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7:13 pm EDT
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YellowPages - fraudulent billing practices

This company cold called pretending to be "The Yellow Pages" asking if we wanted to renew our online ad from last year. They went over our details (no account number, just basic info) and told me that someone from the verification department would call me back shortly to confirm the listing. After she hung up another call came in a few minutes later and they verified the listing on a recorded line. This behavior is the number 1 way to know there's a scam, separate phone calls, with the second one recorded.
From doing some online research, I expect they'll send a bill since asking to remit payment to:
Yellow PagesUSA Corp.
391 NW 179th Ave
Aloha, OR 97006

I didn't give any payment info so if they do I'll have to contest it. For now I'm faxing them at [protected] to tell them I don't want their service. I also called [protected] and that's just a voicemail. Watch out!

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Update by ChristopherB
Nov 03, 2011 4:45 pm EDT

They've moved their operations from Oregon to NY... you'll want to file a complaint with the NY Atty General, which you can do by fax. Their new phone number is [protected] and their fax is [protected], their site is and their unregistered parent company is . If you call them, their phone system says Yellow Pages USA (the old company name) but they'll insist there's a difference between the old company (which they say they aren't even affiliated with) and the new company with the "The" in front of "Yellow Pages USA". Their address is

616 Corporate Way
Suite 2, #2442
Valley Cottage, NY 10989, USA

and's address is
455 Route 306, Suite 2442
Monsey, New York 10952, USA

Make sure and file the "Consumer Frauds Bureau Complaint Form" located here...

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first call
Buena Park, US
Aug 26, 2014 11:22 am EDT

I was contacted by the YP representative, and went through what they were offering. We had a slow down in the company ( a plumbing company) so I listened. I was Sold a pay as you go item. It was explained to me like this:
1. They would create and add for my approval.
2. it would use their number so that they could track the calls and collect numbers
3. there would be a website that I could retrieve the numbers if we missed the calls
4. that in bound call would announce that it was from yp
5. that I would not have to pay from sales calls, only customers
6. that any call that wasn't a customer I could dispute. just make a list
7. that a percentage of the calls would automatically be removed
The day the sales guy came to show me the ads they were completely wrong. I told him they were, and I was told that I need to sign for the size of the add and that they would make all changes I need. (I still have a copy of the email I sent them) no changes where ever issued. they published the ads with our company doing work we never do, in places we don't serve, doing things we aren't even lic. to do.
The person that sold the ads never returned calls, I was finally told that I would get a call from a supervisor.. no call ever came.
about a month later I noticed I was getting a lot of calls from a 415-?-5555 number but I was unable to answer them. I called it back and found that it was a forwarding number for yp. I called them and went to this website. The website was down, seem like it was always having problems. if it was up you couldn't log into your account, or if you did you couldn't see numbers or anything else of use. when called they were nice and after several call agreed to test the lines. 9 calls where made to test the lines.. they decided it was working even though I only was able to answer 2 of those calls, and then billed me for the test calls.
After complaining about that they finally took those calls off my bill. but then presented me with a bill for several calls (65-85 per call) of which I had received none. I called for the account supervisor again, still no answer, even the customer care could not get my account person or his supervisor on the phone.
During the next month two calls made it through the forwarding process, ( from the number they called, to the yp forwarding, to our voip, to our mobile phones) one looking for a roofer (we are plumbing) and one asking for a different company that had this number last year.
I was told that if I cancelled or refused to pay the number would be forwarded to some one else. I called and told them I was blocking the call. that I was not interested in this mess anymore. that they should forward the calls to another company..
its now some time later they still call and try and collect 2800 that they think I owe.
My Company never received a single customer, never received a call back from the supervisor, never gave final approval (which they now say is not required) I never got ANY value, The phone never said who was calling, I was never able to get the called numbers from their system or anyplace else.
COMPLETE LIES, Mutual Consideration is still a requirement. promises made from their side broken everywhere.. from the first " I will be here to walk you through everything" to the cancelling of the contracts..
Now they have their lawyers calling. Take me to court

Allison Edwards
Panama City Beach, US
Oct 01, 2012 1:12 pm EDT

We have been getting invoices for over a year. Never asked to for them to run an add for us. I have tried to call them and the lady (so to speak ) just hangs up on me when I tried to tell her there was no one and had never been a Sally Mae that worked here to authorize this. So they will just keep going in the trash,

, US
Nov 03, 2011 3:06 pm EDT

I had the same thing happen at the beginning of the year. Haven't sent them any form of payment but they kept sending invoices, recently threatening with their "legal department". I filed a complaint with the BBB and Indiana Attorney General which made the phone calls stop for a short while and invoices stop until today asking for us to pay our outstanding balance. Not exactly sure what else to do, any suggestions?!

, US
Sep 14, 2011 9:45 pm EDT

I work for Dex One (legit yellow pages and on-line advertising) and I hear these stories from our clients all the time. If you feel something is suspicious ask the yellow page advertising person to send you an email that has the domain of the company in it. For instance our email address are [] They probably won't even send the email. They will give up on you and move to the next unsuspecting target.

Dennis Langlais
La Jolla, US
Sep 13, 2011 5:03 pm EDT

I just had the same thing happen, not to happy, Every legitimate business bills you and is very clear of what there billing you.

1:40 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

YellowPages - bogas soliciation

A few weeks ago I received a call from a collection agency (called Revenue Assurance Partners) and they were very nasty said I owed for the yellow pages. I called her back and she said since I mailed in a check in 2007 I still owed $295.00. So I went to my file cabinet (I keep detailed files) and low and behold I made a copy of the invoice and mailed a check to them. No granted my bookkeeper would attached the checkes to be signed to the bills (my fault) but it clearly looks just like my yellow page invoice with the fingers walking. The envelope did not have solicitation on it. So I called back and said yes I did mail it by mistake and I don't want this. She was rude again so I hung up. I went next door to another business and guess what they too almost paid this bogas bill. I asked to see it and I asked to keep it. It says on the front YellowPagesUSA processing center and the description of services. "Annual Internet Yellow Pages USA Listing" Now how would you take that, they bill every year and how many people turn over their bill and read it. On the back it says, "You may cancel this 3 year contract without penalty or obligation within 3 business days from the date of payment and receive a full refund or you may cancel this contract if upon a doctor's order you cannot physically receive the service." I kid you not.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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