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Product not delivered and it's lost. My10004709468

- 23 Apr Gdex collected parcel from sender,
- 10 June Receiver only inform Sender that parcel still not delivered. Message from Gdex : Hi, the dvd was stuck in Grk office since 25 April. I will inform you once its arrive. It's still stuck and not delivered. Receiver very upset.
-10 June onwards - Sender started calling Gdex and was informed that it is in HQ in PJ and will get someone to call me back. Have been calling Gdex every two other days as no one call me. When I call, reply was they are investigating and will call me back.
- 19 June - Gdex asked me to call Gerik branch to find out myself [protected]. That number can never be reach as it's engaged all the time or no one pick up.
- 23 June Gdex sent to receiver : case file to CCI unit, you may liaise with sender directly for further advice. Again we are sorry. Nirosha Gdex
- 23 June - after getting the message forwarded to me by Receiver on the above message, I called Gdex HQ on the message and why Gdex didn't call me but message Receiver. Was informed that they will refund me and will take 2-3 week. I told Gdex to email me on the situation if cannot reach me through phone. It is 3 weeks now. I want to know what is the outcome and situation.


What happen to my parcel MY17003177827. Last updated on 1st of July and haven't receive any news from then.


Overdue delivery time


last updated on 3 july 2020, until now still in transit, usually it only takes 2-3 day to deliever. But now it almost a week still in transit from petaling jaya, what's happend? please do some improvement. even during phase 1& 2 MCO didnt happend like this situation, i dont think this kind situation should exist for a bigger company.

2 minggu lebih barang still in transit

Dah call hari hari tanya kenapa parcel still in transit, ada masalah dengan penghantaran. Mula2 gdex cuma cakap sebab overload parcel. Tunggu lah sampai seminggu, takupdate lansung dekat gdex tracking punya website. Bila call gdex cuma cakap barang lagi satu dah hilang, tengah cari. Sebab barang yang post tu ada 2 parcel, satu katanya dah hilang. Ni dah masuk 2 minggu lebih tak ada lansung update. Call customer service punya lah lambat nak angkat. Berpuluh kali call baru la angkat sekali.

Item does not delivered to me after 3 weeks


As mention above, I am pretty sure you are able to get the gists on the complaint I am making. I have not received my item for 3 weeks, its just there in the branch and not being process even after I call your cs for 3 freaking times. You all said will ask the driver and update you. Dude! I did not get any update. Even your website tracker did not update my item.

Please! Improve your service! I did not use your service for free,, I paid for it!

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Complaint for service

Dear all,

The following issue still pending:
1) parcel missing (collected on 31.03.20) - my30130185892
2) delay sending parcel (collected on 13.05.20) - my30127816099
3) gdex e-payment - failed to activate login for application (ref#: epayr0005951)

We feel so disappointed & unsatisfy with the gdex services because there has been procrastinating and has not solved the problem although we send by email or by calling the helpline.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

(account no.:2312482)


We would like to complain about Gdex at Puchong Selangor Branch.
It is really a bad services. We wrote in emails but no response for more than a week. We called but no one pick up. The tracking info was incorrect. Our office operate everyday but the tracking info stated unable to deliver and sent us a "sorry card". We had never received any sorry card. As of today, we don't yet to receive our parcel and it is an urgent chq payment. We hope you can help to the said branch and update us the status. the Tracking number is (MY43095432016). Thanks. Our contact number is [protected]. Your urgent attention to this matter is much appreciated!

Bad delivery service and attitude

The delivery is very slow since I ordered the online merchant from 31.05.2020 and requested the items to be sent to my house at these two days. Instead of that, I only received my ordered parcel at 07.06.2020. Yet, the courier workers just threw the parcel on the floor and didn't pass it to me, is that the method to chase way the customers?

Rude staff

Bad Gdex delivery service. How can you call me up to tell me I should come to your office and collect my parcel after I paid you for deliver and you ain't even made any delivery attempts.

The person that call me a bit rude. She use this number [protected]. I can tolerate if she speak politely. I don't finish my word, she just hang up like that. Please take action.

Not yet received my parcel

Tracking Number: GAM009318248
Courier Company: Gdex Express
May 22, 2020 10:52 AM - Outbound from THO station (Tun Hussein Onn)
May 22, 2020 08:15 AM - Inbound to THO station (Tun Hussein Onn)
May 19, 2020 05:29 PM - Outbound from THO station (Tun Hussein Onn)
May 19, 2020 05:24 PM - Picked Up by courier (Tun Hussein Onn)
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Slow delivery

Item sent out but sent to wrong branch, then the branch need to send back to HQ which the process itself takes a week. Then from HQ to send to correct branch also another. Went to branch, but branch just said too many parcel, shipment will resume back after Raya. Overall time to receive a shipment will be 3-4 weeks. Better dont call yourself a courier service.

Subsequently, another parcel sent out by seller also same process, sent to wrong branch, wrong branch processed back to HQ, HQ send back to correct branch.

Seriously, fix your postcode issue if you know it already. It should not be repeated upon every shipment.

Was expecting to use by Raya hence purchase since 1st week of Ramadhan, but due to this stupid courier service, cant do it anymore.

If possible, seller please avoid this courier service, slow response, repetitive issues.

No further updates of the parcel from gdex e-tracking since 14 may 2020

The parcel with number MY10005144988 sent out from Johor Bahru on 11 May and have reached GDEX Sungai Buloh station on 14 May with status "Inbound to SGB station". Ever since that, no more further updates for the parcel ever since, the parcel NOT received even until 21 May today. Regardless the recipient address (Shah Alam) is just nearby to the Sungai Buloh station, no delivery, no status updates, seems the parcel was totally disappeared from the world!
Regardless how many times calling GDex Sungai Buloh station office, nobody picked up the phone. Calling GDex Customer Service [protected]) every day, the answer given was always the same which is "we will follow up with the issue you raise and will check with the Sungai Buloh station, will update you by today", but in the end seems all turned out to be empty promises as no further feedback from them. Wrote to both
"[protected]" and "[protected]" reporting the issue as well and no response from at all.
All channels been used but to no avail.

You will find GDex Sungai Buloh station really have such notorious for it's delivery service from internet and unfortunately seems the GDex Managements are turning a blind eye to all our writing complaints as well as turning deaf ear to calling complaints via so called it's Customer Service support. If GDEX not capable to cope with the delivery volume during MCO, please STOP accepting new delivery requests from the public, not continue giving empty promises and cheating the public with delivery promise you are not able to fulfill. I hope GDEX can really understand the concept of "Express" , the real situation happening now is contradictory to it's business vision and mission.

Late of parcels delivery

Tracking number as below:

Took so long time to receive my parcels, now approching Hari Raya holiday, when will I get my parcels? It's urgent items.

Please send feedback to me via email [protected]

Document parcel my4307663453 send out to singapore on 9 may 2020 still not received yet.

ACCOUNT NO : 1024013

Postage out the MY4307663453 to singapore by Gdex express on 9 May 2020 but disappointed until now yet to receive and still inbound at Singapore Station. In addition, we have try to reach out to your customer service hotline number to report regarding this issue but your side still not answer the call so many times. we send out the document from Malaysia to Singapore ( RECIPIENT ADDRESS). Kindly please response to my complaint regarding this issue as soon as possible as we don't want to wait anymore when our document will receive at singapore.

Our recipient still havent received the document for MY43076634493

Account no: 1024013

We courier the document to Singapore on 12/5/2020 but till to-date our recipient still yet to receive the document. The status still in-bound at singapore station. Would like to know when can we expecting this document to be delivered ? We have called many times to your customer service but no response at all. We want this document to be sent to our recipient asap due to urgency. Kindly check and feed back asap.

Complain about shipment issue #MY90008292450

Sender's Company : HGM Industries Supply Sdn
6447, Jalan Ayam Didik 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan, Taman Ria Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Sender's Account : 2070068
Sender's Contact No : [protected]
Sender's Email : [protected] (Sales department)

Consignee's Company : Hosiden Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd
Lot 1, Jalan P/1A, Bangi Industrial Estate, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Malaysia.
Air Way Bill No : MY90008292450 -76 CTNS (picked up by gdex from HGM company on 04/05/2020)

Complain Issue : We found that online tracking status still pending "Inbound to BGI station (Bangi)'' since 08/05/[protected]@07:45AM. This shipment has been shipping for 12days already, but still can't reach to consignee address. So, I need a reasonable explanation for why can happened this & didn't no update any status? Due to consignee already chase the goods, I need your team assist to settle it. Please check & feedback, thanks!!

Complain about shipment issue #MY90008292450

Poor customer service, slow delivery

From the tracking apps its showed that the parcel inbound from 8 may until 13 may no news. I fb messenger and email them but no one reply.

Find, finally it out for delivery today on 14 May. I was waiting for the parcel as the items are so Important that I need to receive by these 2 days. However, around 5pm I checked again the status was stated Undelivered due to Hold for Reattemt Date.
Hallo??? I work from home and I never step out from home the whole day, no delivery man no phone call at all.. if you never deliver please DO NOT put out for delivery... really speechless...

Tracking Number: MY30134473845
Courier Company: Gdex Express
May 14, 2020 05:13 PM - Undelivered due to Hold for Reattempt Date (Singapore)
May 14, 2020 10:54 AM - Out for delivery (Singapore)
May 08, 2020 11:27 PM - Inbound to SIN station (Singapore)
May 07, 2020 05:50 AM - Outbound from IND station
May 05, 2020 06:43 PM - Outbound from KUA station (Kuantan)
May 05, 2020 05:17 PM - Picked Up by courier (Kuantan)
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Service I am complaining about, when I track my parcel they said its undelivered due to sorry card but there is no sorry card given.

-name : nuraqidah binti maring
-tracking : my37007670050
-telephone number : [protected]
-out for delivery : 9/5/2020
But I didn't receive the parcel because undelivered due to sorry card (but I didn't receive any sorry card)
-undelivered due to held back in office: 11/5/2020
- the courier didn't contact me to arrange next delivery.
- I call the customer service, office but no one picked up.
-I personally whatsapp the number given at the website then he said he will arrange the next delivery but still I didn't get any update.

Service I am complaining about, when I track my parcel they said its undelivered due to sorry card but there is no sorry card given.

Item still not delivered

Item was shipped out since 29 Apr 2020, it's still not delivered to me as of 12 May 2020. The item was place at their station for more than 10 days! What do they do keeping the item for so long ?

Item still not delivered

Wrong item received

Just now (04/05/2020) received my packaging (wrong one) from the GD transporter. The slip behind the packaging show the correct sender & receiver name & address. But, the item inside was totally wrong. U had sent me other person package of (Safi Rania product) which locate to JB address. Then my (Ikan bilis) had not found in this packaging. How can this happen? Hope ur team can tackle this problem immediately. Here i attached the photo of ur delivery package.


No12, Lintang Desa Aman, S8/2,
Fasa 3, Taman Desa Aman,
09410 Padang Serai,
Kedah DA.

Wrong item received
Wrong item received
Wrong item received
Wrong item received