GeoHoliday Vacation Club Complaints & Reviews

GeoHoliday Vacation Club / member service complaint

Jan 26, 2019

This very unethical timeshare company doesn't even deserve 1 star but I was required to rate it with at least 1 star. It took us two years after we purchased a vacation package, to get reservations at a hotel that wasn't even our first choice. This is because according to them there was no...

Geo Holidays / trying to cancel membership

Aug 18, 2018

I have had a membership since 2012 and have only been able to use one travel week, after paying extra fees through rci for my geoholiday membership. I paid over $2000.00 to join then yearly membership fees since joining. I was told my credits would be transferred and accumulated with rci...

GeoHoliday / Aka sapphire resorts - they informed me that I can cancel membership by paying minimal fee... Now they are not honoring

Dec 30, 2015

2015 resort trying to get... Required to call reservation - never got back to me in june - followed up in november - nothing membership can be canceled, but changed rule in september was never told. I requested to cancel membership and informed will do when I return to us mainland. Now I...

Geo Holiday / Time share

Sep 11, 2015

Hi I am filing a case against geo holiday.. i have more ppl who want to be a part of the case.. i need more ppl to make the case strong.. please get back to me ASAP.. let us fight against them and get our hard earned money back we bought time share with them for $9000 and all that they told...

Geo Holiday Sapphire / Timeshare lies

Jul 12, 2015

We have a timeshare at Geo Holiday Sapphire and they lied to us. They said that we could use it anytime but when we called to book a room for a weekend, they said that it was booked for the next two years. We have to pay dues to something we can't never use because it's always booked. We are going to file a lawsuit against them.

Geo Holiday, Star Point Resorts / Fraud

May 17, 2015

Stay as far away from this Company as you can. Once you give them money and sign a contract with them they will, hang up on you, tell you to prove it, they are rude, nasty and just refuse to talk with you. We had to provide a deposit 149.00 and agree to 2 tours. we made the mistake of...

Geo Holidays / Scam

Mar 18, 2015

Please do not go on this time share tour, it's a scam. We went to first one, the they said we have to go back after 6 mo to go to another then we get our money back, well we have schedule 3 times they cancel on u last minute, then they offer u a low rate hotel, they will not give me...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint / Timeshare Fraud

Feb 18, 2015

I have owned real timeshare since 1990 and have had wonderful experience with it. I have a week of red time which means it's in high demand all year long. So, i know what timeshare is however, i was told i was getting a week in las vegas which everyone knows that las vegas is the #4...

Geo Holiday / Timeshare / They refuse my dates I reserve

Jan 09, 2015

I spoke with one of the customer service reps and tried to make a reservation for certain dates and they said they were booked up but I spoke to someone that works for the company and he said there were available rooms for those dates but the company is keeping those dates to make more...

Geo Holiday / Lies and misrepresentation

Nov 30, 2014

We were talked into trading our current time share in to upgrade to geo holiday for additional and easier vacation bookings. After trading our time share in and paying an additional $9000. 00, we went in for our "educational review" and found that not only did we lose our current time...

Geoholiday / Starpoint / Scam can't use

Aug 12, 2014

Very true the complaint GEOHOLIDAY/ STARPOINT are nothing but scams. We fell for it as well and can't get them to buy it back. One week in Vegas every year, can't get there with GEO. May 2013 went on owner teach to use only to be told you have to buy more to use but you still...

Starpoint Resort / Geo Holiday / non compliance of trade-in agreement

Feb 17, 2014

Me and my wife purchased a timeshare with Starpoint Resort Group/Geo Holiday in Las Vegas with a trade-in of our other timeshare in Cabo San Lucas involved. Our contract included a Trade-in Agreement and everyone on the table was aware that the purchase is dependent on the closing of the...

Starpoint - Geoholiday Resort / Timeshare

Sep 06, 2013

We stayed at the MGM Grand when we went to Vegas. We decided to go for a stroll at Fremont Street around noon for lunch and we headed off for a walk we were approached by a guy who is offering a good sale ticket to a show and buffet for 2. First he approached as in a non threatening manner...

Geo Holiday / fraud/misrepinsentation

Jan 31, 2013

we went to the so called no- pressure 90 min demonstration, we were there all day and every time we said no they sent in another sales rep with a so called better deal. until a person saying he was the big boss came in told us he would sell us a foreclosed timeshare at A COSIDERABLE LOWER...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint Resorts / Fraud

Dec 03, 2012

My boyfriend and i went to Vegas in aug of 2012. We experienced the same thing. We are soooo... PISSED!!! We really dont know what to do. We hope our Credit card cpmpany will consider this to be Fraud so they cant bill us anymore. StarPoint said we are under a legal binding agreement. It...

Geo Holidays - Timeshare / lack of accomodation

Jul 05, 2012

January 2012 Jockey club . Las Vegas . We purchased a package from a sales manager "Sonny" (after the rep failed to sell us a timeshare" . The finance manager called Kermit did the paperwork. He promised us a timeshare for 4950 points (normal deal is to purchase 20, 000 points and spend...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint Resorts - Timeshare / Rip-off

Aug 06, 2011

We got an unsolicited call to listen to a timeshare presentation via the Jockey Club. They promised a whole bunch of gifts, like $100 in casino play, free vacations at the Jockey Club, dining cards, etc. I let my wife take the call since I had to do something else. That was a mistake. She...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint / Fraud/Misrepresentation

Feb 08, 2011

I have owned 3 timeshares in my life. This by far was the worst! From the beginning to the end and from top to bottom, it was a night mare experience. Here are some some people to avoid in this time share in Las Vegas called the Jockey Club. They are are skilled in deception and taking...

Geo Holiday / Starpoint Resorts / timeshare


My wife and I love to go to Vegas and almost always stay at the Jockey Club. We bank our weeks to II and then pick the Jockey Club for our trip to Vegas. The last time we were there in 11/08 we decided to take part in their timeshare presentation, bad choice. When they asked us why we were...

Geo Holidays / / Starpoint / Failure to provide incentatives


I have read the complaints and I can help those regarding Starpoint. First I too bought from Geo and was offered all the free vacations. I followed the instructions perfectly. I went to Starpoint with my voucher and was turned away since thier policy is by mail only. I did so by certified...

Geo Holidays Timeshares / fraud and lies


We took the Geo Holidays tour at the Jockey Club in las Vegas and were amazed at the fraud and deception this group perpetrated on the folks touring. Here are some of the lies told: 1. they bought the jockey club and are refurbishing it 2. all who come to the jockey club through geo...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud


All of those who are sick of paying for timeshsares from these scammers please read this. If you are making payments through Equiant Financial you need to know this: They did not loan you any money!! They are just a payment processor for Geoholiday. They collect the money from you and give...

Geoholiday Club Or Gh Marketing / Pressured sale that is just a twist of the arm


GEO HOLIDAY MONTEX FINANCIAL SERVICES OR GH MARKETING One company with many names like an octopus with many arms I am Victim of Geo Holiday, THE MOST DISHONEST COMPANY I'VE EVER SEEN. Biggest Scam ever existed. TORONTO, ONTARIO, Ontario I want to report about this company GH Marketing Inc...

Starpoint Resorts - Geo Holiday / Fraud


Starpoint we purchased a so cared timeshare from them Starpoint Resorts - Geo Holiday 4 years ago and even traded our Daytona beach time share to them which took 2 years to trade hands of the Daytona Beach we were told we would be able to rent are time share to cover the cost of...

Geo Holiday / Star Point Resort Group / fraud


this geo holiday/star point group of people are 100% scammers. i tried calling them many times to find out whats going on, and no response. this was the biggest mistake i have ever made in my life. I have read about a class action law suit going against them, and I would like more info on that? i...

Geo Holiday Club / Jockey Club Las Vegas, NV / Mis informed/Scam


GEO HOLIDAY MONTEX FINANCIAL SERVICES OR GH MARKETING One company with many names like an octopus with many arms I am Victim of Geo Holiday, THE MOST DISHONEST COMPANY I'VE EVER SEEN. Biggest Scam ever existed. TORONTO, ONTARIO, Ontario I want to report about this company GH Marketing Inc...