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Wyndham Vacation Clubtimeshare

I want everyone to think really good before they get suckered into being an owner with Wyndham.

I Purchased in 2012. I tried to go on vacation to Bonnet Creek, Palm Aire, Sea Gardens, and Cypress Palms.

To put this into prospective I have only been successful at gaining access to my rights as an owner only half the times I tried. So I have only made it to 4 vacations since 2012.

Needless to say, I am not getting what I paid for and this is a huge problem with the points system.

I let Wyndham know at one of the owner's meetings and followed the request to update for better reservation power and pay more money. Still had issues. Wyndham ignored my first letter to them and responded to our complaint to consumer affairs but said they could not prove we were lied to.

The proof is that we can not use it.

They told us we can make money on renting it too, no proof, so they are calling ME, AN OWNER, A LIAR, but they can see that we can not use our timeshare and just ignored that. So either way, I do not want to be a part of a company that can call me a liar in the meantime and continues to treat me in this manner and not allow me to use it but expects me to keep paying them