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Ogawa - Bad after sales services

Hi Sir,

I am a customer of Ogawa since 2014. At that time I invested in a RM15000 massage chair. EarlyNov 2021, realise that the leg massage was not working. I placed for technician to go over, there was no sound for almost 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I contacted again. My case no is CS065080. I received a call 24 Nov 2021 only to mention that Ogawa can send technician to my house with RM180 charges with no solution. It was mentioned that the chair model is not reproduced therefore there is no solution. I was forced to close the case because despite technician coming over, I was mentioned there would not be replacement parts.

So in short this is not a good after sales service. Actually I wanted to trade in the model to get 2 difference massage chair. And when I informed I wanted to buy 2 different model by trading in the current one I have., WA message keep flowing in to my handphone on which models I would prefer to buy.

I see clearly that this is very bad after sales service. I think what is important here is the service to the customer that will make them come back. It is not focusing on the sales! sales! sales.

Desired outcome: to look at my current chair if that could be repaired with no cost and to purchase a new ogawa chair

Ogawa - Ogawa massage chair master drive plus

Dear sir, I am ahsan JAMIL, I live here at Pakistan, my second home is at Hong Kong, I buy 3 units massage chairs from Hong Kong model ogawa master drive plus. These units I export Pakistan for trial, now all 3 units arrived at my home Pakistan, first weeks works good perfect, now two of them not working proper, one is giving error code at screen 002.
Second chair giving error code 009,
I try my best to find at google about service manual but I cannot find that, kindly if you can help me or can guide me all the codes to me I can solve my chair error, I would be thankful to you,

Ahsan JAMIL, Hong Kong, Pakistan.
Mobile and what's up number is +[protected].
Email: maonsan @gmail.com

Ogawa - Massage chair

I called up Ogawa Servicing Dept for my faulty massage chair with cracking sound (my product is still under warranty). However, the servicing dept scheduled me the repair in about 3 months' time. They told me that their schedules are tight and they are operating with only 2 servicemen.

I'm very disappointed and upset with Ogawa service Center. I would consider whether to continue using Ogawa product.



Ogawa - Master drive set OG 7598/complaints

My name is Joe from Qatar. my massage chair having a problem in Master drive set OG 7598. I need to replace this one. But in qatar the distributor & dealer shop is closed. we couldn't able to find the shops to repair. Kindly do the needful for repairing solutions.

f you have any further details pertaining to the above prerequisite, feel free to send an email to [protected]@gmail.com or you can call me at 00974-[protected].

I look towards your consideration and kindness.

Thanking you

Desired outcome: Immediately


Ogawa - Unprofessional and impolite service to informed repair price.

A very bad experienced for Ogawa Customer Service to inform me the price of wear and tear product
called me 3 times with different price, and 4th time giving a special discount
1st time call me mentioned is RM250
2nd call me mentioned is RM1400
3rd time is RM1260
4th time is Rm1260 with 20 % percent discount.
Without any apologize.

Ogawa - Leg massager

Send to repair at Batu caves branch year2018.finally cik manila did great job to get the merchandise for me. Yet I took back home that product scratches and cloth torn. Send with warranty but received without. Fyi I am loyal customer of ogawa. All health I purchase from ogawa. Pls advice tq. Hp, [protected]..cik manila did inform me about damage to product.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Ogawa - Smart galaxia

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Okay so I've been customer of Ogawa for ten years. I bought this Smart Galaxia on January of 2019. It broke down on March of 2020 and I instantly made a call to the service...

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Sep 26, 2019

Ogawa - Poor delivery service

My order no is SO30102003491. I bought a Spin Pro B1.5 Multi Purpose Bike from your Aeon Bukit Tinggi outlet on 22/9/19. (Sunday). The sales person said it would be delivered to me within the next few days. It is already Thursday but I have yet to receive my bike. How long do you need to deliver to your customers? Now I'm only hoping I will receive it by tomorrow otherwise I'll have to wait for another week. This is bad service as your salesperson couldn't fix an exact day of delivery. Ogawa is a known brand but you have to buck up on your service. I really hope you will deliver to me by tomorrow.

Sep 19, 2019

Ogawa - Care touch model ol0358


Refer to my visit to your outlet on 18 September 2019 and case number CS039770.

1/ The case originally was under #CS039550 on 27 July 2019. The case number changed without my knowledge.
2/ I have not heard from your Ogawa One Utama outlet since due date 6 Aug 2019.
3/ I was not able to call your CS centre or email ( [protected]@ogawaworld.net is invalid as my email on 18 September was returned)
for many times. I wonder what kind of customer support Ogawa giving. How can I buy more item from Ogawa if there is lack of after sale service.
4/ Latest update on 18 September from Ogawa Utame - the item has been out from warehouse. But your outlet is not able to locate the item in the outlet. My item is officially LOST!
5/ I have lost 1.5 month of warranty period from due date 6 Aug 2019.

If the item is not able to locate by 20 Sep 2019, please compensate me with a new item.

Kind regards,


Ogawa - Master drive plus graphite

Hi. My name is Mahathir Yusup. I just bought an Ogawa Master Drive Plus which has been delivered on the 27th June 2019. The massage chair has been used no more than 5 times up till today, 5th July...

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Jun 26, 2019

Ogawa - Customer service

ust had to rant about the worst customer experience I had with #ogawa. Hubby and i wasted the whole saturday at ogawa compass one with no original intention of buying a massage chair. We were chased up by the ogawa sales rep after our grocery shopping, promising to give us a good deal after we tried their massage chair at the exhibition on the first floor. The sales rep promised us a brand new piece of #nexposh unit at a very good price and we thought we will just pamper ourselves with the purchase. We handed him the credit card for payment which he charged immediately but the whole process took a very long time with the sales rep coming back with different suggestions and recommendations for other units?! We stood firm and said we will get what was promised. As we were waiting for the sales rep to write up our invoice, the other sales rep who was serving us at the exhibition barged into the shop and had a heated arguement with the sales rep in the shop, wanting to claim sales credit. I was terrified and felt very uncomfortable and wanted to just get the invoice and leave them to the fight. When we got home, we received a phone call from the exhibition rep asking us to go down and choose our demo unit. I told him we were promised a brand new unit and he hung up, saying he will check. I received another phone call later in the evening from the sales rep in the shop, claiming that he promised a demo unit. All through the sales process, hubby and me were told we will be getting a brand new unit! I was exasperated and called the customer service personnel. She was the worst customer service personnel ever who refused to let the GM speak to me upon request and said she handles everything that is customer related. She claimed miscommunication and insisted that we take the demo unit or go for refund. There was no customer service at all and even told hubby that he could go ahead to CASE or make a police report against the sales rep if we think we have been scammed! We were utterly disgusted and would advise everyone against purchase of any equipments from ogawa. It was an horrifying experience which no one should ever have to go through. The service is totally atrocious, not what you would expect if you were going to purchase any form of relaxation units. For peace of mind, i would advise all to avoid stepping into ogawa at all cost

Apr 22, 2019

Ogawa - Master drive set og 7598

Hello there my name marina binti othman and I would like write a complaint regarding my ogawa master drive set (og 7598). I bought the massage chair on 4/3/2017. Since the first day I bought the...

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Ogawa - Ogawa massage chair

For those thinking of buying Ogawa massage chair, this is what you will see/get after two years (see photos). Ogawa reason: 'Allow us to share that during massage, friction and abrasion against the...

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Ogawa - Ogawa zero gravity massage chair series

The cushion cover quality is questionable. Started peeling off after few years. My 2nd generation model demonstrated more reliable. I have been a Ogawa supporter for ovr 10yrs. I hv 2 numbers of...

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Sep 29, 2016

Ogawa - Latest 3d massage chair - smartedge

Latest 3D - Massage Chair SMARTEDGE, disappointing experience! I received my brand new massage chair only to discovered that it was brand new. The remote control showed sign of frequent usage as it...

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May 23, 2014

Ogawa - Fraud and misrepresentation

Lured by a free trial from a salesman my wife tried an ogawa massage chair. She was already recovering from a normal cough. After trying the massage chair her coughing became worse much much worse...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ogawa - Rude sales person

Today 6.35 PM I was in East Coast Mall. I passed the Ogawa shop on level 2 t go the elevator and the sales person, seemed to be in charge, looked at me like : Why you pass my shop. Started laughing...

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Jul 21, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ogawa - Beware when you want to buy ogawa massage chair

Below is my experience (With pictures and videos at the bottom of this email) : I got my brand new ogawa comfort massage chair (Black colour) - cost rm3, 800 Http: / / www. Ogawaworld. Net ...

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