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Dear Sir/Madam,
May I bring your attention to the You Tube channel "A Foreigner in the Philippines"?
This channel belongs to two people named Terence and Beth Flannery, aka Terence and Beth Martin. The channel is being used to solicit cash funds for an illegal charity in the Philippines. This is against the law and although they were warned by the Philippine Authorities to cease soliciting funds, they carried on until a subpoena was issued by the DSWD and the NBI. Terence and Beth Flannery have an account with every Social Media site on the internet for soliciting funds. The charity is a very clever scam and the largest percentage of the money received is secreted into their personal Bank Accounts, or used to improve their standard of living in the Philippines.
Terence and Beth Flannery's charity is at present under investigation and notice of possible deportation has been served on Terence.
There are also supporters of the channel making disparaging comments to people who oppose this channel. Any negative comments made are always deleted and the person blocked. They use God and Christian morals to try and convince people that what they do is right. This offends some members of the You Tube Community.
Would you please investigate this channel as these people are breaking the law and are under investigation, and maybe breaking You Tube Guidelines?


  • An
    Antonia Steging Nov 13, 2018

    Yes, I agree with what you are saying. This couple is using the poor picture of the Filipinos for them to survive. Who
    are the recipients? The big family of Beth. Who is the master carpenter? Adopted children? Etc. etc.
    I am getting sick of this You Tube and need to be stopped immediately.

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  • Ja
    James W. Wilson Esq . Nov 28, 2018

    Terry Martin / Terrence Flannery / Terrence Martin is a conman and scammer . He and Beth are running a charity with no license for over a year . He has tax issues and is operating a business on a tourist Visa . He rec. $ 1000 for a operation for a person named Nesa . She failed to have the operation . He on video stated that he will not return the money. And called the donor a '' bottom feeder '' . He gave the DSWD a fake name . Which is a violation of 7 laws in the Philippines .

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  • Zu
    Zu Chen 3 Dec 04, 2018

    Terry Martin 7-22-1939 of Fort Meyers, Fla . Moved to the Philippines after his 3rd wife was in China with visa issues. www.the shows criminal and civil and legal issues. He made a video showing DSWD official inspecting a house they built. In reality it was the LSWDO at the inspection site. He has a investigation by the DSWD, SEC, and the NBI . He has not been cleared and has no permit. He uses several name to include Terence Flannery, Terence Martin and Terry Martin . / / linked in .

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  • deportation order Dec 07, 2018

    Terence Flannery aka Terry Martin and his 4 th wife Beth have incurred many self inflected injuries . Operating a business ( Charity ) on a tourist Visa . Operating a charity with out a license. Building homes with no permit . They are under investigation by the DSWD, BIR, SEC, NIB and other govt. He made a video stating the DSWD Bohol office is working with him to select families that need help . This is all false. He has violated laws that could him to land in jail for years . The DSWD not. him in writing to halt all charitable work . And he refused. That is a level 1 crime . There are tax issues . Video showing them rec. p100.000 on several occasions . He blames the trolls and bottom feeders.

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  • Ri
    Ricky Lopoz Dec 09, 2018

    Terence Flannery alias Terry Martin ant his current Beth are quite the team. Tricking good but foolish people to fund there good life. They make video showing problem . Then the money / peso s roll in. I need a new road . The vehicle need s work . I need a bridge . Or I cant save the Philippines. And all in violation of the law.

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  • Bo
    bohol scammer Jul 14, 2019

    It looks like the Charity falls apart a little bit at a time. Terence and Beth just gave away the small blue bus. No more birthday parties ? Did they ever get there permit ? Did they show it in a video ? Did they create a board of directors ? Why do they block comments ? Do they still charge to stay in the Nipa hut ? Do they pay tax ? Do they have a yearly audit ? NO .

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  • Da
    Daddski 1 Aug 13, 2019

    You whiners are something else. you portray terrance and beth as terrible people when the opposite is the truth. they do not take advantage of anyone period. every penny they receive to help someone us spent exactly on that. you are liars and haters with nothing better to do than harass good people.
    Shame on every one of you.
    By the way.. the philippine government investigated your ridiculous claims and just posted their findings. would you like to know what they said?
    Terrance and beth flannery are hereby cleared of all charges wrongly brought against them.
    They now do have the correct permits which was their only mistake. they have always been meticulous in record keeping which proved you asses are nothing more than a bunch of babies with nothing better to do but try to ruin good people's lives. shame on you. cleared of any wrongdiong.
    For you that said he refused to return money.. another lie. if they have money donated for s specific house or reason then every cent goes to that or it is returned. says who? the philippine government.
    You claim they take advantage of the poor??? you morons they help them. care for them and no it's not their family that benefits. it's their family that volunteers to do these projects without pay. shame on you

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  • Ja
    Jan Sanwan Aug 21, 2019

    @Daddski 1 Take one minute and get the truth from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (D.S.W.D.) Main Office + 63(2) 931810 in Quezon city . DSWD FO #8 (632)931-8101 to 7 . They will tell you there is no application filed or approved . And they are in violation of Pres. Decree no 1564 . DSWD memo # 17 series2014 .

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  • Sc
    scammer sux Aug 24, 2019

    @Daddski 1 The Philippines Govt said that they are cleared of any wrong doing ??? Or the two scammers said the Philippines Govt. said they have been cleared of any wrong doing ?? The later right !

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  • Be
    beth sux Feb 24, 2020

    @Daddski 1 You are clueless. His name is Terry Martin not Terence Flannery . You do not even know his name . But defend him.

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  • Ja
    Jan Sanwan Aug 21, 2019

    Terence Flannery aka Terry Martin and Beth are skilled liars. They post a 1000 + videos . But never show the permit they fought hard for ! And block all comments. If they had the required permits and govt. approval after a long had fight and lots of money on lawyers. Then why stop helping people that need it ????

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  • Ja
    Jan Sanwan Aug 21, 2019

    DSWD +63(2)9318101 DSWD FO # 7 .

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  • Wa
    Wang Hi Aug 21, 2019 Jorge Wynne comments on a foreinger in the Philippines . Oct.19, 2019 . People are seeing the truth . Patrons are down 52 % for the month . The 2 scammers will need a real job.

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  • Ma
    markooo777 Sep 22, 2019

    I have been to the phil 10 times, all on my own money, never asked for a peso or dime, but I have helped charities for over 20 years, I dont like to judge without evidence, but the evidence to me is gathering quickly. First, after watching many of their vids, they seem to want people to think they are barely getting by, and he never talks about a pension or what and how they are funding their personal needs. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until they bought a 50kUSD truck for cash down, I am not sure how gullible people are, but the explination in the vid Terry showed was that small "gifts" from doners to him and his wife for diner out, a new dress, etc, his wife saved, which magically added up to 50k usd? are you people that stuped? that money was obviously meant for housing and medical needs for others, this one was it for me, very poor excuse for spending 50k on a new truck, could not believe it, I been in business for 30 years, and never once have had a new vehicle, and they went from a low end lifestyle to a 50k truck? if you are one of the ones who is drinking that coolaide, then you should check yourself into a psyc ward.

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  • Da
    Dar Zote Oct 03, 2019

    Pph 1, 998, 000 new ford Raptor . On his small pension. Just a good saver ! Don't think so .

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  • Ba
    Barry A Whitley Oct 31, 2019

    A post for those people who were scammed into donated to Terence and Beth’s fake charity, and have now realized the money and gifts were not used to help the needy, but to support Terence and Beth’s lifestyle instead.
    As a suggestion, you may wish to contact Raffy Tulfo to get your money returned. This would also act as means of again bringing the illegal pair to the attention of the Philippine Authorities.
    Sir Raffy’s e-mail below.
    [email protected]

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  • Sc
    scammer $$$ Nov 11, 2019

    Terence and Beth enjoyed there free trip to Thailand . Where is a little bit rich these days ??? And his money ??? Moved on ???

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  • Ho
    How Loon Nov 11, 2019

    www graphtreon com shows a 17 % decrease in views over a year time span . Video rank 7660 down 80 .

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  • Co
    conman 5 Nov 24, 2019

    Terence predicted that Peter Smith will be arrested . In a video with Kerry . Oct. 12, 2018 . 13 months no arrest ??

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  • Be
    beth sux Feb 24, 2020

    So many wives .

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