Yahoo!yahoo! powered

C Apr 18, 2018

I am a very careful down-loader, I make sure everything I am doing is safe and no harm will come to my pc, I have autism which affects the way I do things severely, I will check over and over before I do something on my pc, and I absolutely despise yahoo's search engine and anything to do with it that isn't yahoo ask or yahoo mail, I am very very perturbed and angry to find that, yes, your program is downloaded onto my pc WITHOUT my permission, I took extensive measures to keep it off, and now suddenly, there it is, like the virus it is, right in my programs on my task manager with no safe way of removing it because its irremovable without having to un hide my protected system files and doing so could result in DESTROYING my computer which is a LOANER from my school I am working with, they did NOT send me this pc with Yahoo! Powered, if I am held accountable for your software's actions, your developer of the software's actions, things will not be pretty for any of us, help assist me to remove your malware, sincerely, a very angry student.

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