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monetization issues

Since when the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials go against the interests of the community and users?
News about UFOs and extraterrestrials are all over the mainstream media, even the president was asked about it.

But what worries me and what I consider a blatant injustice is the partiality with which your Policy team judges what is against the interests of the community. I give two examples:

-The secureteam10 channel that shares the same content type that I was recently demonetized, because this channel has a huge amount of fans that submerged your emails and twitter with protests, your policy team, after a few days re-monetized the channel secureteam10
-Other channel is the thirdphaseofmoon, which was demonetized and in few days was again monetized.

These two channels are an example of the partiality with which your policy team judges who goes against the interests of the community and users.

My youtube channel is an entertainment channel that shares UFO, extraterrestrial, and related content.
Nothing on my channel goes against the interests of the community or users.

  • Updated by UFO mania · Jul 14, 2019

    The channel was created in 2016, has +400k subscribers, 171, 826, 570 views and is for entertainment purposes only. Because It is very important for me to know if I should continue to invest my time in the channel, I would to know if it will be monetized again.
    My channel link:
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Best regards

christopher cukor

Hello YouTube,

Do you condone the actions of Christopher Cukos? You do realize that his calling the police on a black man is a hostile, racist act of violence. Since it's not yet a crime, the only retribution is getting people like him fired from their jobs when they commit racist, hostile acts of violence against black people. White people that call the police and black people to "keep them in line" are calling for a death sentence and are not doing it out of concern or fear. These actions are hostile, evil intension to bring harm to black people. With the culture in America of police brutality and black men dying at the hands of police officers, it is a Christopher Cukor took it upon himself to try and bring harm to a black man by calling the police and using "white privilege" to push an agenda of racism and bigotry. If you support Christopher, that means you support brutality, discrimination, racism and bigotry against black people! The world is watching, what will you do for justice to the innocent black man?

  • Bo
    Booth Pohlmann Jul 15, 2019

    I am still watching. I am getting the impression that You Tube intends to do nothing in the belief that this will all just go away. For the record, as a white male born to privilege, I don’t believe for one moment that Mr Cukor was NOT acting out of racism. If he was so concerned for his son’s safety, why did he engage the man at the door? A REAL criminal would have beaten him to the ground in front of his son. Chris Cukor should be fired.

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  • Qe
    Qetuo Jul 25, 2019

    You are a brainless idiot who should not be allowed to walk unescorted in public!

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christopher cukor, a youtube employee.

This person is on video being a disgusting human being to a person waiting for his friend in front of a building where he works for your company. This man works for YOUTUBE. You need to do something about this disgusting person. By continuing to employ him you are saying that this behavior is okay with you. You need to fire him and make an example out of him. Show the world that you do not tolerate or employ racists.


Email Address:[protected]
Email Address: ux.smarty.[protected]

Dear YouTube Owner-Able Person
My Request Accepted

These YouTube Account has been hack I inform you please remove to full information now because I am the owner able to this YouTube account and I inform you accepted my request and done it now immediately you can action now because my account access to unknown person I cannot analysis to fake unknown person because I am the originals good person and I inform you please deactivate to my YouTube account and no access my account to unknown person understand...

Does it immediately remove this YouTube Account?

YouTube Account 1

YouTube Account 2
Email: ux.smarty.[protected]

First Name: Abdul Rahman
Last Name: Mansoor Raza
Father Name: Mansoor Raza
Date of Birth: 06/3/1985

Thank You

persons behind this channel has hacked my cell phone

I would like to report for the second time, the channel, Bloveslife for hacking my cell phone. They have installed spyware/malware which enables them to listen in to my personal settings/surroundings. They are violating my private space/life. I am not a YouTubed. I only watch videos. I do not make videos. Please contact them compelling them to stop. If they refuse or even deny it, tell them I will only be compelled to file a lawsuit. Thanks!

christopher cukor

I and many friends have been youtube subscribers for years now and enjoy most of your content and its availability. What we don't enjoy is you continuing to retain racist dirtbags like Chris Cukor as part of your organization. In fact his disgusting and selfish public "apology" only made him look worse for where. Please take an opportunity to see if this person is someone that you want to be representing the values of your company. Here is an opportunity for you to do the right thing and remove him.

  • Em
    Email Spoofed Sep 09, 2019

    Are you really complaining about racist people on YouTube??? That's like going to the ocean and complaining about the wet!!!

    Oh...and it's "worse for WEAR".

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youtube for nonprofit

I have reached out numerous times with Youtube nonprofit and have not resolved the issue of activating our nonprofit account. We have been APPROVED since 2015 and only discovered a little over a month ago that our account has not been ACTIVATED. Youtube staff closed out our ticket# [protected] after our detailed explanations of why her offered solution cannot be accomplished. There have been other staffs noting us wait further for our account activation. We have waited four years and now recently over a month of them being aware of the issue. I don't know where else to go since Youtube seem to be a different department and on its own, it appears they don't have to be accountable to Google. We've filled out the help form for Youtube nonprofit and posted our issue in the community help with no success.

youtube for nonprofit

fire chris cukor

Fire your employee Chris Cukor for racially profiling a black man entering his apartment and refusing to listen inmate a call to 911 putting that gentleman in danger for his life I will no longer that all my lights on my channel will see this video on YouTube with Personnel working in this division he is racist and probably pulling all types of shenanigans thank you

  • Li
    Lizita Jul 12, 2019

    Hope the company YouTube do what is right. We can't allow people to call
    Police for non sense. It's just dumb, irresponsible and dangerous.

    It also broke my heart what the poor boy endured. The gentleman waiting for his friend was doing nothing wrong.This man Cukor needs help Pronto!

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  • Lt
    Lt. Ripley Nov 06, 2019

    @Lizita Vile ass. He'll get his don't worry. However I wouldn't hold my breath. My complaint is about being bombarded by life assurance ads and funeral ads because I've been looking at NDE's to help me since losing my partner 4 weeks ago. Oh and we have to wait for his inquest and so on. I hate the fact that my grief is on show publicly due to You Tube and their endless greed for advertising revenue.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Quick Jul 12, 2019

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  • Pa
    Patricia Quick Jul 12, 2019

    This is a disgusting human being and he works for you. You need to do the responsible thing and fire him.

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I have just found out youtube are banning all hacking tutorials?? Well I have recently decided to change careers at 40 years old, I am currently studying for the compTIA A+ with the intention of quickly moving up to Ethical Hacker/Penetration tester and and have found the countless videos and tutorials I have watched on your website to be invaluable and must admit I am devastated to hear this news... Know this, upon the removal of these much needed sources of knowledge for countless people all over the world using your service to try and better themselves and move up in the world I will have no option but to delete anything I have posted, my fiends, my wife, her friends and anyone else that will listen either in person or online in any of the numerous forums and reddit posts I intend flooding to delete everything and never return to your fly by night dictatorship website. There are many alternatives.

fake ads

I couldn't capture the link or forward for 'complaint' but I've seen three different ads over the past couple of weeks that are blatant propaganda. They pose as "on the street" questions to passersby … saying "did you know?" And then present (in documentary fashion) absolute fiction.

These so called ads that you allow, are beyond "annoying commericals". They present lies. False information with a strong, right-leaning political agenda. Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to think that people are discerning, most are not! They see it, and believe it.

What happened to Truth in Advertising on You Tube?

youtube channel vivartan music

we are a genuine music production house in Orissa India.
We are non profit based and helping out struggling artists at our own costs of studio recording and mixing and technician fees.

we have more than 80 videos uploaded which never violate any copyrights.
We have used few free open source photographs framed by our local friends with their permission, and used those same photos in creating video for most of the songs.

hence you tube has been rejecting our monetization since 3 months.
They should consider that its one of popular and non profit channel helping many poor artists to fulfil their dreams at our own pocket expenses.

If anything is wrong, you tube can warn us and we will take care in future. But rejecting monetization is embarasshing.

also there is no way to contact them/ call them directly.

someone please help us

since youtube itself loves stealing views

The Music video Boy With Luv - BTS has so many views okay great! But YouTube decides to take down 10m views out of the Video, I mean how does it benefit you, you guys itself are creating loss for yourself, I'm controlling myself so much right now and Not Abusing you'll so be grateful and GIVE THE VIEWS BACK or else You'll Don't Know BTS ARMY'S Power.🖕 website

On June 27, 2019, I received a no-reply email from, saying that they deleted a comment that I published on a video published on their website, because someone complained that my comment violates their Community Guidelines. The video that I commented on was a video claiming that the Holocaust did not happen.

YouTube did not tell me in their email what I said and I do not remember exactly what I said, but for certain it was a statement written to protest the content of the Holocaust denial video. Whatever I said, it could not have been worse than the content of that video nor did my comments threaten anyone or use foul language.

YouTube needs to stop the censorship of people through inconsistent and arbitrary rules.

informal suspension

I have YouTube channel from which I am logging in by yogasmita.[protected] I don't have any channel on YouTube. Than how you can blame me for uploading violent videos. Still I have suspended from YouTube channel. I don't know what happened .on which basis I got suspended. Is my account hacked?

Without any reason if I got suspended. Than this is not a good thing done to me. Kindly check again and review the problem happened again.


Video is showing as being deleted and access to YouTube is now blocked (I only see a message about policy violations while logged in. The video does not violate any YouTube policy - the video before it and the two after are 'the same' content type - removing tree stumps as a nudist gardener - and they remain.

Resolution: reinstate the deleted video and remove the message blocking my access to YouTube.


  • Updated by pmailkeey · Jun 24, 2019

    Delete from your site

subscriptions and playlists

Every now and then I'll log into my YouTube account to find that all of my playlists and subscriptions are gone. I'll go and resubscribe and try to remake the playlists, but it gets deleted again! Its always random and it never gets resolved. I have no clue if its a hack or a glitch. Please, if anyone can help me I would be so appreciative. Thank you, in advance.

pornographic links behind youtube videos suggested by youtube

last week I had pornographic content appear on my screen. The most disturbing part was that I could not get out of it without completely shutting down my phone or computer.

I am extremely upset & am asking you to explain how this can happen.
The fact that I couldn't get it to go off my screen is not acceptable & your company should not let this happen. I am absolutely sure that the videos I was watching would not be associated with this type of content.
Something else I am not comfortable with is that I cannot just send this complaint. I have to now log in "Log In with Socials"? what is this? Do you really think I am not aware that you know who is making this complaint?
You don't even have a category for pornographis content yet you allow it on your videos

channel subscriptions

When I'm scrolling the main page of my personal account, it shows recommended channels with there own recent videos, etc. Recently it has begun to show channels that I'm already subscribed to as an unsubscribed, and as a recommended channel. When I click on the channel and get taken to there page it says I'm subscribed and it still has me subscribed in the subscription list on the left bar. Honestly a weird bug and I just wanted to let you know about it because why? I want at the very least something I'm NOT subscribed to. (In case it matters, the specific channel appearing was the game theorists)

I was charged 99.00 without the knowledge that I was going to be charged. it said free youtube music.

I clicked on freeyoutubemusic. I was on for several months and enjoying it then my bank account was charged 99.00. That is why I am inquiring about the charges. I was not told anything about any charges when I started using freeyoutubemusic. I have already talked to two different people about my situation, one even hung up on me and the other told me I had the wrong number.. I do not know what is going on but I smell a rat somewhere. Another thing I don't understand how you accessed my bank account without my permission.

  • Updated by ernie collins · Jun 14, 2019

    I feel like I should receive a refund for 99.00 and not charged any more money from my bank account. I would also like to know how you got 99.00 from my account without my permission. PLEASE REPLY

  • SubSquirrel Jun 14, 2019

    How did they obtain your bank account details? Mind-reading???

    You obviously provided the information to them and didn’t read the small print that explained the upcoming charges.

    Free music for months must have a catch somewhere in writing.

    Read the contract again carefully and then proceed.

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youtube is treating small channels horrible especially channels with kids

I get on my daughters channel yesterday and i am taken to a strike that was put on the channel for a livestream that had been up for a year and 3 months. Youtube says you can view the video for 7 days but they immediately took it down and i couldn't view it to see how we might be in violation of the community guidelines. This is a video of my daughter doing a funny skit of her acting like a dog. She is in pajamas clothed from head to toe and youtube is saying that the video is child endangerment and hence we have a strike on the channel which is absolutely ridiculous! i have tried reaching out to team youtube on twitter they won't respond. I appealed the strike because how can you strike a channel because of their constant change in community guidelines for a video that had been up on the channel for over a year!? this isn't the first time the channel has gotten a strike for ridiculous reasons! i tried to appeal this and every single time we appeal something it is rejected immediately. How can you reject an appeal immediately it means they didn't even read it! they are treating smaller channels horribly especially channels with kids! i see channels where people are doing drugs and those are still up. I see channels where small children are cussingup a storm but those are still up. I see channels where children are in danger of predatory comments that are still up because of the content the channel is providing. I watch my daughters channel like a hawk and i am so mad right now having a strike for a video that i haven't viewed in a year and not even allowing me to view what they might be talking about because they say i can view the video for 7 days. I am so angry and i have made several complaints to youtube regarding other channels that there is legitamate stuff that violates community guidelines and they do absolutely nothing about it! we sat in monitization status for 9 months and because this isn't first time they gave us a strike for no reason and took away live streaming it hurt the watch time of the channel and now that we have waited 9 months we aren't in review anymore because now our watch time is under 4k watch hours. There has to be something that can be done because this is a joke you can't legimately talk to anyone on youtube. The only time they listen to anyone is if it is a large channel with millions of subscribers. Their process to create an account on youtube is crap. You can create so many fake accounts and that is why children are at risk for predators! instead of doing something about that they are punishing the channels instead of getting the scum off of youtube! i am so mad over this right now because we work incredibly hard on the channel and i spend a lot of money putting into the channel and have to deal with this crap. Its not fair at all so whatever this complaint site is about please do something because i am not going to stop until youtube is held responsible for their lack of structure and help to smaller creators this whole thing is bs! i have pictures to provide but i am not going to put them on here if this is a public site.