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Joe Ann W2/21/2020 01:17:26 pm
I have 8 years experience which included 1 purchase and 4 upgrades in order to get us the vacations we need.

In the end it is a bunch of hocus pocus.

As I moved up the the different status, not much of a change in benefits were noticed. Yes I can book earlier. But that does not help the majority of Americans because people usually say hey, Lets go visit our family next month. Or here is a wedding in 3 months lets do to that. The majority of vacations can not be booked almost 2 years in advance in order to get in to one of their resorts. OTHERWISE it is wasted money for sure. You pay them monthly for both the timeshare and the maintenance of the timeshares which goes up with every upgrade and every fake move up the later, And also increases each year. Needless to say you have to then turn around and pay for your own vacations out of pocket because you could not use their resort because they are booked solid. This makes it a serious waste of cash. A serious let down of service and a serious stress on my health. I tried to make it work by following their demands for upgrading to my detriment.

Now they refuse to do anything! They hide behind a contract that does not spell out the hardships, the caveats, the impossibility and the reason they do it is to get you to upgrade. HELLO sooner or later people catch on but it's too late. You are stuck in perpetuity.

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    cwtpc Feb 21, 2020

    Sounds like time-sharing isn't for you...

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    Brenda Mar 24, 2020

    Your letter has reaffirmed my decision to not buy into this timeshare. I could not reconcile all the constant moving parts.

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Wyndham Vacation Clubworthless timeshare scam

No vacations to show for wyndham!!!
11/11/2017 over 2 years with not 1 vacation, but many calls to try to get us to upgrade because we have not vacationed. Whey would be pay more if we can not even use what they sold us.

My complaint is the methodical approach that this company chooses to trap bystanders into worthless contracts. They hold you up for hours!

Consistently hammering you with multiple salespeople and ignoring any no that comes out of your mouth! With each no they have some new and fantastic steal of a deal (in hindsight the theft is in your money as they do not have intentions of letting you use the points as they say you will be able to). Then you are stuck with these useless points. The boost this "dream" vacations up with what a smart investment this is!

I left on a high with visions of my australian vacation I was buying along with many others. But four months later, I got a phone call from a salesman from wyndham who told me, when he could not solicit me into an upgrade, that I was "stupid," and the points I bought would not get me anywhere. As rude as he was, he was the only truthful voice from this outfit.

They were useless, and wyndham's own employee admitted what a fraud this company is. I am sickened by this whole transaction.

I sent in a complaint through their website and they completely ignored it!!!

They know they are a scam and ignore you once you buy unless they can squeeze more money out of you.

Wyndham Vacation Club — timeshare

I want everyone to think really good before they get suckered into being an owner with Wyndham. I Purchased in 2012. I tried to go on vacation to Bonnet Creek, Palm Aire, Sea...

wyndham vacation club timeshare scam

Add more review text We just want to warn people who are thinking of signing up for a timeshare, please do yourself a favor and stay clear from Wyndham. Also if you are staying on...

timeshare crock of pooh

This Timeshare resort company is an empty pit. You will feel cheated when you walk away from the dream world they painted up for you to reality. The things they talked about to get you to buy are not really within your grasp and they know this and still sale it to you knowing you will be stuck paying for a useless ownership.

They told us we could travel out of the country with this membership. That was the kicker for us, that was the reason we signed up. Come to find out, the points are different and so, what they sold me, was not enough to convert and get me to Greece, Argentina and Germany; we tried! NOT at all what our salesmen described our membership to be. Now if he was honest then we would have known off the bat this would not work for us and we would not have signed our life away. But he manipulated the truth and from what is all over the internet, this company knows it, it is COMMON PRACTICE: to lie to get them to buy. How is it in the United States this can continue to happen unchecked? Because money means more than decency, ethics, morals, and protecting individual rights.

We have tried also to go on other vacations. IN 2 YEARS WE HAVE TRIED 11 TIMES TO GO ON VACATION WITH ONLY 1 SUCCESS STORY TO Destin. You tell me now how this is a fair contract. When I am paying to vacation and the company I pay to vacation is always booked solid which is not allowing me to vacation. I called the helpline and they offered to sell part of my subsidized points. What good would that do? I still would not be able to use the leftover points so I am still paying for a worthless membership. This is ridiculous. This company knew I was a student and worked full time so they knew I would be on the school schedule and they knew It would be impossible to rent during this time and still sold me on the fact I could.

wyndham sales takes advantage of old people...

34161 These two crooks sold my mother a $37,000 package that she told them that she could not afford. They promised her that they would rent her points for her so she didn't have a...

issuing credit card

During our seminar we told our person we were not interested in buying a timeshare or whatever they were selling. He seemed to understand however he had us fill things out telling...

Wyndham Destinationstimeshare sales

Wyndham vacation resorts

Re: Contract numbers, [protected], [protected], and [protected]

On June 1, 2018, my husband and I with four friends arrived at National Harbor resort intent on attending the Capital Jazz fest in Columbia, Maryland and having a college reunion, as my friends had come from different states. After leaving the front desk, we were told we had to have an owners update.

On Sunday, my husband and I arrived at 10:00 am for what was promised as a 45 minute update. After the film concerning new locations and new VIP guidelines, Valencia Richardson came to update my account. Walking into that meeting, I told Ms. Richardson that I was already a platinum owner. I was paying approximately $1, 500 per month for mortgage and maintenance with four years left on that contract. I had a interest rate of 13.99% on that loan but I was handling the expense. My last purchase was in 2013 when I joined Club Access. At that purchase I was told that I should never have to purchase again because my contracts were grandfathered into the platinum level with my PIC. On June 3, 2018, Ms. Richardson told me that my Club Access contract was going to experience a significant increase because many resorts under that program were affected my hurricanes and other issues. She stated that I must come out of Club Access and all of my previous purchases, buy 300, 000 points, thus having a million points at National Harbor, and by doing so it would make me a permanent platinum member and reduce my maintenance fees. I told her my husband and I couldn't afford another purchase. I told Ms. Richardson that I had to leave because additional friends were coming to my unit and that we were having a luncheon. My husband and I left around 12:00 pm.

To my great surprise, about a half an hour later, Ms. Richardson appeared at my door. We invited her in and she had lunch with us. After lunch she told my friends that she had unfinished business with my husband and I and pulled us away from our friends! To some of our friends we never said goodbye. The sales pressure was that high!

By now, my husband was tired of this high pressured sales pitch. This time we were joined by Mr. David Lee, the Sales Manager. I told him that I couldn't afford the new purchase. He told that Ms. Richardson could help with that problem and left to see if he could get a lower interest rate on the new purchase. Using her best "home girl" charm, she told me that could be my personal representative and that she would show me how to place my timeshare on the rental market and payoff this debt in five years. I didn't purchase timeshare to rent but the idea of getting it paid off in five years was attractive. By this time, around 7:00 pm, my husband was furious! He told me not to purchase anything and left the meeting. Ms. Richardson pressed on.

Mr Lee returned to state that he couldn't bring the interest rate down but Ms Richardson could help me if I decided to purchase. I told him about Ms Richardson ‘s idea to rent the timeshare to pay off the mortgage, and his reply was she can help you in that way. Once again I stated that I couldn't afford the package. Valencia Richardson then came back to promise me "we" can do this.

At 8:30 pm, exhausted, hungry, and defeated in will, I signed the contract. My husband came back to me to see why I was still there and we had a verbal altercation. Ms Richardson and Mr. Lee were both aware of his feelings.

The impact of that purchase is that my timeshare payments do not allow for health essentials. Needed medicines not covered in full by insurance are not purchased. I pay approximately $2, 680 per month for mortgage and maintenance. This mortgage is greater than my home mortgage. I was paying these fees with Wyndham rewards credit card to off set some maintenance fee. I was previously paying Barclays $1, 500 per month. Barclays Bank was charging 17.99% interest on balances and with the $1, 100 increase I quickly began to acquire a high balance. Now I was paying Wyndham and Barclays unsustainable amounts of money. My husband refused to help me because I went against his directive.

I live on a small pension and social security. I cannot keep these contracts up. I wrote to Wyndham Cares, a program that is suppose investigate and help with such problems. Their reply after many months was no. Sadly, I must exit this timeshare to improve my mental and physical health.

Laraine Williams

Baymont by Wyndham — manager nirmal bath

657563 This morning we discovered blood on the back of one of the pillows which prompted my husband and I to pull back the covers that were tucked and there was blood at the bottom of...

Wyndham — amazon ipad fire

I am locked out of use of my amazon ipad fire. I received the ipad as a gift from wyndom. Corp. For attending a timeshare seminar., it was to purchase points for times shares at...

wyndham vacation resort, inc club wyndham discovery membership agreement

My husband and I were lied to about the terms and agreements. We were told by Charles Philips that we were getting 24mths of financing when we only received 6mthd. We only found out after receiving our cards and then it was too late to cancel. This was misleading and fraud. We kept asking where to find the 24mths and this is where CHARLES kept pointing too.
I will be contacting a lawyer and also submitting a internet campaign against this company and Wyndham Discovery. The public needs to to be careful because this is misleading, fraudulent and taking advantage of people.
Also is attached you will find a document made up internally that was used to sell me this package. Most companies only allow marketing material from the Corporate Office

wyndham vacation resort, inc club wyndham discovery membership agreement
wyndham vacation resort, inc club wyndham discovery membership agreement

as a company, I am distrustful of wyndham resorts

My suggestion is to stay clear of this company that will overcharge under your nose. Then charge accounts without your permission and not allow you to vacation as they are always booked:

In February 2017, While vacationing and staying at a Wyndham Resorts in North Myrtle beach, SC, I fell victim to some very strong and deceitful sales pressure to purchase a timeshare.

I needed to pay a down payment of $3719.60 immediately, which they put on a Paypal credit card. They ended up actually charging me $3749.60, which was their first no-no. They then, without my knowledge or permission, added another Paypal loan of $10000! I CALLED WYNDHAM AND THEY DID NOT CARE. That was their second no-no, which made me angry and distrustful of the Wyndham company.

I was and still, am unable to use any of the benefits as described by their high-pressure sales. Bottom line, I do not want to do business with a company that would attempt to steal money from me

wyndham timeshare ownership

We called to complain to Wyndham and spoke to Ruben Back in May. We were upset because we were told by Devin Streeter, we could go to Disney for a whole week every year. When we tried to book this, We found out we did not have enough points. Ruben told us to send him an email with the info we talked about so we did and we had a new issue! A hit on our credit for something we never receIved a bill for. A 30 point hit. It turned out to be the credit card. We had asked confirmed with Devin our final numbers twice and this cc amount was left out of our financial
responsibIlity at the signing. I specifically asked if there would be any other charges and Devin said no. We have tried to reach Devin and he refuses to call us back.

So we added this to the email and WYNDHAM HAS REFUSED TO RESPOND TO BOTH PROBLEMS.
The customer service is horrendous on top of this. We want this problem fixed now. We do not deserve to be ignored.

wyndham has turned vacations into nightmares!

With this particular timeshare, you cannot vacation as you pay to do so. You have so much trouble trying to book vacations with them as nothing is available. We have upgrades galore and still, nothing really to show for it but mostly 1-day vacations with a few longer ones and more fees paid outside to do so.

We have also been misled by a multitude of agents with this company at sales presentations and we just can not do it anymore. We are signing updates to cancel just to get out of these sales presentations and this is no longer ok for us anymore. We dread vacationing.

Not sure how this company is not getting into more trouble with all the problems their owners have with their business practices. Something is not right when they can get away with this stuff for so long with no responsibility and consequences.


On the night of August 5, 2019, my wife and 2 sons were on the first night of a 3-day stay in San Antonio. As we were about to purchase tickets for the River Walk boat tour, we were approached by a young man asking if we were there on vacation and if we were planning on visiting Sea World during our stay. I told him that we weren't sure. He offered us an opportunity to get 4 tickets for only $80 if we were willing to sit in on a 90-minute presentation. We explained that we were unsure if we'd make it back to San Antonio anytime soon in order to use them. He then mentioned that there was no deadline on using the tickets. We accepted the offer and signed up for an appointment the next morning at 10:30am.

The next morning, August 6, 2019, we arrived for our appointment at the Wyndham Resort 111 E Pecan St. After driving around for about 10 minutes trying to find a paid parking space, we entered the building and waited for our appointment to begin. We were greeted by, our salesperson. Joseph Samudio, at 10:30am and brought back into an open area with several other tables.

After a brief discussion, he showed us on a nearby television, some of the resorts around the world that we'd have access to. He also took us to see a couple of rooms at the resort that we were visiting.

We returned from visiting the rooms and sat back down at the table. He began to give us more information about how great it would be to take the family to all of these wonderful locations.

One of the locations that stood out for us was the one that's located on the Disney property in Orlando. We thought that, if nothing else, we'd get a ton of use out of the program by going there.

He then went and talked to a second person, who came back to the table with him. I believe it was a manager, and his name is David Salas. They came back with a sheet of paper that had an offer to purchase 84, 000 points. My drawback was that even if we were to gain access to the resorts, my concern was traveling to them. He explained that airfare was included in the program.

We were also told that only owners were allowed to stay at any of the resorts. This was a huge selling point for my wife and I. He mentioned that all of the resorts were very secure because of this, and we could feel comfortable allowing our children to explore the resort unsupervised and know that they we safe. However, I recently discovered by going to, that anyone could book a room. The price of a single room at the time that I checked was $159 per night.

In addition, the manager that was with him told us that we were buying the points with built in equity. He mentioned that this would be a good investment and that it would appreciate in value. The points we were purchasing were worth $21, 000. But, we were purchasing them for only $16, 000. I would later find out by searching the hundreds of timeshares for sale online for pennies on the dollar, that this is far from a good investment that would appreciate in value.

My wife and I agreed to become owners. I gave him a credit card in order to pay the $209 required down payment. We had agreed to finance $1, 500 for the remaining portion of the down payment through some other 3-party creditor. I did not know at the time who the creditor was because we were never given a credit application to complete. We were simply told that we had been approved. Therefore, there was never actually any written authorization to run our credit.

After which, Joseph instructed us to wait about 20 minutes, and we'd be able to go and sign the documents. To this point, my two sons ages 10 and 7, had been with us during the presentation the entire time. My concern was that they were getting tired and frustrated. We had promised them that we would go to the waterpark that day. At this point, we had been at the resort nearly 4 hours.

We entered the room and was introduced to Taylor Barbee. He let us know that he would be video recording while we were signing our documents. He even had us waive to the camera. As we sat down, Joseph came back into the room and handed me a piece of paper with various resorts and their locations. While he spent almost 4 hours showing us extravagant resorts around the world, he waited until the point when we were focused on signing documents to show us the resorts that were within our 84, 000-point range. Because he had brought it took us so late in the day, we did not have much time to look it over. I discovered later that our 84, 000 points would not be sufficient to book an Orlando visit as we had hoped. Nor would it be adequate to visit anywhere we'd like to go.

Before we started going over the documents, I asked Taylor once again if there would be equity in the investment when we purchased. He said, without a doubt, yes. (This should be on the recording taken in his office.) He began to go through the documents on the monitor of his computer. He never mentioned that there was a period in which we had the right to cancel. He led us through obtaining signatures, boxed up the thumb drive which contained our documents, and sent us on our way.

The experience was a high pressure sales presentation that lasted over 4 hours when it was supposed to last 90 minutes.

We were told things that were certainly not true. Here is a summary of facts that result in my demand for cancellation of the contract due to fraudulent and deceptive trade practices:

1) The information provided to us by your frontman in order to schedule an appointment at the resort was deceitful.
2) We were told that the resorts were exclusive and only owners could book reservations. However, we found reservations available online at that were open to anyone.
3) We were told that there was built in equity with our purchase.
4) We were told that this was a good investment that would appreciate in value over time.
5) We were provided a credit card for part of our down payment. No application for any credit card was included in my paperwork, nor did we sign any such paperwork. So I can only assume that someone on your staff processed a credit card application without my knowledge.
6) The sales staff purposely subjected us to a 4-hour presentation that was initially only to last 90 minutes. This is a tactic that does not follow good business practices, because it intentionally wears down the prospect's mental faculties.

timeshare scams

I went to a presentation that was told was 90 minutes an was dazzled into signing since I was there from 830 am to almost 4 pm was pressured into signing even though they lied through whole thing about what I would get with the points I was getting which I'm paying so much money for nothing was signed into 2 loans that I can't afford was never asked proof of income this was in north myrtle beach South Carolina .was never informed about rescind or how many days I have this was on aug31 I signed .i called Club Wyndham on 9/4 to ask about rescinding after a google search they only gave me address an still didn't inform me that I only had to 9/5 I sent certified mail on9/6 an called them a week later they only said I was a day late an was stuck .i told them I couldn't afford over 700 dollars a month when salesman said 300 they gave false lines at sales pitch an didn't care if i could pay or not an kept me hostage for hours on my vacation when I was told 90 mins so I wasted money an my time nothing but a bunch of scammers an sharks im goin to default an file bankruptcy

vacation ownership

I was invited to a two hour presentation about RCI now being owned by Wyndham Vacation Ownership. As a member of RCI I was interested in the changes that were going to occur...

timeshare... not worth it from this company.

Do you like swimming with sharks? Well if you end up getting suckered into a meeting to sell you and ownership with Wyndham, that is what you are asking for. They will swarm you with multiple sleek salespeople and relentlessly nip you until you give in and buy. We have had this timeshare for 3.5 years and have been on 10 days of vacation for a whopping $23, 000. They charge you maintenance fees each month and that over $500 a year would be enough to pay for the vacations I have done. I just threw away over a year of pay for nothing!!! You can not travel as they say you can and they refuse to help you when you ask for it. So do not get in the water with them!

timeshare hoax

We initially purchased in 2016 in Hawaii.

This ridiculous company used my husband's service as a crutch and gifted us additional points as well as 2 vouchers for future use and he was going to upgrade us to silver for free for 2 years. Initially, we felt special and great about this purchase. However, over the next year, we found nothing was available to us to reserve. We also found out that we did not get the Main land (Oahu) as we were under the impression but the Big Island instead. We were not happy about that.

We would later discover not only was it difficult to access but we could only access the Big Island location due to the initial package we purchased, or use the RCI network to access other locations. We were unable to access either the timeshare or the RCI network.

In 2017, a member from Wyndham and asked if we wanted to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to upgrade. The agent said that it was rare that they had available properties, but they recently came into some properties and were offering us a chance to get into a timeshare that would allow us more access to more sites. The agent said that this particular timeshare would have more opportunities to have access to sites because with the new timeshare we would not be locked into one specific site but have many sites to choose from.

We were also going to be given additional points (voucher) to use at any time after we upgraded. When I seemed reluctant to upgrade, the agent asked how often we traveled and if we had children, and if we were planning a trip soon. The agent assured me that we would be able to use the timeshare at more locations and that we could upgrade our rooms with this particular plan, and that we would have access to larger suites when we wanted to invite family members along. The agent also said that the timeshare would be great for the children to use at later times.

The agent said that she would be personally available to us for the next year to help us with our bookings and that that was one of the benefits to upgrading. The upgrade cost I believe was $1300 if I remember correctly. Once we upgraded I have tried to use the timeshare and all of the networks available to me with no luck. Additionally, I had to call the agent to help me secure a timeshare reservation and she could not find availability for me at that time and claimed that I needed to call 8 -12 months out.

When I spoke to her initially about the upgrade she said that I would not have to book so far out in advance. Each time we have tried to book either online or with an agent there has not been any availability despite being told that we would have so much more access to not only Wyndham hotels but others in the RCI network as well.

Needless to say, we purchased this timeshare and then upgrade with the intention of using it but as of yet we have not been able to use what we are paying monthly for. We have tried to get out.

BBB did not work and neither did writing to the CEO Michael D Brown.

Now we know that Wyndham is getting sued for controlling the reservations. Too bad its in Tennessee

This company is bad news! STAY AWAY FROM WYNDHAM.

will approve anyone and have no regard for ability to pay

I am making this complaint for my boyfriend Ron Tzinski. He was approved to purchase a timeshare even though he could not support the income to afford it. They did not require any documents as proof of income. When he went to talk to someone at Wyndham instead of helping him out of the contract that they told him they would buy back if he couldn't afford it, they pressured him into buying an upgrade (7 hours in a meeting). Again, not verifying his income or ability to pay. He is self-employed. Even during this 7 hour meeting, they told him again, they would buy the timeshare back if he decided he didn't want it. When he contacted them about buying it back, he was informed then that they don't do that. They say whatever they think you want to hear to get you to sign. Sad part is that they have a armed forces program for military/veterans which is less costly but even though they knew he was a veteran, they never presented him that program.

I, myself, attended a presentation as a friend of mine booked me a room at one of their resorts as a birthday present for my son and was informed I had to attend a presentation. I attended the presentation and when I told them I was not interested or able (currently in bankruptcy), they kept presenting me programs to consider purchasing even offering to sign me up for one of their out of the country programs to "get my foot in the door for when the bankruptcy is over". The last program they offered was a two year trial period program for around $4, 000. I finally had to get firm and a little loud and accused them of using high pressure to try to get me to buy. Again, without verifying my income and knowing I did not have an ability to pay, they were willing to have me sign a contract.

Ron has been trying to get out of his contract with Wyndham for 8 or 9 months. He was lied to and scammed into believing that he could easily walk away from the program. Ron had lost his wife when he first bought the Wyndham Vacation program and when he went to them for assistance in ending his contract with them they manipulated him into believing that upgrading was the solution. They like to say that people only upgrade if they are happy, but I have read several hundred reviews where people were trying to get out of their contracts and were manipulated into upgrading. Their salespeople are trained well into making you believe you can afford a program that you can't.

Ron has filed complaints with various places to get help to resolve this situation and has not been able to get anyone to understand that he should have never been allowed to buy into the program as he could not afford it. He paid in more money they he used and it makes no since why they are holding him hostage and not allowing him out of the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this complaint. I hope someone from Wyndham reads this and helps him exit their program. He is a veteran and deserves better treatment.

Theresa England

points bought

We deserve a severance from this company. And we want to make sure that no one else signs up with these points without knowledge of the truth in the matter. This company will tell you things that you will find out later to be untrue. When you go to their owner's meetups at every vacation. They are very slick and get you to upgrade and they also do it over the phone. I have had 4 upgrades and ONLY 2 vacations. The upgrades were supposed to make things better for us to use our points. But really we were told the initial purchase was going to give us what the upgrades have. So we feel swindled. The costs do not add up to what they tell you. We are just tired of this. $127, 800 to get what we were told we would get at $14, 700!!! Do not fall into this trap. We have not been able to get ahold of people in customer service. It is a mess. Stay clear of this company. They pretend as they care but in hindsight, they took us for our money and used our trust to do so.

Club WyndhamTimeshare Vacations not being able to use or get a refund

My husband and I bought into the timeshare with Club Wyndham in New Orleans under monthly payments. First we were told we could start using our points immediately, then after we signed the contract we were then informed since sooooo many people used their points before paying for them, that offer of traveling immediately we over and that we had to pay seven (7) months worth first. Ok, no problem. Unfortunately, my husband is a disable vet and needed a knee replacement within those 7 months. Although we continued payment, we never were able to use program. Then the following year, my husband had his 2nd knee replacement, which delayed us traveling again. We kept up with the payments with plans on traveling as soon as my husband recovered fully. A few months ago, because of medical bills we had to stop payments for a few months just until the VA caught up with the disability payments to us. We were told that would be fine, and as valuable customers we could just restart payments when we were ready. Ok, so a few months later when were ready were told we would have to pay the remaining balance ($1, 300) before the end of the month or we will lose the over $2, 000 we've already paid into this timeshare. Plus we would still be indebted for the remaining balance and yes it will go on our credit report as unpaid. If not paid by end of this month, we will lose everything and there's no refund, partial or otherwise. This is how they treat their "valued customers" and a disable vet. We were told to contact the corporate office and the board of directors for help, that number they gave us is no longer in service. We are not letting this go, we would like to utilize this program but there's no way we can have that much money within a few weeks.

not sure how they think this will thrive.

We bought into this TIMESHARE when 6 sharks, oh I mean salesmen, surrounded us and did not accept our no, not now, we are not interested, etc, repeatedly. Really it takes 6 people to sell something that someone wants. That was an afterthought that I might have had if Wyndham had not been the reason my body was starved of the nutrition I needed. I asked to leave due to my condition where I needed to eat, if I do not, I will get headaches and hot flashes. The staff offered some stale bacon that had been sitting for probably well over the safe limit and I had to take it due to needing substance so my head would stop spinning and my system could calm down. The danger Wyndhams sales reps put people like me in with health conditions to make that buck is downright shameful.

We purchased the timeshare SOLELY on what we were TOLD. And the main thing was that we can use Hilton points. Later we find that out to be a lie and it was a lie, Wyndham's agents knew exactly what they were doing. They just told us what we wanted to hear. That should be a breach in our contract.

When we tried to use our points, we did not have enough points to do anything. This was a perversion of decent ethics in business.

We proceeded to get excessive sales calls for more than 6 months after our purchase to try and extract more money!?! I asked each time for them to fix the problems we have, and they could not. But they harassed us every month even though we told them no; we would never pay more money because Wyndham fabricated stories to take out money!

This is a solid "no more for us".

We sent in a letter of our complaints and we were totally ignored. This is how you treat owners? Well, it should not be a surprise.

timeshare black hole

This company is all over the place. We can not get straight answers on any of the financials on our membership. Nothing is adding up. We also are getting charged around $800 per month and have only been able to rent 2 times for 3 days both times. What are we paying for? We expected to get what they sold us which is to be able to travel anywhere we wanted at any time and that has not been the case for us. We filed a complaint on the BBB and the case manager from Wyndham gave us an invalid extension number and then threatened to close the case for not responding and proceeded to give us the same number and extension which again the machine said the extension was invalid. This company is no good. We literally could travel anywhere in the world for that money without the restrictions this company places on it's owners.

vacation club

For us Wyndham was the best as far as locations for our vacations, for all our timeshares. However none of the others had to lie to us to get us to buy. The fact they told us they would even out our maintenance fees to get us to upgrade; and then later we found out that was not the case! That was the nail in the coffin for us. We do not appreciate being lied to.

contracts are no good for timeshares. do not sign one for this company


I am very frustrated and at the end of my rope with your company. I've fallen for every one of your lies, and there have been many. From the very start, your sales representative made it appear that by buying a timeshare through Wyndham I would have the best options available to vacation anywhere, anytime. That I would find it so much easier to book and take advantage of all of the great and many benefits that owning your timeshare would bring me. I even tried to upgrade, or what I thought and was told was an upgrade, to rectify the issues I have had since my original purchase. All to no avail. There is no amount of upgrades or purchases I could make that would ever get me to where I was promised I would be, because those promises were based on lies. This has become a very frustrating and disheartening realization.

This whole situation I've found myself in began towards the end of 2012. I received some correspondence through the mail offering me a 2 or 3 night stay in Pigeon Forge, TN and a credit card with either $50 or $100. The hotel was Baymont by Wyndham Sevierville Pigeon Forge, TN. To stay at the hotel for free I had to attend a 90 minute presentation during my stay. On or about November 12th, 2012, on the morning of the presentation, I went to the area provided by Wyndham which was a couple of miles from my hotel. I believe they called it the Wyndham Smokey Mountain. When I arrived, I checked in and was instructed where to go next.

I noticed there were at least 20 or so people who were waiting to hear the presentation as well. I poured myself some coffee and took a seat. Members of Wyndham were walking around and asking guests questions like where they were from, how they were enjoying their vacation and so on. I was asked a few questions also. When it was time for the presentation I was directed to a room, given a welcome speech, and then shown a video that explained why I should purchase a timeshare. The thrust of the video was that people should purchase a Wyndham timeshare to spend the precious times with family members and that the advantages to Wyndham timeshares were far superior than those of others as far as the flexibility and availability of timeshare locations.

After the video I was assigned a staff member to discuss whether I was interested in purchasing a timeshare. I did not know that this was part of the presentation. I thought that when the presentation ended, you either said yes you wanted a timeshare or no; however, I was prepared to tell the salesperson that I did not wish to purchase a timeshare. After making me wait for about 15 to 20 minutes, a salesperson finally approached me. We went into a cubicle and I could see a couple speaking with another Wyndham salesperson. The gentleman shook my hand and started off with small talk, asking questions about what brought me there and what I did for a living, etc. He asked me what I thought about the hotel accommodations, the Pigeon Forge area, and the presentation.

I told him that it was okay but wasn't sure I wanted to purchase a timeshare at the time. I told him I wasn't aware this was a sales meeting. He then proceeded to discuss the "benefits" of a Wyndham timeshare and why it was an investment to anyone who takes vacations. He took out some type of outline and started addressing the benefits, point by point. After he finished, I told him that I still wasn't ready to make a purchase. I noticed several staff members in the background who had started listening to our conversation, the back and forth. It felt like being watched by vultures. The salesperson asked if I would mind providing a credit check to see how much I qualified for to get the best deal. He ensured me that it didn't mean I had to purchase anything. I agreed. After he received the credit check back, which seemed to take another 20 minutes, he came back with a contract and started discussing the main parts of it. I told him that I would like to take a day to think it over. He said the deal was only for that day.

I asked him why the deal was only good for that day, and he told me it was company policy. The salesperson persisted by telling me it was a smart investment; I could rent it to others, and that Wyndham maintenance fees were consistently lower than other companies. I asked him if I could sell the timeshare when I paid it off, and he promised me that I could. I told him that I still wanted to take a day to think about it, but he again told me it was against company policy. By that time, I was tired. I had spent over an hour after seeing the video presentation, so I gave into the salesman, believing that it might not be the worst deal ever since I was fond of taking vacations.

Soon after I started using the timeshare benefits, I noticed that it seemed like I was almost always borrowing points and paying for additional points, for example housekeeper fees. I have seldom been able to use my regular points to use a timeshare without paying additional money. Many times I have tried to book a stay, but the stay was not available. During the presentation and the salesman pitch, the company bragged about how available timeshares were. If a timeshare was not available, I had to change the dates or book a different timeshare, which almost always resorted in paying more fees. Once I booked a vacation, but it was broken into two stays although it was for one period, which I ended up moving from one hotel to another and had to pay additional fees for.

In March of 2013, I booked a Wyndham Vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Me and some coworkers traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC once a year to play golf. When I checked in, I was directed to another table to get a parking pass. This is the standard Wyndham procedure they use to get you to attend another presentation; otherwise, they would provide you the parking pass at the same table they use to check you in. They usually offer you a credit card worth $100.00 or some other incentive to get you to attend a presentation during your stay, and when you tell them you're not interested they keep after you, trying to get you to attend. If you decide not to attend, they may call you constantly and try to convince you to change your mind. This has happened to me about three times. I did accept the credit card offer and attended a one-hour presentation because the company presented this presentation as an update and new information about their timeshares.

Again, I was assigned a salesperson who went over some updates, which I didn't think were any meaningful updates. I and other guests were shown different timeshares, so I guessed the company considered new rooms updates. All during the discussion with the salesperson, which ended up being two salesmen and others lurching about, I thought the upgrade meant that I would be updating my original timeshare. This is how they made it appear to me. The salesmen made it seem that way, and they told me I qualified for this "new program". They asked if they could run my credit report again to see if I could get better options. I told them they could, thinking I was only updating my current timeshare, because I had experience trouble using my points without paying additional money. I thought this might be a way to alleviate that issue, but I asked the salesperson if I could think about it for a day and I would let them know before I left Myrtle Beach. The salesperson said no. I asked if I could fax the documents to someone and have them look at it before I signed anything.

After seeming to discuss the issue with upper management for about 20 minutes, the salesman returned and told me that I could not. Because they knew they were selling me absolutely crap, nothing but a scam. After going back and forth with the salesperson for another 30 minutes or so and being pressured, I decided to take the upgrade to get more value from my initial purchase. The salesperson never told me I was purchasing a second timeshare in Myrtle Beach, and I didn't find this out until I started using the timeshares again. I had assumed that Wyndham was one big company and that I was adding benefits to my initial purchase. Purchasing the second timeshare put me back in the same situation of paying additional fees to use a timeshare. The salesperson crafted their language to hide the fact that I was purchasing a new timeshare. The upgrade didn't at all solve my problem of having to pay money out of my pocket with every vacation that I took.

So basically, I was lied to and mislead into purchasing a timeshare from your company to begin with. Then, I was once again lied to, made to believe I was upgrading what I had, but in fact I was buying a whole new timeshare. I was already spending money out of my pocket to vacation with the first timeshare, now I am paying for TWO timeshares, plus money out of my pocket to use either.

I am not any better off, in fact I am in a much worse situation now. Your sales representatives are complete frauds and your company is nothing more than a racket and a scam. I want my contracts cancelled immediately. I want a full refund of my money as well. There is nothing that is right or honest about your ways of selling timeshares. The whole thing is nothing more than an elaborate scam

vacation club

1) Annoying updates on site are required at every reservation or a $100 fee is charged to credit card used on the date of check-in. You just can't visit and relax anymore without being pressured into a some type of upgrade. Their interest to see the status of your account, what new locations will be opening, what additional upgrades would be beneficial to you, etc. Most of this information is available on the website.
Williamsburg, VA was our most relaxing location for the most part. The last few visit years not so much. The November 2016 being the most disturbing or high pressured. The following year we were told we we not making a smart financial choice but not taking advantages of the upgrades. November 2018 we spent more time in the upgrade meetings than vacationing. Then finally succumbing from day one, to day two, over nine hours, and six or more representatives later. I don't feel we would have been allowed to leave that day without doing so. After all that, we were told how we could rent out our timeshare because so many people would prefer to rent. UGH!!! We surely, were the last ones leaving the conference building that evening. Needless to say, we had decided we would NOT be visiting Wyndham Williamsburg anymore.

2) Being told so many different things that never seem to actually ever occur. -Like the additional reservations for our friends and family. -First preference on prime locations THIRTEEN months out. -We were encouraged to offset the maintenance fees with unused vacation membership points or trade into RCI. We have done this as well. We have yet to see a decrease in maintenance fees as suggested.

invest in something of value this timeshare will only give you heartache.

These fabricated ideas Wyndham uses to get people hooked into contracts without knowing what they bought into... When will it stop? I am seeing thousands of stories just like these all over the web. Why is nothing being done?
My story is similar to everyone else out there.
The sales representative told me that I can use bonus time meaning if I buy-in at the entry-level, I could use cash to stay in the resorts without using my points my previous timeshare let me operate that way. I tried several times with Wyndham and the representatives said that wasn't an option. This option was the reason why I bought in at the entry level.
The sales representative told me I was guaranteed booking if I gave Wyndham 4-6 weeks notice in advance for booking that was not true
They told me if I didn't use my points on a specific year that they could find someone that wanted to stay in a Wyndham resort and rent it out for me when I tried to take them up on that, they said they do not do that?!
Sales representative in Las Vegas called me several times, I believe his name was Jeff, he told me I needed to buy more points in order to book a real vacation he told me with the points I had to them I was considered as a second class citizen?!

do not invest into wyndham timeshares.

So the Salesman we had was pretty sneaky. He gave us a final number we were looking at per month, BUT HE LEFT OUT THE CREDIT CARD FOR THE DOWN PAYMENT AND THE MAINTENANCE FEES which doubled the cost each month, and of course when we got the bills and realized it, it was too late.

It also took us about 3 months before we were finally able to book a vacation. On that trip, they had a meeting to talk about the changes with our timeshare, they promised it was not a sales meeting but it was. It was also a long time. 4 hours instead of the 1 hour they told us it would be. They really just can not get the time thing straight, nor anything else.

vacation club ownership

The transparency and genuine information that I needed to have, in order to make a good decision, was left off the table at the sales meetings with Wyndham's reps. They were unclear of my final financial numbers and if they had then my decision would have been no. Ethics should play a role in this companies' actions and words when locking down a purchase on a contract like these.

In real estate you must list all the defects of the property. This company does not list the defects of these timeshares. Like the ever-climbing maintenance fees. As well as the increase in the annual program fee. The cost of the personal interval choice increase. Let's not forget the Hoa annual fee increase.
These are misrepresentations and deceptive information that was hidden from me in order to get my signature. Now, my request is a to be let out of this contract; AND, I would like to recoup some of these astronomical fees that your company hikes up each year with no regard to your owners. Especially as I have not been able to use it as they told me I could.

Wynhdam Vacation Resortsliars

This company is downright ridiculous, I want a full refund.
What we bought:
Gold membership, enough points for 2 week vacation minimum each year, with roll over if I did not use the points, vip benefits with discounted flights and rental cars, and small weekly fee for rci.

The ugly truth.
I can not vacation for 2 weeks each year. Not even close,
The points do not roll over
You do not save on airlines, and we get a small discount on rental cars!

It took several hours and 3 different reps to tell me the truth when I called to plan my 1st vacation.

We tried to cancel and they refused! Stay away unless you too want to be robbed!

useless points

STAY AWAY from purchasing any timeshare through Wyndham.
Unless you want:
#1 to be outnumbered and held hostage until they get a yes to upgrade even though...
#2 useless points, You can rarely get into where you want when you want it. We have talked to all levels and they have the same problems.
#3 To pay more to vacation.
#4 to be lied to about almost every facet of the program you are buying into.
#5 psychological mind games
#6 to not rest on vacations, you have to go to meetings for practically one day of vacation to squeeze more money and upgrade your contract, even though you can not even use what you have.
#7 if you like hidden fees and half-truths
#8 to be stuck forever with a lie
#9 to have the worst customer service ever
#10 to feel defeated all the time, like someone used you up and tossed you aside once they had your money

This is what you are welcome to when you buy into Wyndham's load of bull.

the sales agents will tell you anything

These last 3 years that we have had ownership with this scam of a company has truly been a horrendous ordeal for us. This might not be 100% the companies' fault, but they have been a huge part of it, especially because their agents knew what happened and used it to pretend, they wanted to care for us and in the end, they screwed us just to get a sell. This treatment was beyond evil.

A hurricane blew a tree on our house and we let the agent know that and also my son died and we got custody of his 3 kids and Sam Eldin offered to send us Christmas presents and we told him we had surgeries coming and he stated that they would rent out our unit and send us a check to cover the costs while we were out for surgery. So we upgraded and NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. They refuse to help us.
The BBB could not help us and neither could Consumer Affairs. This company is a shark and no one seems to be able to regulate for the consumer.

Wyndham Discovery Member — salesman and lies being told to get people to sign up

Everyone who was lies to in order to sign a Wyndham Discovery membership. My was Norberto told us that we had 2 years to use 300, 000 points and if we did not we would get our...

our lies about contract

Good Afternoon,

We have some concerns regarding our account [protected]. We have been scammed and lied to and want to find a solution for us to go our separate ways with Wyndham. I found this email on google so I hope someone can help. Please reach out to this email and we will be more than happy to discuss our concerns and issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

Douglas and Marcela Parsons

Doug and Marcela Parsons

club wyndham vacations

I wish were knew about timeshares before we got tangled up in it.

They are really good. When you complain, they have this gold nugget to give you that will fix it. Then it turns out you have upgraded and its more money. And so on.
You are always looking at the gold nugget and forget about the complaint until the same thing keeps happening and you realize you have upgraded several times and you still have the same concerns with more money being wasted.

We filed a complaint one time with Bonnet Creek about the salesmen and they did nothing about it.

Where are all the personal advisors to help us plan our vacations? They never call us back.

They told us if we purchased an upgrade we would not be in the lawsuit in which the owners would have to kick in extra money due to storm damage, all this when we complained about our maintenance fees increasing. What a swindle.

Where is the savings for using the credit card they signed us up for? The interest rate far exceeds any measly savings we would get if any to cover the cost of our maintenance fees. So all the denials we had they had a fix for them and those fixes were outright misrepresentations. It's sickening.

This company is the worst!

ownership boondoggles

Starting simple and slow, our aim was just to be able to snow ski at a resort close to where we lived, around the same time every year. The timeshare industry began scheming and plotted ways to bend our psyche to their will, using questionable marketing and sales techniques. The outcome of about 30 years of sales presentations (mandatory or using arm-bending techniques) was a staggering pile of upgrades that we paid way too much money for, with skyrocketing maintenance and other fees for which there was no end in sight.

The Personal Assistant promises to fix any problems; the contact numbers they provide are always non-working or they never return our calls.

You have to pay to have Rci a program to give you more location options. However, you have to then pay to put your points in RCI and then pay again to use them.
You also have to pay for homeowners and cleaning fees.

We were told we could book a cruise when we upgraded but when we took them up on that offer we found out that was an outright lie.

They also told us they could rent out our unit however the fees were too high, and we tried on our own without much success, This was promised to make us some money and was supposed to be this huge investment for us. That is a lot of hooey.
We have upgraded to reduce our maintenance fees, however, that was a lie, they have only ever increased.

This company is full of endless promises and hopeless expectations

auto pay withdrawal of my account

Im am pissed. I've invested my cash into this partnership at Wyndham years ago. In June of 2018 my cc on file was charged but didn't work due to the credit card company sending a new card to me. No one called me to say the payment didn't come out. They reported me as 30 days late through, which took just the same effort as contacting me.
We are not partners and regret my investment
My credit is serious to me
I called immediately after getting a letter to add a new card asking them to remove the late blemish and they refused. This is a sign of disrespect and disgusting to me. How do you think I'm supposed to bring my family and talk highly of Wyndham now.
I want this off my credit ASAP. Until I get this righted
I will leave no stone unturned as to dissuade possible investors from ever considering the company
I've been nice up until now.
I've heard all the excuses from Wyndham on why they won't remove it.
I refuse anything they say.
Bottom line. I paid my bills and Wyndhams failure to contact me is what have been done.

mass action against wyndham

During the initial visit where they explained the package for us a few things stand out:

-They never actually discussed our finances even to see if we could afford what they were selling us. It was all off of credit. This should have been a red light bulb based as it is such a "permanent" deal

-They said "once it is paid off, you take free vacations"; BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE. You will always have fees to pay that they intentionally left out. MAINTENANCE AND HOA FEES, ON TOP OF ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS ALL THESE WERE SO CONVENIENTLY HIDDEN. And on top of that, they will increase. They never mentioned the fees to use RCI which are not minimal $279 up to $441 on the paperwork we finally saw in our paperwork which they did not show us. And that should have been an essential part of letting us know before we signed. SO ALL THIS CONSTANT MENTION OF VACATIONING FOR FREE WAS A TOTAL LIE. They knew these fees and never mentioned them. THESE ARE IMPORTANT FACTS THAT SHOULD BE DISCLOSED TO PEOPLE BEFORE THEY GET LOCKED INTO A CONTRACT. Hidden fees was another point of content for us and were highly upsetting.

- We said we wanted to travel to Japan, Australia, and Greece, during the sales meeting and were told we could. However, we found out that that is next to impossible with the package we purchased! So the excitement of these vacations that were build up in order for us to pay for this package was all just hyperbole to this company but to us; we thought were honest and truthful.

-With the money we paid we could go on several vacations, on our own, to these locations without restrictions but with Wyndham we can not even go. This was not what we signed up for.

-Their sales reps are not honorable and the company stands by that indecency and the lies.

-We have stressed our concerns, and they refuse to do anything. I am sure nothing ever will be done to change these issues, as it seems to be the mode of operation.

-They wanted us to try to sell our unit. There is no aftermarket for timeshares. They acted like this would be a smart investment and that it would increase in value. Some people are giving them away for $1 on craigslist. Not like real estate at all!

This company's deceitful practices and refusal to protect the consumer rates them pretty low on my scale.

We went through the BBB and they just said we could not prove it so they did nothing. However, we are not alone! There is a mass action in Tennessee that has 500 clients that have some of the same complaints we have. Too bad we can not get involved in that one.

they promise the moon and deliver you beans.

We went to an 'update' at Bonnett Creek Resort after several phone calls interrupting our vacation to convince us to attend. We were pulled from the update because our acct had been flagged. Because of the bonus points we received from our initial contract, our ownership level did not match our points level so they were trying to get us to upgrade. They kept showing us different packages, but we insisted it was too soon to upgrade and we did not have the money to upgrade. After several failed attempts, they came in with an offer that was significantly lower than the others. The offer was tempting but seemed too good to be true so I started asking questions. Had I not, we would have created a bigger problem, because it turns out, they tried to get us to sign a new contract in addition to our current contract, rather than an upgrade. As soon as I called them out for trying to trick us, they immediately ended the meeting and dismissed us. That was our first RED FLAG!

2ND RED FLAG: Our initial experience with Wyndham was to take a 90-minute tour in exchange for 4 airline tickets as a free gift. We agreed to try the Discovery Package because we were told we could use our points for our stay. Free airfare. Points for a resort. Two "free" vacations seemed too good to pass us. We signed on and once we were given our free gift, we discovered that in order to cash in our free airfare, we had to stay at specific hotels/resorts... none of which were sponsored by Wyndham and all of which were very expensive. Needless to say, we never used our free airfare and that was very deceitful.

3RD AND MOST WORRISOME RED FLAG! Our kids inheriting the ownership without the mention of the endless rising maintenance fees. They never explained that the fees would climb and climb to a point that our kids would inherit a debt that they would never be able to escape. They make it sound like they would never have to worry about paying for a vacation again... probably because they wouldn't be able to afford one.