Ogawa Complaints & Reviews

Ogawa / master drive plus graphite

Jul 05, 2019

Hi. My name is Mahathir Yusup. I just bought an Ogawa Master Drive Plus which has been delivered on the 27th June 2019. The massage chair has been used no more than 5 times up till today, 5th July 2019. When I switched on the Massage Chair today, the screen went blank with an error code 09...

Ogawa / customer service

Jun 26, 2019

ust had to rant about the worst customer experience I had with #ogawa. Hubby and i wasted the whole saturday at ogawa compass one with no original intention of buying a massage chair. We were chased up by the ogawa sales rep after our grocery shopping, promising to give us a good deal...

Ogawa / master drive set og 7598

Apr 22, 2019

Hello there my name marina binti othman and I would like write a complaint regarding my ogawa master drive set (og 7598). I bought the massage chair on 4/3/2017. Since the first day I bought the massage chair, immediately after a month I experienced a problem pertaining to the massage'...

Ogawa / ogawa massage chair

Oct 29, 2017

For those thinking of buying Ogawa massage chair, this is what you will see/get after two years (see photos). Ogawa reason: 'Allow us to share that during massage, friction and abrasion against the upholstery is inevitable with the moving mechanism. With this, the management is not able...

Ogawa / ogawa zero gravity massage chair series

May 26, 2017

The cushion cover quality is questionable. Started peeling off after few years. My 2nd generation model demonstrated more reliable. I have been a Ogawa supporter for ovr 10yrs. I hv 2 numbers of massage chair at home. Now I m doubtful whether I will buy another Ogawa ? The 2nd seies also...

Ogawa / Latest 3d massage chair - smartedge

Sep 29, 2016

Latest 3D- Massage Chair SMARTEDGE, disappointing experience! I received my brand new massage chair only to discovered that it was brand new. The remote control showed sign of frequent usage as it shows wear tear and scratches. The remote is eratic too. You need more a few press to...

Healthy World Lifestyle Sdn Bhd (Ogawa) / fraud and misrepresentation

May 23, 2014

Lured by a free trial from a salesman my wife tried an ogawa massage chair. She was already recovering from a normal cough. After trying the massage chair her coughing became worse much much worse. This incident happened at klang parade. The salesman was from the ogawa center there. My...

Ogawa Kuantan / Rude Sales person

Nov 04, 2011

Today 6.35 PM I was in East Coast Mall. I passed the Ogawa shop on level 2 t go the elevator and the sales person, seemed to be in charge, looked at me like : Why you pass my shop. Started laughing to the other sales people in the shop. I turned back and asked him if it was a problem to...

[Resolved] Ogawa Comfort Massage Chair (Black) / Beware when you want to buy ogawa massage chair

Jul 21, 2011

Below is my experience (With pictures and videos at the bottom of this email) : I got my brand new ogawa comfort massage chair (Black colour) - cost rm3, 800 Http: / / www. Ogawaworld. Net / ourproducts / relaxation / comfort / comfort. Php From ogawa on 8th jan 2009. After less than...