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Wyndham Vacation Ownership reviews & complaints

Wyndham Vacation Ownership complaints 254

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Reinstating Points

We booked a reservation on 12/1/2021, at Club Wyndham Skyline Tower for 12/25/2021 - 12/27/2021. We live in South Carolina and our plans were to travel to New York for the holidays from 12/22/2021 and vacationing in NJ on our way home. On 12/21/2021, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and all of our travel plans had to be cancelled. This involved hotel stays in Albany, Binghamton and West Nyack, NY. My Club Wyndham reservation was booked online so I immediately went online to cancel. The next day I contacted Wyndham to have my 30, 375 points reinstated and was told that it couldn't be done. I was told that I should have called instead of cancelling online because the "system" automatically deducts the points and the "system" cannot be overridden. I also was told that it was my fault that I didn't call and I should have purchased point protection/travel insurance. I now understand that I made in error in not calling by 7 pm (I cancelled online at 7:08 pm), but I had no intention of purchasing the point protection because I absolutely was planning to stay- it was on my way home! The cancellation was due to the pandemic, something which I have no control over. We have been Wyndham owners for 20 years and to be told that Tiana, the supervisor has the final say and that the "system" cannot accept an override and reinstate my points is truly ridiculous and unacceptable. I would appreciate having my situation looked into and having my points reinstated. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Reinstatement of Points

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Cancel a charge

on 11-13-2021 ramada inn, kingman az. asked nite desk person for room on main level with parking in front of room.on finding the room, it was in an inner hallway.went back to desk, was told i had to talk to manager to cancel charge-i have ALS and can't walk very well.did not stay at ramada-i have left messages 6 times at desk-no response-does not matter what time i call no manager-very poor customer service.i have refered to my credit card company.will not likely be using wyndham like i have in past

Desired outcome: refund of 99.79 to my chase card

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Discovery membership

Paid for the discovery membership because of covid the ground border was closed because of medical reasons I can't fly. Two years as gone bye can't use the travel membership is closed no refund or travel taken. Since the account is closed Now Wyndham wants a payment for this membership.

I went into this agreement with full intention of paying for and using this vacation.

The total amount paid for this was 4066.70us and with nothing showing from it is pretty disappointing

David Talbot

Desired outcome: Refund or extend the membership for 2 years


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Timeshare purchase

I purchased TIMESHARE in February prior to covid so I understood availability. I am still not able to book any trip I want it is horrible. So far I went on two trips both were not where I wanted to go because of availability. Even trying to book over a year out I cant go where I want. I have tried so many times to book somewhere I want to go and it is always full. When I call customer service just says buy more points. I cant travel, where I want to go points, won't help me. I was told when I purchased I could travel once a year with my family anywhere I wanted to go. They lied harrassed and misrepresented. I would like my 20, 000 dollars back. My monthly fees more than cover the two trips I took and both resorts smelled moldy and old and I was harassed at each one to buy more. How can you relax when you are trying to duck out and in resorts so you don't get harassed. Wyndham timeshare is a waste of money you can travel with much less money using airBNB.

Desired outcome: refund of 20,000


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Timeshare

We have been locked into this awful mess for several years. Wyndham doesn't care that we were misled when we purchased. We haven't made a payment to the timeshare in years, but they are still relentlessly trying to collect. Wyndham doesn't care about the individuals they are harming during this process. They are just worried about the next paycheck

Desired outcome: cancellation with full refund


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Timeshare

We have been Promised our own personal consultant, the incentive to never attend an owners meeting again if we signed for $84, 000, and the most infuriating complaint that we currently have zero equity. This purchase was supposed to be life changing for my family, but instead it crushed our hopes and dreams financially. This entire misleading corrupt system Wyndham operates should be shut down, and I want my money back.

Desired outcome: cancellation with full refund

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Cannot use points/book etc

I am beyond frustrated with Wyndham. Once they received my money for 200, 000 points they do not care. They don't care if I do not get the vacations I want. They don't care if I am happy. There is no refund option. They literally got over $2, 000 and I got nothing. I tried to use my free week with them; NO OPTIONS! Not that they care but I'll never use or recommend anything to do with Wyndham. I have tried to use their services and a different story was told when I purchased vs when I am booking. VERY ANGRY "CUSTOMER" Im not really a customer because I received nothing; I just gave them my money like an idiot!

I just want Wyndham to give me some value for my money. I WILL NOT spend another dime with them until they put their money where their mouth is. Take care of me and my family!

Desired outcome: Book my vacation, get me a hotel/renal car I DON'T CARE

Wyndham in nothing but trouble low class scam & using people’s money 💰 and you get nothing but frustrating. A ripoff co.

They lied to me just to get to charge my credit card.

And did NOT return my money ❗️

It supposed to hold only ❗️Yeah right, lyres

Receptionist @ front desk in Dania Wyndham was disrespectful,


Benjamin C.


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Discovery Program

Terrible experience with using this points system, extremely long wait times to talk to anyone, due to covid and family vaccination time (just now everyone fully vacinated 7/21) the points are now expired and Wyndham was not able to help me do anything about it. I feel pretty dumb as I am still paying for these points that I seem to have no way to use.

This feels like a terrible scam.

Desired outcome: Someone with authority to allow me to use points that I paid for

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Shawnee village

Rented a unit at this place at this location with a family of 3 small kids on May 28-31 when got there said no reservation was for them found a unit but was dirty found another unit but bed bugs had...

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Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Discovery program

came to the Vegas resort back on 10/31/2021 we were picked up from our hotel and taken to a resort to listen to a seminar we did not stay in the room for the seminar instead we were taken to a table...

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Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Time share

In 2017 while vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN we were approached by a Street vendor to take a presentation at the Wyndham Jimmy Buffett, It 5 O'Clock Somewhere Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN. We went to the presentation and through a lot of high pressure bout a Discovery package for just under $4, 000.00. In September 6-13, 2019 we used it at the Ocean Walk Resort at Daytona Beach, FL. The Room was an Oceanside one bedroom deluxe. It was nice. We were encouraged very strongly by management to attend a 90 minute presentation on Saturday September 7, 2019. The Salesman was Joel Roman. He spent the next 6 hours showing us the resort and what we could have if we traded our discovery package in on a Club Wyndham membership. We kept saying no and Joel would then get a manager to come talk to us to further pressure us into purchasing points for the timeshare. I advised Joel that we had a paid off timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN that we were happy with and did not need another Time share. Through the process of 6 hrs we simply wore out and wanted the session to end. We signed the Contract after Joel and management offered to give us extra points because we owned another timeshare with Westgate. They also were rolling the left over Discovery Points in order to keep them from expiring. We questioned the 15+% interest rate and Joel told us numerous times he would work with us and get us financing for 2-4%. We questioned him thoroughly about this financing. He stated that once we signed the contract he would help us get the financing. The Monday morning September 9, 2019 I called Joel and explained that we had thought about it and that we wanted out of the contract. He spoke about all of the benefits we would be giving up and not to worry about the financing that he would have the finance company call us. I repeated this request to Joel on the 10th and 11th to cancel the timeshare contract. It did not happen!
The first week in in October 2019 we booked a stay at the Wyndham Emerald Grand in Destin, FL. What a Disappointment! We had a view of the parking lot when we had asked for an ocean view. We were told by Wyndham there is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. Again we went to a Presentation. did the resort tour and then spent 3 hours saying no to the high pressure sales tactics and listening to the sales people demean the program we had purchased. We actually left the Resort a day early because of our disappointment.
September 4-11, 2020 we had booked an oceanside room at the Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona beach. When we checked in we were told that the Hotel was at a 103% capacity and that we would not be given an oceanside room. instead we were given a single bedroom studio facing the hallway. It was dark and less than one would expect from a Motel 6. We complained and were told they would put us on a list to change to an oceanside room if it became available. To their credit we were moved to an oceanside room on Tuesday September 8, 2020. We were again told that we were to go to a presentation. We advised that we did not want to attend a sales presentation and were told that it would not be a sales presentation but a Wyndham update of benefits. When we arrived at the meeting we were greeted by several sales persons. We stated that we were told this would not be a sales presentation. The man salesman stated, "whoever told you that lied to you. Of course this is a sales presentation." We sat through several sales people as they told us that what we have is low kind of membership and that the one bedroom studio apartment is what we could expect from now on. Again we said no to their numerous offers for purchasing an up grade. We were also told that our points were going to expire so we needed to transfer them to RCI, which we did.
Flash Forward to March 1-6, 2021 We used points to go to Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. We were upgraded by Wyndham to a two bedroom Suite. It was nice. We enjoyed our stay. We were told that we needed to go to a presentation and was promised in writing that it would be no longer than 90 minutes. The presentation was an attempt to get us to spend $20, 000 to go from the point system to a Deed system being told that if we would become owners of Wyndham properties instead of "users" of Wyndham properties we could stop paying maintenance fees forever. We were told that as Wyndham timeshare owners we really have a right to use but are not owners and that Wyndham now wants to return ownership of their resorts to the Timeshare owners by issuing each owner a deed. We refused having said no at least 4 or 5 times. The salesman kept saying the choice was a no brainer and that we have been given the choice to get out of paying maintenance fees so if we did not choose the new plan we were foolish.
The initial down payment was put on a Barclay's Wyndham rewards card at 19.99% interest and the mortgage and maintenance fees were automatically going on the card. So not only is Wyndham charging 15+% interest we are being charged an additional 19.99% interest on the same mortgage and maintenance fees through Barclay's.
This is unacceptable, crooked and unethical behavior on Wyndham's part.

Desired outcome: We want out of the Contract that we asked to be canceled the first three days after signing the contract and a refund of all money spent as well as the downpayment and interest charged

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Bonnet creek - the way we were treated

We are guests of a timeshare owner. Room under rebecca McFadden Wyndham Bonnet Creek room 128 march [protected]. My 11 year old boys (almost 12) were allowed to swim Friday March 19th alone. Saturday...

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Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Wyndham discovery program

Wyndham Destinations Attn: Consumer Finance Department 6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821 To Whom it May Concern: I am writing you today regarding our Wyndham Discovery Contact #[protected]...

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Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Hotel stay personal injury

I am currently staying at the Wyndham garden hotel, during my staff I have been bitten by bedbugs. I have encountered bugs in my room at service different times. Staff can to view the reported bedbug and destroyed evidence of the bug. I have taken serial pictures of these bugs found at the hotel March 4th, the reservation can be found under the name Alexus Moralez staff in room 412, Wyndham Garden Madison, Fitchburg, Wis. My name is Jeffrey House, I was a guest in the room that observed and reported staffing this troubling ordeal. Furthermore there was no supervisor at anytime upon the grounds to resolve the matter, there was no proper sanitation unit on grounds. The staff person destroyed the bug with his hands as to get rid of evidence of my injury I have provided pic of the bites and bug found in my bed, this should not have occurred. Furthermore the hotel lacked available grievance forms a guest could submit to management. Disturbing experience

Desired outcome: compensation for pain suffering injury


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Overall service, support and choices

It is very hard to make a booking and 90% of the available options wont be available even a year in advance.

Even due to Covid situations and inability to travel, they were not accommodating the request to extend the date of expiry of travel credits.

Also, there is no one available for support after the office hours even if it is an emergency. Club Wyndham by no means supports anything related to Discovery saying that they are a different department.

It is a complete rip off of money! Not trustworthy at all!

Sep 24, 2020

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Mislead and lied to during follow up sessions

Three weeks ago, we attended one of the owners follow up sessions. It was only going to last 1 hour. 3 hours later we had written a statement explaining how we were mislead the previous year by a...

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Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Sunbeam and hiring management

My name is Andrew Roberts and I applied for the houseperson position a weak ago, did the assessment test, had a sup ask me questions visa by text then schedule a date for an interview for the 19th of this mouth of September. Then on September 3th I receive the email about the position was giving to someone else with was outrageous. This is Unacceptable. With all that's going on the world you people decide to pull this stunt. I guess black lives don't matter after all.


Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Vacation cancelled

I am beyond words disappointed and so incredibly frustrated with the way Wyndham handled rearranging vacations to accommodate less guests during this pandemic but two weeks before we were supposed to...

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Mar 10, 2020

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Timeshare

This company will have you feel amazing when you leave. You will be sooooo excited about the vacations you are going to go on. But when you go to actually try to plan your vacations. You go through...

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Feb 21, 2020

Wyndham Vacation Ownership - Ownership , YOU OWN NOTHING BUT WORTHLESS PAPER

Joe Ann W2/21/2020 01:17:26 pm I have 8 years experience which included 1 purchase and 4 upgrades in order to get us the vacations we need. In the end it is a bunch of hocus pocus. As I moved up...

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