YellowPages.comfailure to deliver on contract!

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We signed a 12 month contract with in which we were guaranteed 90 clicks per month (1080 clicks per year). The cost is $391/month. Our first three months we got 43, 15, & 5 clicks respectively. Although the company is not performing on the contract, they are not willing to let us out of it. They will not refund our money and claim that if we don't get the clicks by the end of the year they will extend our ad for free until we get them. I'm not interested in paying almost $400/month for clicks I might get 2 years from now. They seem to think that I have to uphold my end of the contract, bot they do not have uphold theirs. I now have to get an attorney involved.


  • Ja
    Jas1982 Feb 05, 2017

    Here is my story
    I am one of the verbal contract Victim. They made me sign a verbal 1 year contract without properly explaining me the results. They got me on voice recording and now they want me to pay for 1 year. Verbal contract was signed in December and services will not start till end of March. Is there any way of getting out of it without going to court ? I did not give my legal business name, credit card and home address. They just have my website and my phone number. Are they able to hit my credit and keep sending me bills? Even though I told them million times that I want to cancel as the contract is not starting tll End of March anyways


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  • Ja
    Jas1982 Feb 05, 2017

    How are you guys doing with this Law Suit. Can you count me in too?


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  • Pi
    pissedoff77 Aug 10, 2016

    Don't ever get pressurized by these idiots calling you, trying you get you to sign up in their stupid contracts. they are useless and not worth a single penny. they never will tell you that if you go into a contact with them, there is no way out, you have to stay in the contact for as long as it is. bull ### company never ever advertise with them.

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  • Bo
    Bonnn Mar 05, 2012
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    I couldn't agree more. YP is a scam. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years on 1/4 and 1/2 page ads and YP online, we've found an internet marketing co that does amazing design work and customized solutions and SEO that ACTUALLY get me business and costs me far less. Just forget YP, you do have to have good online exposure to survive, but there are other solutions that actually work.

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  • Br
    brandenr Jun 15, 2011
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    Dan my names is Branden Please give me a call i would like to pick up the peices and actually show you a real company. please check out our web sit, Gulfmedia Solutions Thanks Dan

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  • Da
    dan52484 Jun 14, 2011

    Hello folks. I am a business owner, and a very hard worker at that. I've recently been mislead and basically screwed by the yellow pages. I signed up for a pretty bold campagne program that costs approx. 500 a month. I was told that I'd get something like 90 guaranteed people to my website a month. Though I have seen more numbers at my website, in the past three months I haven't made one cent from the yellowpages marketing. All of my customers are mostly word of mouth or other advertising methods. When I call these "customer service reps" they are all hugs a-holes who don't care about me as a human being and just want to get paid that 500 a month payment. Like I can afford to pay that much money for something that hasn't made me anything. Further more I was promised the "number one spot" on the YP mobile app. When it finally became live three weeks later I was something like number 37! I called to tell them about this and all they did was simply take the service off but wanted to continue billing me for the other yellow services.

    These people are crooks! Run away! Don't be mislead. Don't give them any of your hard earned money!

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  • Br
    brandenr May 12, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am from Gulfmedia Solutions my name is Branden please look at our website and we can help every single owner out with there business and what your needs for less then three hundred a month so please our web site is and or email me [email protected]

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  • Ro
    rohbshop Mar 02, 2011 has telemarketed me constantly for years. I run a auto repair shop. They always say something like "We have your free listings and website needs to be updated is this information correct?" And then they read me my company's information like it was being advertised even though i NEVER signed up with them for anything, and then pretend to put me through to a call center verification operator. I learned my lesson a few years ago that many telemarketers fraud business's through these verification centers because they don't record the whole conversation you had with your sales person so the sales person can tell you anything you want to hear without it being part of the 'contract of voice verfication' that is used later as your confirmation for their service. plays this same exact fraud, along with advertising mail outs that look like bills although they do state somewhere on them "This is not a bill" somewhere. I can see some older people getting scammed by this that don't see the fine print and just the invoice-like billing that obligates you to a contract if you send a payment in.

    In any case i just received a call from this company asking me if i wanted to renew and how i've had advertising with them for 2 years despite the fact that i know i've only advertised with Yellowbook because Yellowbook sends their reps to visit me personally, and i make it a point not to trust the telemarketing advertisers. I ask her when did i ever make a payment if i've been with them for 2 years, and she responds "well thats why i'm calling since you owe $400~ dollars for those 2 years", despite her initially asking me if i wanted to renew with them initially. I basically dared her to bill me since i'd be contacting my lawyer, and told her is a HUGE scam especially the way they TRY to fraud to get customers. I'm going to be VERY angry if they try and send me to collections since it'll turn into a much bigger hassle at that point. I'm amazed to read that many of you had approached them to advertise especially considering their marketing tactics are so blatantly fraudulent. I mean i deal with a ton of telemarketers between credit card processors, charities, and things along those lines. But none of them come anywhere close to attempting to mislead people into advertising with them.

    DONT EVER agree to their free advertising because what they don't tell you is after the first month its not free and will attempt to bill you for it a year or more later. I've even had them tell me they'd call after the first month if they're going to charge and how its their policy but its a complete lie that the voice verification operator doesn't record. Contact me at [email protected] if you want anymore details.

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  • Go
    Googlemania Feb 09, 2011
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    CROOKS! THIEVES! CRIMINALS! THEY DESERVE A MAJOR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. One of their employees threatens to SABOTAGE MY ONLINE GOOGLE COMPANY LISTINGS if I stop advertising with them -- these ads have nothing to do with my YP. The jerk says he'll just send Google a note saying I am CLOSED. EXTORTION! This is my reward for advertising with them for 14 years.

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  • I want to thank all the wonderful individuals who have taken their time to respond to our comment/complaint and, apologize to those whom we have not returned contact. Your response (needless to say) has been over whelming. AT& and Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc. have mutually agreed to terminate our contract and we have received a full refund. This does not excuse AT&T's misrepresentation of their product or unconscionable behavior. Nor does this make-up for our total financial losses. However, at this time we are not pursuing our law suite.

    If I could pass on what this experience has shown me, I would say to, Not go quietly into the night. Let your voice be heard. File your complaint with as many organizations outside of ATT's control as possible. The BBB, Federal Trade commission, State Attorney Generals Office etc... If you are paying with a credit/debit card, STOP PAYMENT NOW! And dispute the charges with your card company (AT&T must prove their charges are valid to the card company and are not allowed to contact the person or business disputing the charges about the amount disputed until it is settled). If they do so, file a complaint with your card company (Visa/MC/AMEX/DC) not your bank. If you have been sent to collections, dispute the validity of the original bill. Make AT&T prove they provided the service. Your contract is for clicks, not calls. AT&T must show a preponderance of proof that your clicks are in accordance with your specific contract. The plain and simple truth is they can not. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE STATED IN YOUR CONTRACT, THE CONTRACT IS NOT VALID. Finally, USE the experience and advice given on the complaint board. It is a great resource!

    Thank you,

    Mathew Korba
    Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc.

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  • My name is Mathew Korba. I am the owner of Blue Ribbon Auto Glass Llc in Tacoma, Wa. I too attempted to advertise with the YPConnect program (yellow pages on-line), marketed by AT&T advertising. We are currently seeking businesses and individuals who have not received the services promised by Llc as sold by AT&T Advertising Solutions to partipate in a class action suite. The purpose of the suite is to recover financial losses incurred by mis-leading sales tactics and Llc's inability to deliver it's product as advertised. You are encouraged to participate.
    Please cal [protected] or email [email protected] for more information

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  • Ja
    JanetZ Aug 25, 2010

    I have the same problem, no performance, no response. We did not sign a contract, but there is a verification recording where my husband declined the service, and the rep talked him back into it with a bunch of fake stats and empty promises of how great it will be. 1 or 2 hits a month, NO phone calls or internet inquiries. Total waste of money. They will not let us out of the contract, so I am paying it and today contacting the county district attorney and filing a fraud complaint. I am not sure what they will do but I figure that when the contract is up I will sue them for the amount of the contract, jus to make them miserable. My contract amount is far less than what overs have been stuck for- but none the less, we have been had and now want some justice.

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 15, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to I was talking to my friend Yann he sign up for a ebillboard. He told me that he is glad that he got a ebillboard. His business just moved to a new building he went to change this info with yellow book and was on hold for 35 Minutes waiting for someone to talk to. When he went to his ebillboard and change his info and it took him just few minutes.

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  • Na
    Nassau Tent Jan 20, 2010

    Our business has been really hurt by the practices of AT&T We hired AT&T to help our small business get what their sales rep promised us to be a great advertising campaign with a serious increase in business and clients. After numerous meetings and visits from AT&T we decided that they can help our 50 year old business thrive. We even went and made a separate web page to see what kind of effect that this new campaign would have for strengthening our small business. We were promised phone calls, web hits and a serious increase in business and we have not had any of the things promised to us. Unfortunately, for the first 8 months of the campaign, was sending clients to another web page (not the one I created for them). Also, we were initially promised to be the second company from the top on and within a month or so, we got demoted to third. We were paying $1, 100 per month for this campaign and have not seen any results what so ever. In October of 2009, we called AMEX to start an investigation and to try and recoup our money that we have spent. They were able to get us back 6 months of payments; with 3 months that were not able to get back. I have been in constant contact with our sales rep who supports a full refund due to the companies screw up and have numerous emails saying that he is trying to get us back our full refund and without merit has not been able to do so. We keep getting invoices for a contract that has not been delivered and are truly at our wits end. The Sales rep keeps telling me that he’s working on the refund, and invoices still keep coming in. This week we have been receiving numerous calls that the company is taking us to collection agency. We would like to cancel our campaign and just be rid of this horrific experience that we have had with

    I implore you to please start an investigation, for I know that there are numerous others who have been mislead and basically screwed by AT&T It saddens me that such a big company would have such a terrible service to provide small business owners. I recently went onto the web to see if anyone else has the same problems as we do and have found an abundance of companies with the same issues.

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  • Ma
    Madguy22 Dec 29, 2009

    I am currently involved in a lawsuit with

    They are flat our trying to extort me. I never signed a thing for an online ad and now they are saying I owe them for 15 months of advertising. I paid 4 months, then tried to cancel. They then informed me that I had signed up for a 19 month long contract.


    Like others have said, they can produce nothing that shows there was ever a 19 month long contract, much less one I actually agreed to and sign.

    Regardless, the collections attorney file a suit, then as soon as I answered the complaint, he called me to start settlement discussions. I told him to GTFO, there would be no settlement at this time.

    The exhibits in the complaint are a joke and don't even come close to supporting the claims made (they actually prove my point).

    I research the particular court this filing was made and their are hundreds of similar complaints filed. It's part of their collection process I believe.

    Anyone every gotten this far in the process?

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  • Cr
    Crassus Nov 17, 2009

    I didn't place any faith in the statistics. My issue was that we were going to get just vendor calls... since our customers probably don't use the Internet much and use even less. But if it's pay-per-call, what do I have to lose? So I asked the sales rep at the time of signing if I was going to be charged for the calls that weren't from potential customers. He said I should run each month's bill by him and he'd take off the calls that were not potential customers.

    Of course, there's some subjectivity there. If a doctor's office calls or a French-speaking company in Quebec calls, they should be deleted since they're clearly wrong numbers. But will the salesman go along with this? I found that he went along with it for 2 months. After that, we got charged for customers calling from over 500 miles away that we couldn't help, vendors, the works. Then you get saddled with a big bill and no customers. So now their collections dept. is after us. The sales guy either doesn't answer his phone or he SAYS he called the numbers on the bill that I'm contesting and verified they were potential customers looking for our services. One time he pulled this, I called 2 minutes after he claims this and NOBODY is interested. When an itemization of the results of these calls is sent back to him... nothing. Customer Service does no good. They say, "We can't remove the calls from your bill. Only the salesmen can."

    So if you change your number, then the next person to get your old number receives the calls and you still get charged for them. They won't remove a number from the account. So the customer service team is complicit as well.

    Kudos to the ex-rep above for 'fessing up. Very cool.

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  • Ex
    ex rep Nov 14, 2009

    I was one of the most successful sales reps for not a day went by that I dint came away with a sale that i felt good about. Every rep for the company will promise you the world, guarantee it will work, and use excel to inflate the "searches" they are showing you that you're supposedly missing out on by not signing up. At the end of the day, its a bunch of sales guys with no college and very little experience making upwards of 115K the only way they can. they say and do whatever it takes, and theyre dang good at it. it doesnt make them bad guys, it makes them opportunistic. I know a vast majority of them felt the guilt and sadness I felt over the years.

    You see, we go in with a lot of fodder, a lot of stats, and a lot of bogus reports that we'd use to convince you that its worth the money and you're missing out by not getting in the game. The reps take the stats and jack them up a few hundred a month and it looks like a sure bet. then we'd give you the Return On Investment figures. 10 to 15% was what we'd promise. when you jack up the numbers on trackers, that 10 to 15% ROI goes from 1 job a month to 5 to 10. we created the whole illusion.

    As far as the contracts go. we just were taught to tell people that we didnt really have a collections department. even management would tell customers this to get them to sign. we'd say "we dont get social security numbers or birthdates, so we cant make you pay. we just call you a bunch because that all we can do. you have nothing to lose if it doesnt work". this is as far from the truth as can be.

    dont sign with them. the stats may look good, but thats because we made them up. if you dont ever use, how can u be convinced others do? nobody uses it, its not user friendly either.

    google and yahoo. do it on your own and save!!

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  • Yp
    YPisaScam Oct 05, 2009

    Here is what their own NYC Sales Rep had to say about their advertising, as quoted from an email:

    "Please be aware that I don't ever recommend anything less than a platinum listing for one very simple reason...I promise you will see absolutely no results by purchasing one. You would be better off taking that $32 per month and treating yourself to a nice lunch once per month because you won't get clients with it.

    I did not come by this information easily. When I first started at, I recommended them often in the interest of saving my clients money. In the end, they were disgruntled because they were so low on the page that they received no calls anyway and were wasting money.

    You told me yesterday that you believed the time had come to finally invest a little money into your marketing and I made the best recommendations in my professional experience to help you achieve your goals.

    Please trust in my expertise on this. It's not about me making extra money...that I promise's about you not wasting yours on a product that is destined to fail (a bronze listing). I've learned the hard way over the years that if you don't put your best foot forward, you're better off staying off the stage.

    Please let me know what you think.



    Dennis Amaral
    Account Manager
    460 Park Ave. 18th Floor
    New York, NY 10022
    BlackBerry: [protected]
    [email protected]"

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  • I would like to the list of complaints - I have just taken a contract ... stupidly with Yell the thieves who have again as listed above lied about thier statistics and then when contacting them about the issue they have stated "we dont guarantee" then I cant guarantee money from them... sorry but they are not getting paid...


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  • Co
    corporatetyrrany Aug 24, 2009

    You Sir are an Idiot.

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  • Zu
    ZuperMario Aug 22, 2009

    Its a good thing you business owners ACTUALLY read contracts before you SIGN THEM.

    Oh wait, you probably didnt.

    Seems like shady salesman is to blame, and owners who didnt do their hw.

    He said/she said, what does it take for you to get things in writing?

    Pressure me all you want, I'll take all the time in the world to make sure what I am stepping into. Just a thought in mind, what other advertising medium or product can you all come up with that "GUARANTEES" X amount of business ? can you name one?

    Google? Yeah, can google reallllly promise you 100 more customers a month? of course not. Neither can tv, radio, print, or online directories.

    My pt is, There's no such thing. Advertising is what it is, its something that is absolutely necessary in any business you do.

    Dont kid yourself if you think otherwise. Your business cards. Your sign out front . Thats advertising. Whats your ROI on those business cards sitting on the front reception table in the holder

    How bout your store front sign that people drive by going 50 mphs. You dont know, do ya?

    Seems like alot of angry folks here are more mad because of the hope and impression they got on basic advertising 101. Its kind of hard for anyone to feel bad for someone who is trying to justify they got ripped off believing a yellowpage ad is going to be a get rich quick strategy, when you as a business owner couldnt even take an extra 5 minutes to read the terms and condition of a contract that you had to sign.

    Or unless you are also implying that you somehow gave your Credit card information to the salesman who mustve had a gun to your head?

    class action? Incredible.

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  • Yu
    yuhoymmt Aug 11, 2009

    Mobile Crunch wrote the following article lately.

    Get angry: AT&T changes contract to prevent class action lawsuits UPDATE FROM AT&T

    I posted the following comment:

    --------------------------------------------- is something wrong as well as AT&T. As you know, is owned by AT&T.

    I am a small business owner and signed their online advertising of since last year. After a couple of months, I realized it didn’t have any positive effects for my business. So, I wanted to cancel my account. However, they insisted the contract was 12 months and I couldn’t cancel it. Even they failed to show the contact that proves that particular agreement.

    Because it is charged on my credit card, I am still charged monthly for nothing. I was just thinking to take a class action, so I was interested in this article and wanted to let you know about the issue.

    At the same time, I realized there were many of other victims with this giant cooperation, of AT&T.

    Their representatives are also infamous with their aggressive sales call, lying, preventing your cancellation, and even worse, renewing your contract without your permission.

    Please visit and read more reports about the issue at — failure to deliver on contract!

    hope Tech Crunch or any other medias pick up this issue.



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  • De
    DeanoAtkinson Jul 28, 2009

    They are giving me the same run-a-round. I cannot cancel this for the life of me. Am i really going to have to cancel my CC and change my phone number... then deal with collections the rest of my life?

    This is such a load of BS. Any advice or joint suit would be appreciated. I live in Northern NJ.

    I had an LLC which was dissolved and now they are saying I am responsible for the debt. The whole point of having an LLC is to protect my personal assets.
    I have requested my signed documentation twice now and have not received anything in return. Several called to my sales rep and customer service lead me no where fast. Hell i would almost agree to an early termination fee... they give you 0 options... just through you into collections.. nice business practice..

    [email protected]

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  • Eu
    eugenel Jul 28, 2009

    I have had the same BS experience from AT&T as you people described.
    But mine gets better...I kept it for a year...waste of money, then we moved our office, they say they sent a letter and we never got it ...SO...


    I beg of you people to band together before someone has to do somthing drastic to get these peoples attention.

    I want to know is there any way we can band together and get out of our contracts.

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  • Eu
    eugenel Jul 28, 2009

    I have had the same exact situation as described by others on here.
    I want to know if there is any way we can band together and do somthing about this.
    Please let me know and count me in...please.

    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    jordanewert Jul 06, 2009

    Thank you for coming forward previous yellow Pages salesman. I too would like to be contacted by email. [email protected]

    Is there ANY way out of this damn contract?!

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  • Dear Sir, I thank you for your honesty and for confirming what I already knew to be true in my heart. Could we speak privately via email? Please contact me @ [email protected] If you or any other Former employee can come forward it would be a huge blessing for a ton of victims. Justice can be found. It takes honest people like you... to take a stand. I am taking a stand. I will not let a giant corporation scare me. Thanks Again.

    p.s. During this writing I received and email from Gordon: Shaun - I hope to talk to you next week. I am interested in this case and want to discuss further. I would be interested in talking to the former employee from Portland. Would you want to ask him to contact me? Regards, Gordon Rudd

    Dear Previous Employee Please contact my by the email above or here in this forum. Sincerely Shaun

    pss they sent me to collections for $4, 000 but the collection bill is claiming I owe $40, ooo somehow added and extra zero. Funny how this works..

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  • Ye Jul 02, 2009

    I am a formal employee from the Portland OR division. I work for the company for about a year and was one of the top sales rep in our office. And after reading your stories I have to say everyone of you are right. The add tracking report is misleading, and were made to sell online illusions. And feel that the company lies to it customers and it's employees. Keep in mind we have a gun to are heads form management all the time. They pay all there account manager a base salary of 56k annually and if you hit your monthly goal you get 6, 000 bonus . So if you do the yearly goals you will make 125, 000. So this is why yellowpages employees do what ever it take to get you to sign!!!

    I have to say that some programs work with some industries, but most of it does not work at all or very little. My advices do SEO and do your own clicks through Google and Yahoo in the sponsor links.

    Good Luck

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  • Shaun,

    I’ve been investigating this today. appears to have dozens of independent offices throughout the country.

    · The office in Minneapolis has a BBB rating of F. See their BBB report at:

    · [redacted].com has 18 reports about /URL removed/?!

    · A Google search for < scam> yields 73, 700 sites:

    · Since does business across state lines, you can file a complaint with the FTC at:

    · You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has always specialized in fraudulent advertising activities:

    Tom Wadsworth, Editor

    Door & Access Systems Newsmagazine

    [protected] Fax [protected]

    1152 Bay Drive

    Dixon, IL 61021

    DASMA Offices

    1300 Sumner Avenue

    Cleveland, OH 44115

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  • Ba
    bandsconstruction Jun 19, 2009

    We are in the same boat it seems. However we just did our ad through the printed book. We were contacted by the rep at their dealine to close out the book so they rushed us through the whole thing. I was not on board, my husband was. They sent this really good sales person out to address my concerns. $2500/ month is A LOT of money! He assured me that we would get the calls. The ad went out in March 2009 and we have not go one job from the book. We also advertise in our local Penney Saver ad and almost always get the job. I just got off the phone with ATT today trying to cancel this ad before it snowballs, they all told me no and that's how I am here. I really don't understand why they can't cancel the ad either, when they printed the ad, they used "their own ghost" numbers to track the calls, so our actual number is not even in the ad! Just turn it off, we won't get any calls (which is the problem to begin with) . Please let me know if there is a class action. We are on board!!

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  • Pa
    Paul Perkins Jun 14, 2009

    I am an attorney in New Jersey. I have filed a class action. Would you have a minute when I could contact you?


    Paul Perkins
    [email protected]

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  • Te
    Tesseract257 Jun 02, 2009

    Here's is what my att Advertising contact should said:

    5. Renewals. We reserve the right at our discretion, but we are not obligated, to renew your Advertising for renewal Terms coinciding with the publication dates of the directory. We will send you notice of renewal by U.S. Mail, containing any change in Advertising rates and the accompanying terms and conditions, and you may refuse the renewal by giving us written notice within 15 days from our mailing, or by the deadline contained in the notice, whichever is first. We reserve the right, upon written notice to you at any time prior to renewal: (a) not to renew your Advertising for reasons set forth in paragraph 2 above or (b) to eliminate or modify any terms, conditions, standards, specifications, products, headings or policies (including without limitation priority placement of Advertising) affecting your Advertising. All Internet Advertising will automatically renew at our discretion at the then current rate unless cancelled prior to the publication date of the next printed directory. After renewal, only changes resulting in the same or increased level of Internet Advertising charges may be made.

    After reading this I wrote a letter to my sales rep informing AT&T of my desire to cancel and not renew my contract. I mailed the letter certified mail so someone at AT&T had to sign for it. I have a copy of the letter and a return receipt that proves the cancellation letter was received. Now if AT&T tries to do something stupid and auto-renew me, I have material evidence that proves my notice to cancel was delivered.

    Here is the text of my cancellation letter:

    This letter is to inform you that our advertising agreement for print and internet advertising signed on 6/10/08 is not being renewed.

    Our company is extremely concerned that our other marketing activities -- free craigslist ads, contractor review websites and targeted flyer distribution – all outperformed the yellow pages print and internet advertising. Our free craigslist ads alone generated $300, 000 in contracts, yet the paid advertising in the Yellow Pages book and generated $ 0 in revenue.

    In regards to internet marketing, over the last ten months generated only 24 clicks to the website. This was an average of 2.4 clicks a month! If I factor in the total cost of the internet advertising ($42 x 10 months = $420 ) and divide by the number of clicks generated ($420 / 24 = ) the cost per click is $17.50. During this same time frame the website had over 500 hits from craigslist at a cost per click of $0.0.

    Unless AT&T Advertising can somehow refund a significant portion of the funds paid on this non-performing advertising contract Our Company will make it a policy to never do business with AT&T Advertising again.

    Thank you,


    This Works, just remember to send the letter certified or registered mail and the letter must be received by AT&T by your renewal deadline.

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  • Yy
    yymmt May 05, 2009

    I received a phone call from:
    (5, May 2009)

    He asked me to confirm My business Name, address, my name, and explain about the cancellation fee and something about the number that I need. I think my voice was recorded because when I spoke, the conversation was stopped unnaturally. He also mentioned I need to be contacted by the qualitive representative to cancel the contract. I asked him who you are and what you are doing with me. The phone was hung up and couldn't reach to him again when I called back.

    Then, I wrote the email to Customer Care:

    To: Customer Care,

    No. We only accept Fax or Email for the receipt of my request.
    Or, it will be reported to the public.


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  • Yy
    yymmt May 05, 2009

    Then, I have received following the message.
    date Mon, May 4, 2009 at 3:20 PM
    subject RE: Send me the fax from to cancel my contract with

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting, the online directory for business.

    We wanted to confirm the receipt of your request and it has been forwarded to your Sales Rep. You will be receiving a call back from your Sales Rep within 48 hours.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care


    [email protected]

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  • Yy
    yymmt May 01, 2009

    I wrote the following email and send it to them just before.

    To: Customer Service
    Effective immediately, please cancel our account with We would appreciate written confirmation within 2 days that cancellation has taken place by email.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,

    Let's wait and see...

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  • Yy
    yymmt May 01, 2009

    Please email me to sign up for the class action.

    I signed with my contract online and spend $52.00 a and get 3 or 5 clicks a month for my business since Jan 2009.

    I emailed them that I would like to cancel my contract first. I was waiting for two days but nobody answered. Then, I called their customer service to cancel my contract. I think the number is [protected]. I talked to "Jay Mexxx", though I doubt it is his real name, at customer care department about my cancellation and he said I can't do that because the contract is 12 months. I asked him to send me the contract that indicates that I can't cancel the contract in 12 month. Then, he emailed me a link:

    However, when I asked him where is the part of the period of the contract, he couldn't show me where it is, and insisted that I must have seen it when I signed in online.

    Then, he started talking about how to improve my ads such as changing a image or offering customers calling from with some free gift, etc.

    After the experience, I googled "how to cancel my contract with" and am being here. I have found lots of information similar to my experience and have a confidence now this company is a fraud.

    Yesterday, I emailed to
    [email protected] that " Please, attach the fax form to cancel my contract with and email it back to me. "

    and today(1 May, 2009), I got email back from them that:


    You would just need to write us an letter/email requesting to cancel and your account will be cancelled .
    Thank you,

    Customer Care
    [email protected]

    Online or Mobile
    Need Something?

    This is amazing me a little since I learned here that I had to fax the form to cancel it. They actually don't require the action. However, I still doubt that I can cancel my account by just sending a email since I read a lots of hassle with them. There is no signature in the email. It doesn't mention how much it is billed or when the account will be canceled.

    I am going to write a email to cancel my account and let you know whatever will happen to me. If it doesn't work, I will definitely join to the class action.

    Also, unfortunatley, can be a fraud as well as Unfortunately, I have to fight with two company for my money.

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  • Bo
    Boris Borissov Apr 23, 2009

    Do not do business with Yellow Pages. My story is long but i will make it short. Firs i contact them i make and agreement with their sell rep., but after two months i didn't receive my contract and i contact them again. They told me that he moved to another department and i have to make another contract, because they can't find my previews one. I had an agreement with the second do advertisement on their phone book. After a month i received a bill for $86 for my internet add. I called many time and left many massages to the rep. i talked the last time, but not answer. I contacted their consumer services and they forwarded me to another rep. in my area. He sent me an info with all my first agreement that i was told that don't exist, so i cancel my phone book advertisement because i was told i can not cancel my internet add, because is already started. I asked them to make it at least smaller add, because i never agreed to place the most expensive one.I t didn't happened called again in a few weeks and costumer service told me that my phone book add is canceled and i have the internet add only and when the contract ends in December it will be over if i not contact them. I didn't believe them any more because i even didn't have a contract signed by me. I checked on google about complains and here i'm. I learned that you have to send them a letter with certification that you want to cancel your contract called them again and they told me that now my contract is until April next year and even in my acount i still have add pending for their phone book add which i canceled few months ago. I'm still fighting and now i'm still waiting to see my unexciting contract. By the way now is end of April and i don't have even a single phone call from their add on internet, and it is second on the first page, means expensive. Don't even think to call them and do business with them. You will be disappointed and you will end with many hours on the phone trying to find the true. But if you think to call them and try to make and add at least buy a small tape recorder and record your conversation with them.Don't say yes before listen your records at lest twice. And ask them a questions and record their answers, because you will need this record to prove it one day.

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  • Ri
    ricknm Apr 21, 2009

    also have proof sales reps leave false good reviews for new clients placing an online ad--anyone know how i can proceed with lawsuit let me know.

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  • Je
    jenngra7 Mar 17, 2009

    I have tried to contact the person who sold me the line of BS, one time I spoke with him and we were to meet to discuss why i was unhappy with and he never returned my call to set up a time to meet.I was being charged 421.00 a month for at most 10 clicks!!!Not one phone call!!I have since then shut off my credit card.Now they call me all the time and have said it would go to collections.Has anyone been contacted by collections?They are a fraud!!!They promised if not happy I could cancel without problems.

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  • Al
    Alan Feb 22, 2009

    Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. They said what ever they had to to get me to sign up. They said if it wasn't working they would let me out of the contract. They said if it was working they'd give me a couple of months off with out paying. I had to close my checking account to stop them from sucking 706.00 our every month.


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