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Global Tel Link reviews & complaints

Global Tel Link complaints 108


Global Tel Link - phone calls

I have a prepaid account for my husband to be able to call me. Ever since I started receiving the calls, they have been dropping, and also overcharged. I recently saw online other customers who were also overcharged and refunded. I've called numerous times asking about the fees and they never add up. I would like for someone to reach back out to me for some sort of resolution.

Desired outcome: refund

Global Tel Link - GTL’s inspire Tablet

After being released from a prison in Pennsylvania, I contacted GTL, which isn't easy going through their maze of options, only to get dumped on a subsidiary company Getting Out. After speaking with their customer service rep, I'm told to provide my contact information and that I would receive an email with instructions to have my tablet shipped to GTL so that they could unlock the device and return it to me. That was over 2 weeks ago. I go through the same process again, only to be dumped (once again) into the lap of Getting Out, this time they're singing a new tune, "Well Mr. Roman, you'll need to contact the facility where you purchased the tablet for information to have your table shipped to us." WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS! What does the DOC have to do at this point? It's a GTL tablet. It's GTL who needs the tablet shipped to them, in order to UNLOCK the device, then it's GTL who needs to return the tablet. I've seen this tactic before, throw as many obstacles in your way and they'll frustrate you into quitting. They got the wrong guy. I filed a complaint with the BBB, next is a lawsuit for fraudulent business practices!

Desired outcome: I want GTL to accept my Tablet, unlock the tablet and enable all functions, then return the tablet to me.

Global Tel Link - Inmate phone account

I made a payment to GTL on 7/26/2021 in the amount of $30.00. GTL debited $30.00 twice from my bank account instead of once. They credited my GTL account only $30.00 despite deducting $60.00. I...

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Global Tel Link - rude/poor customer service

I reached out to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin CA this morning 9/24/21 around 8 am and spoke with a GTL employee about getting a pin number for my son who is an inmate at Santa Rita. My son didn't have a pin to order commissary today since the order needs to be placed before midnight so it was urgent that he get the resources as soon as possible. The employee was helpful and mentioned that he could go down to provide the pin number to him. I wish I had his name to offer my thanks for helping us out.

After that request I spoke with my son who mentioned that he didn't even have a tablet to place the order, in fact, he didn't have anything and needed both. So I called back and ended up speaking with someone by the name of James who also works for GTL. He was rude, condescending and laughed at me before I hung up the phone. It's already a stressful situation to be in and this person, James, should be written up for such behavior. I was telling him I had just called and wanted to let them know that I spoke to my son and besides not having a pin that he didn't have a tablet either. This guy, names James, went into the process and said he would have received everything at the time of intake, which was not true. I tried to explain I was calling back to further explain the need for a tablet as well. He continued to rudely explain the process. I said I am sure my son will be helped by the other employee even though this guy (James) was not helpful. He started laughing so I had to hang up. Again these times are stressful for family members but we are treated like criminals for helping our family members. So please if you can review any calls I would suggest that you listen in to the conversation or address this with the individual that works for GTL at Santa Rita.

Desired outcome: employee written warning

Global Tel Link - Broken phone at dade correctional in florida in unit a-1

On numerous occassions myself and my loved one have complained to the facility and to gtl about the phone in unit a-1 in dade correctional institution in florida city/homestead florida. My loved one actually spoke to a sservice man from gtl when he was there and the man said he will take care of it, well that was a month ago and the problems have been going on since almost day one of the new phones going in. Its bad enough there are only 2 phones in the unit. Then to have 1 of those phones go down it makes for a very bad situation. Look i put at least $100 - $150 on my phone every week. I should be able to talk to my loved one with no interruptions. I don't know where all this money is going but you need to take care of your equiptment and service the customers.


Global Tel Link - Video Visit

To Whom it May Concern
I had a video visit booked today at 4.30 pm until 4.50 0m at the Bland Correctional Centre with an inmate R S Via. The visit did not go ahead due to an issue with GTL and due to no fault of my own. I request a full refund as this was something out of my control and therefore should be fully refunded. My name is Christine B Okeeffe and I can be contacted via email which is [protected]

Thanking you in advance regards Christine

Jul 27, 2020

Global Tel Link - Funds on my phone account

On July 24, 2020 I put $50.00 on my phone account, however on July 27, 2020 I discovered that no funds were put on my account. I contacted GTL at [protected] and talked with a supervisor he told me that the funds were removed because I requested a refund and it would take 21 days to be credited to my card. I did not request any refund. He is lying and that is not true. At no time did I request a refund from my phone number and from my account.

Update by ki.hi
Jul 27, 2020

I have had a phone account with GTL for over 5 years. I clearly had the impression that this was all done maliciously and with bad intentions. Over the 5 years I had several instances where very malicious things has been done. About 3 and a half years ago Global Tel Link had a Corporate phone number in Texas and they had an Investigation Dept to investigate these matters but they no longer have that. If the current investigator would like I can provide the fully tape recorded phone call I had with the supervisor at Global Tel Link.

Jul 25, 2020

Global Tel Link - Unethical behavior - scam

Global Tel Link is a rip off and this scam is a new low: 1) I deposited $75.00. 2) They claim someone requested a charge back from an account and just so happen to have the same first six number of...

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Global Tel Link - Connect Network and employees

I have wrote and told this so many time and got no where i put a 26 deposit on my Gtl accoynt it said payment not excepted and it was mt stored card that had miney i didnt understand and it is urgent...

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Global Tel Link - my account being blocked without being notified

on 12/10/2019 around 5:01 pm my loved one was calling me and his call was not going thru or some reason which was strange to me because at 4:07 pm I had just added $10 to my acct he kept calling...

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Aug 22, 2019

Global Tel Link - setting up a phone account

I wanted to put $10 on my phone so that a inmate could call me but instead i was charged 45 dollars and when i wanted my refund global tel link charged me 15 dollars just to get my money back. That is fraud and robbery all in one. I didnt even use any of your services to get charged any money. You should do a better job at being very clear and straight forward about any hidden fees or chargers before taking someone's money. Thanks alot for taking money from me that i would have used to feed my kids with!

Jul 14, 2019

Global Tel Link - fraud

The agent took money from our credit card without our consent, we emailed them and got an automated email with a ref number after this we heard nothing the link that was given to see the result is not available.we called and the agent that took the money was handling our complaint we spoke to his colleague claiming to be a manager whom promised to email but this didn't happen but the agent and customer support person is asking us to send in ID and a copy of our credit card.
we have asked them to put the request in writing but no one gets in touch
email from
Thank you for writing to us. we have created and assigned #181311. One of our support executive will reply or call you to follow-up with you as soon as possible. You can view this ticket's progress online.

Your Global Telelinks GmbH Team,
Support Department


Global Tel Link - customer service

4 male Customer reps. were so rude and all calls but1 ended up with them hanging up in my face and when I asked to speak to a Supervisor the Rep put me on hold and no one came to the phone.. Finally I called back and a Woman Rep name Shanna was on the other end.. It took awhile to resolve all my challenges I was having with my services with them but she took them head on!** GTL really need to go back to the drawing board with how to treat paying Customers and listen to Ms. Shanna calls and allow that to be their number 1 Staple on how to properly Service Customers Respectfully and sufficiently .. Shanna should be over CS Reps. Cause everyone I have spoken with before her was so horrible by saying the word horrible is still speaking to kindly about their garbage Customer skills they posses.. Even with all been said, this company needs to make a lot of changes starting with giving Shanna a raise and a teaching position on CS!**

Oct 03, 2018

Global Tel Link - they won't refund my money

I signed up to the wrong company they are so much alike on Google. And I was charged 200 after being declined and then charged I been trying to get get my money back not know this was not the company for my county's jail. I'm so mad right now that they can take your money so easy and you have a love one you want to talk to. Something needs to be done about this they can't keep doing this. I got kids and I work hard for my money and I refuse to let them get my money

Oct 22, 2018

Global Tel Link (GTL) claim this is not their complaint sight. I called the Governor of Tennessee office. They told me that they had not received any calls complaining about this company. I advise everyone that is having issues with GTL to contact the governor's office of that state where their loved one is incarcerated, and the commissioners office, to make a report. If we bombard them with complaints, they will have to investigate and prayerfully GTL will be shut down.

I was told today by one of their representatives that this page is fake. They have no complaints against them. Also,
please be informed that they have no supervisor's or escalation's department and the numbers on their website are fake.

Oct 02, 2018

Global Tel Link - trust account service

I was trying to make a pmt last night I called a spoke with Rodger don't have badge number her was very rude sounded like he don't care he lied and said they don't put money on the trust account over...

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Global Tel Link - inmate call

My friend accepted a call from montgomery county jail ON THEIR PHONE & I used my debit card to add minutes for $10. I got that charged PLUS AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE with a different name on it "global tel link" as seen in the picture. Never made a username or passward & there was NEVER anything about being charged $45.99 during the call. This is a [censored] scam I did not set up an account or agree to being charged anything more than $10. They said i set it up through this same ip address, which is false. It wasn't on my phone which i'm using now to contact them. I believe my info was sold to them. They are doing nothing to fix it & can't tell me ANYTHING about my "account" or what to do.

Dec 01, 2017

Global Tel Link - phone company: calls from correctional facility

GTL is an absolute horror of a company! In the first place they happily inflate the prices of phone calls simply because they can, and because they know they are dealing with people who have no say on the matter and really have no choice but to use their slip-shod service! The connection is often very poor. I have had to reset my password for their app, I believe three times now, which in the case of any other service would be a simple process, however in GTL's case it involves multiple calls to their call center, repeating my personal info 100x as the operator tunes you out and reads of their script. They don't actually know anything, and can never do anything to help resolve any issue that one might call with. These are simply various was in which I've found this company less than stellar. (I'm having to bite my tongue to keep this civil.) I haven't even gotten to the real issue, which is that a huge number of the calls I received would then drop me as though I hadn't accepted the call. I spoke with them so often (much more often than my loved one who is incarcerated) that my put them at the top, of a frequently called list. I informed them of th3e problem, they responded with excuse #1, after 2 days I was able to accept the call. When it happened again, I received excuse #2 which was different than the first one. After several more issues (oddly enough some were fixed very quickly) they began to blame the issue on my havoc a cell Is this because I am one of those "rare" individuals who uses a cell phone?! It was laughable. All this time the operators ranged from apathetic to rude to hateful, but guess what, I'm only about one third of the way into my Global Tell Link nightmare! It went on and got significantly worse. Then much of October and November occurred without issue, much the same way I didn't have this issue when I first received these calls. Last week it began again, and I cant accept the calls at the moment, despite already speaking to two operators, who probably did nothing at all.
I hope every single person who works for Global Tel Links: the phone company based in Hell, finds out exactly what it feels like to rely on them as the only line of communication to someone they love.

Lillian Roeckl

May 08, 2017

Global Tel Link - stolen payment, unethical, uneducated "reps"

Absurd company, horrendous service, and blatant stealing. I buy the one vanilla pre-paid cards to make deposits to only the phone account. I deposit the money using the automated phone system they have. Common sense dictates that if someone is using a pre-paid card, then there is a pre-determined amount of money on that card. Therefore if I put $20 on a card, then deposit $15 onto the phone account for my phone #, my balance should not be.14 cents on gtl. My horrible experience began when I called, and got "oswald" from india. I explained this process to him, and that the funds did not reflect on my account, however the payment was taken off my card by gtl. His response? "oh, I see it here, but it's"pending status"so there's nothing I can do". I then asked what is the hold up, it's been 2 hours, the money has been taken off of my card, but you haven't posted it yet, why is that? Oswalds response? "looks like it was processed twice, so it was declined the 2nd time, this is not our fault, you have to call your bank". Needless to say I already called the # on the back of the card (Customer service rep was amazing), she explained that each transaction has an authorization # associated with it, and that global tel link would/should be able to see that the transaction they were seeing was clearly the 2nd one (The one they tried to process twice). She went on to explain that if they has any idea what they were doing, all I had to do was give them the first transaction # & authorization code (She confirmed that the payment was in fact released & gave me the authorization #), and the money would have hit my account within that very minute. Called oswald back, he refused to stop talking, interrupting every word I said in horrific broken english, he refused to listen to the common sense instructions I just received from the card service rep hat he asked me to call, so I asked him to stop talking, and get a supervisor on the phone. 45 minutes later, still nothing, no supervisor, no one telling me what the hell was going on, I hung up. It's been 24 hours now, and the rep I just got from gtl was as incompetent as oswald. She began repeating the same script oswald did. I finally stopped her, and asked "what country are you based out of" she says "united states", I said "#, now tell me what country your operating out of, where are you located right now?" she finally says "oh, right now mexico city". I just laughed. Yesterday I got oswald in india, today I get some lady in mexico city, oddly enough both countries can see my money, both confirm my deposit, the amount, even the card I used!
But neither can tell me why it's not on my account, or where exactly the money even is. Stop telling me it's in "pending status", that should not be the case, and stop telling me to call "my bank", they confirmed the error was due to gtl trying to process my card payment twice. I even gave you idiots the authorization code from the issuing card! Now, after looking into these idiots @ gtl I find out that there are literally thousands of complaints. Why & how the hell are they allowed to be the only provider for jails? Who do I need to contact to get the process going to replace these idiots? This company charges different amounts with no guidelines on "why" this is done, the connection sucks, people are being hung up on, billed wrong, and literally being stolen from... Robbed, then insulted by their rude, illiterate, condescending, employees who aren't even citizens of the country their servicing! This is illegal. I don't give a # who is getting rich from this, bottom line is if everyone just stops using them, they will have to change, or get a new provider. I've never experienced this kind of incompetency with any company ever. I will make sure I get my money back, I will make the calls necessary to get the process started to shut you # down everywhere, and I will be sure to make the general public aware of all of this. Local news stations live for stories like this. I have all the recorded calls, the screenshots of the monetary differences, the "holding" of peoples money, and the hundreds of complaints already made by others. Bucks county correctional facility will not have gtl much longer.

Global Tel Link - Depositing money in account which does not service certain prisons

I deposited money for 2 phone numbers.First 1/30/2017 Second 3/07/2017.
$25.00. $28.00. I just found out that Globel Tel link does not service Safford Prison in AZ. I was told they did. But my son keeps calling collect says nothing works for Advance Pay. I called customer service and was told that the money was with VIC called the no. given and it just hangs up on me each time. Cannot get a customer service by phone. I would like a refund for the monies I have paid #53.00.
Leslie Romanoff-Sims
30843 W Bellview St
Buckeye AZ 85396
e-mail [protected]
[protected]-7288 These no. are on file.

Oct 13, 2016

Global Tel Link - customer service

the are very rude they hung up on me twice they need someone who can understand English they are very unprofessional all I want is a refund of my money they will not get no more of my money they ae freaking ignorant they need some improvement as soon as possible

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