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This complaint is about the checkout operator attendant called Nikula at Woolworths Karrinyup who was overseeing the self checkout machines when I was scanning and paying for my groceries. Firstly, she had no customer service skills and doesn't greet customers with any sort of greeting or acknowledgement. Then as I was in the middle of scanning my products she comes over to my trolley to tell me off that I had an item in the trolley not scanned, and I told her yes that's because I'm still in the middle of scanning the other items and have not finished yet and will be getting round to picking up the said item for scanning and packing in due course. Then she rudely asked to look at my bags of shopping from Big W that I had in the trolley too and wanted to see the receipt, I did show the receipt to her and this proves that I had paid for my Big W products at Big W and not "steal" anything from Woolworths. In actual fact, if she had used her head she would have known that Woolworths does sell the items in my Big W bags and hence I wasn't covering up any "stealing". And all this while because she wanted to search the receipt she had interrupted my scanning transactions of the fruits I had in my hands and I had to put that on hold to answer her demands. This girl needs better training in customer service or be replaced.


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    casz Nov 28, 2016

    would someone please inform the female staff at the Moss Vale Woolworths petrol station that it is rude to yell at customers, is both unprofessional and poor customer relations to repeatedly call female customers "darling". it is also very rude to accuse customers of not replacing a pump, unnecessarily shouting into the public address system, then needlessly harassing the customer to return to the bowser to purportedly replace the pump. A strong example of arrogant, aggressive and rude behaviour. And will I use that outlet again? Think about it.

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  • Co
    Complainant99310 Nov 29, 2016

    Woolworths Should change there name to Woolworthless.I have been battling with these imbeciles for a week over one of their home deliveries. We were staying at Coral Coast C.P. inTownsville last week and decided since it was stinking hot and being a vet with PTSD problams I find it difficult to handle shopping centres sometimes. The delivery instructions were quite clear on the docket .Deliver to CP stop at reception and ask for directions to site. Pretty simple I thought. When the driver arrived at the park he told reception that according to his contract (Toll) he was not allowed to enter the park. So through Reception he was told to return it to Woolworthless and have it credited to account. Since then the money has been paid back. (one good thing) But do you think I can get an explanation from Woolies. NO. I have for the last week spent about $50 on FN phone calls trying to speak to a Manager. But all they do is fail to return calls and when I follow up I get passed backwards and forwards to various Dickwads who don`t have clue. so far I have been to NZ, Sydney Head office (they were worse than useless) and the usual call centre on Mars or where ever they are. Apparently their manager don`g give a stuff about their customers. On top off that the TOLL delivery driver told woolies that the truck was too big to fit in the park .this is B.S. as linen trucks and Garbos are all regular park visitors and are twice the size off woolies delivery vehicles, To say I am extremely pissed off with this crap Would be an understatement. Enough stress going on at the moment with the loss of our D.I.L..

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  • Rf
    R Forbes Nov 13, 2019

    @Complainant99310 Great piece of reviewing. Have same in New Zealand. However, the complaint does say went to "self serve", not much sense in complaining.

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  • Va
    Valerie Ann Cummings Dec 03, 2016

    I am new to this type of look in bag thing from the country I came from In jCanada never ever would that happen, if you think someone shoplifted they would be called privately aside and to a room etc, and never seen this happen at a grocery line up.
    It is rude, and their reasons for the intrusion, due to shopping lifters well guess what they are of and gone with other means to steal while the honest person being embarrassed, humiliated by this stupid system

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  • Wine Is Good Dec 03, 2016

    You are mad at the checkout attendant for not speaking to you? You are at the self serve, not the checkout. Get over it.

    As for checking your receipt for items brought in the store, that is her job. Do you have a job? Do you do your job? Again, get over it, and yourself. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder while you are at it.

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  • Ka
    Kasey Maree Bailey Jan 20, 2017

    I got a box of steggles chicken nuggers from fernvale woolworths and most of them looked moldy.. i only got them Thursday and still in date

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  • Ge
    Geof Wright Jan 22, 2017

    I was wondering how you can justify this
    I took this photo at showed the staff and asked them how they can say nothing. You can see the individual price and the special price. I can not even upload the photo.

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