Youtubedave and ava channel, racist?

M Jun 13, 2019 Review updated:

Am i reading too much in this video about the brown family been depicted with monkey faces and with no shoes, while the white have shoes and normal human face?

We were watching videos from the Dave and Ava YouTube channel and the finger family song came up, we could not help but watch keenly how the characters have been given a racist profile. The channel has very many views and to think that this has not been brought up is unbelievable. Could it be because it is a children channel and that the audience can't tell what's ok or not, i flung to the comment section to check if anybody else had noticed, but there is nothing to write about from there.

To be honest, i have watched it many times before, only this time i just seemed to notice.

I just want you guys to check it out and let me if it is acceptable to you...



  • Nu
    Nugget McGrab Jul 19, 2019

    I think it’s perfect

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  • Nu
    Nugget McGrab Jul 19, 2019

    Whites > all others. It’s just the natural order of things.

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  • Al
    Alexa James Aug 18, 2019

    I just looked up Dave and Ava racist because of another Dave and Ava video- the Apples and Bananas song. That one is even more blatant I think. I will leave open the possibility that they simply didn't realize with their monkey family what they were implying, but that is a very slight possibility, because one would have to be pretty oblivious not to notice. The Apples and Bananas song... at least 2 of the kids seem to have 'black' hairstyles, (the other two could be as well) and the mom does as well. The reason I say the mom does is when you look at Ava's hair its whispy looking, and moves in a more flowy way, giving more of the impression of individual strands, whereas the mom's hair barely moves, and looks more solid... like it's straightened (in that old fashioned way you don't see a lot anymore, but still). And yes, this is the monkey family, AND they steal the Bananas from the white kids, and high five each other for it. How can that not be intentional?

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  • Sa
    Sam85 Aug 22, 2019

    I would be more inclined to agree with this if there weren't other black characters that weren't anthropomorphic monkeys, like Ava's doll and the kids mother. Also remember that this cartoon isn't made in the US or a western European country so the same sensibilities don't factor in the same way.

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  • Em
    E! Mac Sep 06, 2019

    The cartoon is has strong racial undertones. Hollywood has always tipped toed on the line of racists depictions of black people as coons and bafoons by having them play silly and ignorant roles while over emphasizing facial features like eyes, lips and cheeks. There is no reason why, with all the present sensitivity to racism, diversity and inclusion, that the depiction of monkeys in Dave & Ava is an oversight by the creators. They could have simply made the characters Black people - like Dave, Ava and their father - or made the monkeys animated monkeys without humans features. Yet, the decision to make the monkeys look human, and have motions and facial depiction similar to Hollywood’s coronary and bafoonary, is intentional with racial undertones. I noticed as soon as I saw it. I let it slide the first couple times. Yet, when I noticed my two year daughter cheering the monkeys on, I realize that she was accepting these depictions as enjoyment. Now, of course she doesn’t know any different now. Yet, if I allow her to accept these depictions of her people as normal, then she will never realize what is racist and unacceptable and what is not. This is the root of the problem with today’s culture. This is why I no longer let her watch the song of Dave & Ava with the monkeys. Nor the one with the Black baby doll which is whole other level of racial undertones that I won’t take the time to unpack.

    Also, who is it that the Black Woman in Dave & Ava? Is the Dave & Ava’s mother or maid? She has on know wedding ring, and neither does the the White Man. She is also never referred to as their mother. Whatever the case, if proves that the creators can take the time to create a Black character, yet not take to the time to create a Black family. This further proves that their chose to have monkeys with human features, that represent Black people, is intentional!!!

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  • Mi
    Miguel Carneiro Oct 28, 2019

    There was nothing in the comment s because there is nothing there ..

    You guys are pushing your racial views onto a kids channel which is a shame ..

    Every animal is animated in the show, monkeys too are allowed to be animated ..

    Black people are NOT monkeys ..

    Monkeys ARE monkeys ..

    the 2 children have a black mother and the girls favorite doll is black

    What, is it now sexist that the girl was playing with a doll ?

    Stop pushing these evil views onto kids ..
    Disgusting ..

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  • Cb
    Cbrew Nov 04, 2019

    I had reservations about the show at first but my husband saw nothing wrong with it so I brushed it off. Watching the videos again, the one with the wheels on the bus song, a monkey mother is shushing the monkey baby who only stops crying once the white little girl with blue eyes hands her a toy. To me that’s racist because the white girl is able to fix the problem but the mother couldn’t? And the Polly had a dolly with a black doll, just seems demeaning to me they could have asked themselves will this come off as racist but I feel like they just wanted to push the boundaries a little bit or add in their agenda of white people being better. My opinion though we won’t be watching it anymore.

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  • Le
    lennytron Nov 18, 2019

    One episode comes to mind as far as racism goes. Ba Ba Black sheep. It's origin came from Europe and had no racial ground at the time. It wasn't until that song was brought to the US that it carried a racist meaning given the history of this country and slavery. Now, I thought, given where Dave and Ava originated, this song could not carry the same racial meaning it does in the US. However, when the black sheep displays the bags of wool with photographs on them to show who it's for, their black mother is replaced with a picture of a white woman who is not shown in any other episode. This is the only part of that song that makes me believe that it has any racial undertone. When I first noticed that I had to think it was racist because my question was, "why replace a main character, the mom, with a random white woman who doesn't appear in anything else solely for this episode?" If there is a true reason for it that anyone can explain then it would change my mind about it. But if there is no other reason then I'd have to believe that this show does have a racist intent.

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