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YellowPagesunauthorized credit card charges

I've been advertising via yellow pages for the last one year. Based on the contract I gave the credit card information for the billing for one year. That contract was ended in August. Since there is no changes in the volume of my business due to the advertisement and it's a financial burden, i keep calling them for more than 2-months to cancel my contract. When I phoned them today, a customer care representative (Eugine) said that my contract has been renewed automatically.

Without my consent I have no idea how they renew my contract and taking out the money using my credit card.

I would like to cancel this contract immediately. I'm not willing to renew my contract hereafter.

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    May 30, 2019

    YellowPages — advertising in yellow pages

    Dear sir /madam, myself Ashish Goyal prop. of magic sales corporation got cheated by yellow pages, as Your...

    Mar 15, 2019

    YellowPages — predatory marketing and verbal contracts

    I have the same complaint regarding YP as everyone else seems to. They are a predatory company who employ...

    Jan 18, 2019

    YellowPages — address book cover image

    I received my address book and was disturbed to see the cover image. It is a photo of a local statue of...

    YellowPagesservice charges

    Customer # [protected]
    Invoice # Created by Yellowpages [protected]
    Requesting to be completely removed from list of companies numbers and or email and incorrect address as there are complains.

    Unwanted Charges and Services
    I started getting mail after getting repeated calls to my business... non stop calls for services. After being extremely angry at the calls and yelling that they remove me from any lists as its completely fraud and spam the bills have not stopped. I am going to treat this last bill as SPAM and will be taking extreme actions as others have also to stop this from happening to other businesses.

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      YellowPagesmccurtain construction

      Kenny mc Curtain has been using unsafe materials. Drywall mud was old and had mold in it, and continued to use it. Has started a couple jobs and has walked off not finishing them. There were alot of things were not appropriately put together, some materials that were supposed to be family services, and used elsewhere. Also using speed endused drugs, sadly I was an employee thats how I know . He refuses to pay me the money he owes due to me telling the truth.

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        YellowPagesmy company g.a. queencrete llc.

        I started the listing in march 2017.
        I was not award of contract.. we had meet with jim Rob. Lets signed up for it but untill today I did not see the use it was in complete servicing I compliant to jim but he keep on refered my to web I could not find my company service label over time got frustrated with yp and ask to concealed the Services but he did tell me that I was bound to a contract.. yet and and call or wont be able to find it as company that legit.. I keep calling yp main line but they just telling you got wait untill my service contract is up in march.. I got email saying "sorry to see me go" but still getting billing with no legit answer or service

        I am looking for people thats interested in law suit.. calling Bbb, federal trade commission also.

        Giday. A.

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          • Thryv Oct 11, 2017

            Hi -

            I'm sorry to hear of the issues outlined. This matter was escalated to Chris in our Client Care Dept. Chris advises that he reached out to you regarding this matter and discussed all concerns.

            Thank you,

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          Yellow Pagesweb page

          Customer ID [protected]
          Grael Trucking LLC

          The first of May 2017 I decided with the "help" of Ryan Womack to advertise with Yellow pages. He assured me that my website was going to be wonderful and that the 80.00 per month was going to be well worth it. I received the first website proof and it look ridiculous! It was so bad that even Ryan said that it was bad the second was more of the same. At one point he even told me that he was working on it himself because it looked so amature.

          2 months go by and after still not receiving a final approved website I tell Ryan just cancel everything and that I wasn't going to do business with YP and that it was a waste of time. Ryan came back with "my manager and I listened to the recordings and you agreed to the one year contract".

          I received an email from the website department weeks later saying "here's your website" and the new web address. Not only was the website more of the same, but I never even approved the new website address. I emailed back and told them that I never approved any of this and to remove it immediately. I then get an email saying contact Ryan to cancel the website.

          So now I have made several payments for a website that was never approved or finished and they won't cancel it even though the job was never done.

          Obviously I do not need to add correspondence regarding this since Ryan let me know that under no circumstances will I not be able to end my contract because he has a recording of it and of course the contract I signed. Which I never received a copy of.

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            • Thryv Aug 08, 2017

              Hi - We're sorry to hear of this matter and would like to look into it for you. If you could, please reply here or via email at [protected]@dexmedia.com providing your business name/address, and a preferred contact number for follow up. Thank you, Ed.

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            • Tr
              Trints70 Aug 08, 2017
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              @Thryv Ed,

              Thank you for commenting and stating you would look into this, but unfortunately I have tried several times to get this contract cancelled without any success. I either get "I'm sorry I will look into this" and either do not get a response back or "You're in a contract". I have lost all faith in the business practices of the yellow pages.

              Grael Trucking
              Portland, OR

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            • Thryv Aug 09, 2017

              @Trints70 Hi Trina - I hate to hear that's been the experience and that customer service expectations weren't met. I've passed your information to our Client Care team for follow up. This matter will be revisited to see if we can try to work toward a resolution. Thanks, Ed!

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            YP.com advertisingnot saying that they would do online advertising

            I been using google adwords for a long time now. Then yp called and said that could run my ad for less money and have the listing on all 3 major search engines sites in the top position. So I went for it, first week or so the listing was running good and then all of a sudden it would run 1 or 2. 3 days and then down for 1, 2, 3 days at a time. I called my rep every time it was down and told him I cant have this to much competition in my field. He sail he would fix this. One to two months went by and still the same thing. I even had to run my own ads every time the yp ads didn't run and cost me more money. I just cant afford to run my ad and yp together. I talked to my rep again said i'm not paying my bill until the yp ran every day at top space. At all 3 search sites. Month later still the same thing I waned to cancel, he sad I couldn't until I payed 6 months at $800 a month I said no. Now i'm in collections. If there a class action suit against yp advertising I want to join.
            Well all I got say is do not use yp for your advertising!!!

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              Yellow Pagescancellation of ad, for apartment rental and ad for pet sitting service no longer available

              I own a duplex since 1998, when I need to place an ad I call the local news paper when the apartment is rented I call the local news paper no prolem they cancel.
              I also did pet sitting and had an ad in the local news paper.
              In january 2017 I received a call from yellow pages extolling the benefits of placing my ads with them instead of local news paper.
              Cheaper, larger audience.
              Sounded good
              They recorded both conversation having me agree to 15.00 plus tax for 12 months also agree to 29.00 plus tax for 12 months
              March 1st I rented the apartment. I called the same person I talked to in january to cancel my ad.
              She was on vacation so I left a message
              Then about 2 weeks later also in march I had to stop pet sitting
              Again I called the same person back who was back from vacation
              And told her I would be canceling my ad for pet sitting
              Now on may I 2017 I received an email from yellow pages stating
              I owed 38.99
              I called the same person back and asked why
              She did not know but said she would look into it
              She gave me a customer service number
              Well since may I to today may 10, 2017 I have had many different conversations and many different emails with an awful lot of customer complaint departments of yellow pages concerning
              Why my cancelation of both my adds in march was not being recognizied. All everyone in that company say.
              To bad you have a contract for 12 months so whether you need the add or not we will continue to take 38.99 from may 2017 on for 12 months
              They sent me the two conversations I had in january and I listened to what was sayed between me and that first person.
              Yes I give my name
              Yes I hear her say what the add is for, pet sitting and apartment rental
              Yes I hear her say the amount plus tax
              Yes I agree for 12 months
              But not once to I hear her explain that if I ever rent my apartment I would still be charged
              Also not once was it explained to me if I have to stop pet sitting I would still be charged
              In one of the recorded messages they sent I do hear very quickly that person mention about terms ect. But no where does she say before you agree you have to read the terms first
              I was asked my name told the add bold print the area the cost plus tax and then I was asked to say I agree or not
              So I hear myself say yes I agree
              If I had known that that person was well aware that I was not given all the details only enough details to make the sell
              If I had all the facts explained of course I would not of agreed

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                Open Business Directory, Ltd / Yellow-Page-Usa.comonline directory listing

                In 2012, I started receiving phone calls from a company identifying itself as Yellow Pages-USA. They said that they were calling to updating the company's information for the yellow pages. I verified the information then I started receiving faxed bills for $1188 from a company called Open Business Directory (which also uses the alias Yellow Pages USA). They call small businesses asking them to update or verify the information for their online Yellow Pages listing. They are masquerading as the local yellow pages. If you verify your information, you will receive a fax demanding a payment of $1188 and stating that you entered a legal contract with them. They will also threaten you with legal action. In my case, information that Open Business Directory claims to have listed online does not contain the correct address of my business. This proves that this information was not provided by me or anyone at my company. Yet I have been receiving faxed invoices for $1238 (they added a $50 late fee) and have been sending a bill for 4 years now with a threat of legal action. I have called them and informed them that I have not made any contract for any services from them. They refuse to provide any documentation to support their false claim that I agreed to this service, and I have refused to pay them anything. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they provided some long rambling response that said nothing, and the peony invoices continued. I contacted the Federal Trade Commission today and filed a report with them. The FTC officer said that they are aware of this company and its fraudulent practices. I have never seen any online listing from this company. Also, the fraudulent invoices that this company faxes to me include a telephone number and a fax number. This company which claims to be an online listing service does not even have a website. It is a completely fraudulent company.

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                  Can Tek Microsystems — electronic repair services

                  We are CanTek Microsystems, electronics repair company, located in Brooks AB, been fixing electronics for...


                  Yellow Pagescan't log in!

                  I have an account on www.yellowpages.com and I am a long time user.
                  Something happened to my account and now I can't log in. I tried everything but nothing helped. I really need to access my account and only YellowPages customer support can help me with that. I would be happy to get some help from them, but unfortunately they are ignoring me and do not reply!
                  Very disappointed with this service!

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                    Yellow Pages Grouponline advertising

                    Do not ever sign up with yellow pages group.
                    They are a scam for all businesses.
                    The contracts are unethical and misrepresenting.
                    This online advertising has been a total scam of my money and is proving to be detrimental to my business! Please read the following carefully for it may save you from wasting lots of money.

                    1 - yellow pages group is the only one in the contract that can cancel the service. So if you signed up for $247 a month for 12 months and want to cancel after the first month you can't. I am currently signed up for a contract that costs me the amount listed above and when I asked to cancel after the second month they refused to cancel. I am stuck with this contract and filing complaints with bbb because of it.

                    2 - the terms and conditions do not need to be read, signed or agreed upon by you. So when you sign up for the services over the phone they just send you the terms and conditions in an e-mail, in which, get this, they actually list in the terms and conditions that they do not need to be signed, agreed upon, or even read by you. You just sign up on the phone and that's it, your locked into their terms whether you like them or not.

                    3 - the contract may be described as what they told me as, I quote, "a monthly service which costs $247 a month and extends for 12 months" this is a really misrepresenting way to tell you that your signed up for a 1 year contract that you cannot retreat from and don't even need to agree to their terms and conditions. I thought this meant its just a monthly service in which if not cancelled or terminated will extend for 12 months.

                    4 - this 12 month contract gets automatically renewed after 9 months. So lets just say you sign up, don't like the service, and want to cancel after a month. They say no your in contract for the next year. You admit defeat and decide to troop it out for the year. At the end of the 12 months you call and say my 1 year contract is over and now i'd like to terminate the services. They will respond with "i'm sorry we renewed your contract 3 months ago and your signed up for another 12 months that you cannot retreat from. Ridiculous.

                    5 - lets just say that after only 1 month you call them and say I will troop it out and stay for the 1 year contract but I would like to cancel the auto-renewal. They will then respond with "ok, no worries, we've cancelled your auto-renewal". Your now seemingly happy with the situation. Then after the 1 year contract is up, they send you another bill!
                    You call them back and say wtf I called and cancelled the auto-renewal.In which they will respond with "we don't have any records of that" at this time unless you got the cancellation of the auto-renewal in writing, your now stuck with another 1 year contract that you cannot get out of no matter how much you don't want the services.

                    Please fellow business owners, listen to my warnings and take note from someone that has been scammed by this company and is currently fighting tooth and nail to have this contract terminated. Never sign up with yellow pages group ever. Tell your friends and family about their unethical business practices and make sure no one supports this company. I can no longer afford these costs for my small business yet the bills keep coming. It has been the single most difficult and frustrating scenario i've ever dealt with, with any company i've ever done business with in my life. I've grown to hate yellow pages group and I assure you will also if you sign up with this company.

                    If you wish to contact me for any information on how to fight the contract that you may yourself have been roped into or wish to share your story with me please do.
                    My e-mail is [protected]@gmail.com

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                      Yellow Pagespassword

                      I get log into my account and no one from YellowPages seems to care! I sent them tons of messages but they simply do not react!
                      Every time I want to log in there that screen which said that my password is incorrect. I tried the “forgot password” option but it did not help!
                      Well, I can actually live without it and it's simple enough to make a new account, but the fact that YellowPages customer service doesn't care makes me mad! They completely ignored me and in my opinion that is how they showed their disrespect towards me! I'm officially done with YellowPages!

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                        YellowPages.ca — cancellation is a pain!

                        Ron Mullin, from Yellow Pages, Vancouver BC, told me that I could cancel the contract before the start date...


                        YP.com — advertisement

                        I have started an advertisement with yellow page for the last 3 months. I have paid them over $400. It was an...

                        YellowPages.cafake info and got only wrong info

                        The website www.yellowpages.ca is total scam, so avoid it and place reviews about this website.
                        I used the website and searched for the people through the websites, but it showed only errors and fake info. I was really disappointed and stopped to use it, but I wanted to warn other people about it. Please, share this info and post comments about your experience on this website.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Yellow Pages Advertising — overcharging

                          Skeptical and dissatisfied with yellow page advertising prices and lies. Was told that if I wanted my listing...


                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                          sales agent grossly overstated & misrepresented product results in
                          an attempt to induce me to enter into a contractual relationship with
                          YP. In August 2013, a YP sales agent visited my store to discuss YP
                          online advertising. After a brief conversation & I expressed that I
                          was possibly interested. She returned a week or so later & we
                          discussed the details further, but I still wasn't sure. She told me I
                          would have tremendous results based upon search statistics that she
                          cited & that if I wasn't satisfied with the results, I could opt out
                          at any time. About a week later she returned with a colleague, who
                          reiterated her claims & told me to expect that YP advertising would
                          be so effective that my company would quickly "be transformed to a
                          higher level of sales". He cited several examples of past success
                          stories & again I was told I could opt out at any time if not fully
                          satisfied. I decided given the representations made & the opt out
                          option offered, to try it for a brief period of time. After a month I
                          had zero results & contacted the sales rep via email, to express my
                          concern. She told me it takes some time to see results & to stick
                          with it. After another month of zero results I contacted her to get me
                          out. Instead she said she would make some adjustments to my listing,
                          reduce my cost & I should see better results. She had me sign a
                          document to make those changes. She failed to inform me that not only
                          were we making changes, but I was also signing up for an additional year
                          of service. The changes did nothing & I contacted her to get me out
                          of this horrible agreement. Instead she had a man contact me to review
                          my listing & offer solutions to enhance my experience. He wanted to
                          give me a red border to highlight me ad, change the categories, etc.
                          Again, I was given a document to sign & assured it was only to make
                          the additional changes. Again, I later discovered I signed for an
                          additional 12 months. Why on earth would I sign up for 12 months of a
                          service that I'm trying to get out of to begin with. The rep mislead me
                          again. The results were still zero, so I contacted my rep, trying to get
                          out of the deal. She did not respond for 3 weeks. Apparently, she was
                          on vacation & could not receive emails & nobody covers her
                          account when she's away??? I told her please get me out & sent her
                          emails to that affect as well. She told me she would speak with her
                          manager & cancel the contract. Meanwhile, I instructed my bank to
                          stop the auto pay to YP. I never heard from her again. My calls &
                          emails went unanswered. Then I started receiving calls from the YP
                          collections dept. I explained the situation, forwarded the ongoing email
                          correspondence & was told a manager would soon contact me. I heard
                          nothing, but several weeks later received another YP collection call. I
                          again explained the situation & was told the district manager would
                          be notified & I would be contacted to discuss the matter. Nobody
                          ever called me. Then I received the first of 2 threatening collections
                          letters. Yesterday a YP sales rep called me to inform me that my account
                          had been cancelled & wanted to know what he could do to get my
                          business back. I explained the situation & was told that somebody
                          would call me. I just Googled YP complaints & find that I am one of
                          many, customers that were promised results that they never received
                          & when they attempted to work it out were ignored & strong
                          armed by the collections dept. I have been defrauded &
                          misrepresented by YP. My attempts to resolve this in a reasonable manner
                          have gone unanswered. I am a small business & cannot spend money
                          ($518 per month) on a service that, despite claims to the contrary,
                          yields zero results. The gap between the promises made & the results
                          is staggering. I am filing this complaint in a last ditch effort to
                          resolve this without taking legal action, but I will take such action,
                          if necessary.

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                            • Ly
                              Lynn2011 Jan 06, 2015

                              Your experience sounds like ours. Hands down YP Ad Solutions, under the leadership of John (Andy) Stann [protected] is the most deceitful of any company we have done business with. We are small business owners in St Louis, Missouri. Because YP failed to produce anywhere near the number of leads they claimed they could with their “Mega Zone” and “Levers and Pulleys” shell game, we had informed YP.com that we had no intentions of renewing when our salesman, Mark Kennon [protected] and Andy Stann insisted on meeting with us to present their latest scam. The previous year’s scam was failing miserably, Andy Stann and Mark Kennon did not deny that and as they should, they did agree to compensate us for the documented poor performance as they had done periodically during the campaign. They also promised that they would still provide the promised leads even if it took into the next ad campaign. We felt with such promises, their willingness to rework our ad (that they felt was the main reason our previous campaign was unsuccessful) and an additional ad, supposedly at a drastic discount that we would sign up one last time. We agreed to try another year of print ads in their obsolete Yellow Pages. It didn’t take too long to realize we had been completely scammed once again! Andy Stann and Mark Kennon were already refusing to keep their promises from the previous campaign prior to the new book hitting the streets. When we were sent the additional ad, we quickly noticed that the phone number was incorrect and that the ad was actually cut off mid-sentence. We went over the obvious mistakes on the phone with one of the many, many people we had to contact because our salesman, Mark Kennon could not be reached. We hoped the issue was taken care of though we never received a corrected hard copy. We also asked to proof the “new and improved ad” they were going to provide- it never arrived. We were never allowed to proof our expensive ad. Not until we received the book did we see that not only did they publish the additional ad without the corrections they published our OLD ad again (the ad they attributed to the previous campaign’s dismal performance) with the wrong phone number as well. Just when we couldn’t believe our YP experience couldn’t get any worse THEY ACTUALL WANT US TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES! We continue to be surprised that everyone that we talk to at YP seem extremely confused as to why we wouldn’t be willing to pay for the broken promises and the incorrect ads. Incorrect ads must happen frequently because according to their very tiny print contract just because they print a completely wrong ad doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for it! They actually have addressed this in their contract! One woman from YP has been calling us about the outstanding balance for some time now and addresses us by some other name everytime- they can’t even keep our names straight! We are actually getting calls from a collection agency and have been told a lawsuit is coming. Curious about how your situation ended or if your are still in collection limbo?

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                            • Yp
                              YP Advertising Sep 02, 2015
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Hi Lynn,

                              We are very sorry to see you were a dissatisfied customer. Your YP Marketing Consultants worked diligently on your account and we were all disheartened to see your post. We hope you feel we resolved the situation to your satisfaction. YP has millions of satisfied customers and we remain dedicated to helping local businesses and communities grow.

                              We wish you great success with your business,


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