G Oct 11, 2019

The recent changes to Yahoo Mail (within last 12 months) have completely screwed the use of Distribution Lists. I had written earlier to mention my initial concerns - but they were minor - my most recent learning of just how bad things have become is way beyond those first concerns, and way more unacceptable.

As well as being forced to upgrade, we are forced to accept poorly working software that now (with a bit of hunting) will allow us to update Distribution Lists. BUT, having updated them, these new lists are NOT used when accessing the newly updated list - it displays as though NO UPDATE WAS EVER DONE.

In reality then, I can't adjust the Distribution List at all. Maybe I could retype the whole thing - but I am not even sure this ropey software will even allow me to use any new List !!

This is shocking and quite unacceptable. For years, with each little new problem thrust upon me by Yahoo, I have muttered that I would go elsewhere. This time you may have done enough to force me to do just that.

Sorry, but Yahoo has become Yahpoo

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