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Zest Adsroom heaters

Heaters not as described in ad!!! I want a refund!!!

Hi jimmy lowe,

Your order (B890F82D52) has recently shipped. The tracking number is
You can track your order from both websites below:
2) (In the page, click the top right "EN" for English)
It takes 20-30 days for your order to arrive at your address. Thank you for your patience!

Ship Method: Default

Order Date: 11/16 8:01am

Ship Date: 11/20 10:45am

Shipping Address: 1612 Tina Court
LaGrange, KY 40031

Billing Address: 1612 Tina Court
LaGrange, KY 40031

Phone Number: [protected]

Email: [protected]

If you have any inquiries regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact [[protected]]
Items in Order:
Product Sku
B2 - GON-0178-Black+White-US-02

Zestadshearing aids

I purchased two hearing aids on 12/03/19. It took over a month for the product to arrive. Even with a tracking number there was no way to track it. Ironically after filing a complaint with Paypal the product arrived within a few days.
The product is not what is described on their facebook page! They provided no warranty information but the facebook page stated they have a warranty. There is no information at all as to where to return the product to. The product is hearing aids. The information they did provide was a how to use them and advised going to a hearing aid specialist to help with them. When the hearing aid specialist saw them she laughed and said these are a very old product with very old technology!! Of course they didn't work. I would like a refund of $186.25 and will gladly return your product!! My transaction ID: 5S392955T2846892A

Zestadscheap product (junk)

it took a month aand a half to get these fake flashlights that are no better than my ordinary $3 ones. I ordered your hight end, super bright tactical 360 flashlights.t They were not as advertised. I got ripped off. $52 dollars I paid for these. Your ad shows the brightest flashlight used by police. They do NOT luminate any mmore than my $3 flashlights. They are not as advertised. You must have run out and had China (Chinese manufacturing) fill orders. As you know the flashlights I received came directly from a Chinese address and they are cheap.

Zestads — torch

Never received it after ordering it in December. Email complaints that's given doesn't work and I'm left out of pocket and no product . I want my money back or send me the product...

Zestadstp360 flashlight

I ordered buy one and get two flashlights and one of the flashlights does not work. I have emailed the company and no response. The quality of the flashlights is very poor and does not go in synch with the cost associated with the flashlights. DO NOT Recommend buying from this company!

Although the quality is poor... all i have been asking for is for the company to replace the product that does not work.


I placed an order for a "ceramic heater" that advertised it would heat a room in 5 minutes. Well mine won't heat at all. What I received was a small, very cheap plastic cylinder with a metal fan blade and heating element in it. I unpacked the unit, read the instructions and plugged it in. The fan does not turn and after about 30 seconds the thing started smelling like melting plastic the shut down. I quickly unplugged it for fear of it starting a fire. I am very disappointed with this item not only for the fact it does not work but also for how cheap it is made. I would expect to pay maybe $10 for this thing but certainly not $63.00! I have attempted to reach out to them directly without success. Please tell me how I can return this junk and get a refund on my PayPal account.

Zestadsfan heater

These are not the quality that was advertised. They are made of the cheapest plastic available. They have no temp control and barely give any heat. They were advertised to heat up a room in 5 minutes. It did not change the temperature in the room after leaving it on for a lengthy period. I have searched for an address to return however I"m unable to find one. I would like an address for return and a refund. Transaction ID: 6WN61957X690404043F.

fan heater

Zestadstp360 flashlights

I ordered a buy 1 get 2 free flashlights and was charged 52.00 for the three. Then they sent me another 2 and charged me an additional 24.00 for them. These flashlights are junk. They are poorly made, very poor quality and shipped directly from China. they are not as described. I tried to cancel the order once I realized they had submitted an order for an additional 2 and charged my account for them. Zest Ads was put on autopay on my account and I had to go remove them. I would gladly send these 5 junk flashlights back for a refund to my account.

Zestadsdrone x drone

I want to cancel my order of the DroneX drone.
Order date: 1/15/2020, 3:40 am MST
My phone No: [protected]
I do not want to pay for this DroneX drone. This is not the drone I want. I was mislead my the product's description. I just submitted my order within the hour and I want to cancel it as soon as possible. Please cancel this payment and refund the $135.85 amount back to my Paypal account. I will be submitting a dispute with Paypal as well and cancelling my payment with my bank.

drone x drone

ZestAds Limited[b1] hbo-0095-01 - tp360 pro flashlight $29.90

i've ordered the flashlight on December 30 and you said it should only take 3 to 5 days to process. I haven't heard anything about when will I receive my flashlight and I cannot even track my order. I've been hoping to get an email from you to let me know my flashlight is on the way. Not only that I cannot find anything but I''m getting very upset and feel that I got caught up in a scan

Zestadsnever received product

paypal Nov 4, 2019 19:31:37 PST
Transaction ID: 1RP7615596025021G

Hello Shannon Lawson,
You sent a payment of $30.80 USD to ZestAds Limited

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address - confirmed
Shannon Lawson
4 Lila Ln
Los Lunas, NM 87031
United States
Shipping details
The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B2F1] RNR-0057-03 MintLyfe™ (30 Pieces)
$30.80 USD 1 $30.80 USD
Subtotal $30.80 USD
Total $30.80 USD
Payment $30.80 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE"
Payment sent to [protected]
Payment sent from [protected]
Funding Sources Used (Total)
Visa x-1882 $30.80 USD

Issues with this transaction?
You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.

Questions? Go to the Help Center at

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click Help in the top right corner of any PayPal page or please contact us toll free at [protected].
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PayPal PPX001066:1.1:99e38ec32b9c6

never received product

Zestadsmintlyfe weight loss patches

Ordered 30 patches on 12/5/2019 thru Zest ads limited. Received 3 patches not Mintlyfe from China. Looking to get my money back. $30.80 was charged through PayPal then my AMEX acct. I have submitted a complaint to ic3 .gov. Waiting for a response from your company on this misleading if not fraudulent transaction. Please inform me of the status of this dispute. My case # isPP-D-[protected]. My name Daniel Sanders

Zestadswatamin weight loss patches

I canceled This order (97C7D876CC)2hours after I ordered By responding by email to the receipt email from customer service at [protected] .Cause I read The website and saw a different product with different ingredients than what I wanted on ad i saw on Face books . This did not pass the smell test at this point so I checked the review Board(396Bad reviews) and see that you do a lot of bait and switch, no response to emails, No customer service numbers like here at this website, or out of service when I called
North America Direct: +[protected]
So when I made made my purchase on face book my receipt screen Shot said, Then My email receipt came from this website, and my Charge to my paypal came from ZestAds .so this is confusing to the customer at best, and part of the scam at worst.

So today I got an Email with a tracking number
with wrong shipping address, when minutes after I got order receipt I ordered I emailed you an address change correction with no response to that email, and no address correction as requested.

This is a bait and switch, confuse the buyer company that is just out to frustrate customers into forking over their money for garbage products .This Is The customer service I got My Receipt email From .I Started a Case with Paypal 2 hours after the order reciept to stop the product order when I saw this
this is different ingredients than the product on Facebook Ad on facebook ad .And lacked the 60 day moneyback Satisfaction Money Back Garantee of Imag patch on their website with Imag Patch /My order was at this site
So when I saw that bait and switch to the facebook promo ad with no Satisfaction garantee, lack of customer service phone number, no response to emails, 396 bad reviews .I canceled The initial order receipt at 0831, Jan 10, to [protected] at 10:36 am 2 hours and 5 minutes by sending an email back to [protected] would never do business with a company like this again .I have started a case against them with My Bank USAA since they did not respond to my Your PayPal case PP-D-[protected] ( For Item not as described do not want)at 10:48 am on Jan 10th little over 2hours and 17 minutes after my order reciept at 0831, Jan 10th .
So never contacted PayPal I called them today to verify, They never corrected my address I emailed them at 0842 am (no Response email from them ), just 11 minutes after iordered- so today I get a email 4 days after canceled the order they are shipping to a wrong address a product I do not want from a bait and switch scam company I will not do business with ! So That is why I canceled my Order 2 Hours and 5 minutes after making it by email !

Kern Smith

Zestadsdrone x

product was ordered and paid for thru paypal 12-19-2019
this is the so called tracking number that cant be tracked.
this is the transaction number 07n25588gg1788040

zESTADS HAS RECEIVED MY pAYMENT BUT YET, I HAVE NOT gOTTEN ANYTHING FROM THEM...whats taking so long i thought a was dealing with a credible company since i was going thru paypal..
If youcant get me the product then refund my money

Zestadsdiet patch is for women not men

diet patch order on nov 22, 2019 rec. dec. 28 2019 return unopened package
on jan 13 2020 . $52.40 amount of refund trans. action number
3c473886hx635045a this product is for women not men also reported to credit card comp. have try'ed to get contact info from web site your company
will not give info you can refund to me a check to terry shocaroff at 8050 chapel dr merrillville indiana 46410 or to pay pal to forward it to me.also advised

Zestads[b1] pr-331-01 dronex™ pro$105.90

Order ID 3MV176391E7028911 was placed on 12/16/20 and has not yet been received. I can't understand your tracking process, please advise the status of this order ASAP or it will be turned over to PAYPAL for resolution. I expect the item to either be shipped immediately or full refund of the transaction immediately. Please respond promptly as I want to get this resolved.

Zestadsdx pro drone

I received my DX Pro Drone (Transaction ID 3ND88764845540228) and downloaded the app to my Galaxy S7 Edge Android cell phone. When I try to use the camera, I get a message to connect the device. When I check my connections on my cell phone, The DX Pro Drone does not appear. The same thing happens when I try to use the video option on the app.

The drone otherwise flys by using the manual remote control. It's just not connected to the cell phone.

Is the camera defective or is there something else wrong?

Please respond.

Bill Karle

Zestadsdrone x pro scam!!

I want to be reimbursed for my payment of $135.00!! Scumbags!! My mistake for not doing my research first! I'm beyond mad! Mabey because it is the 1st time I've been scammed! Only because PayPal was involved I thought that it was a legitimate deal. WRONG! I better get my money back! I sent an email saying I don't want the product anymore to an email address that does not exist!! That's what sent me to do more research on this Drone X pro & Zest Ads B.S. and now here we are!! Effing SCUM BAG CREEPS!!! YA MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY YOU MUTTS

drone x pro scam!!

Zestadsbioclear nail pen

I ordered this product on January 1 and used Pay Pal. The amount of $19.90 was taken out of my checking account on January 3 and I still have not received my product. Order number OAK73508B6363390T, BioClear Nail Pen should be shipped to: Shana Brooks, 1257 Hwy 259, Portland, TN 37148 as soon as possible. I ordered this product via an ad on Facebook and the money for it promptly taken out of my account, I need it shipped to me soon, Thank you.


I buy this last week but pay pal use the old address I just want to change the address to my new address

Eduardo Santiago
1250 Skippers Rd
Apt 31
Tampa Fl 33613

I hope be on time thanks wait for answer
Let me know if we can fix this so I don't have to cancel this business what I do whit you company thank you I'm sorry for any inconvenience have nice day


Zestadsorder no. is 86d9afefd1

Transaction was made on Dec.12th 2019.Did not receive product and would like a full refund. It was a Christmas gift and well Christmas has come and gone. And I still have not received it. I ordered item on line using paypal . payment has been made and still no item. it was to be a Christmas gift however i still have not received product. i want my money back $72.75 post date12_16 2019.

Zestads[b1] - qorinthz® x0

I ordered two of these watches on 1/7/2020. I think I was billed twice but I'm not really sure, as your billing is a bit odd. I got a message this morning that they had been shipped. I'm waiting to see what they look like before I file an official complaint. I'm probably going to have to ask for a refund, considering all the complaints I've seen on this site. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

ZestAds Limitedcomfort pro acupressure purple mat not received

On December 24, 2019, I ordered this Acupressure Mat from ZestAds Limited.
Transition ID is 6CK523497T1827221R. I sent $65.90 to ZestAds Limited through Paypal. It appeared on my Visa x-5756 as "paypal shoponline"
My shipping address was confirmed:
Noel Parisien
1016 Pheasant Run Dr Apt C
Fort Pierce FL 34982
United States
Resolution: Resend the product to me or refund my payment through Paypal.
Thank you.

Zestadsdrone x times 3

I have placed an order for 3 drones on line with your company on 12/21/2019 and have of yet received anything from you. I received a Confirmation e-mail from you saying you received the order and the money but have received nothing so far. Please check your records and let me know what is going on with my order. My ID number is 7C647386H6530971M. Thank You.

Randy Rose

Zestadsfo-198-left-right-01 hearalpha $263.95 usd 1 $263.95 usd & fo-198-left-right-01 hearalph $159.00 usd

I ordered these hearliing aids on Dec 12th and would like to return them since they do not work as I would like and just magnify sound. Trying to find out how to return them and get a refund. There appars to be no phone # or contact for the company and if Isubmit a problem to PayPal they ask if I have contacted the seller.
Transaction ID: 6M180539DS953022N
Transaction ID: 7RF36478H7480145R
My email is cindy.[protected]


I placed an order today for watamin and decided I didn't want it anymore and tired to cancel it but I was not able to, it was thru PayPal and I tried to email the email provided for the company and it got sent back saying the domain could not be found. I don't want the product and just want the transaction to be cancelled and my money back in my account. And doing more research after I ordered online i found a lot of complaints and people saying the company is a SCAM!


I made two purchases for Zest Ads on December 3, 2019 in the amounts of $42.80 and $26.95. It was made through PAYPAL SHOPONLINE.

My Discover credit card was used for the payment. I never reached the products although my Discover card was charged for the products.

A complaint has been filed with Paypal and Discover.

William White
7505 Kathryn Way
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Zestadswind machine space heater

I ordered 2 of these machines in November for a total price of $105.94, which I paid through PayPal. Received them in December. They are an unacceptable product and were mis-represented. They were advertised to have a temperature control, which they do not. After testing each unit, the cords become very hot to the touch. They are cheaply produced and definitely are not worth the amount of money I paid for them. I can send you any info required, and am requesting a full refund to my PayPal account. Please respond, or give me a CS phone number to ZestAds. Having a difficult time connecting with anyone.

Zestads[b1] pr-331-01 dronex™ pro order: 006d4e099c

My complaint is really that I did setup my default current address with Pay Pal but an old address was used for my delivery so I'm frantically trying to get my delivery changed to my current address before it starts the journey.

Pay Pal's notification:
11-Jan-2020 18:26:46 GMT-05:00
Pay Pal Transaction ID: 6PS69057TH6037356   

Hello Steven Antoine,
You sent a payment of $105.90 USD to ZestAds Limited

Hi this Steven Antoine.
Tel: [protected]

I Just ordered through Pay Pal:

[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
Order: 006D4E099C

I didn't notice that Pay Pal had an old address on "Victoria Park" my current address:

72 Boxwood Crescent, B1. Markham
Otario L3S 3V3

Could you please change that delivery address for me. I just haven't used Pay Pal for quite a while.

I will promptly go into the system and change my address.

I just hope I got this in on time.

Thank you.

Steven Antoine.

Zest Adszest ads minty life 30 pieces: purchase payment confirmed but product undelivered.

I purchased 30pieces of Mintylife on the 23rd of November, a product advertised by your company.

As I speak I do not have the product, neither have I any communication from your company to explain the anomaly.

Kindly advice my expectations as your customer regarding the stage of the delivery process in order to assure the outcome. I.e when should I expect the delivery? And why has it taken so long?

Please find attached the details of payment and confirmation.

zest ads minty life 30 pieces: purchase payment confirmed but product undelivered.

Zestadsdrone x pro

I bought a DroneX Pro for $105.90 and paid for it by PayPal. I never received this item, and filed a Dispute with PayPal. The case was denied because Zest Ads provided a fraudulent Proof of Delivery. Zest Ads has never sent me anything, receipt, shipping information, and I have NEVER seen a proof of delivery. I would like a refund for an item I have never received. I also don't appreciate PayPal treating me like I am the one that is trying to pull a scam.

MyntLife and Zestads Limitedmintlyfe patches

Ordered 220 pieces on 12/06/2019. Emailed them on 01/02/2020 advising either send the product or send refund within 10 days of that email. I received 22 pieces of 220 ordered.
Attempted to send another email requesting a refund for the remaining 198 pieces missing from my order, but their email address is now coming back as unknown/unable to locate.
I paid with PayPal, and would like a refund for the remaining 198 pieces. I will be happy to provide you with any necessary information.

Thank you,
Angela Layman-Bailey

mintlyfe patches

Zestads — drone x pro 5 and lifetime warranty

635388 I purchased the special five drones for 330.90 and the lifetime warranty for 29.95. Since I went through PayPal I figured I'd have a little safety. It took long to arrive. I never...

Zestads[b2f1] watamin

You build me twice to my PayPal account. I want my full refund I did not want this order I canceled it before it could be completed. you still charged me. I want a full refund ASAP. I already called my bank and complained. You build me once for $34 and then the other charge was $28. Put the money back to 1099. I want it back right away and I don't want to wait 10 days to get it.


Please cancel my order as not required
Please send full refund
FD Debit Visa
VISA Debit card x-6843
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.
Exchange rate
£99.22 GBP = $124.90 USD
1 GBP = 1.2588 USD
Send to
Denise Wilson
21 Bent Lea
United Kingdom
Email [protected]
Transaction ID


It is a pity that platforms like ZestAds are still operating. They are a thieveing lot. No one has anything good to say about them. Reading this review I feel like slapping myself for not noticing all these. I ordered Drone X Pro on November 27th 2019 and have not received the drone yet. Tracking that was given through PayPal shows no movement since November 29th 2019.

Zestadsonline order, I didn't order this.

Please refundthe total amount to my PayPal account, due to I have canceled transactions to this visa card. I did not order thus item. I do not even know what it is. Here is the information I found on my PayPal account:
Paid with
VISA Debit Card x-4598
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.
Shipped to
Donna Sellers
288 poplar ave.
wewahitchka, FL 32465
United States
Have you received this order?
December 11, 2019, Sent by
Status: Shipped
Transaction ID
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
[B10F12] RNR-0057-22 MintLyfe™ (220 Pieces)$123.80
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order$4.95


Zestadsq-grip advertised on facebook

I demand a full refund to both PayPal and my checking account. You billed me twice for one product. Transaction ID: 79283670FA454624R Description # [B1] MR-0239-01 Ordered Jan 4, 2020 17:55:17 PST Order # 9FA634BD40 Please let me know also the status of my refund. I ordered q-Grip from Facebook but have had my problem with ear wax removal taken care of. I don't want your product. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you. My email is: [protected] My name is Albert Cirino

Zestadshokuto patches 30pcs % 50pcs

Order Placed through PayPal to ZestAds - [protected] on 25 December 2019 at 02:12
Product: Price Qty Amount
[D] [B2F1] HFM-0057-03 Hokuto Patch(30Pcs) $20.45 1 $20.45
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order tm $4.95 1 $4.95
(UP#1) Buy 5 - HFM-0057-05 Hokuto (50pcs) $26.95 1 $26.95

Subtotal: $52.35
S&H: $4.95
Grand Total: $57.30
I have not received any email or dispatch instructions as at 09 January 2020.
Signed: Alan Michael Irving.

ZestadsI am not sure - money taken from my bank account & I do not know what for.

Funds were taken out of my bank account & I do not remember authorizing the charge. I chatted with someone online chat & they said I would need to communicate with another department. But when I tried getting with them online, it told me to activate my account. I do not want to activate any type of account since I do not know what this is for. Funds were taken out on 12/31/2019 ($30.80). I would like of the funds to be put back in my bank account. Also, an attempt for the funds was tried on 12/24/2019 which caused an overdraft charge since I did not have enough funds to pay the attempted amount. This caused a $34.00 overdraft fee, which I am requesting to be reimbursed for it. You may reach me at phone [protected] between 8:30 & 4:00 US Central time, Monday to Friday. Or email [protected]
Thank you, Mary Steinman