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Swindled by this dishonest company

My husband and I were swindled by this dishonest company based out of the Dominican Republic for 31, 000 USD. The salesman promised we'd make our money back I two to three...

Problems with accommodations, service, cleanliness

I am just finishing up a 7 day stay at lifestyles puerta plata. The problems started as soon as we got to the resort. Mine along with two other families 13 people total had booked 3-two bedroom suites. We all ended up in our own one bedroom suites. We were offered no compensation for getting the wrong rooms. We were finally moved when our kitchen ceiling had fallen twice because of condensation from the ac unit above soaking the ceiling tiles. While packing to move to another room discovered a used condom behind the entrance door that had been there for at least 4 days at this time. Housekeeping had been in each day and never noticed it. The staff when showed this said each room is checked off on by a supervisor when being rented. Not the case. None of the bathtubs in either one of our rooms actually held water. Out of the 13 people in our group 9 of us came down with vomiting and diarrhea at some point during the trip. I strongly recommend not coming to this resort. It seems like there is a total lack management and accountability that is evident from the minute you get here

LHVC Resort — Terrible, service!

Our resort ID is 6712. Our lifestyle # is 1160 Our date of deposit was 11/12/2019 RCI wants us to file a complaint with you and if we received no response from you, they will...

vip status

My boyfriend and I bought into the 3-4 bedroom villa in Oct. 2018. We went to the Punta Canta resort in 2019 expecting the promised VIP status. We got anything but VIP service...

Steal your personal info and commit fraud with it

The people in this resort will offer you the world for a supposed ownership of property at the resort. This means that they offer you 100% access to all the resorts amenities and they guarantee space available with out blocking the dates for renting the apartments. What they don't tell you is that you must purchase a meal plan that costs almost double of what you pay as a member. What they don't tell is that as a Vip member to visit the resort is more expensive than not being a member. This ViP membership package is a scam. They offer you the world because most of us Americans never return to actually use the services like they offer it. Please don't be scammed into buy the ViP package it is the same thing you'll get just by going on groupon website and booking a Junior Suite and it actually is way cheaper to do so. So they trick you into buying a membership that doesn't offer you better services than what groupon has to offer... Do not give them your personal information. I have charges on all my credit cards and all my banking info has been reported as suspicious activity. Now I can't access any of my credit cards or any other info I gave them. Please do not be scammed and they will steal your personal info and commit fraud with it.

Broken promises

My late husband and I got involved with LHVC in September 2014 whilst on a holiday in the Junior Suites. We went to the welcome meeting and they couldn't have been more...

This scam has to stop!

I can attest to the lies of the salespeople from this place. It's on their veins, it's their culture... They lie, deceive and trick you as many times it takes to sell you on a new membership or upgrade membership. I have been lied to on ALL of the times I've gone by different people and different places (Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Cancun). This last time I asked the sales manager for his business card or contact info multiple times and every time gave me an excuse. The last thing they want is for you to contact them after they've lied to you. THIS SCAM HAS TO STOP!

The complaints are not only on the sales department but that's where it begins. They have managed to build a facade of luxury and PURPOSELY cut back on the most important aspect of any company... Their systems and customer service.

If you haven't noticed they don't even have a way for you to book your vacation online, not even for their members!!! You have to chat, fill out a form and wait up to 5 days for a confirmation. Moreover they never have villas available as they have oversold it on purpose and continue to do it.

Customer Service is a joke, they simply follow orders and protocols from corporate which maintains this SCAM going through the Facade. It is so ridiculous to think that ALL of this can be stopped with a dedicated effort and a little bit of money. They recently bought a Rolls Roice for the top members to maintain the facade and do not invest on a simple booking system required for even the cheapest hotel anywhere in the world.

Do not fall for this SCAM and voice your concerns here and other places. The more people complaint, the more international authorities will step in, since local authorities and politicians have been bought by them. Simply google "lifestyle holidays vacation club lawsuit" - Good luck!

presidential suite false advertising and service

I was looking for a great place for a first time visit to my girlfriend. I want to go to Iberostar but one of the days we wanted was not available. We decided to buy three days and two nights at the Presidential suite at the Lifestyle resort in Puerto Plata.
We arrived on August 24 and checked in. The service was messy. Three customer service persons dealing with almost hundred in a suffocating weather. We made it through and were happy to finally start a great time in a suite advertised as a great and most luxurious accommodation.
First deception: they sectioned the suite and gave us a room with a jacuzzi and a balcony. There was not even a fridge in the room. I went back to the front desk and requested to speak with a Manager. I was told that this is a suite; that I could leave if I am not satisfied. I went back to the room to discuss options with my girl. In the meantime, I need a cool place for my insulin. I called for a fridge which never arrived.
I went back to the front desk and started yelling and screaming showing a $2500 pack of insulin pens in risk of being affected by the heat. They sent a maintenance person with a fridge within minutes. We decided to go eat something since it was late in the afternoon; the restaurant next to us was only opened to VIP. We walked to another facility open to all even though were paying for accommodation in the Presidential resort.
Second deception: when we came back, we were resting while looking for a good show on TV. Mosquitos were coming from the bathroom and the front door and invaded the room. The AC was a joke. We had to use two small towers throughout the night. I called the front desk to complain but no one cares. Nobody came to spray the room or offer another accommodation.
The next day, no follow up call from the resort, no apology, no solution was offered to compensate us for the nightmare we live on our first day. I felt so ashamed. First time visiting someone I love; I want to offer her and us an exceptional time together. Instead, I had to apologize for the choice.
Third deception: This resort is full of people advertising all kind of services for the company. Each time you seek a service, someone try to sell you something and took a couple of hours from your time. We were tired of being offered services we did not want. We want to enjoy each other and spend time relaxing. That did not happen at this resort.
We couldn't find any seafood at the resort. It is only for VIP. We had to spend extra money for taxi and reserve at a seafood restaurant in town. Back at the resort, I stopped at the desk to request a spray for the mosquitos. They closed at 1100 pm. Someone from the maintenance department brought us a spray at midnight because I tipped him. We spent two hours on the balcony because of the smell before getting back in the room.
For those reading this complaint, before you book at this resort, if you still want to go, look at the many complaints against this place for misleading, credit card fraud especially on US visitors, fraudulent charges and how they use false advertising on Expedia and Trip advisor to attract American tourists. Then make your decision. If you decide to go elsewhere, that would be a small victory for us for those two days in a Presidential suite of HELL AT Lifestyle resort in Puerto Plata.

Breach of contract

We bought a vacation plan and the only reason we bought it was because we travel to Cancun Now they dont have the Cancun Properties isn't this a breach of Contract? I am now...

Membership promised

I was invited to have lunch and see a 5 star resort in another location to plan future vacation, well come to find out that it was a membership business going on together with this especial lunch, I am not going to lie The resort is beautiful and the customer services was fantastic, so I was already impressed, when the time to talk about business was presented everything went smoothly the scenario they presented was wonderful, they told me that it was not a timeshare that whenever I need a vacation they will have room available that the rate will never change, all this beautiful things that you want to hear when you doing business, well I finally decided in a price and I bought the membership, when I returned home I tried to get in touch with them by E Mails, by phone, I even register myself to be able to book a room, no body has contact me since then, I am so scare that this is a scam and I have been fooled, the different telephone numbers they gave me to call no one answer I called day, afternoon and night, there is not voice mail set up to leave a message, the emails that i sent no one has respond to it, please look into it i have seen the rated and is not looking good.

Timeshare vacation club

My wife and I revisited the Dominican Republic this past May. We were approached about upgrading our membership. We were told they would pay off our account with another company...

Resorts not available

My husband and I signed up for lifestyle holiday vacations in 2018 and I feel that I have been scammed. Nothing has been as promised and they don't care that they are not providing the services that I have invested in. Invested $30, 000 and promised access to all these resorts and now they are not available. My email address [protected] if you can assist and need further information.

  • Ca
    Carolyn Margolies Jul 08, 2019

    I am an attorney in Florida and clients came to me with the exact same situation. They were told they could not cancel their membership because they were one day over the cancellation period!

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  • @Carolyn Margolies Members of Lifestyle?

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Help yourself and stay away from this crap company

We purchased our time share or vacation villas crown resort a couple years ago.
We had this German fella suppose to be right up there. (may be in the [censored] department)
Promise u the world and then stab u in the back and lie to u and steal your money. We are Canadian and the flights don't even work out that well.
We also had ice rewards. Joke that is and more money out. We're good til 2052. Crap shot company. Don't let u read the print. Lie to your face and say and promise u the world. Then they add the food per day yet more money. Then the yacht club. Screwed us out of 28,000. USD. Wont even use this [censored] show any more.
Stupid decision lol 10 days to cancel and we're there 14 days and 10 days came and went.
Don't trust the liquor either. Please help yourself and stay away from this crap company.

  • Updated by Wutzke · Mar 02, 2019

    Stay away from SMTSN they are a fraud company selling this timeshare.

Cancel contract

We were lured in to (LHVC) at Belive Punta Cana in march 2018 our rep was Mario. We were told that if or when we decided to sell our package that they would sell it on their resell board. Now they say that they don't resell properties. Please let me know if there is a way to cancel my contract with them, I would like to get our money back. But would settle to just stop paying on it. Also will this affect my credit?

  • If you want to know more about the lawsuit against Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, visit our website:

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Timeshare lies

We visited the DR in August. We owned a week through RCI but due to maintenance fees going up we were convinced through LHVC that going through them would be beneficial and a great deal. We owned RCI our RCI week. The smooth talking left us under the impression that they would take over our resort once we bought into them and we pay the transfer fee of 200-300. Once we got home and was contacted by the transfer company it was 750.00. We were not given anything for our resort and now I can get no one to respond to my emails from LHVC from the transfer department to discuss this. We feel that there is too much unsaid here and want out

no accessible to handicap people, poor customer, service no maintenance, on, ac service empty refrigerator bad food

My son and the house keeping report a leak on the ac. I did not know and slept and hurt my back. The custumer service lady, Ana, went to the room and verfyed. Later they fixed the problem, but it was a shame how joke they handle the problem while I was on pain the rest of my vacation and still. Firt night at the italian restaurant, we were discriminated by putting us outside on the pool table to eat with the fighting cats. When I mentioned that I affaid the cats, the waitress said that thay work there. I asked to the desk supervisor for a drink after check out, she said yes and Stefany from custumer service call the security and the police to take me out. It was so embarasy. I did not anything wrong, I was waiting for help with my suitcases. Our stay in this hotel was a nightmare. I paid extra room, all inclusive for my son girlfriend, karina cruz, and couldn't enjoyed any show, except for the last, which I couldn't go necause I was on pain.

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Clubscam! I could not set up the website, the cd information for this was a long process. no customer service rep to help. I was scammed out of $12,000

In 2010 summer my husband, I and 2 friends vacationed in Puerto Plata, if I recall the name correctly, and after a hard sale tactic we bought into the club for 49 years - I put a debit card down payment of $5, 000 and charged my MasterCard for $7, 000, totaling $12, 000.

We bought into the club because we were promised we could run it as a business by setting up the website, have internet traffic round on that website and book guests to recoup our money so the fees would essentially pay for themselves as a result.

These guys will say anything that will make you buy because as they're selling you this great idea, they are also interviewing you for what lies they can tell you to make you buy into this fraud.

We signed up to the gold membership all around the world and had a great 6days vacation in a 4 bedroom villa that first time.

Thereafter, on returning to the u.s. we never returned to anywhere else because when we tried to set up the website as promised we never could as we discovered the process was an unnecessarily long process that even a website engineer would have had difficulties; or we would have had to pay additional fees to hire a professional to do this. So we decided to sell the vacation to our friends, family and people we knew in order to attempt to recoup our money.

We were never able to get the time slots we wanted, the promised equivalent villas in Switzerland and Dubai were not available. Essentially, our buy was worthless.

I realised this within a week of getting back home in the u.s. and when we tried to contact customer service we got promises that someone would call us to assist setting up the website. We discovered all that was just a posting strategy to ensure the 4day cancellation period expired good and proper.

Now, when we purchased they learned that I was a contracts attorney so my contract was a bit different. I believe they have varying contracts depending on the buyer they're dealing with.

In my contract, the clauses were more vague - I could sue for cancellation but it had to be in Puerto Plata. I could cancel but then I never got any feedback on how to get my money back so I lost money and it would require additional money to try to get redress plus there fees involved with that process.

So I made a very hard decision to mitigate my losses by concentrating on paying off my MasterCard charges which I was able to get interest free for 7 months. I paid that off within 5months to ensure further losses (i.e. interests) were not incurred on this nightmare club.

All the representations stated about how I could make a business out of this never realised and the support they claimed they give to customers who do this as a business was never there; all were lies!!

This is a well thought out scam. Big names like RCI, Groupon and many big vacation companies must all be aware of this scam. The racket is so big that it milks many vacationers of billions in dollars. The way to go about this is to report company to their consumer board or via their law maker's representatives board or a similar agency in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. A lawyer willing to take class action could make billions on this case but I just don't have the time.

I was reminded of the valuable lesson - if it's too good to be true it's likely not true. I spent hours on the phone attempting to get a customer representative who all gave me a run of the mill. I sent emails and I got vague responses and I never had the time to action a real legal solution as I had 2 small children and busy work schedule.

I knew within a very short span of time that we had been scammed! I never booked anything via this platform, I never bothered to even use the club again because I reasoned every fee was additional money I was making for them having shelled out thousands against their false representations. Plus if I wanted to sue my best chance was in Puerto Plata DR; and my plane tickets alone I wasnt even ready to fork out additional money for this.

The fight needs to be down in their venue in DR. Maybe we should contact a local lawyer willing to work on a class action pro bono case there. I wrote this review because I realised that this club is still scamming people even in this 2018!!

Pls when trying to purchase anything online or similar to a too good to be true situation, Google scam alert on the company to see if there scam reviews. This lil tool could have saved us thousands. Goodluck.


  • Kn
    Knut Heinemann Oct 29, 2018

    Hi Trish, I made the same experience in early 2000 when I bought a timeshare from LVHC. I tried to sell as I didn't need it anymore a few years later but nobody would have taken it. Do you know if there are compensation cases on this? Thanks, Knut

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Cancellation process

We were mislead about the vacation package we purchased and simply want our membership cancelled and our money refunded. We were not told about the cancellation process until we disputed the charge. were told there would be no additional fees or maintenance fees. We were told that we could go anywhere Worldwide world with our 34 year membership and stay for a whole week for $399. We could also book multiple rooms at this rate. Later upon arriving home, we discovered that in order to travel worldwide, we would have to pay $399 annually after the first year. We were not given sufficient time to read and process the Agreement we signed. The VLO officer rushed us through the paperwork. Since we wanted to cancel the agreement and want a refund for the full $13, 000, LHVC wants to keep $4, 500 for taxes and etc.
I am aware we were given a lot of information at once but we asked specific questions to confirm what we were buying, the Sale Representative went into his sales pitch about being able to travel anywhere in the world with no extra cost except for the service charge of $399 plus we could choose to have an all-inclusive package for $60 per day per person.
My spouse and I already paid $13, 000 USD and owe an additional $3, 500 for the total vacation package for the simple fact that we could travel anywhere in the world for $399 per week and we could take our friends and family. The representatives were misleading and we are so upset that this is in fact not what we purchased. We have used nothing of this package and will gladly return our package for a full refund. I was not aware that there was a 4-day cancellation period as the representative did not disclose this among other things. The representative that sold us the package was Nelson Guittirez. We were rushed through the signing. We were misrepresented and just want our money refunded. Our Agreement number is 00-36474 and we were charged $13, 000 USD on my MasterCard on January 19, 2018. The charge on my credit card shows IEA International Escrow Puerto Plata.
Desired Settlement
We want our membership cancelled and a full refund of our $13, 000 USD.

  • Rd
    R. DeShields Feb 22, 2018

    I'm concerned as well. I believe that we all have been taken advantage of, I am currently paying Bank of America for this Penthouse that I don't believe is worth the contract it is written on. I had to request bank statements to verify charges we will be out of approx. 7k but I'm grateful that we didn't use our own credit cards to purchase this for use for designated time frame not forever like our timeshare they told us they purchased. However we have not sent the deeds to LHVC and won't. If the class action suite gets started let me know.

    R. DeShields
    [email protected]

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  • Va
    Valerie Ulmer Moody Apr 17, 2018

    Same thing happened with us and we tried to dispute it with our credit card and got no where. LHVC sales and customer service reps have lied about everything. It is a total scam and we would love to join the class action suite if it gets started.
    V. Moody
    [email protected]

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  • Th
    Theresa Van Meter Apr 20, 2018

    I was mislead as well I was rushed through the signing process not allowed to read all the contracts. I just want to cancel my membership I don't care if I get my money back I want out.

    [email protected]

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  • Ad
    Adryenne Jun 05, 2018

    I am in the same boat, We were misled as well and we want to cancel our membership and my money back. it is a scam.

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  • Lt
    Ltobalino Jun 06, 2018


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LHVCmisrepresentation, scam, fraud, dishonest people

I too became a member in 2015 and I believe that this people are very dishonest on what they are selling to people. The worst thing I have ever invested money on. No availability all the time and when they do have available room...its a damp!!! This is a hard earned money that I felt they stealing from us and they need to be stopped!!! please if anyone know how to get the money back/get a full refund from this scammers...please feel let me know. My name is Cecilia my email is [protected] I really would like to get my money back from this people. Thanks!

  • An
    Andrea Clemons Mar 16, 2018

    I agree! They scammed us out of money and lied about the services they offered!

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  • Ti
    Tina84 May 08, 2018

    I have the same experience with LHVC, no services available, took a lot of money from me already and I havent traveled at all as all I wanted to book was always not available, plus nothing the rep.said was true...(as the price for room will always be the same etc.) and now they threaten me they gonna take an action if I dont give them the info of my new CC details (as the old one expired...)
    Dont know what to do ... 😒

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubfraud & cheating

My husband and I bought a LHVC GOLD membership while on holiday in Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic in Sept 2015. Our agreement promises 3, 4 bdm Villas, 6/8 occupants, no blackout days, with unlimited weeks. We also purchased a 2-year enrollment in their Travel Club for an extra $1, 499. We, too, were promised VIP treatment staying in Villas all over the world, voucher for one week free stay in sister resorts, all kinds of savings on cruises, transportation, meals, etc. We have been trying to use our free-week voucher at the LHVC Grand Oasis Sens in Cancun, MX since Jan 2016 and have been told repeatedly there are no rooms available. They can get us in for 5 days at a price of $399. That is not free and who in their right mind would fly from Seattle to Cancun for 5 days? Ironically, when I try to serve via RCI, there is availability. This is a pure scam. We should have known better when they upgraded us to a Villa, free golf cart, maid service, and plied us with free alcoholic beverages our whole stay in DR. Beware and stay away from LHVC! We'd like to know how to get out of this agreement.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubpenthouse package

We were recently vacationing in Cancun Mexico at the Grand Oasis. We are victims of the fraud and scamming of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.The charged fraudulently our credit cards to the max!!!
~Desperate for an attorney contact name in North New Jersey.
Cntact me at = [protected]

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubmembership fraud

A class action suit is extremely necessary to file against this crooked outfit.
I came in through RCI and was talked into a sales pitch. They (LHVC) made it sound really good. It started with them buying our Wyndham Plus timeshare, but later once back at home we come to find out it required a transfer fee, not mentioned before, which needed to be mailed to Global Resort Transfer Inc. in Miami, FL. also not mentioned before. All we were told is that LHVC was buying our time share. Then through INTravel, which is an integral part of LHVC, they told us we could book a villa or a house on the beach in many places of the world including a requested area on the coast of the Costa Brava, Spain. On their laptop computer they showed us one house at that location which looked gorgeous. My wife and I proceeded once at home to go to their website and only found hotels worldwide, mostly in major cities. No houses or villas. One of the reasons for my family to sign up for this membership was to enjoy many trips to Europe, which now are unavailable. Who wants to book anything which you cannot see on a website? Our Lifetime membership with LHVC for up to 6 bedroom villa in the Dominican Republican cost us a lot of US dollars but it expires in 2052 which is not the same as owning a deed to a timeshare which is transferrable for life, so long as somebody pays the monthly maintenance fee. This was not explained to my spouse and me either.
We have 12 months from the date of purchase to enroll in a resale program of our membership mind you.. Sorry, but what exactly are they reselling. There is no limit as to the number of memberships they sell.
To come up with the money for the membership we used several credit cards on which we had to pay a 3% foreign transaction fee on each card.
Needless to say that by now we are very frustrated trying to figure out how to cancel our membership and recuperate all or some of our investment in LHVC. They made us sign a non-disclosure clause letter in which it specifies that we are not allowed to reveal any information about this "deal" to a third party. This letter in a nutshell does not permit us to hire an attorney.
LHVC did give us a certificate which allows us to book a villa (up to 6 bedrooms) for 2 weeks as a bonus with service fees paid for by them. Provided they honor that certificate, that would be worth several thousand dollars. We shall see!!
Finally, we do hope that a class-action suit will be brought against LHVC.
They simply have no right to mislead people who are trustworthy and believe, like us, what was verbally offered and promised. If we had not signed the contract right there and then, they would have charged us for the upgrade given to us while there. We were between a rock and hard place. Hope every one reads this like we read some the other claims.
We would be interested in joining a class action suit and can be reached at:

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Cluball of it; interval international and lifestyle holiday vacation club

purchased vacation package in 2014. Revisit resort Feb [protected]
Room was unacceptable, curtains would not close fully, broken tile on floor, mold around bathroom sink, linking ceiling in bathroom, light entered room from around the door frame.
If you asked 3 people the same question, you will get 3 different answers
The room was not what I expected: the reservation sheet has different verbiage then the contract. so a studio becomes a room and the studio that I thought I was getting becomes a suite.
2/18-2/22: I tried to deposit my weeks with interval international on line, I get a message to call, when I call I am told to call my home resort to deposite, nothing interval international can do, when I call my home resort I get the run around, transferred at least 4 times, placed on hold in complete silence, transferred to a number that ring for 3 minutes and no one answered and once I was told they would call me back (that's 48 hours ago).

  • Ro
    Rolika Feb 11, 2017

    I have the same frustrating experience whilst requesting the staff (Customer Care Service) of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Dominican Republic to deposit my timeshare with Interval International. Sadly it has proved impossible for me to get a working relationship with this organisation. Over a 10 day period of daily phoning and emails I feel drained from the effort. The promises to call back are not fulfilled, the call waiting time is prolonged because you are screened before being put through to the department / person who has authority to progress your request and then of course no one is available to actually talk. Usually I consider myself able to cope with this and able to persist sympathetically when they say they have had database problems for example, but on this occasion of my first dealings with LHVC I am left unimpressed and also compromised because I needed to complete my deposit with Interval International by today's date. The financial impact on me of this missed deadline is an increased cost of membership of $594. All in all I have to admit I feel defeated !

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  • Classaction.lhvc Jan 25, 2018

    Dear Rolika

    We are a law firm specialized in protecting consumers and have been recently receiving complaints about fraud by LHVC (Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club) in the US and the Dominican Republic.
    As we have seen on the forum, that you could also be a victim, we wanted to inform you that we will be preparing a class-action lawsuit and are getting in touch with people willing to share information and participate in the lawsuit.
    We have filed criminal charges with the relevant court in Austria already (as the owner of LHVC is an Austrian citizen), and will now be starting legal action in the US and the Dominican Republic.
    Should you be interested in supporting and joining us in the pursuit, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be acting quickly, in order to make sure this business model is stopped and the money returned to the people.
    Please note, that there are no financial implications for you. We will be sharing all information about progress with you. We just need to know if you want to join this cause and would appreciate your earliest response.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email us to [email protected]

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubunethical behaviour

This company has done nothing but lie to us. What we were promised in their sales pitch and what is reality seems to be worlds apart. I can not get a straight answer from the company nor will any one contact me except through vague e-mails. I really want to cancel this "lifestyle" "timeshare", if anyone could help me please do!!!

  • Mi
    Michelle A. Riklan May 28, 2016

    Has anyone out there tried to dispute through American Express?


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  • Fu
    fufufuf121415 Apr 27, 2019

    Sorry to say I didn't pursue it. MY wife and I were harassed until we met with the salesman. He came to get me out
    of the pool to give me the hard sell. We were were told we could not get out money back and if we tried to dispute it with cc company they will lock us out of our rooms and not be allowed back in. (rooms I already paid for).
    My wife went into the office crying asking to speak to who is in charge and they sent us down the stairs.
    I told the lady to come down with me, she said she will be there in a minute, as we went downstairs to talk to mgmt sales lady left for the day thru back door. And met with Julia, who threatened us that we are on camera and we have no case.Now this year we are trying to make the best of it since they won't give us our money far we are told with our free room voucher does not include the mandatory100.00 a day per person all inclusive fee.Still getting the run around as all dates i choose are not available and my voucher expires in June.
    This has me and my family foregoing vacation this year because of this scam.
    Be aware of Julia Lympany, Manuel, Amaurys, Ramon Santos(who met me at the pool).
    Good Luck to those who are disputing this. I hope you are successful and share with others.

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubexploited and ripped off

I bought into this package while on holiday in Mexico (Oasis Cancun) last November. At the time they were unable to show us any properties on their portfolio since the INTravel website was being upgraded. The sales rep Kathia Canetas and supervisor Tom Gorsky however did show us a website with the properties at our disposal in South Africa (where we live) at it was pretty high end - we were very excited. They sold me the idea of a small business opportunity on how I can sell my accommodation to others and make a bit of money off the offers they give me. I was sold!!! The actual signed contract is very comprehensive and a simple document - I went through it with a fine tooth comb - especially the cancellation policy - but they seemed to steer clear of that issue when I would bring it up - but because I was so excited I never paid attention. To test the system I immediately placed a reservation for December at one of the top hotels in Johannesburg. They made everything seem so simple and streamlined when making future bookings and using the package. I followed up with the reservations manager Maria Garcia and her reservations team everyday for the rest of my holiday but had not had any confirmation up to the day I left the resort. They told me that I should have confirmation upon my return to South Africa. When I got back, my follow-up resulted in screaming matches with everyone who bothered to answered my phone calls (esp. reservations manager in the Dominican Republic "Jose"). This barrage of calls (since they ignored my emails and written requests for them to call me) amounted to almost $300 in costs - with back and forth questions on trying to understand why this package was not working according to how it had been sold to me. I also found that there was NO MANAGER available to speak to and address my concerns with. I then took a couple of months to get my head right because I had invested a large part of my savings into this "bad investment" before I tried to make a booking again. This year March we managed to get a booking in Turkey which was pleasant. But I have not been able to make any money on the "business opportunity" because they never have accommodation available in NEW YORK or where I request accommodation - so Im constantly losing on clients booking with me because they're able to book on platforms like ", trivago,, etc. they find it easier and cost effective to book their own hotels or just make use of their travel agents. Im happy to know that I am not the only person feeling Exploited and Ripped Off - but as a collective - we've invested so much into these packages while this company just takes us for a ride. I am most disappointed in them. It would've been such an awesome opportunity if it had worked like they said it would.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubfraudulent contract

I was vacationing in Casa Marina Reef Hotel in Sosua, Dominican Republic on August 4, 2015 when I was approached by a representative of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The representative offered me an opportunity to visit an affiliated resort that offered better services during my stay at Casa Marina Reef Hotel. The next day, on August 5, 2015, I agreed to go and I arrived at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. I was then escorted to a different employee named Felix who gave me a tour of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club on a golf cart. Felix offered me a membership with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, which he estimated to be about $15, 000, that would include the ability to reserve different types of units for a week in their resorts for the following prices for 37 years: Junior Suite - $199, 1 Bedroom - $259, 2 Bedroom - $299, Penthouse - $499, and Villa - $999. The unit costs would include access to their two international buffets, transportation to and from the airport to the resort, and a golf cart and/or smart car for transportation inside the resort complex. He noted that they also offer a premium buffet option if I wanted to upgrade to gourmet meals like lobster and steak at their a la carte restaurants for an additional $60 per person. Otherwise, he specified that the unit cost would only include access to the two international buffets on the resort.
Felix and another employee ultimately offered the membership to me for $13, 000. I was very interested in the deal that he offered and believed the upfront cost of $13, 000 would be worth the membership. However, when I informed Felix and the other employee that I did not have enough funds in my credit card to purchase the membership, they asked me to open a line of credit with Barclayscard. I informed them that I currently work part-time and my annual income of $15, 000 may not qualify me for such a credit card. Felix and the other employee said they would "take care of it." I filled out an application and to my surprise, they returned with an authorized credit card for the amount of $4, 500. After I returned to the U.S., I realized that they had added a "1" in front of my $15, 000 in the "Total Annual Income" field of my credit card application to change my $15, 000 total annual income to $115, 000 in order to authorize this line of credit.
In addition, the contract that I carefully read, initialed, and signed is different from the copy I have. Felix and the other representative presented me with two contracts and stated one was their copy and the other one was mine. I thoroughly read one contract prior to signing it and it did not include the requirement to pay for an “all-inclusive” package per person to have access to food and drinks. When I was asked to sign and initial my copy of the contract, he rushed me and stated it was exactly the same contract as the one I had just signed and that I did not have to initial all of the components in my own copy. I believed that my contract copy would be the same as the merchant’s and signed my contract without initialing and reading all the components.
After returning home to the U.S., I realized that my copy of the contract has a component that specifies the need to purchase an “all-inclusive” package to have access to all food and drinks on the property. You will notice that only the first few components of my copy are initialed because I was rushed into signing the contract. The merchant and I have separate contracts. I do not trust the contract that they possess will have my authentic signature. When I called the customer service representative, Naomi Bogle, on August 7, 2015 to verify this discrepancy, Naomi informed me the unit costs does not include buffet access and that every traveling person would be required to purchase an all-inclusive package for $60 per day. There is no such thing as a premium buffet option. This cost also changes to $95 per person if I were to reserve a bigger unit or a unit in Cancun, Mexico which was not discussed either in the sales pitch or the contract. I asked Naomi about other privileges that were promised to me during the sales pitch, and concluded that my package also does not include access to golf cars and smart cars with unit rentals.
I emailed Naomi Bogle on August 9 and 11, 2015 and called on August 10, 2015 regarding the fraudulent contract and have yet to hear back from her.
Both the membership and the line of credit opened in my name were finalized in a fraudulent manner. The merchant rushed me into signing a contract that was different from what they made me sign. I would not have signed this membership contract if this contract was proposed to me in an honest, clear manner. If I had to pay $60 per person to rent a unit in their resort, the cost to pay per week in Puerto Plata would be the same if I were to book my vacation through a travel agency, minus the membership fee of $13, 000. The line of credit, opened with Barclayscard, should not have been authorized. Felix and another employee changed my application to say that I made $115, 000 a year when in fact I only make $15, 000.

  • Ca
    Cara Arizmendi Aug 19, 2015

    I am going through a similar situation, and I am trying to dispute the charge on my credit card. Would you like to keep in touch? I only recently contacted Naomi and would be interested in how your process is going. I don't have much hope after reading so many of these stories, but I would like to stay connected with others to see if there are possibilities in getting my money back.

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  • Du
    duped82 Aug 29, 2015

    Cara, I was able to get the money refunded back after sending formal complaints to both credit card companies. The credit card companies give the merchant 45 days to respond so it is not completely over but for now, the charges have been taken away. I will send a private message.

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  • Da
    Dan Bowens Jan 07, 2016

    I paid $27, 500 and they will not left me eat at all the restaurants or get my a golf cart. STAY AWAY!

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  • Ma
    Maria El Feb 08, 2016

    Hi Could you please help me. Im being stressed out and end up crying regarding this situation had the same problem please private message me. Thank You

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  • Ma
    Maria El Feb 08, 2016

    Hi Please help me having a hard time on this plus they want to charge me cancellation fees. Please email if you have answers for this [email protected] Please please need your help

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Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Clubfraud

We know the owner and the truth of this scam artist, if anyone needs help to get this delinquents contact me asap.
[protected] we use to work for them, lets give them what they deserve, we know exactly how to zink their boat.

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Clubscam

I want to take the time and talk about lifestyle holiday vacation in. This company has such a bad reputation for their membership scam. I'm sorry I didn't know about this scam before we signed up for it. My hubby and I purchased the jr suite membership for $5, 000 down and many monthly payments for years to come. We were promised many things such as hotels anywhere around the world at their "sister resorts" for the low price of $199 per week. This was a big lie. I've tried inquiring about rooms in Ontario, New York, Cuba, and many more and the prices were through the roof. It's even cheaper to book these rooms from the hotel itself. What's the point of paying all this money for these discounts and it's not even a discount! They have lied about many things and I'm wondering if anyone else had this experience as well and manage to get back any money.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Membershipmisleading and false advertising

Here is our story: we were on vacation when one of the LHVC representatives, Alfonzo, cornered us on the morning of July 2, 2013 while sitting by a pool. He was coming to remind us that we had a tour set up for 10 a.m. that morning. Despite our telling him that I had been sick overnight and was not in condition to discuss any business transaction, Alfonzo was very pushy and would not let us cancel the appointment. After meeting our sale representative, James Salmazor, we spend the next seven hours visiting different places on the compound while been wined and dined every step of the way and promised all sort of specials, such as an helicopter ride, the possibility to move to a private villa if we signed the contract that day, limo ride to the airport and all the drinks we wanted. During the presentation, we made it known that we already had two timeshare properties. James told us that was not a problem; they would transfer the two properties to LHVC. We were skeptical that that was true and told James that we really were not interested in getting involved with another timeshare/vacation club. James was failing the sale pitch as we pushed back so he went inside to get a supervisor. The supervisor did not give us a business card so we do not recall his name. The supervisor repeated several times that LHVC was a great investment that timeshares are a thing of the past, that our family of four could travel all the times in different places and whenever we wanted without limits. He then gave us a beautiful book with wonderful pictures of the Punta Cana resorts and mentioned that every time we travel that would be the type of resort in which we could stay. Again, we expressed concern because we have a daughter who is college-bound and we need to be careful with our finances so that we could pay for her college tuition. The supervisor reassured us that there wasn’t any risk because we could sell the membership back if we were not satisfied, no questions asked. In the meantime, James, our representative, kept bringing drinks and food to the table for us to consume. The supervisor went back to his office and gave us a quote for our two other time-share properties mentioned above and told us that, with those two discounts, the total (additional) cost to join would be $54, 000.00. We choked at the number and told him that that was still too high and that we were not interested. At that point, the supervisor told us that he would reimburse us our airline tickets for the trip that took us to the DR in the first place, for a total of $6, 000.00. We again told him we needed time to review all the paperwork but he told us that the offer was only good while we were there and that we had to make a decision right them and there. We can’t emphasize enough about the pressure that they put us under. We never had a chance to read the Rules of Occupancy because they were never handed out to us. We just found out this past week (from Ms. Skinner via email) that the Rules of Occupancy were on a CD tacked in the pocket of a folder that they gave us after we signed the contract. These are deceiving sales tactics to prey on tourists. Upon our return to the States, we immediately started working with LHVC to transfer our two time-share properties. The first transfer went through in few weeks. The second transfer turned into a seven-month ordeal which is not over yet. We got in touch with our timeshare upon our return from DR the second week of July 2012; it took seven months to finally receive the letter with the first right of refusal so that we could transfer the property to LHVC. [Apparently, LHVC neglected to tell us that Westgate Resorts is very hard to deal with when it comes to transfer or sale, something that would have helped us decide against purchasing the LHVC contract.] During the seven months, LHVC never missed an opportunity to ask if they could remove the time-share property from our contract, that would relieve them of any obligation and place the burden on us as we would have to continue pay the maintenance fee . We kept replying no because, as we had explained during the sale presentation back in July, the LHVC purchase was contingent on the sale/transfer of the two time-share properties. This was the first red flag that things weren’t as good as the presentation claimed.
The second red flag occurred in early January 2013 when we started planning our vacation for the summer. We got in touch with LHVC and requested a list of the other resorts (“sister resorts”). After reviewing the list, it was clear to us that the quality of the “sister resorts” was, at best, subpar to the resort we stayed in Punta Cana. After several communications back and forth via email with the LHVC group that handles reservations for the sister resorts, it became quite obvious that we were not going to be able to go to our selected destination when we wanted and in a reasonable resort. We then contacted RCI, the company that LHVC signed us with to check their inventory and possible trading our place in the Dominican Republic. Once again, there was nothing available for us and a considerable cost was involved if we traded our LHVC, once again the promise that the trade was going to be one for one, proved to be incorrect. We ended up making our summer reservations through a travel agency and paid extra money since we could not use our new LHVC membership benefits.
We became concerned that LHVC was not going to be what they promised so we started asking questions to the customer service representatives that we had been assigned; Mr. Vance Paul, Ms. Bally Skinner and Mr. Nicholas Adderledy. Their “customer service” was to tell us that we are bound by the contract and there is nothing that we can do. We are seeking assistance to help make this working right and maybe help stop this unfair trade practices. We would like to have our membership cancelled and get our money back.

  • Vm
    vms133 Mar 27, 2015

    Have you had any luck? We too have the same problem.

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  • Ph
    Philimay Mar 05, 2016

    I think a class action suit is in order...There are many unhappy members who were promised everything but after the contract it was a totally different story!

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  • Da
    David Sigman Mar 05, 2016

    We have also found that they are totally unethical. Three years ago we upgraded to a villa and we're told we would have a golf cart even if we were not staying in a villa. That was a lie but when we looked at our contract (after the sale of course) we found that it was not in our contract so that anything you are told by the salesmen do not have to be honoured. Because we like the resort we upgraded again last year so that our contract had a clause saying we would have a cart if in a villa or Presidential Suite. We decided to come this year and stay in Presidential Suites. This is our fifth day and still no golf cart.First they tell us we have to be in a villa. After I tell them to check our contract they tell us that there are a whole range of levels with higher priority. in fact there are a lot of higher level members who have also been bumped and who are very angry.

    The problem is that the keep selling new memberships and creating more levels with out adequately inçreasing the facilities. in addition they had new levels of members that can bump 'lower' levels. When we joined in 2007 our gold level wàs it with the type of unit you bought being the main difference. Now they have platinum, platinum supreme, shareholder, owner, and the new charman's circle all of which can bump us. There fore the contract we signed last year is pretty useless.

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  • Io
    iowan scammed Mar 14, 2016

    We are having the same issues. Since it is very difficult to sue a company in the Diminica if we all entered cases to the US Governemnt for scams then possibly they would at least sanction or do something to stop their behavior with us citizens. But I know we will never see our money or receive service promised and our $45, 000 is pretty much gone.

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  • Sj
    Sjhsjh Mar 29, 2016

    OMG reading these we r very concerned now. We signed 3days ago 'n Does the same stand in This country as in USA.. About having a 3or 10 day change ur mind policy on contracts? Please help if I know this answer!? I wish all of the best of luck in having a way to be reimbursed the monies we all have paid !!

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  • Ri
    Ri1 Feb 01, 2017

    @Sjhsjh How did you make out?

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  • Sj
    Sjhsjh Feb 01, 2017

    @Sjhsjh I asked same thing after we signed 2yrs ago. I heard the same does not apply but who knows, we could have been giving wrong answer. IDK but it's the Biggest Regret in my whole life n I grew up a young adult in Late 70's !!! Joking aside my story is practically Identical to the large 1 presented above! The Stress factor alone these people/this place cause us "the buyers" actually is very detrimental to our Health !! "Our stupidity"(my husband & I) n their Lies make The whole horrific ordeal To this day is as fresh in my Head n Heart as if it happened yesterday!!

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubfraud, breach of contract

My father purchased an UNLIMITED Platinum VIP membership in Oct. 2006 for 46 YEARS membership. He traded in a timeshare at Lehigh Acres in Florida. Lifestyles gave him a $4000 "credit" so his purchase cost $16, 000 instead of $20, 000. My father had a hand-written clause added to the original contract that all his guests would receive VIP benefits whether he was there with them or not. That clause was initialed and signed by the Lifestyles Rep. Dad had only been there that one time in 2006 when he purchased the membership. My husband and I went to the resort in Jan 2007 and we had a nice time. 3 months later in Feb 2007 my Dad died of melanoma. He never got to use this membership after he bought it. When settling Dad's estate, we discovered that the Lehigh Acres timeshare was still billing him monthly maintenance, and had no information about being 'traded in" to Lifestyles. Somehow my brother-in-law (who is an attorney) managed to have the Lehigh Acres claim dismissed. After 5 years, in May 2012, I contacted Lifestyles to book a week reservation for myself and 2 guests. No one in my family has ever used the 46 year membership in all this time. I was given the run-around, and even yelled at by a customer service manager, who accused me of trying to make a fraudulent reservation under my father's name!!! I had to send them the death certificate and all the wills and trust documents which prove I was the heir to his estate, including all real estate properties. Then they become happy to make my reservation, but in order to put my name on the contract, they tell me I need my step-mother's permission to do so!!! Regardless of the fact that in Dad's will nothing was left to her, including the house they lived in on Long Island. So I go down in May and have a nice vacation, but I am kept waiting in the "VIP Tower" 30 mins to see a representative from their "Legal Dept". The only person I end up seeing is the same customer service rep who I had been dealing with all along. She comes out with a new contract with my name and my step-mother's name on it (which I had requested since I have no desire to take anything away from her). I was about to sign it and then I thought maybe I better wait and read the whole thing. She would not give me the entire document, only the signature page!! Naturally I refused to sign it and left. Upon returning home, I handed the case over to my attorney. After months of my lawyer sending emails and letters (sent certified mail) and being completely ignored, he finally received a reply from an Yvette Almodovar in the Lifestyles Legal Dept. They had attached a copy of the new contract with my name and step-mother's name on it, and included a typed addendum which states that indeed there was a hand-written clause on the original contract that all my guests would receive VIP benefits whether I am with them or not. I signed both the contract and the addendum and have not heard anything since. I didn't send it to my step-mother for her signature and wrote them a letter telling them that if they want her signature they should send it to her themselves. I again made a reservation for myself and 4 guests to go to Lifestyles around Oct 30th 2012, which is the day Hurricane Sandy hit the NY/NJ area where I live. The flights were all cancelled for days so we couldn't go. The airline gave me a credit, and much to my surprise (although they said it was against their policy) Lifestyles also gave me a credit! I was still charged on my credit card, but they assured me that my Lifestyles account has an "accreditation" on it. So we re-schedule the reservation and the 5 of us go there in Dec 2012. They were actually running a Member's Only FREE WEEK if you booked before Thanksgiving, so we took advantage of that, and actually were not charged any service fee for the time we were there (only the all-inclusive $50/day meal fee). Plus I still had the "accreditation" on my account. So now I am making a reservation for my two nieces to go down there for a week in mid-April. They are deducting the service fee for their room from my "accreditation", which is great, but they are NOT providing them with GOLD wristbands. They are going to be given Blue wristbands, claiming that guests only receive Gold bands when the member is traveling with them. First of all, there is nothing in their original contract or the revised one that says anything about Blue wristbands, or the "level" of VIP membership being different for guests. Secondly, this seems to ignore the addendum I received and signed about my guests receiving ALL VIP benefits whether I am traveling with them or not. They have proven to be fraudulent and dishonorable and evidently make decisions willy-nilly which terms of the contract they will honor and which they won't arbitrarily. One would think that from my membership I have brought 7 additional people to their resort that they would like to keep me a satisfied customer, no? Evidently not. I have argued with the customer service rep for days and cannot get anywhere with her, and cannot get access to any manager or legal representative. So again, I will turn this case over to my attorney. I think we have to sue them for breach of contract for the full purchase price of $20, 000 plus legal fees plus damages. I will give this Complaint Board link to my attorney and if he advises pursuing this further, maybe we can all join a class-action suit against LHVC. Thank you for sharing all your experiences, as I had no idea this was such a widespread and routine problem with this company. Barry Nevins, Guttenberg, NJ

  • Ji
    Jims Pissed Off Mar 13, 2013

    Yes I'm in a similar situation and I'm tired of their lies. I'm very interested in getting a class action suit started, there are hundreds of people that are all pissed off. Lets get together on this.


    7 Votes
  • Ls
    lstone903 May 07, 2013

    If there is any lawsuit going forward can i please be contacted too- i am so pissed off... :(

    [email protected]

    4 Votes
  • Bl
    blesssed rose06 Jul 03, 2013

    I agree I am so annoyed with this company. My husband and I vacationed in Dominican Republic in may 2012 . W e were taken also by these folks . After we purchased we realized we had to continue payments at out previously owned . time share . we were under the assumption that we will no longer have these payments. We now have 2 timeshare payments and spent money we shouldn't have to purchased at lifestyle . We tried to send dome friends to D.R for a vacation and we were given such a run around it is ridiculous .We can really use that money back now . I f any one figures out how we can recoup this money and off load this burden please contact me we will greatly appreciate it.

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  • Ba
    Barry Guttenberg NJ Jul 03, 2013

    Unfortunately my lawyer said I could spend my entire life savings and retirement funds in legal fees trying to fight these people. I've been receiving all the benefits under the terms of the contract for myself and any guests who travel with me. The problem is that any guests NOT traveling with me are being given blue ID bands, instead of Gold, and are being told they don't have access to all the VIP areas. That's not what was in my contract. I suspect they are going to make it more and more difficult for both members and guests to enjoy what we signed up for. Greed, pure and simple.

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  • Ba
    Barry Guttenberg NJ Jul 05, 2013

    Lifestyles on Groupon!!

    Wait a minute. if this deal is ALL-INCLUSIVE FOR 2 PEOPLE does that mean including the $50 per day meal fee also for 2 people? If so, for 7 days, the cost that we would pay (as Platinum VIP members) would be $650 for ONE PERSON, it would be $999 for 2. ($299 for the room, $50 per day per person).

    So they are now offering on Groupon the same thing AT THE SAME COST that they offer to members who paid $20, 000+? That's interesting. They will screw around with the "VIP level" on the Groupon, not giving access to as many things as full members, but people taking advantage of this groupon offer won't know what they're NOT getting. So essentially, this tells me that anybody can go to this resort for the same (or close) to the members cost, not spend $20, 000 or more, and have close to the same benefits.

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  • Ja
    Jane78 Jul 24, 2013

    Most timeshare companies are taking advantage of people, often those who are more vulnerable and less able to resist hard sales tactics. I have heard of many cases where maintenance costs rise well above inflation. It would appear the timeshare companies lock people into contracts and then drive up their profits though increased maintenance charges. It would be good to see legislation whereby timeshare companies can only charge "reasonable" maintenance costs and not use this annual fee to fleece people's bank accounts. I recommend you this article on how to get out of timeshare:

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  • Se
    seanod Jun 01, 2014

    I'm in the same situation. If there's a lawsuit being filed, I'm interested in knowing more.

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  • Je
    Jenny L Lee Aug 22, 2014

    We are the same way. Just there and bought in July 2014. Already having issues with contract!

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  • Ji
    Jims Pissed Off Aug 23, 2014

    I have a meeting with the lawyers there who believes I have a breach of contract case against them. I have only started talking with them but they have looked at my contract and say I have a case. I am traveling back there in jan/feb 2015 and will meet them in person and discuss details. They are talking about percentage of recovery for costs so if they don't win there is no cost. I will post details after I talk in person. I will also discuss a class action suit with them as well.

    A note to all...when you get your package from lifestyles you get a disk with rules and details. DON'T ever update that disk when prompted online. They've changed it from my original and I haven't updated it so that is helping my case. One clause says they can not change anything that takes away any benefit of the member...

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  • Sc
    scammed by Lifestyles Mar 22, 2017

    @Jims Pissed Off We couldn't look at the CD at the resort, scammed last week, as they had no cd player. Has anyone been able to cancel their contract or had resolve of any kind?

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  • La
    latinrascal Jan 07, 2015

    same here ...bought in August and tried booking only to be told the room is not available and the all inclusive fee had took a week to get thru to them and each time I got a person on the phone i was givent the name of at least 3 people who are "in charge" of my account..anybody doing a class action please let me know

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  • To
    took advantage of Feb 02, 2015

    We just purchased one from them and found out the next day we had an unexpected financial obligation. When we got back home we tried to contact someone about canceling. No one wanted to talk to us when we mentioned canceling. We were transferred from person to person and were hung up on several times. We did cancel the 3rd day (the 4 day cancellation period.) We then contacted one of the managers to make sure we were going through the cancellation process the right way. He then informed us that we would not get back our down payment and we still owed other money even though we canceled. At the time of doing the paperwork when we purchased we were told we could cancel with no obligations, now they say the contract says we are obligated to pay all the Admin Fees to cancel totaling over $3, 000! This was never explained to us at all when we purchased. This does not make sense. What kind of company does this! It is so unethical. Cancel means cancel. They feed you drinks and wait til you're really liquored up to close the deal. Since they know you're buzzed, they don't fully explain everything. I feel that they are untrustworthy and wish there was something I can do about it. Has this happened to anybody else?

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  • Mi
    Miltonluna Sep 05, 2015

    They don't give you copies of the full contract, that alone is a violation of the law. they did that to me and probably to every body else. they keep most of the contract they don't give you the original in DR they have to give you the original, we can all testify together about what they are doing to people we have to do this united or this people are going to get away with this. we have to fight them I wouldn't enjoy a vacation knowing what they are doing to people in that place if anybody needs my testimony my cell is 401-699-8197. They are tricking people, I paid to be in what I thought it was a decent club, but for my surprise they are worse than street people.

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  • Da
    Dan Bowens Jan 07, 2016

    They ripped me off for $27, 500.00 for a Gold Restricted VIP in July of 2014. I'm here RIGHT now and they refuse to give me a cart or to speak to a supervisor. I was told I can not even go to all the VIP restaurants. Again I paid $27, 500. WORST vacation ever. Never send your friends...just enemies.

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  • Da
    Dan Bowens Jan 07, 2016

    We can't sue Lifestyles but we can sue Groupon (an American Company) for sending us there!

    4 Votes
  • Da
    Dan Bowens Jan 07, 2016

    Call me if you want to go after Groupon. My number is 571-218-2070 ask for Dan

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  • Pa
    pamela g H Feb 25, 2016

    we are very interested in recouping our loss however possible. is this a valid option? to sue groupon? Please let me know. We have the same story as everyone else about lifestyles, with the added lie that we could rent out as many weeks as we wanted...therefore 'we could make money" from our investment. HA! Also, we were "given"gift certificates for 3 weeks anywhere in the world. it's cheaper to go on orbitz or expedia and book than it is to get the "free" week. Geeeesh..I have never felt so stupid! Please help if there's any way to recoup our loss

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  • St
    steven cevallos Mar 11, 2016

    i am also in the same situation i purchased a membership for $10, 000.00 last year in may and i have not yet used their services at all i would like to terminate membership and would like to recuoperate my losses my email is [email protected] if anyone can recommend a lawyer that is willing to take my case i would like to be a part of this united we can stop this scam.

    1 Votes
  • Cl
    cloudjmper Apr 01, 2016

    I would like to join a class action suit. please let me know if you know of one. [email protected]

    1 Votes
  • Ry
    Ryan Villanueva Apr 14, 2016

    Hey guys! I'm in the same boat.. got ripped off almost 30k for Gold Vip membership.
    Let me know of any legal action -- [email protected]

    -1 Votes
  • Ev
    Eva Cordero Jul 18, 2016

    I would like to join a class action suit. please let me know if you know of one. [email protected]

    1 Votes
  • Be
    Beetlestone Apr 08, 2017

    @Eva Cordero I'm in the same situation, paid over 60K for this Villa we've only used 2x, it was a bait and switch, agree with all the comments above, how do we get a class action suit filed against them and so they can't scam other people!! [email protected]

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  • Lo
    lovely_24 Jan 10, 2017

    Im really hoping that someone out there can all help us recuperate what we've lost from this dishonest company. I may have paid little less than others but the $10, 000 is a hard earned sweat I put on my savings for emergency...but it all went down the gutter when I fell into the hand of this scammers! Please we really need to have someone help us put an end to this company and I know that there are lots of victims like us out there who are looking for the same answers so please help us!! let me know if anyone have any information...I don't have money to go to lawyers to pay for legal fees but if anyone have any information pls let me know [email protected] Thanks!!

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  • Sc
    scammed by Lifestyles Mar 22, 2017

    Scammed last week. So upset that I was that Naïve and feel so taken advantage of. I should of cancelled the week I was on vacation but they kept convincing me it was the right decision, good choice, lie, lie, lie. The are such viscous vultures, hard sell, manipulative scammers. They tour you to all these great facilities ( that are for show only, didn't think of that at the time), feed you alcohol and lies then get you to sign a dam contract! UGH. Now I cant reach anyone in the DR for Lifestyles and I have sent numerous emails. Finally got a response from a representative who answered many of my questions emailed yesterday, but no response from the contract person Guillermo or the financial people at Lifestyles. I have called my time share and stopped the takeover, I called and discussed fraud with my bank, credit card, and interval international - bank of America card they gave me with a hefty charge - they will process a claim. I emailed Lifestyles that as of immediately I consider my contract null and void but I have not heard back. I'm so upset. NOW I look them up and so how many people have been taken advantage of, I'm really freaking out! it is ruining my Life!

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  • Sc
    scammed by Lifestyles Mar 22, 2017

    Has anyone gotten out of their contract or any resolve??

    -2 Votes
  • Cu
    Curia Aug 16, 2018

    I am all in for Class Action Law Suit.
    Please let me know:[email protected]
    Regards, Maria

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  • Rd
    rdh157810 Jan 08, 2019

    We are all in for a class action law suit as well. Feel ridiculous.
    [email protected]

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  • Jr
    JR. Spencer Jul 02, 2019

    @rdh157810 I have contacted a attorney let me know if you want information.

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  • Sh
    S Hellier Jan 01, 2020

    @JR. Spencer I just sent you a message from a different email. I am totally interested.
    please use email from the message as it is my current one. THanks

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  • Ne
    Nereida Carrasquillo Feb 12, 2019

    I'm more than happy also. I would like to joint to the class action . Nereida.Carrasquillo

    0 Votes
  • Jr
    JR. Spencer Jul 02, 2019

    @Nereida Carrasquillo I will look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Ht
    HTang Nov 10, 2019

    Hello - I would also appreciate any info on how we can cancel and recoup. [email protected]

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubharassment

What was originally planned to be a 2nd honeymoon for us ended up as
the worst endangering experience of our lives. The level of corruption and Anti-American hatred is
without equal within the prison compound of the Lifestyle Holidays Resort Cofresi. We were abused,
harassed, robbed, detained, arrested, stalked, intimidated, verbally assaulted, yelled at, sworn at,
threatened, and above all threatened with the use of deadly force should we not comply with hotel

The first problem with our room was that they entire building smelled like raw sewage. This is due to
exposed sewage and sewage pipes in and around our building. It was a very nauseating smell.

There are no food standards in the Dominican Republic and there is a guarantee of food borne illnesses
due to mismanagement of food. The food was inedible. Food was covered in flies, cooked in vats in pots
that were not washed. We witnessed a pot that was cooking alfredo sauce, and they started cooking
tomato sauce in it without washing the pan. We saw hundreds of health food code violations by
American standards. Items requiring refrigeration were not afforded such. This is in 80 degree 80%
humidity jungle-type weather. There are only two restaurants available to non-VIP guests, Casablanca
and the Pearl. At the Pearl, Kelsey ate a quesadilla and choked on chicken cartilage. There was hard
bone and spongy chicken cartilage in the meat that my pregnant wife choked on and spit up all over our
table. There was clearly no food standards at this resort.

White sands and clear blue ocean? Not even close. Brown dirty sand with trash all over the beach. The
ocean in this particular part of the Caribbean is not clear blue and is full of algae and other ocean loose
plants. For starters, 90% of the beach is VIP only. The tiny section of beach we were allowed on was full of aggressive peddlers trying to get you to buy something every 5 minutes, and they won’t take no for an answer.

We were given yellow wristbands. Yellow is the target bulls eye color for innocent travelers. We also
noticed that were no Americans staying at the resort. During our entire trip we could not find more than
a handful of Americans. Out of thousands of people we came across, most were from Europe, Canada
and the Dominican or other Latin countries.

We were approached by a member of the hotel staff and stated that it was hotel policy that we come with him for a short tour for safety. He stated, we could be removed from the resort if we did not comply. We politely declined and were met with a sharp “You [censored]ing rich white Americans come here and think you are entitled, you don’t understand our ways and don’t understand what is expected of you here. You aren’t safe unless you are a VIP”

Complaining to the manager only aggravated the situation. We were harassed even more heavily by the
white shirts. We at one point barricaded ourselves in our room because there was so much anti-American speech being used against us outside.

White shirts on Day 3 began to make terrible Anti-American comments such as “You will never leave my
island alive with that attitude boy.” This was in response to me replying a polite “No thank you.” This gentleman wanted to fight me, he was so aggressive and intimidating, he threatened me with physical violence over and over. Here he is swearing and pointing at me. He told me that “Americans have no respect for the Dominican way of life” and he chased us for quite a ways.

When we left, we were detained and robbed by the fake police that worked for Cofresi.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubcredit card fraud

My fiance and I vacationed at Lifestyles Vacation Resort 4-20-11 through 4-25-11 and joined to obtain a V.I.P. joint membership for a junior suite using our credit cards to pay the upfront costs. This morning, my fiance saw charges on the credit card he used to pay for his half of the membership for airline tickets and told me to check the cards I used to pay for the membership as I used two of them to pay. One I maxed out and put the remaining balance on another credit card. The maxed out card had no unauthorized charges but the card where I charged the remaining balance has over $2, 000.00 of unauthorized charges for hotel reservations placed with which I did not make.

It is no coincidence that both of the cards we used to purchase the membership have unauthorized charges. It appears the personnel at Lifestyles Vacation Club are credit card fraud artists and someone within the organization needs to be notified ASAP. I attempted to contact Mr. Geooff Ballotti as CEO of Lifestyles Vacation Club/RCI but I could not locate on the internet any direct contat to advise him of his underlings activities.

I have also alerted as they have the all-inclusive trips to Lifestyles Vacation Club Resorts and have the relationship to funnel prospective buyers of memberships to Lifestyles so they will look into this as well.

I am totally upset and angry of these occurrences with regard to the illegal activities that the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club personnel are participating in and causing undue stress on unsuspecting vacationers.

  • ShnikeJSB May 29, 2011

    Wow, I never realized this could be related... I also did the same thing when I vacationed in the DR in April, and a couple weeks ago had over $2000 in charges for JetBlue on one of the cards I used!!! I had to have CapitalOne cancel it and issue me a new number! If this is true, someone needs to be fired BIG TIME and we need to be compensated... >:o(

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  • Ma
    MambomanOn2 Sep 10, 2011

    I have been going to the DR for 20 years. Perhaps more than 50 times and have stayed at Amhsa resorts and Oasis (now Be Live) on vacation club contracts and also at NH and Barcelo ( no contracts). I have never had a problem with charges or misrepresentation, although the food and drink qualify at Amsha especially and a bit at BeLive has deteriorated.

    I have always heard negative things about the business aspect of Lifestyle Holidays, and sat through a presentation this July that was astoundingly fraudulent, even to the point of misrepresenting that I would be treated to lunch if I sat through their aggressive and lying sales pitch. They are well known amongst the majority of decent hoteliers for their

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  • St
    staccato 10 Sep 30, 2011

    I have bought into a lifstyle holiday /voyager travel whilst in Gran Cannaria, is this the same company as i am trying to get my money back as i feel i was not given all the relevant facts

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  • St
    Stevef67 Jan 14, 2012

    Same here, we boght the VIP membership in summer or 2010 at this Lifestyle Holidays resort in Puerto Plata, DR and also received fraudulent credit card charges. Fortunately, the credit card company does not hold me liable, but still... it goes to show these people are thieves. and boy did we make a mistake... the resort sucks.

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  • He
    Heidster Feb 26, 2018

    Thank you folks and sorry to hear you were defrauded. My wife and I just sat through a 3 hour high pressure sales pitch in Cabarete DR after we were told by a very nice young woman on the beach that works for the company that if we sat through their 1/2 hr presentation to demonstrate their new Lifestyle resort being built in this area we would get 2 free t-shirts, and a couple drinks. Seeing as the weather was crappy we decided to do so. Our first salesman was a real gentleman and walked us through the various options available to us but once the "boss' arrived the high pressure really kicked in
    and after I explained that I don't do any business especially involving lots of money and investment without "doing my homework" and researching the company, he stormed away back into his office. Our first salesman came back and then offered us another offer for those people that need time to think about it. Well when we got back to our rented condo we went on line and found these reviews. Thank goodness we didn't fall into the trap and we thank you folks for giving people like my wife and I the "heads up"! So we ended up with 2 free cab rides, 2 free drinks, a small bottle of rum and 2 t-shirts but 3 hours out of our was raining so wasn't too bad. Thanks again, signed: lucky Canadians...

    2 Votes

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) & Escrow Agencydefrauded

The slaes peoplpe at LHVC mislead you in what they are offering and what you actually get. On the second day after your arrival at their resort, you will be hounded by
specific staff telling you to come and recieve your welcome gift. These people target you by what color bracelet you may have on ( the color identifies you as a RCI member, regular traveler, VIP Gold member or VIP Platinum Member). They take you on a tour and show you nothing but the best rooms and at the end try to convince you that if you puchase one of thier levels of membership, that you can rent theses places out anytime you want and unlimited weeks. They promise that you can book a villa a month in avance, then you find out it is a year in advance. They also promised limo service for our ride to the airport in which we recieved a beat up old taxi.I have requested a refund in which they will not allow.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubfraudulent charges

This summer my wife and I took a trip to Lifestyles Hacienda in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We had traded our timeshare in Myrtle Beach for a small studio in their hotel - like section of their resort. We paid a healthy fee for all-inclusive privileges to eat and drink in their bars and restaurants. Only two hours after arriving in the Dominican Republic we were whisked out of a restaurant and escorted into a meeting with liquor drinks being put in our hands while we were given a sales pitch concerning buying our existing timeshare and enrolling us in their vacation club. We were upgraded to a villa and received some comp gifts such as a helicopter ride, a day trip to Paradise Island, a BBQ and the use of Serenity Beach. Needless to say we took the bait.

I was unsure so I continuously inquired about cancellation possibilities. We were assured NUMEROUS TIMES by the salesman (Miguel) that if we thought we had made a mistake then we could get out of the contract with no strings attached. When we got back home and sobbered up and reality and buyer's remorse set in, we informed Lifestyles that we would like to cancel our membership. Our information and request was forwarded to a Ms. Yvette Aldomovar, who is the Arbitration Manager. At this point we were informed we could cancel but Lifestyles was going to charge us in excess of $18, 000 (for a villa that rents for $1300.00 a week) for a weeks stay and the gifts. At this point without any communication or warning, the company posted charges to our credit cards in the amount of $16, 000.

We were then emailed a statement claiming we owed an additional $2000.00 for the balance. We were shocked. That money (16, 000.00) was earmarked for a down payment on a vacation membership - not for a week’s stay. This is a fraudulent charge. Let me restate this. This $16, 000.00 was intended as down payment for a vacation club membership; not a week’s stay. Even though this point should be mute the grounds of these inflated charges are incongruent and grossly and falsely misrepresented. No where in any paper or agreement does it state that if we were to cancel our membership would we be responsible for any upgrades or gifts at an escalated price. NOT ONCE were we told by any member of the staff that if we accepted any gifts or upgrades that we would be responsible if the contract was canceled.

Also, nowhere in the contract or agreement does it state anything to the like, nor does it state that if we were held responsible, that it would be at a much inflated price. Also there is no date or time period that states the cancellation period has expired. Lastly, we were told by Miguel that only members or guests of VIP members were allowed to rent or even use the villas. We are now being asked to pay an exorbitant amount of money that is almost 9 times more than the advertised price (on a villa we were told could only be rented to members; that people “ off the street” could not just call up and rent these). The other much inflated charges are nothing more than a “fleecing” of a trapped customer. We were charged four-hundred dollars ($400) for a fifteen-minute helicopter ride. We can take the same trip in Myrtle Beach for $50 for both of us. The only restaurant that we were not allowed access to as a non-VIP member was Azul.

We ate there one night, but had we not; we would have eaten at another restaurant. We paid over $1000 for all inclusive rights to eat and drink as much as we would like. Comparing “apples to apples”, food is food. Regardless of what restaurant we would have eaten in, Lifestyles still would have had to provide food. Alcohol was delivered to our romm as a complimentary service. We were also charged for this. If it was not there when we left, maybe they should check with their staff. This brings me to the other things on your list of “upgrades” the BBQ at the villa, Paradise Island, and the use of Serenity Beach. We can throw out Serenity Beach because it is not a tangible product. We walked on the sand and swam in the water. At the most, we told them we were responsible are responsible for the helicopter ride, an excursion to Paradise Island and the use of the chef at a BBQ. We offered them $1000.00 dollars and to return our money that was charged on our credit cards (16, 000.00). So far we have heard nothing. Has anyone out there had any solutions? You can contact me at [protected]

  • Je
    JETSETTER Mar 01, 2011

    Laura Sayler
    225 Broadway Suite 2900
    New York, NY 10007
    Direct +1-646-434-1143
    Main +1-212-374-5400, ext. 133
    Facsimile +1-212-208-2613
    [email protected]

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  • Ba
    Bart T. Jul 11, 2011

    I am very sorry to hear you have had these problems and hope that you have been able to get your money returned. That being said, my wife and I have been members of lifestyle Vacations for 5 years and have been extremely happy with the club. True you must book a villa about a year in advance for the months of February and March but we now know this and make our plans accordingly. On every visit we have found the club to be improved, more resturants, more beaches and the facilites upgraded. It is clear to us that the company is investing a lot of money back into the club. We have always found the staff to be very pleasant and accomodating and on every occassion have returned from our vacation with nothing but good memories. We have also sent friends to the club using our membership. We have always been able to book an accomodation that was acceptable to their needs and in fact have booked villas on short notice at times other than Feb and March. We have never needed to address any problems and so can not comment on the response to such an issue. Though I image your current experience has closed any doors to this club on your part, if not then I would suggest that you give them another chance, Plan your vacations in advance for peak season and book a year to 18 months ahead if you want a villa. Have a bit of patience with response from staff. They are in the Caribbean and the pace of life there is not what we live on a day to day basis and at times it will take a few days to get an email reply. We truely love the club, have had many very good vactions with them and always look forward to our next trip (now, February 2012). Just for clarification, other than our membership in the club for which we paid $32K, we are not employed by, recieve ANY financial renumeration or have any connection with the club financial or otherwise.

    Bart T., Ottawa, Canada

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  • Ke
    KerriLu Sep 17, 2012

    Bart T. - Ottawa, Canada
    Have you used your vacation club to travel outside of the DR? To either one of their sister resorts or an RCI location?? How was the service and availability?

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  • Ri
    ripped off also 2 Oct 05, 2012

    I wish I would have checked before I signed the contract. I too have been lied to. I feel like such a fool.

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  • 13
    1327371 Oct 30, 2013

    these guys are lieing ###. Especially VANCE! we asked to cancel our membership within the alleged four day period and he gave us the run around in order to stall and ensure that time frame was up. they gave us false information that we were guaranteed certain rates All over the globe and not just within DR AND that this would be a lucrative investment. ALL A BUNCH OF ###. save your money folks avoid them at all cOSTS. THEY LATER tried to get one of us to sign a non disclosure agreement so that if we either got legal assistance or revealed any information to anyone they would be able to keep the money we had initially deposited.. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM. . watch out and dont get fooled the moment they realize they have everything they need they will begin to reveal there true colors and you will shortly realize how inflexible the system truly is.

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  • Kk
    kko Feb 04, 2014

    We were lied to as well. I wish I would've had time to look up these other sister resorts that were possibilities. Unless you're staying in an all inclusive Caribbean resort, this is a waste! Here I was hoping to use it in the US or travel to Europe--those hotels offered in those areas look like JUNK! We were in love with the Puerta Plata resort and were looking forward to bring our entire family to stay in the 6 bedroom they showed us ( which they said would be no problem...we can't say at the resort we bought the package at with upgrades...what?) We also were told that we would be able to upgrade to a villa no problem and there were NO additional fees. Now we come to find out there's an $80/per person per day resort free and we are not able to upgrade to a villa until 30 days before we arrive...who schedules vacations like this on a 30 day notice?? Not logical. We feel like we were lied to and scammed big time! Lesson learned!

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  • Wi
    winstonmundy Jul 28, 2014

    IMPORTANT: Their sales people greatly exaggerate the package and vastly mislead individuals to buy the package. They also claim that they are not legally liable for their lying sales pitch. This is wrong, they are liable. They can be sued, but the only way to make it through the judicial system in the DR is through a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit may take time, but from what I have seen around the net and the number people that have been misled, the litigation would most likely be successful. The folks who were misled need to reach out to one another here (and other places on the net - complaint sites) to start a class action lawsuit against Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. Something else of interest - the owners of the club are Austrian and could most likely be sued through the appropriate channels there as well. What they have done with their business plan from the sounds of it, is a public offering in disguise. Although you may have bought a 'membership' you are indeed a shareholder because it was sold to you as an investment. That also means that someone should look into the reaching power of the SEC or similar groups that are international. International laws do exist.
    It just takes someone to step up.

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  • Ht
    Htsusan Sep 28, 2014

    Has anyone had any luck getting out of the charges? How? We have disputed with our credit card companies, but so far nothing. We wonder about their Barclay card we signed?

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  • Su
    susanschy Dec 21, 2014

    Has anyone begun the class action lawsuit mentioned in the previous post?

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  • Ro
    Rob Washington Aug 23, 2017

    We travel there for the Super Bowl and until my friends upgraded to platinum there were no problems however in 2014 we booked for 2015 for a 6 br villa for 5 guys instead they gave us 3 brs with no compensation we left the 2nd day with no refund or recourse $600 down the drain my friends are stuck with ownership but I won't return they are crooks

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  • Ro
    rohit ramesh Nov 26, 2017

    Yep, got scammed like a lot of you here. Bought a junior suite 35 year membership(60$ per day) for 15000$ thinking that it would cost 60$ for 35 years in all their sister resorts, but turns out that its true for their resorts only in DR and Mexico. We don't intend on travelling to DR or mexico and now we are stuck with the membership. Sister resorts through Ice is BS as it gives 10-15% discounts which you can get in other websites like .

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  • Ro
    rohit ramesh Nov 26, 2017

    @rohit ramesh The sales person K T misguided us and gave us wrong information that it would cost 60$ in all the sister resorts of lhvc which is not true. Now, trying to figure out the next steps .

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  • Ma
    Marie Gill Mar 24, 2019

    I tried to cancel 2 days after signing and paying
    10 000 and was told that the cancellation fees would be 5 000. I need help. I want my money back. Did anyone get their money back?

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  • Ca
    Caitlin A Bogden Apr 22, 2019

    My father went to DR and he was lied to and charged over 18, 000 & they took over 17, 000 out of my mother’s account my father is very upset he can’t eat sleep and is very depressed stay away from these people they lie and will end up telling you that you can make money. My dad is a hard working man almost 80 years old and still working if this has happen to someone else please share & let me know if there is anything we can do to fight this! It’s not right

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  • En
    Enutmeg May 17, 2019

    So sorry to hear of your father losing so much money, I gave almost $22, 000 and wish I could get mine back, $80, 000 could buy you a 3 bedroom house in DR, not everything that glitters is gold. Me too could not get out of my contract 2 days after signing but they said it would cost me $1, 200 which even that was too much, I wish I had taken that offer though better than losing $5, 500 and the promise of making money was not true either my rep promised to help me the next day, never saw him again!!!

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clubfraud

I was sold this as a business venture. I was suppose to have excess to these villas to sell people to stay in on vacation. Well, I got home and you guess it, there all book up until march of next year 2011. There is nothing to book. I was told at the signing of this contract, that the united states gives you three days to cancel a contract. The d.R. Gives you one year its the law, there no risk to you. When I was signing the contract I did ask what does this mean you can sell this contract if I cancel with in a year if I am not satisfy. I was told that was for them, so if I cancel with in a year I would get my money and they have the right to sell my contract and recoup there money. Ok that made sence. Now that I want to cancel, and I was told it was the law. Its a whole different story. Nothin he said was true. That signing under false pretenses and thats against the law. You can't put a clause in a contract that allows you to break the law and say in that clause you can be sued or held liable for it. Thats against the law. I took his word, that was the law and the contract meant what he said. I never would have sign it if any of that wasn't true. This is a huge scam. Everyone should call the number on top and get on barod.

  • Em
    ema156 Apr 15, 2010

    well good for you dave. let me ask you, are you a member? i did not do this to go on vacation there all the time. this was a business transaction. i was suppose to be able to book as many villas as i want, any time for a very low price. the price $699, then resell it for what ever i want or think i could get. in order to do this i had to buy a membership. the member ship cost me $30, 000 up front. now i don't know if you book with a travel agent, but i'am suppose to go straight threw LHVC. every time i go to book they tell me there all book up. now it gets better. i then ask them, when are they book up till. there reply is, until next may 2011. now does that sound right to you? sure i can book other rooms but the contract was for 4, 6, 8 and 12 room villas which in my case and others, never seem to be available. so now you say its me and others that are going threw the same thing. maybe you bought a membership and it works for you, but those of us you bought it for an investment, it was a total wast of money. go on there web site and look for yourself there all book up until next year. joe

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  • Co
    Cottonstrands Mar 04, 2011

    We are in the UK and holidayed at lifestyle xmas/newyear 2010. we were scammed into their membership by a bloke by the name of Miguel who claimed they would buy our existing timeshare so e could buy into lifestyle. Now march 2011 and hey hey hey they now saying they dont do that and were left still paying our existing timeshare and lifestyle demanding the remaining membership balance of $25000. We are in a battle with these people. These people will use any fraudulent means to get a sale ... BEWARE.

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  • Ra
    Razieh Mohseni Jan 25, 2018

    @Cottonstrands we had the same encounter in 2016.They said they would buy our existing timeshare and they never did. The next year when I tried to book the villas they said they are al booked. We ended up going to the lowest suits they had and find that all the villas were not occupied. They were just for the show and scamming more people to buy. The fancy restaurants they take you on your first trip is only a one time deal and only for new comers to be lured into their scam.

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  • Ro
    Ronnie in the US Mar 02, 2012

    Lifestyle is a complete scam, they say one thing and do something different as it suits them. I was told they would take over my old timeshare and they would be responsible for the maintenance fees from now on and now they are refusing to pay it and my old timeshare is threatening to send me to collections. They said that the down payment would be charged through their bank in Miami anso we don't have to worry about foreign transaction fees when we got our bill it was billed in the DR and we had $50 in foreign transaction fees. I want to get me money back as they assured me I could and now I'm in the 'resale program' with no hope of getting my money back. Don't be fooled by all the smooth talk about being a VIP you are DOPE if you give these people a dime

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  • Ma
    M&S from Utah Mar 22, 2012

    Just contemplating fighting this through a lawyer as we were told the same lies about using it as a business and being able to try it for a year. Money back guarantee is what we were told. Got home and tried to book and nothing on any of the requests we put in for U.S. sister resorts. Has anyone tried to fight it? And is there any recourse for those of us that fell for their scam. Am I wasting money on a lawyer?

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  • Ro
    Ronnie in the US Mar 22, 2012

    I've been emailing their agent and have shown where in their contract they breached the terms and they keep playing a broken record of the same boloney. I keep hacking and told them I spoke to a lawyer. here is the contact info FYI


    Let me know how you make out

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  • Ne
    Need some Help Aug 15, 2013

    We are victims my Husband and I as of July this year Lifestyle lied to us and said they were going to purchase our timeshare and after we bought into there Club they said we don't do that we do not pay off timeshares. They are such liars now we are stuck paying for two we feel like fools and I guess we were to them Heaven help us All..

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  • Ro
    Ronnie in the US Aug 15, 2013

    Call the law firm above they are working to get this into the courts. Many of us have been lied to and swindled, my advice is do not pay any more money to LHVC and 'write-off" what hey took form you and don't send good money after bad.

    Sorry we were all taken in by them, the problem is thier country does not care what they are doing and will not help put a stop to the fraudulent behavior. I recommend that US people avoid the DR at all costs until and if this gets taken care of. I even went to the tourism office and the consulate and got no reply.

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  • Ld
    LD62 Oct 10, 2013

    MY 75year old non speaking english parents have been a victim to lifestyle resorts> they were told that they would only be paying $199usd per week for a 1 bedroom anywhere in the world, plus discounted airfares and meal plans $50.00. None of this turned out to be true. I tried numerous of times to book my parents, my family to other destinations offered by lifestyle. GUESS WHAT never panned out. there is no $199 us per week destinations in a 1 bedroom. I recently tried booking my parents for 1 month in Punta cana the PRESIDENTIAL SUITES which is a sister resort to lifestyle..2 bedroom with kitchen and no meal plans...GUESS WHAT..THEY COULD ONLY BE ABLE TO ACCOMODATE IN A 1 BEDROOM FOR 499 OR A 2 BEDROOM FOR 599 PER WEEK HOWEVER THE ALL INCLUSIVE IS MANDATORY AT $85.00US PER PERSON PER DAY...YOU DO THE MATH..WOW...WHERE ARE THE BENEFITS OF THIS MEMBERSHIP CONSIDERING MY PARENTS ALREADY PUT A DEPOSIT OF $10, 000 AND $10, 000 TO FOLLOW...MY PARENTS WERE LIED TO, MISLEAD AND SCAMMED...PLEASE IF ANYONE EVER GOES DOWN TO PUERTO PLATA JUST BEWARE AND DONT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS FROM THEM

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  • Ho
    HonestWorkingAmerican Jan 06, 2014

    It was December of 2007 and I was on my mid tour break from Afghanistan and used an RCI exchange to Lifestyles so my family and I could relax and enjoy the beautiful DR. And this we did until I was pulled into your typical timeshare experience...the pitch to sell us a villa and all the amenities at Lifestyles. They promised unlimited access to a villa for the amount ($47K) with a service charge per visit. Sounded fair until I tried to reserve a villa. Ever since I became a member (2007) they have added shareholders and owners of which has made it impossible to get a villa. I have asked for a reimbursement or sell back option and they ignore my requests. Everything they promised is a hoax to get you to sign. Once they have your signature everything changes. A bad deal for any hard working person!

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  • Li
    LIfestylesucks Dec 26, 2016

    I was scammed just like many people. Smoke and mirrors. They say they will take your timeshare on trade, and then expect you to pay transfer fees and an additional year of maintenance fees. That was over $3000. They claim to have hotels all over the world. Try to get one. I booked a short visit over New Years, paid for 2 nights, then they told me they were having a gala event for New Year's Eve, and I had to pay an additional $80/person mandatory. That was in addition to the $65/person for all inclusive fees. I cancelled the reservation and now they say they are keeping the fees for the two nights stay. I am considering opening up a website named, so keep an eye out. I also live in the DR and am considering getting local attorneys involved.

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  • Li
    LilaBrenenstuhl Jan 05, 2017

    @LIfestylesucks Feel the same way about the "all inclusive charges". It was not what we were presented and we just got back and are furious. We booked as it seemed like great vacation option...We were lied too related specifically to these addtional charges. I am reaching out to a few different people related to my upset.

    Have you gotten anywhere with it?

    [email protected]

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  • Ta
    Tana Jaggers Mann Nov 27, 2017

    @LIfestylesucks Please let me know if you do. I have talked to a couple of law firms in the DR with no luck. If you have any luck please contact me @ [email protected]

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LHVCmembership not cancelled

made the same mistake. drinks were mixed out of our view. I was way too agreeable. signed up on a friday, went home saturday. opened our mail on sunday morning. medical bills from wifes surgery that I thought were paid were not. tried to call LHVC to cancel but did not have intl calling. called bank of america to cancel charge, I was told they would contact LHVC for me. thought it was taken care of. a few weeks later I was told to send an email to cancel with LHVC. thought it was taken care of again. I receive a letter saying charge will stand because I didnt cancel within 5 day window. meanwhile icalled bank of america within 3 days. the bank sends me a copy of LHVC it they state they offered to sell my membership at no cost to me but I refused. if I was looking to get out why would I say no to that offer. once I read response from LHVC I knew they were not legit. I am more pissed at b of a because they have an open credit agreement with LHVC. I wonder over the years how many people put this in dispute with b of a. any lawyers out there HELP.

LHVC Dominican Republicresale / buy back

We paid a substantial amount of money for the "Timeshare" even thou they deny. I was told that if we was not happy they could reslae in hours because the deal was so good. They even said they would take back if we changed our mind.
Within 5 days we decided we had done wrong and emailed to ask them to take back or sell on. That was April 2008, now NOV 2009 still no response and no money back either.
This is a massive fraud, I see also that people dont get to use it like they say you can.

I want my money back they have had enough interest on it, can anyone help?

  • Di
    didyg35 Feb 22, 2010

    Contact Annie Zhang
    225 Broadway, Suite 2900
    New York, NY 10007
    Direct +1-212-374-5400, ext. 115
    Facsimile +1-212-208-2613
    [email protected]

    This is the law firm that is looking for individuals to join the class action lawsuit. Hope this helps

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We have been unable to get resolution with LHVC over an upcoming reservation. We made the reservation almost 2 years ago and were told in writing that we would be put in the new villas for our stay. Upon checking on our reservation in September I was told that there was no guarantee. Since that time I have tried to contact the Jackie Bramhill, Customer Service Manager, to no avail. She will not answer my calls or emails. When I contact the resort they will not tell me who is in charge and get me to that person. The runaround continues and the trip quickly approaches. Does anyone know how to contact the President/CEO of LHVC?


  • Da
    Day G Jul 17, 2014

    I am having a similar issue with LHVC. I became an owner member in April 2014 but had a reservation booked via Interval for July 2014 and now they will not honor my accommodation's as a member. No one is able to help but when i purchased my membership everyone was quick to help. THIS IS SUCH A SCAM!! I encourage anyone going not to buy.

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  • Ch
    Chris Houghton Feb 20, 2015

    Have been a member since 2006 and I have stayed at resort many times and always got the accommodation I wanted. However, all the trouble centres around peak season November through to end of February but not at any other times. Shareholders pull rank at peak times and the staff are will just bump previous long standing booking out in favour of rank. I even know of a Shareholder who was bumped out. I know of 4 cased of Platinum Supreme members receiving a confirmed booking for a Villa in November 2011 for a trip in December 2012. When they arrived they were allocated Junior Suites and worse still no refund is given - just held as a credit.
    I am sorry to report I have heard of dozens of examples of this but as I say only in peak season. I have been there 10 times and sent 5 guests so 15 bookings in Villas - Residence Suites and other Suites in May through to October and had no problems whatsoever

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Lifestyle Holidays Dominican Republicfraud and cheating

I am hoping you can assist my family, we do not know what to do at this point.

On March 23th 2009 while on vacation in the Dominican Republic at the Lifestyles Holidays resort (as a rental guest of a member, we paid the member for the week's stay) we attended a sales presentation for membership in the vacation club of the resort. After much alcohol (they kept the glasses full of alcohol and served champagne at several tour stops) and high pressure sales, we signed a contract and two credit cards through Bank of America were charged with high amounts.

We immediately the next morning expressed regret, but again experienced high pressure sales.

Immediately upon our return home I contacted our assigned customer service representative, Vance Paul, via email and requested a full cancellation. He attempted to give us alternative financing options, but we declined fully and requested a full refund and cancellation, confirmed with email. I also contacted Bank of America on this day and spoke with Reggie in billing disputes who stated I should send immediately a certified letter via postal mail requesting a refund, which I did.

I then exchanged several emails with a Mr Rountos, who again tried to offer us financing options, but I have always responded with a firm request for cancellation.

I have received an email from Mr Rountos completely denying our request to cancellation any portion of this membership and it's fees.

There is not any reference to cancellation terms in the contract.

I have requested contact information beyond Mr Rountos and have not been able to receive anyone additional to contact.

I am willing to provide any other information you seek, please do not put yourself or your family through this hell, the resort itself is not worth it.

  • Je
    JETSETTER Apr 29, 2009

    Perhaps you do not understand the agressiveness of the sales pitch and the promises that were made, like you can cancel anytime

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  • Je
    JETSETTER Apr 30, 2009

    If that is the case, fine, but I can try to prevent other naive people from falling into this mess.

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  • Ik
    iknowthetruthlhvc Aug 26, 2010

    JETSETTER! Do you know how many people LHVC gets the same way they got Osvalt. I mean people with a drink in their hand are their main targets. Lets not even go further, there is a bar on each floor of the tower where they pitch you and before the sales guy starts his pitch you can notice the bar tender literally moving towards your table to serve you the strongest drink possible. Jesus!! People this is so against the law. Well if you want to know what I know send me an email Oswald: [email protected]

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  • Td
    Tdell Jan 15, 2012

    What do you know. do you know the cancellation policy... Please if you got your money back tell me how...!!

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  • Ss
    S.S.B Jul 11, 2012

    They are just bunch of liars. I wasn't drunk or anything and i bought it because they "gave us a perfect deal". However, after returning home and trying to book for the next time with friends, we found out that we were told SO MANY lies that i can't even list them here for you. Our sales guy was Richardo and Lisa as the customer Service reps. Richardo told so many lies in order to push us. He said since we are members we get huge discounts from Jetblue for plane tickets.. NOT TRUE. and so many other lies. I spoke with that Vance Paul guy according to Lisa he is a " Manager" which i debt it. I am trying to find a way. But you can always get your money back ( not canceling) if you paid with American Express. they are always on your side.. ALWAYS!!! thankfully we paid with that. But i am trying to find a way to mess with them the way they did to us.

    Just thought to share this with you since we both got screwed.

    Good luck!

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club - LHVCdefrauded of 6500$ can. i'm going on tv to talk about them... join me by sending me your own complaints!

I am a single mother with one child. I saved to go to the Dominican Republic and was there from Dec 30 2008 to January 5, 2009. On the last day there I too was taken on a tour by a sales man named Dominico. He also applied pressure. He also told me that I can choose any sister resort with no black out days and that this was not a time share. He also told me that the price will be going up and this opportunity is not available anywhere else. He indicated Lifestyle vacations is in Toronto but I could not join this club there as they only have a sales office in the Dominican Republic. He told me and another couple that the owner of this business is German. I checked everywhere on the website and found nothing. I did request a copy of a contract which he was unwilling to do. He indicated that this contract would be available once the financing went through and I signed the paper as an initial application. He was even willing to sell me 25 weeks for $4000 U.S. but I had to come up with $2000US. He sat there while I made a phone call to my credit card company to have my credit limit increased even after I told him I would not be able to get it. He asked if I had another card but I told him no.

He even told me I could make extra money by selling weeks at a higher amount for villas including Hawaii.

I can be reached at: [protected]

My name is Eve.