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Zestads — two space heaters. not as described. very tiny

635388 The ad said they would heat an average room in 5 minutes and that they are very powerful. But in fact they are the smallest space heaters I have ever seen in my life and don't put...

Zestadsdrone x pro

I ordered this item via paypal and upon receiving it, instantly saw it was NOT as described. Poor quality and did not perform as they show in the ads. Only 2 propellors spun and it would just float off without even using the remote. Would not respond when using the remote and therefore would crash into anything around. Plus the camera was practically black and white, very spotty and fuzzy and at times would shut off altogether. I never received a confirmation email from zest ads and tried to contact them through paypal. They did not have a contact for the seller and had me send them info but upon my sending info to them, the email came back as fake. Speaking to the paypal rep online was of no help either. Would LOVE a refund!

Zest Ads30 day supply supplements

I ordered from zest ads in November and never received my product. It was paid through my paypal. ([protected] the amount I paid was about $30. I've tried sending emails to PayPal to settle the matter and now need zest ads to communicate. I saw the zest ad on Instagram. I will be contacting Instagram as well if this doesn't get handled in a timely manner. It's been 2 months since I ordered. Thank you.

Shannon Wills

Zestads[b3f2] wne-0057-05 hokuto™ (50pcs)

Dewc 17th 2019 I placed an order tor this product and have received nothing yet. No confirmation of the order, nothing. I paid $42.80 in US dollars via paypal and will be doing a refund complaint thru them unless I hear from someone within 24 hours. Thank you
ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address - confirmed
reed winfrey
4220 N. Verde Vista Dr.
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
United States
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet

Zestadsdrone x pro

I purchased 2 of these yesterday via PayPal, and "HAVE NOT" received an email confirmation...
PayPal transaction
For $59.55

And PayPal transaction
For $105.90
I wish to cancel both orders as the Website comes Domain available for purchase
Please confirm cancellation ASAP...
Be advised I will be filing a complaint with PayPal to resolve this..
Thank you for your prompt response...

Zestadswarm wind machine

This product is NOT what was shown on the video. It does not work: it sparks, smells of burning plastic and the fan does not come on. It is a FIRE HAZARD. It is obviously an inferior product with absolutely no quality control from China. There is no way to send it back to China! I wish to get my money back. I wll return it if you give me a suitable return address.

warm wind machine
warm wind machine

Zestads9000 lumens tactical flashlight

I ordered this light with high expectations of its quality and brightness. I was disappointed to find that it was cheaply made and not closed to the advertised brightness. The light itself is of poor quality.

I opened the package to find the on off button loose. I inserted the battery's to find that the connection were poor and the spring was bent. When I turned the flashlight on it provided less light then my 350 luminous light. The light was advertised as 9000 luminous tac light.

Needless to say I was disappointed in the false advertising, and the substandard construction.

I would like a refund for this purchase as it was not what it was advertised

4-Dec-2019 09:33:55 PST PayPal
Transaction ID: 5WU65561J88056013

Thank you

Zestadsmintlyfe patch

I ordered this product on line. First off the product took over a month to get here. Then when it did get here, it is not what was pictured on the advertisement. I was expecting a new innovative product that would help we lose the weight. I was willing to spend the extra money, over $100.00. To my surprise all I got was a product that you can buy on wish for $4.00. I contacted the company with the e-mail they sent me about my order process, with no response. I is the e-mail address attached to my order, highlighted in blue. You can't tell me they didn't get them. I sent more then one. This product is a total scam. No one should buy it. I should have done more research.

Zestadsdrone purchase

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ordered one DRONE through FB from a company named, ZESTADS LTD, on 1 Jan 2020 and paid via debit card a total of $135.85 ($105.90 for Drone and $29.95 for warranty) via PAYPAL. To date, I have not received this drone. The seller has not provided any shipping details regarding this order. The PAYPAL Transaction ID number is 04R09303YW579270A applies.

Thank you,
Emmanuel Gamboa
Chesapeake, Virginia


I purchased a DroneX Pro for 105.90 and a Warranty for 29.95, then I ordered a 2nd DroneX for 47.97.

This Purchase was made on December 1, 2019 and Paid by Pay Pal.
I have already been billed and yet here it is January 7, 2020 and still no product.

All the tracking information ever says is in transit. If I do not hear from someone TODAY Jan. 7, 2020 I have already spoke with Pay Pal about them getting MY MONEY BACK.

Nancy Stone

Zestadshokuto patch

3/01/2020 22:00:10 GMT+13:00

[B5F5] HFM-0057-10 Hokuto Patch (100 Pcs)

lack of correspondence eg shipping, confirmation of order
eta of product Doug Williams
143a Coronation Ave Welbourne
New Plymouth, TARANAKI
New Zealand
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B5F5] HFM-0057-10 Hokuto Patch (100 Pcs)
$67.80 USD 1 $67.80 USD
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order
$4.95 USD 1 $4.95 USD
Subtotal $72.75 USD
Total $72.75 USD
Payment $72.75 USDct

ZestAds Limitednot a complaint for anything but for a wrong address on ordered product

This is not a complaint but I placed an order on Jan. 3 2020 for some weight loss patches. The transaction number is 68U24164JY1274903and order number F5D54976D1. The order was placed thru PayPal and during the completion part my shipping address showed up wrong and I was not able to go back and change it. The address being shipped to is Tracie Weathers at 117 Williams Ave Kelso WA 98626, however that is no longer my correct address. The address it needs to go to is Tracie Weathers P.O. Box 663 Kelso, WA 98626. I can be reached at [protected]
Thank you very much
Tracie Weathers

Zestadsyou do not offer a online cancellation

Order Number: 3F98365933

Order date: 01/05 6:31pm

Shipping Address: 16535 Old Friendship Way
Caldwell, ID 83607

Billing Address: 16535 Old Friendship Way
Caldwell, ID 83607

Phone Number: [protected]

Email: [protected]

Please cancel this order and issue a full refund to my card.
I changed my mind about using this product due to allergies.
Please confirm refund
Thank you.

Zestadsspace dronez™ order still waiting?

Wheres my drone:

Paid with
Chase Visa Credit Card
VISA Credit Card
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.
Ship to
Chad McManus
57 Lake Dr.
Conroe, TX 77384
United States
Transaction ID
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
Buy 1 - Space DroneZ™$105.90
Print details
Need help?
If there's a problem, make sure to contact the seller through PayPal by June 20, 2020. You may be eligible for purchase protection.

Zestads"ceramic heaters"

Saw the advert on Facebook and a ceramic heater sounds great so I ordered it, when it finally arrived I opened the box to find a little cheap looking plastic heater that looks like it might melt or burn the house down. I paid over $100 for something that would much much cheaper in the high street.

I want a full refund or at least some compensation

Zestadsfit toe in beige not delivered

Ordered toe support in november 2019 i havnt received anything or an email or anything tracking LW208421747CN..i tried contacting them but incorrect email i paid through paypal..i need to know what i should do or what is my next step to gwt my merchandise. I dont want to go through paypal begire i know what is actually happeni g or to know the status on it

Zestadstp360 pro flashlight

I ordered 5 of the PL-0095-05-TP360 Pro Flashlights for $72.90 and paid with paypal on December 9th. I have not had any correspondence of any kind from you or received the product. The paypal transaction ID# 9GH5703233717035R and the tracking# is LN173305519CN . Please let me know if I need to contact paypal and have my money's returned or can expect the product sent to me!
Teresa D. Prince
2943 Jefferson
Eads, Tn. 38028

Zestadsdidn't receive 2hand warmers and overcharged

While Browsing I was linked to a account showing Hand Warmers I purchased 2 thru PayPal on 12/15/2019. I purchased them for Christmas Gifts. I found their name in search engine but nothing showed up about hand warmers so I have no way of reaching out to this company but now I see lots of complaints about the exact same company they charged $94.06 for items that should have been approximately$ 23-00 each.

Zestadsdrone x pro

I ordered two drones thru this company. It looks like they have now changed their name to Big Awesome - This is a very shady and sneaky sales company. You don't have access to their sneaky company policies unless you actually search for it. I was charged a totally different price than I saw when I ordered this item. Now I was charged $180 when I purchased this at $112.00. Pay Pal is on this company side and I am refusing to pay this charge. Plus as per the very hard to find FAQ - they don't guarantee shipping of your items. They claim due to customs they can't be responsible. TOTALLY CRAPY COMPANY AND PAY PAL

Zestadsqorinth'z xo watch


Dear Customer Service,
I ordered 2 of these (like smart) watches. Qorinth'z xo I only want one(1) because I was charged the wrong price about 1 hour ago. Between 9-10:00am eastern time. I was charged $59 and $41 and I ordered the watches in white. NOT GOLD! It is pending on my card. I want one(1) the $41 watch charge cancelled! ( Money Refunded) back on my card immediately please.

Thank you,
[protected] or [protected]
Sharon Nevels
email: [protected]

Zestads[b3f2] mt-0095-05 - tp360 pro flashlight$72.90 usd total$72.90 usd

I have ordered these products on 21st December 2019 through PayPal Australia and have not had one email or comment confirming the order or dispatch.

The products are [B3F2] MT-0095-05 -TP360 Pro Flashlight$72.90 USD
where 3 of these were ordered totalling $72.90 USD and were to be shipped to Wodonga.

Due to the lack of feedback, I have contacted PayPal Australia requesting the transaction be cancelled.


Zestadsdronex not a complaint. need to change shipping address.

this is not a complaint. we ordered from your company, a DronX and paid through paypal. During payment, the shipping address popped up and it was wrong, but we could not change it to the correct address. We simply need to change that shipping address to 8900 Roxborough St., Austin, Texas 78729 Transaction ID: 0P8421083K9037826 this is the transaction code from PayPal.

2035 Royal Lane #280 is incorrect. Please let us know this has been redirected to the corrrect address. My email is [protected] for conformation. Thank You.

Zestadshokuto patch

I ordered the hokuto patch on Dec. 11, 2019 plus an upgrade of $19.95. So my total amount wold be $57.80. they made two orders one for $19.95 and the other for $37.85. I did receive a package from them. It was pink rubber gloves, I didn't order that. Still have them don't want them. went through paypal transaction numbers as follows 9lm56681hu3325444 and 7y134358cj1747819. please fix this and refund my money. Thanks. Please send resopnse to [protected] Please send refund through paypal.

Zestadsdrone from facebook

I purchased a drone back on 12/20 and payed with PayPal $105. I have not heard anything or received anything yet. If I do not hear back I will contact PayPal tomorrow. My name is Mark Fox used wife's PayPal account that we share of [protected] and we live in Hurricane WV. I work for the state of wv and will also file a complaint with Attorney General's office. I paid a fair price and expect what I paid for or my money back.

Zestadshokuto mint patches

Hi, on the 29th December I ordered mint patches through Zestads & made 2 payment via Paypal
See attached jpeg pictures of the transaction
As yet, I've heard nothing about when the shipment will be dispatched let alone whether you've received my order or not, so far I'm not very impressed with the lack of attention from Zestads, I hope you can prove me wrong. If I don't hear from you shortly I'l be requesting a refund through Paypal
Please advise, Regards, Norm Semmens email address [protected]

hokuto mint patches
hokuto mint patches

ZestadsI didn't order, anything but my paypal account was charged

Look, I don't know who or what you do or sell. But My Paypal acct has a charge of 105.90 on it dated 12-22 @2 am EST
I have sent an email to you, I have filed a resolution form with Paypal, I have changed my password, and I am in the process of disputing it further by this site.

This is not okay. I would appreciate a reply asap.

Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
B2 - BRC-0178-Black+White-US-02$105.94


Shelia Dale

ZestAds Limiteddrone x

On 29Dec 2019 I purchased a Drone x pro for USD $ 105.90 inclusive of a warranty fee of USD$25.95 bringing the total to USD $ 135.85 through Paypal to a company only identified itself as Zestads limited. After sending the money through debit card ending with ... ... ... 8880 I received an email confirming my order number as 5461855E9D. (ATTACHED YOU WILL FIND THE EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS OF THE TRANSACTIONS FROM PAYPAL).

After that I have not received any further communication as to the status of my order neither have I received an email detailing how my package is to be delivered, On closer research, I discover that this company is a scam and I could have fallen prey to the same scam

I would like a refund if my money and wish to confirm that I am no longer interested in the purchase of the drone since it is a big scam. Kindly refund my money before I take it up with Authorities.

drone x
drone x
drone x
drone x

Zestadsordered 3 drone x pro - payment was made through paypal and my bank account. I have not received any of the drones

Ordered 3 DroneX Pro - payment was made through PayPal and my bank account. I am out $263.62 which includes warranty on each Drone. I have not received any of the Drones. Who do I contact to either get the Drones or my monies returned?

The company was: ZestAds Limited,, the transaction ID number is 16H815939U7333627 FOR 2 DRONEX PRO ($215.85) and transaction ID number 8YC02615MK931100K FOR 1 DRONEX PRO ($47.97) for a total of 3 DroneX Pro.

Zestadsfaulty electrical, shorted out

Nov 12, 2019 I purchased 3 Warm Air machines. Order# LW874536950CN / Transaction# 8PK61065GP4939717 was $60.00 the other two were on Order#LW874536950CN / Transaction# 56J92240W8588120C was $85.00
I was disappointed right away when I received them because they were very light and didn't seem to be of good quality. Never the less I plugged one into the appropriate electrical outlet. It started to blow warm air but within 2 minutes it had a funny smell and shut off. There was a burning wire smell and I was afraid to plug in the others I purchased for fear of fire. I want to return all three units. I do not feel safe or comfortable with these units.


My name is Tharon M. Foster. On November 28, 2019 I, or my husband, Cecil Foster, purchased a Drone X, using PayPal for payment of $105.90. Cecil Foster actually placed the order, but the PayPal account is in my name. PayPal did pay for the item. Today, is December 30, 2019 and I have NOT received the DroneX. I would like a refund from your company, ZestAds, Ltd., through PayPal. Tharon M. Foster, [protected] The order was placed on a verizon cell phone. It has been so long, we can't find the order on the phone. However, since PayPal paid your company $105.90 for the purchase of the DroneX, you must be able to find the order. I would appreciate a prompt response. Thank you.

Zestadsq grips

I ordered 3 q grips plus the 5 year warranty for a total of $96.05 canadian payment which was debited from my credit card through pay pal on Dec 6, 2019. I am still waiting for the shipment to arrive at the address provided. The transaction ID # 5CC21093BY5545741 Please refund my money or ship my products.
Elvira Loades
5843 Grove Ave
Delta, BC
Canada V4K2B3

Zestadsdronex pro

Received A DroneX Pro as christmas present from my daughter in law: Anne Skabo at [protected] Purchased from ZestAds invoice shows LS134757769CN as shipped on Nov 3.
The drone flys ok, but camera will not connect to either of two cell phones, a Moto G7 or a Samsung S4. Tried both the FHDFPV and JYUFO apps, no connection on either. Used KY******/HD******/CT****** as wifi address.
How do I make it connect the camera to the phone or is the camera/drone faulty? p.s. she also paid for the insurance .
Gary Conner

Zestadshearing aids

Hello, I Need to return a set of Hearing Aids that I purchased from you on 12/3/19 on Facebook. Order # 2786B48B3C. They do not work for my mother. Will not stay in her ears. Keep slipping out and she cannot hear any better with them. So I Need address to return them for a full refund.

Thank you,
Monica Hoover
14038 RT 75 S.
Honey Grove, PA 17035
Phone [protected]

Zestadsdrone-x pro

The right side lever on the remote for my drone would not work properly. The forward and reverse controls started out working inconsistent then stopped all together with the drone in flight. The drone went in one direction far away and got lost. This all happened with about 20 minutes flight time on the drone.
When trying to address the problem, I switched to a new, fully charged battery from my other drone and that didn't help.
When I bought the drones, I also got the warranty program. Will I get a replacement drone.

Zestadsordered & received 2 watches. batteries will not stay charged all day on either one of them.

I ordered two watches that the batteries will not even stay charged 12 hours on a full charge on either one of them. Batteries are defective.
[B1]-Qorinthz xo-Black with warranty totaling $80.95.
Please issue me a credit my account and send me the information so that I can send it back to you.
Tina Brandon

ordered & received 2 watches. batteries will not stay charged all day on either one of them.

Zestadsno product

I did not purchase anything from this company!!! They hacked into my account and stole money from me!! My bank has reimbursed me, after a grueling process and have reported him, which he will be most likely be charged with theft and fraud. This company should be shut down and quite possibly will be if the owner is convicted of the above charges that I have all the evidence of. Good luck to those that have found out too late.

Zestadsmintlyfe patches

I purchased these patches on Nov 8, 2019. It shows in my paypal that it was shipped on Nov 20 shipped by none. I have never received the item, nor have I heard back from them after contacting them and PayPal. Do not purchase. I ordered the 30 pieces and received nothing. I have a useless tracking number. You can use it because it says shipped by:NONE

mintlyfe patches

Zestadsslimming patches

I just sent purchase through
I do not want
Please return payment to PayPal
I did not know you were out of country
Also I was not redirected to enter address to complete the transaction with my complete address therefore I am not responsible for this purchase.
Notify me that this transaction is not valid and any funds sent will be returned to my PayPal account.
I am notifying PayPal of this situation
I do expect to hear from you immediately
Thank you

Zestads(b1) pr-331-01 drone x pro

Im just following up about the Drone X Pro that i ordered since Dec.16, 2019, what is goin on, did u guys mailed it yet, i haven't receive it up to now. You guys never update, no tracking device, no nothing info. & its been PAID!. My email is [protected], my contact no.: [protected]. i include the picture of the receipt. Thank u! pls reply

(b1) pr-331-01 drone x pro
(b1) pr-331-01 drone x pro
(b1) pr-331-01 drone x pro

ZestAds Limitedtp 360 pro flashlight

I ordered and paid for this product on 30 Nov 2019 via PayPal and am yet received it. I have had no emails as to its whereabouts or if in fact it has been sent. As it was to be a Christmas present I am grealy disappointed that it did not arrive. If you could inform me as to when I can expect it that would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to think this was a scam. Regards

tp 360 pro flashlight