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Marriott Vacation Club International reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 4, 2007. The latest review Making you aware of a scam company using Marriott as their name was posted on May 5, 2021. The latest complaint all of the heartless people I encountered there was resolved on Sep 28, 2019. Marriott Vacation Club International has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 67 reviews. Marriott Vacation Club International has resolved 16 complaints.

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Marriott Vacation Club International Complaints & Reviews

Marriott Vacation Club InternationalMaking you aware of a scam company using Marriott as their name

I want to make Marriott aware of a company who called me to offer a promotional vacation package through Marriott. I am a Marriott vacation club member for over 25 years now. The package was of course too good to be true, but because of Corona virus and being Members we believed it was through Marriott. They took our credit card info and then wanted our drivers license and photo ID's. That is when we knew for sure it was not Marriott. I then told them I wasn't interested and wanted to cancel. THey told me it was too late, they ran the info etc...We are now disputing this transaction. No luck with dealing with the company.

Perhaps your legal financial department should be aware of this company using the good name of Marriott to scam people. Since I have looked them up on scam websites and read many of the same stories about the people thinking they were dealing with Marriott. The company goes by two names...Vacation Rewards International located in Cancun Mexico, customer service # [protected] and by Holiday Billing #45 Bonampak Avenue, Q, Roo Mexico 77505 They also use the website The names are all very close to MVCI. I hope you will look into this and make sure your good name is not being ruined by these scam artists. We are fighting for $1499 for 4 different vacations, no block out dates, good for up to 8 years and transferrable/or able to sell. Can not believe we were scammed like this.
D. Careccia

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    Marriott Vacation Club InternationalOwners services.

    This little message to inform of my big disappointment about your total unflexibility.
    I called you on jan 6 to ask a change for réservation starting march 6. This is 2 months notice but february does not count 30 days. Therefore my request came 58 days i/o 60 days notice.
    And you refused it.
    I thought you could have been a little flexibel considering the Covid-19 situation and local rules for travelling changing regularly.
    In addition I thought my Gold status would help but here again refusal. Why do I have this status if it does not support me.
    Very disappointed!!

    Christian De Jonghe
    Réservation nr [protected]
    Marriott Bonvoy nr [protected]

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      • Updated by Christian de Jonghe · Jan 08, 2021

        Problem solved.
        Thanks Marriott for having agreed to change my dates.

      Marriott Vacation Club InternationalNot banking points for corona virus year where they couldn't be used

      I asked for my points to be banked seeing as there was no possible use for them. I was 1 month late doing this mainly because they never ever get back to you. They wrote me a supervisor letter below spelt my name wrong and was signed by nobody. The customer services at marriott vacation club is a disgrace i would not advise anyone to invest with this.

      Dear Mr. Giffins,  

      Thank you for reaching out to Marriott Vacation Club. We are unable to make an exception to bank your 21, 065 vacation club points from 2020 into 2021. At this time we cannot extended these points beyond their current expiration date as you have banked your points in previous years.

      Banking reminders are a courtesy and not a requirement. While we try to get them out we cannot guarantee that all reminder emails will arrive in an owner's inbox, there are times when it may go directly to spam or junk.

      We do apologize greatly. However you still have options for using these points. I see here you have 21, 065 annual election vacation club points that have to be used on or before December 31, 2020. Here are your current options.

      1) Book villa reservations with an arrival date on or before the expiration date of points.

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        Marriott Vacation Club InternationalEncore package

        Instead of purchasing a time share I opted for the "encore" package and agreed to put $200 down. They forged my signature on 4 other documents and started charging me 160/mo. When I attempt to talk to anybody they act SO shady. No manager available. Told me they would file a lawsuit if they were me and facing forgery.

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          Marriott Vacation Club InternationalPoints contract

          We tried to call Marriott many times and could not get through because "they were closed for the pandemic". We were calling to cancel a purchase that was supposed to close on May 30, 2020 because to loss of income due to the pandemic. Then we received a letter from Marriott congratulating us on purchase which they closed on March 30, 2020 - 2 months early. Our contract clearly states the closing date of May 30, 2020. We have spoken to many people at Marriott and they do not care they closed 2 months early and that we cannot pay. They will not let us out of the contract. We will have to hire an attorney to fight this which will cost us money. We are also disputing the bills through our credit card company. Marriott is a rip off! We have been owners for over 17 years and this is how Marriott treats their clients. Disgraceful.

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            Apr 16, 2020

            Marriott Vacation Club International — MVC Club Termination

            My Timeshare account A7907 was handled very badly in AP. They didnt provide service and kept just asking for...

            Marriott Vacation Club InternationalCustomer Service

            I have to say, Marriott Vacation Club owner services is the worst customer service I have even encountered. I have been trying to contact them for 5 days all day, I do not get an answer, I have left my call back number and nothing. 5 DAYS!!! I also tried to use their "chat box" but that doesn't work either... just continues to say "loading". I really find it amazing that when Marriott is pursuing you to purchase a timeshare they are relentless and don't stop calling you. When you need something it's a different story and it is absolutely unacceptable. I regret my decision to make this purchase and will discourage anyone considering.

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              Nov 02, 2019

              Marriott Vacation Club International — missold destination points. non refund of deposit

              Name Dr Abiodun Olayinka Obisesan Marriott Bonvoy no [protected] 2nd November...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Marriott Vacation Club Internationalall of the heartless people I encountered there

              My parents owned this timeshare for close to 30 years. They pass it on to me and my family who used it for 5 years after that. I then become diagnosed with end stage renal disease and have to start dialysis. Anyone who deals with dialysis knows it isn't easy to vacation with all of the equipment and ordering the supplies to be at your destination when you get there is a bit nerve racking, wondering if it all is there and what do you do if it isn't? We were paying the fees and all bills pertaining to it for 4 years without using it, thinking once I got my transplant we should have a nice vacation destination waiting for us. Things don't always turn out as you plan I guess. With me unable to work money got tight, and the $1, 500 annual fee to them got delayed. We called and explained out situation to which we got a "we'll see what we can do for you" in response. There is then a person on my front step presenting me with papers and saying you've been served. Spent the next three weeks calling every person I was told to by Marriott to help fix this, only to have them say that it will cost me $4, 600 to reopen my account with them because of attorney fees. I'm saying all of this for anyone who hopes that there are people out there have a heart and can do the right thing. Marriott Vacation Club is not one those places. Do not expect any kind of sympathy no matter how long you've been a customer for. They only care about your hard earned money and how they are goi g to steal it from you. MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL!!!

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                The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                • Marriott Vacation Club International's response · Oct 01, 2019

                  Mr. Pidgeon, thank you for sharing your feedback with us about your ownership. We do know that Owners may encounter life events that may make it challenging to continue vacationing every year. There are options available to Owners that do not plan to travel in a year or no longer want to be an Owner with Marriott Vacation Club. This may include renting your week for the year you do not plan to travel, converting to Mariott Bonvoy points or if it works out best, deciding to sell your week.

                  Our team is willing to work with each Owner to find the best option available for them. You are welcome to contact Customer Advocacy directly at [protected] or by email at [email protected] if you would like to speak with our team directly about your ownership. Thank you again for your message and we look forward to hearing from you.

                Aug 20, 2019

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Marriott Vacation Club International — Mvc - time share - miss sell

                Complaint Description: Miss sell of a Time Share - Marriott Vacation Club - ability to take a 5/7 day Travel...

                Jan 05, 2019

                Marriott Vacation Club — customer service

                Saturday, January 5, 2019 I just called the customer service number and received a message saying the call...

                Marriott Vacation Club International — timeshare

                Tome Bozov is the biggest liar in the world. He is a known conman and has swindled my family out of money...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Marriott Vacation Club International — timeshare

                We were sold a Marriott Vacation Club package for $1000 and chose a Hawaiian vacation. We were told the room...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Marriott Vacation Club International — misleading north carolina residents and other states about the friendship program

                I have enjoyed all the Marriott products since 1989. The sales persons have always been great, except for...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Marriott Vacation Club Internationalpenalized for a cancelled vacation that was caused by mvc

                We booked trip to stay at the Marco Island Location for February 24th - 28th 2018 using out Vacation Club Points on August 28 2017.

                Due to hurricane renovations not being finished, MARRIOTT canceled our reservation on January 24th 2018 after asking us for room preferences on January 13th.

                They offered us alternative locations but would not cover any change fees for adjusting our airfare.

                I then find out that they penalized us as if we cancelled this ourselves.
                Therefore I have over 3000 points I have to use this year or lose them, but can only book using these point 60 days in advance of stay, which is typically 12 months!

                All customer service can say is that this is what the executive teams at Marriott has instructed them to do.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                  • Marriott Vacation Club International's response · Oct 01, 2018

                    Mr. Steineke, thank you for reaching out to our Executive Office team. We are happy that one of our customer advocacy managers was able to assist you with this matter. Thank you for being an Owner with Marriott Vacation Club.

                  Marriott Vacation Club International — accomodation/customer service

                  My partner and I have just returned from a two week holiday at the Desert Springs Marriott Vacation Club...

                  Marriott Vacation Club Internationallack of ability to cancel

                  In an aggressive and enticing pitch I agreed to purchase a promotion. Now they will not let me cancel. Only 3 days has gone by. I think their inflexible policy is wrong. As I wouldn't even have gotten this sales pitch if I hadn't called Marriott Rewards, this experience tarnishes their brand in my eyes too. I think I will be cancelling my Marriott Rewards credit card and will stay at other brand hotels from now on if they don't decide to fix my issue and put the customer first. Guess they would rather have $199 of my money than have a lifetime loyal customer.

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                    • Updated by person in Chicago · Jul 02, 2018

                      It doesn't appear that I can just delete this complaint. They just agreed to cancel it but only because I pushed hard contacting them both by phone and email and because I had only agreed to purchase on Friday. They should have cancelled after my first call and I shouldn't have had to spend so much time trying to fix this. Watch out. Don't agree to a promotion like this if you feel at all pressured.

                    Marriott Vacation Club Internationalcomplaint over preview event in hong kong ritz carlton hotel 26th may

                    Im writing this email to seriously complain my and my husband disappointment upon our
                    Registration at the venue captioned above.

                    The associates involved, a lady and man who looked after the reception were so rude and respectul to us when we reported to the counter.

                    We were asked for our names and id cards to confirm the invitation when we reached the counter. The lady just skimmed through her name list and in few seconds she said we are not the list. (not in a polite way or tried to assist us)

                    Then I tried to showed them your invitaton email and whats app confirmation received,
                    She just didnt listen and said we have gone to a wrong place and this is a wrong email without looking at the details!! Then suddenly the guy found my name on the list and told the woman yes we are on the list!

                    This is very disrespectful! We went all the way to attend the preview event as we are interested in the program but we were treated
                    So impolitely!! And their impolite manner really made us feel so bad and insulted!!

                    This has wasted my and husband time and ruined our sat!!! We both are so busy and just returned from business trip yesterday but we still came to find out more a out tbe club.
                    Anyway we just turned our back and left as this is totally ridiculous and ever worst arrangement!!

                    We tried to write our complaint to the hk office and mr ed tsui response made us even feel worse as he said they had already provided the car park redemption onsite but we couldnt stand the associates' attitude and just left. Is this a compensation that my time and travelling expense is not a matter?! Also he explained that they put my name as ms winnie on the list thats why they couldnt find our name! However this is not valid as the guy could find my name on the list at the end when I first reported my surnamr is chan and my husbands tam.

                    I cant imagine a five star hotel could bear such low service standard and personell and I cant see them handling the case seriously and try to get back our confidence.

                    I look forward to hearing your headquarter response on this particular case.

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                      Marriott Vacation Club Internationaltimeshare purchase

                      This review is for Marriott Vacation Club, the timeshare, not the resort itself, which is a beautiful place for a vacation. Below is the occurrence of events that has given my wife and I a lot of anxiety after being suckered into a timeshare with the Marriott Vacation Club.

                      We can start two weeks after we signed the contract and before we made the first payment. We called the salesman, Tiago Monteiro, to tell him that we had serious reservations about the timeshare purchase and wanted to cancel. He kept saying that there was no way to terminate it and we would lose the money we had put down, go into foreclosure, ruin our credit.

                      Maybe three months in, we called and spoke with a rep to ask how in the world to get out of it. He told us he'd put us on a list of the people who wanted to sell. Obviously, nothing came of that and we never heard anything about it again.

                      You understand that we have wanted and tried to get out of this from the very beginning. The document package came after the rescission period and we were unable to look it over in time to make a timely decision to cancel.

                      We were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, thinking about starting a family and future vacations. At that time my wife was considering taking a trip to Italy with my brother. The salesmen zeroed in on those feelings and plans and told us it was all possible. They raved about how it would be paid off before we knew it and we wouldn't have to shell out any extra money at all. She could go to Italy solely on the points we had.

                      They told us that the points could be used for cruises or airfare.

                      These statements are not true. The Italy trip would take a lot more points than we have. We can't save the points for future use because they expire every year. Cruises and airfare are possible but only by paying extra and heavy fees to do so. We looked at a Carnival cruise out of Tampa and after spending over an hour on the phone with multiple agents we booked the cruise. We had to pay $1000 in fees - fees we weren't told about - and found out the points we had amounted to almost nothing.

                      The sales presentations we attended were hours of fast talk, confusing marks on a whiteboard, and industry jargon we didn't understand and wasn't explained to us. It was high pressure sales and we fell for it. We never have made an upgrade but attended the mandatory owner update meetings where we heard the same promises and lies that are meant to coerce the owner into buying more.

                      The promises of using points anywhere and anytime are not true. We went to New York City for one night on a day that wasn't our first choice. In Orlando 2016 the sales reps told us that the number of points we had was so low you don't even offer that any more. They are "pretty insignificant" was the phrase they used. They wanted us to buy more; we didn't fall for that again.

                      The promises of easy selling and tax benefits and minimal fees and availability - all not true.

                      The maintenance fees alone are crippling and come at the end of the year; we have had to add to our credit card debt to pay them. All in all, the monthly payments are way too much and not the amount talked about at the closing. The timeshare was presented as a great deal and a financially wise one and that is not the case by any means.

                      We have reached out Marriott the last few months to cancel the timeshare but have received nothing but response letters ignoring the fact that the entire contract and process was deceitful. In addition to multiple letter to the Marriott Vacation Club, we have reached out to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's from each state involved in the sale.

                      In conclusion, we wouldn't recommend anyone to attend any sales meetings for a timeshare. All it has left us with is a big hole in our pockets, stress and a bunch of empty promises from a deceiving sales team. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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                        Marriott Vacation Club Internationalconstantly being called to attend meeting when asked not to be called

                        Used our points to book a vacation in Fl. At the Ocean Pointe in Palm Beach Shores, Fl.
                        After speaking to an agent to book was asked if we wanted to attend a sales meeting. I said NO THANK YOU just want to vacation with some friends. Upon arriving again was asked if we want to attend a sales meeting AGAIN NO THANK YOU we do not want to, just want to vacation with friends. The next morning at 9:30am we get a phone call ASKING the same question. We went to bed very late and was woken up by the call we asked not to get. AGAIN we asked NO CALLS. The next morning again THE CALL???? After going downstairs and speaking to the same person we spoke to upon arrival SHE SAYS SHE IS SORRY!!!At this point I am very angry and request to see and speak to a manager. Had to travel to their other site to speak to a SALES manager Michal Pesik (Director of Marketing) who was very irritating and wanted to justify their calling. Basically Marriott in their rules for sales are allowed to call after 9AM. Unless you state at check in you do not want any call from the sales team YOU WILL GET CALLED. I mentioned we used points and where not there on a promotion and I expected my no calls to be honored??? BUT I DID NOT SAY THAT AT CHECK IN, doing so at booking and arrival has no meaning. So I spent 2 days with no sleep. We partied the night before and wanted to sleep in BUT MARRIOTT said NO way we have to sell you more things or at least try!!! And to make things even better at 5pm on Wed. 1/17/2018 they decide to run a test on the hot water in the building for an hour. Dirty and smelly from playing all day, wanted to shower and go out for dinner, missed our reservation waiting for hot water. ALL IN ALL A BEAUTIFUL PLACE BUT MARRIOTT'S TIME SHARE PEOPLE RUINED OUR TRIP AND FEEL THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT. I am getting to hate these people. Would have never purchased points if I knew how they operate and how rude their Marketing people can be. ALL FOR MORE $$$$$

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