 children I left. I went to security office to check the CCTV cameras if they picked up the aggressive sales person. However the camera did not cover that side.
I went back to the shop to find out on the front the name of the company (Health World) while security was there and even without saying anything he started to talk bad again to me this time in Malay but clearly the security and other Ogawa sales people were shocked.
(Even that I’m a expat I am married to a Malaysian I do understand what he said)
Again I asked his name. He replied give me your name first which I did. He then replied, I do not give my name it’s only for my friends.
I said it was sad to see someone like him behave like this. Again he said : You think I’m afraid ?
I called to Ogawa office KL. However nobody picked up the phone.
Also it seems not a single manager is on duty in Ogawa as nobody could be reached.
I’m will ask Ogawa company, which I consider a top class company, if they want people like this to represent them.
All customers on level 2 were following this outburst. Many Malaysian customers spoke to me after the incident and apologized in his place for his rudeness.
That was really sad that customers in the Mall have to apologize for an Ogawa representative.
Like to see what Ogawa respond.

  • Ja
    Jason Lagenda Sep 21, 2019
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    Verified customer

    the message chair one to do services is not working
    My contact 019 3378989
    Mr Jason


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  • Ch
    cheah peggy Nov 02, 2019
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    Verified customer

    i bought a Smart Delight Plus massage chair was 4 years ago the leather is peeling ,can i change it ?how much costing ?
    Can you please quote me a quotations ?or get your technical to assist me ?

    My phone no 0127226655
    Email:[email protected]


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[Resolved] Beware when you want to buy ogawa massage chair

Below is my experience (With pictures and videos at the bottom of this email) : I got my brand new ogawa...